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Tips: 0.00 INK Postby YinRen on Wed Sep 10, 2008 7:29 am

Name: Ren Mimico
Age: 15
Eyecolor: silver til he gets angery or serious then they go gold
Accessories: A blood red crystal earing, Ribbons, modified goggles (See things at night, faraway, and clearer under water, also becomes mask to protect face), special collar, anklet, fingerless gloves, necklace witha key on it.
Abilities: sometimes empath, talk to animals,control wind/electricity elements.
Background/History: He awoke to nin and his ice wolf demon family taking care f him. He had amnesia about his past but can remember the knowledge gained.
Species: fox/crow demon mix, human
Gender: male
weapons: two half swords, war fans, knifes, gun.
Blood type: B-
Allies: Nin Ice the ice wolf demon

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Re: Profile Guide

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby XxEvanescentMoonxX on Tue Sep 16, 2008 9:34 am

Well, I did my best with it ok for a character profile thingy?
Name: Kiku
Kind of being: Angel
Age: Unknown but appears to be between the ages of 15 or 16 years
Appearance: Her face is heart shaped and very adorable. She looks younger than she appears, her body is slim and slender, and she is tiny framed. She stands at 152cm height, and weighs well, she is very light weight. Her skin is porcelain and baby soft. Her hair is waist length and ivory, almost yellow with white streaks. She loves to wear cute Lolita style dresses that always look cute on her
Occupation: Making everyone happy and removing their pain from their souls and hearts
Pets: A cute white winged bunny named “Kaichi” or “Kai-chan”
Best friend(s): Another angel named Ayu
Color: Pink
Way of speaking: Her voice is light and cheerful, she always says “Kii” at the end of her sentences
Physical appearance: Gentile and lovable, she loves to hug people in an attempt to comfort them
Items in her pocket: Her bunny, which is small enough to fit.
Hobbies: Flying in the skies, making her love happy and making everyone feel good
Favorite sport: If she were to choose, it would be Badminton
Talent: She can heal with a single touch and can communicate with the elements, wind water etc…
Fear: Scary things, like spiders. The dark
Fault: She is very clumsy, even though she likes to help a lot. She always ends up messing up, but in a cute way.
Good points: She is always in a good disposition; her cheerfulness always brightens the mood of everyone else around her
What she wants more than anything in the world: Is to become a full-fledged Angel, and spread the joy of happiness to everyone
About: Kiku is fairly naive and innocent. Even though she suffered much loneliness she tends to do her best in making everyone around her happy. She has a tendency to always glomp someone when they are sad, in an attempt to comfort them. Sometimes she fumbles in those plans. She is overly cheerful and has a bubbly sweet personality. She likes to learn about everything around her.
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