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Re: pro-mistkae

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γ€ŒKobayashi Chinatsu-dono is a lady of great renown. Known for her power and discipline in following the lead of her husband, Kobayashi Gendo-dono. She was taken as an example for all the women of the land, and envy for the men. She was a symbol of peace, beauty, obedience, and control.

Until someone destroyed her world.

In a swift raid done by none other than Yousuke Haru-sama, a warlord looking to take control of the province that the Kobayashi household watched over, Lady Chinatsu-dono's family is slaughtered before her eyes. She manages to escape with the help of her loyal retainer, Kohaku-san, along with his daughter. Torn by rage, loss, and by the lust for blood, Chinatsu-dono has foresaken the image of peace and beauty in trade for a sea of blood. She herself is not strong enough to hold a sword, but she has plenty of means with which to find those who can. She sends Kohaku-san and his daughter to find her five of the strongest Ronin to join her cause, and the reward she offers is handsome. Along the way the Samurai will face shadow walkers known as Shinobi, hired swordsmen to take them down, and the cunning and cruel Warlord Yousuke Haru, who might not be as human as he claims. Another difficulty they face is in fact, one another. Personalities and ways of life clash, along with rivalry and pride.

Are you willing to bathe yourself in

γ€ŒCharacter Creation」

Code: Select all
[center][size=300][font=][color=]Character's Name (last name first, then first name)[/color][/font][/size]
[color=]⌈[/color][size=150][color=#BFBFBF]Quote from character[/color][color=]βŒ‹[/color][/size][/center]

[right]Image goes here y'all[/right]
age goes here

a paragraph of how your character looks

likes go here

dislikes go here


are you single? do you have friends? any partners, any family? etc. how close are you to these people?[/size]

your weapon/s go here

your specialization, what you are good at etc.

what you are not good at, any fears, etc.[/size=90]

where does your character live? Do they not live anywhere and wander?

Include how they came to be the way they are, what job they have or how they make money, and their reputation out there, are they well known or a new kid on the block?[/size]

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