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(Profiles) ʈѳ Ьʅѳssѳɱ || HPMarauderEra || O/A

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Post all character profiles here.

(Profiles) ʈѳ Ьʅѳssѳɱ || HPMarauderEra || O/A

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xxxxxxxxxxxx Profile Threadxxxxxxxxxxxx


xxStatus: always open & accepting! xx

This is a remake of a thread also created by me for the sake of keeping things organized.

Often times, we tend to seek out the future and get tangled in the present. Let me propose that we take a step back and analyze the past. You see, nothing just happens. Every single event, person, and thought is a product of layers upon layers of history. This is quite profoundly evident when examining the ancestors of the acclaimed heroes involved in the defeat of Voldemort.

Meet the oh-so-famous James Potter, Sirius Black, Remus Lupin, Lily Evans, and Severus Snape, along with their countless classmates. It is currently their seventh year, and it seems that everything has begun to change. Where laughter and pranks once stood, serious matters have stepped in. It is in these times that the students must decide how they will react with the heavily important decisions they'll be forced to make (siding with the Dark Lord or the Order) and determining who will crack under all the pressure. They must find time to juggle their love life, fight off their petty enemies, and choose an alignment. Come with me us and share the experience as we explore the many possibilities that come with the Marauder Era kids given the chance to blossom.

IC Thread xxx OOC Thread xxx Character Stats Thread xxx Relations Thread

Post all accepted profiles here!

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Re: (Profiles) ʈѳ Ьʅѳssѳɱ || HPMarauderEra || O/A

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Averagebear on Sun Jan 16, 2011 11:03 am

Lucius Abraxas Malfoy

Nicknames: Luci for those who enjoy extreme pain.
Age: 17
Height: 6'1"
Eyes/Hair: stormy grey, snowy blond
Gender: male
House: Slytherin
Broomstick: Nimbus 1500
Fears: Lucius is terrified of disappointing his father, large animals, and being publicly embarrassed.
Application for Position: Slytherin beater & Prefect

Personality: Lucius is a cold, manipulative snake. He finds amusement from toying with others, and has a certain sort of aloof detachment that is, for some reason, attractive to people. He is whole-heartedly conceited, wearing confidence as if it's cologne. He is known for boasting, adoring compliments, and making himself feel more high by smashing others down. He tends to take the leader role in most situations, probably because he is so insufferably bossy. He has a good time looking down his pale nose at others, and he truly believes that he is better than every single person he has ever associated with, spare his father. While he distances himself from people, he is considerably meddlesome, constantly prying into other's affairs and getting off on feeling a part of the loop. He is almost always annoyed by someone/something, but very rarely angry. When you've pushed him to the point of actual anger, beware. After his icy demeanor has been melted, he goes ballistic, as if from one extreme to the next. Lucius gets most of his power from his sense of pride, glory, and popular reputation. He is the king of snide, sarcastic remarks and is often the instigator of people around him. ("Are you seriously going to take that?") He carries himself like he's a million dollars, which, to some extent, is true; he's positively loaded with money. Of course, Lucius comes with the standard pure-blood prejudices.

Biography: Lucius grew up with luxury a given. He was spoiled rotten, receiving anything he wanted at any time he very well pleased by his mother and grandparents. He was your average snooty-tooty , snot-nosed brat, and this was perfectly okay by him. Eventually though, he became an age where his father wasn’t easily impressed and started demanding that he earn the gifts he was given. He explained the difference of being a boy and being a man. With the pressure of his cold, unaffectionate father on his shoulders, he tried as hard as he possibly could to make his dad proud of his grown Slytherin boy- He has a grade average to prove it, too. Still, he works only to appease the man behind his success. He has spent so many years idolizing his father that the man is practically an imaginary friend. Truthfully, Lucius is blinded by the image he's created of his dad, despite the fact that he is actually far from perfect.

His whole family would constantly drill into his head that the muggles were weak, pathetic, vile, and never to be tampered with. When he arrived at Hogwarts, it was a genuine shock to see how accepting people were of the muggles and, not to mention, mudbloods. In this process, his disdain grew stronger and stronger, and at the same time, so did his ego. He thinks quite highly of himself, you see. He takes pride in himself. He is quite popular among the ladies, and is known to be quite the womanizer. Like any Malfoy, he was raised with a sharp tongue and overwhelming arrogance. Lucius sometimes hears his family in hushed voices speaking of the most peculiar things... He hears as well that soon he will be involved in their murmuring once he becomes an age where he’ll be more useful to “their lord”. Curiosity just might kill the cat.

Relations: Lucius is on very poor terms with James Potter, Sirius Black, Remus Lupin, and Peter Pettigrew- the slugs of Gryffindor. However, he doesn't side with Severus Snape, either (he secretly finds the bloke pathetic). The two are on polite, last name basis. Naturally, he is on relatively good terms with all the other Blacks and Lestranges, and he and Narcissa have had a particularly interesting relationship, un-acted-upon romantic tension very strong.

ø Losing
ø You
ø Muggles
ø Ignorance
ø Loud noises
ø Sweets
ø Animals
o Winning
o Lying
o Being right
o Firewhiskey
o Women
o Himself
o Cold weather


Alice Viola Drooble
~ ~ ~

Nicknames: I'm generally called Alice, though Ally is sometimes affectionately thrown around. It's not like it's an official nickname, though.
Age: 15
Height: 5'3"
Eyes/Hair: brown & brown
Gender: female
House: Gryffindor
Broomstick: Comet 210
Likes: ♥ My pet toad, Fluffles ♥ Candy ♥ Winning ♥ Being kick ass ♥ Gryffindor ♥ Spontaneity ♥ Windy days ♥ Breakfast for dinner ♥ Hufflepuff ♥ Animals ♥ Quidditch ♥ Partying ♥ Divination ♥ DADA ♥
Dislikes: Θ Sluts (male or female) Θ Tight asses Θ People could dare defy me Θ Bullying Θ Pricks Θ Rules Θ Potions Θ Charms Θ History of Magic Θ
Fears: I am kinda afraid of growing up and dying alone with only Fluffles to keep me company, and also a fear of seeming weak. I try my hardest to appear as strong as possible that, by now, it'd be the death of me to be found out as just an ordinary witch.
Application for Position: Gryffindor keeper

Personality: If you were to pick four adjectives to describe me, they'd probably be "honest", "bold", "athletic", and "dumb". I'm the type of girl who makes up for her lack in book smarts and common sense with tons and tons of dedication, spunk, and a strong sense of what's right and wrong. I'm not some bimbo, I'm just less blessed in some areas and more in others. That's what my mum always said, at least. I'm a very sociable person, though not nearly in the conventional sense. You see, I absolutely refuse to spout lies and, though I'm quite friendly, my tongue can be uncannily sharp, even to the people I fancy the most. This being said, when you ask me a question, try your bloody hardest not to ask one that you know will hurt your feelings. My bold, unfiltered stance on life leads to people either adoring me or hating me, with few in between. I will openly criticize those who I disagree with, and I'm not the "enabler" type. If I see something wrong happening (IE: 1st years getting bullied), you bet your damnedest that I'll solve the problem. I'm not a passive kind of person, nor am I opposed to violence. I'm stubborn and will never back down to a challenge. If you dare me to do something, you're guaranteed that I'll do it. I'm truthfully a closet petty thrill seeker. This probably explains my involvement in Quidditch. I can honestly say it's the most important thing in my life, as it's the only thing I can think of that I'm good at- and when I say good, I mean good. Quidditch tends to bring out my competitive side (not that it's absent at other times, it just... shall I say, "peaks" when it comes to the game). I'm a pretty sore loser, huffing and puffing when we lose a match and justifying any loss with rubbish excuses like "I/they/he/she was sick. It was just a lucky streak."

I have a habit of disregarding rules, as well. Most of them are simply outrageous and have nothing to do with morals and ethics. I'm talking simple things like curfew and whatnot; I'll go to my chambers when I want to go to my chambers, thank you very much. I'm not very reactive when it comes to myself; I tend to just shrug off major things, like getting failing grades or having someone spread ridiculous rumors about me (You know, the things most people freak out over). It's never really affected me all too much, I suppose. My mates constantly chide at me for my ridiculously unconcerned nature, but quite frankly, I don't give a damn. Perhaps I just have a rational mind or something that lets me keep things in perspective. After all, I'm not gonna die if I, oh let's say, get knocked off my broomstick and plummet to the ground. Just a few bumps and bruises. Oh bonkers, I probably seem like some kind of freak. Don't read into this, I'm actually quite normal and nice! I'm affectionate and loyal to a fault... it's just, I don't take bull shit well. Oh yeah, and it's not rare that you'll hear me cursing, in case you couldn't already tell.

Biography: There's nothing all too extraordinary to say here. Not every one has the gift of having huge tragedies making them seem heroic and brave. I mean, I grew up with my single mother, my father having ditched us when I was about four. They didn't get along well, and the only reason they were together (they had never been married) was because of me. Don't you pity me, though. I spent my childhood perfectly happy. I mean, look at me. Do I seem neurotic or depressed? No. I'm slightly aggressive, maybe a little reckless but I'd hardly say this is on account of having a lack of a father figure in my life. I actually hold a lot of resentment for the Wizard who birthed me- or, really, impregnated my saint of a mom at the young age of 21. How dare he put such a burden on others, you know? Why couldn't he just sacrafice himself for the sake of everyone else? By leaving my mother just because he was tired of fighting, he wrecked my mom, and in turn caused a shift in the rest of my family who outcasted her (It was a pretty skanky thing to do, getting prego) and, okay I'll say it, it ended up affecting me, too. That's at least four people who he devastated, all for entirely selfish reasons. I hear he's off in Arabia studying runes or some shit - not that I care. My mom, on the other hand, I adore. She's a tired, busy woman who works for the ministry, but she's the most loving person I know.


Sabrae Kora Diaz

Nicknames: I'm only called Sabrae. It's pronounced "SAH-bray", for the record. You'd be surprised how many professors have butchered it.
Age: 17
Height: 5'9". I'd always been rather tall.
Eyes/Hair: Black and black. Terribly exciting, no?
Gender: Female
House: Ravenclaw
Broomstick: N/A
Likes: statistics, logic, intelligence, cleanliness, nice smells, not much
Dislikes: more or less everything, food, stupidity, people...
Fears: While I'd love to say that I'm not scared of anything, I'm scared senseless of heights. Death doesn't scare me one bit, but for some reason my stomach does flips whenever I'm off the ground.
Application for Position: Prefect
Personality: I've got a rather potent sense of emptiness coursing through these veins of mine. I've grown numb over the years, realizing that investing myself is a waste of energy. Apathy, cold and unwavering, fills me from my head to my toes. I simply refuse to fake my reactions for the sake of other people. I'm quite self-absorbed in that way. I don't care if I hurt a person's feelings, no matter who they are or what situation we're in. I'm independent and detached, perfectly capable of living alone and not minding one bit. People will ask me "Sabrae, why don't you smile?" and I'll usually respond something along the lines of "Give me something to smile about." I don't particularly like most people. Even with those I'm closest to, I'll mentally assess and correspondingly judge. My moods are either mildly annoyed or uninterested.

Basically, I'm bored with life. Nothing really excites me anymore. I'd been diagnosed with depression, but I honestly don't believe depression is real. I think I'm just more aware of what's going on in the world, more truthful in my actions, and I'm therefore dubbed an anomaly. Typically, I'll stay quiet until spoken to, and when spoken to I'll make snarky, clever, 100% true remarks in my naturally husky voice. When people hear me talk, they're usually quite surprised at how sassy I am because I'm usually silent. I'll generally not say anything if it isn't some sort of sarcastic swipe. When around the right person, the ends of my lips might slant upward just the tiniest bit and my eyebrows might raise a smidgen up my forehead. That's really the only difference between me with someone I despise and me with someone I fancy. I might sound like the type of person who doesn't have friends, but that's not true. People actually tend to love me- especially outgoing individuals- because I offer something that most people don't: the ability to simply listen for hours without feeling the need to say something myself, a challenge to those aiming to win my affections (it doesn't happen, I'm telling you), and a physically beautiful aesthetic. I'm not nosy (because I couldn't give a rat's ass about other people) nor do I ask questions, which is a relief to people who are tired of answering them. Despite my ability to be alone, that rarely happens. I'm usually surrounded by tons of people, which doesn't make me uncomfortable because they become something to study and I grew up with a large family.

I'm very practical, believing and acting with logic. I don't believe that love exists and think of sex as a necessary physical stimulus, not as an act of romance. I only eat that which is required for a healthy lifestyle, eating the vitamins and proteins needed for the sake of getting my nutrients. Of course, I'm incredibly bright, even for a Ravenclaw. I personally regard myself as smarter than everybody in my class, spare perhaps Rodolphus. However, there are certain nights where I'm not quite myself. I'll get into a dangerous mood where I'm highly impressionable and do anything to feel something. Nights of promiscuity, thrill seeking, risky behavior, and sometimes masochistic tendencies. It's nights like those where I'm suddenly dissatisfied with myself and a sudden of mindless passion controls me. It's still not different than me being a drone, only instead of being a cold robot, I become a primitive reward seeking machine. In any case, it's the few nights like those where I actually do become dependent on the friends I've made, them having to look out for me to make sure I don't off myself, overdose, or sleep with a dozen people. The next day, I'll go back to my empty self and pretend as if nothing happened. Based on this, it's probably true that, while I hide it, I really do have deeply repressed emotions. This is all very unadmitted and nonconfirmed, though.

Biography: I am a muggle-born, the only witch out of a Brazilian family of eight. Growing up with five other siblings had led me to becoming comfortable with crowds of people, but also to me depending on myself for survival. I didn't receive attention at home, being a middle child in such a large family. As far as I can remember, I'd always been so oddly cold. I had empathy, as I'd cry when an animal died or feel bad when I'd done something wrong, but when I was around other people, I didn't have the urge to associate with them. I had always felt more or less invisible until my eleventh birthday when I'd gotten my letters to Hogwarts. Since this discovery has been made, I've grown even more distant than before with my family. In fact, for the past three years, I've chosen to stay at Hogwarts for Christmas.

While I'm muggleborn, I'm still not all that knowledgeable in muggle pop culture. I'd submersed myself in learning about the stuff most kids would hate that I didn't have time to listen to the radio or go to Chuck E. Cheese's. This being said, most people assume I'm pure-blooded. I'm not the type to openly admit anything about myself, so there's actually a lot of people who really think I am pure blooded. Here at Hogwarts, I was surprised to be so popular. I had always been shunned in public elementary school that when I arrived here and found that I had honest-to-god friends, I wasn't quite sure what to do. Now, I'm usually not far away from the Lestranges, as they're housemates of mine and the most relateable of all my peers. Anyone who goes out of their way to be my friend, basically, is one. I'm usually in relationships found in many species. "Commensalism-One organism benefits, and the other is not affected in any manner." Naturally, I'm the one who's not affected.

I've never had a boyfriend (remember, I don't believe in love) but I've had a good number of partners. Now, finally in my seventh year, I'm ready to move on with my life and get the hell out of Hogwarts. I'm going to become a Healer. It's pretty much guaranteed with my outstanding grades.
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Re: (Profiles) ʈѳ Ьʅѳssѳɱ || HPMarauderEra || O/A

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Morte Sonata on Sun Jan 16, 2011 11:09 am

Camilla Kiss

Nicknames: Reject, Sweety(but with a condescending tone), that wand maker's daughter....those are the nicer ones :)
Age: 17
Height: 5' 5"
Eyes/Hair: Azure blue/White, it's natural actually (pretend her eyebrows match)
Gender: Woman
House: Slytherin
Broomstick: nope
her dreams
her ukulele
helping others
when she can't solve a conundrum
seeing others get hurt
creature cruelty
Well, wand makers are never very strong with actual magic, they're certainly vulnerable to physical attack. Which normally wouldn't be something to fear too much for a person in a peaceful society, but the tides are shifting from peace, and she recognizes that a simple wand maker could get hurt and taken advantage of. Case in point, her father and she are both vulnerable. She could be snuffed out in a heart beat. She would never be able to protect anyone she cares about, quite a downer thought isn't it?
Application for Position: She is the speaker that tells the score during Quidditch games.
There is always one question in everyone’s mind when they think of Camilla. What the hell is she doing in Slytherin?!?

Yes yes, she gets it, no one thinks the shorting hat was correct, but hear her out; hearing her out being something that no one ever seems to do by the way. She does belong there, just because she isn’t mean or snobby (this is where they usually stop listening) doesn’t mean that she doesn’t have the two things essential to what a Slytherin is. Talent and ambition; she may be only talented a certain areas, but it counts! And her ambition, which she will stop at nothing to achieve, is a dream that would be difficult to make happen. She wants to open an orphanage….oh, you didn’t catch that? Heh sorry, it’s no secret or anything, but people just tend to try and shoot it down too often. But that doesn’t matter, she will make it happen. No kid should be without a home, and she plans to create a place where the warmth makes them feel as though they are loved. But enough about that! That’s just something about her that not many people really know…since they tune her out when she tries to explain. Oh dear Slytherin isn’t a very kind place is it?

Well, I guess you can pretty much tell already that she doesn’t particularly fit in too well with her house peers, more or less she’s a punching bag. Especially since she takes it, like all of it, no one has ever seen her defend herself. They’ve only ever seen her handle it, although sometimes she handles it pretty damn well. At least that’s the best way to describe it, it’s like being strongly submissive. Someone calls her a reject as she passes, she laughs and waves. They through a fork at her head, she picks it up and is worried about someone missing their fork. No one is quite sure if it’s an act, or if she really is just…like that. But most find it pretty impressive, or pathetic, it depends on who you are really. Her logic is that it is better to keep the peace, now more than ever, since it won’t last. Besides, they’ll stop eventually right?

Although push come to shove, sometimes literally, people seem to come to her for things. Since she’s good with wands, and can seem to do something to them that ‘puts them in sync’, a lot of people come to her before finals or a difficult test to ‘tune’ their wands. People actually see a genuine improvement with their magic after having her look at their wand. And she doesn’t turn anyone down, so even the people picking on her can come to her, she does her duty gladly. She’s also an extremely good listener, it’s almost an enigma at how many times people come to her, telling her their life story and asking for advise while she paints or draws out in the courtyard O_O; she thinks it’s a little weird, but it happens. And people are usually beneficiaries from her advice and good ear.

The reason for that is probably because she’s an outwardly kind and gently warm person. She’s a dear that always offers the absolute truth and a smile. At time it can be taken as rude, but she wouldn't quite know it, more of a clueless sort of person really. But at the same time everything with her seems to be whole and together. She seems to be one that is at peace with herself and her surroundings, that alone sometimes ticks people off. She doesn’t mean it honest! Oh, but there is one thing she can get rather negative about, perverts. Sorry, but if she were tolerant of them, then she would have been ravaged by now, especially with being half veela. Sooooo, unfortunately she must walk away when things get to be a bit too rough for her to ignore. But that seems to be the only exception to her sunny nature.

Camilla and her father are originally from Hungary, and their last name, yes they know you want to joke about it, actually means’ little’, it’s not an adjective for a smooch, although a last name like smooch would be funny. They moved to England when she was seven, after her mother died of a disease that veela at times fall to. It was a terrible tragedy, her mother and father were madly in love after all, and she remembers loving her beautiful mother very much too. Her father is a wand maker, and lo and behold, his daughter seems to have the wand maker’s magic in her blood, along with her mother’s unearthly looks. Other than that however, her life has been rather peaceful.

She grew up being taught about wands and the other magical beings around her. Apparently everything was connected in one way or another and magical creatures were of course essential to the wand making process. Unfortunately wand makers develop a reputation of being mysterious and secretive, but honestly it isn’t because of the need to hog information. A lot of it is what you can sense, and you simply can’t explain it if the person you’re trying to explain it to can’t sense it. It gave her a different sort of perspective about life that she took that with her to school. She’s always been rather interested in information since, but unfortunately has never been good at actual wizardry. Her wand was made for crafting, not for casting. So in class she can be a bit of a goof up with spells and especially potions, oh merlin don’t let her near a cauldron by herself! Her teachers have learned not to expect too much from her, but find it more than acceptable since she is going to be a future wand maker, they tend to make exceptions for her, again, that can get students a bit mad at her ^-^; heh, honestly she doesn’t mean it.

Most of the time Camilla finds herself on her own, painting or drawing, or just creating something with her hands really. But when she does hang out with people, it's usually with Kaylen, William, and Duncan or with Molly and Arthur. Regularly at least, everyone else comes and goes with the wind~♥


This is Ted Tonks baby
Clean cut Ted!~

Nicknames: Ted, great nickname right?
Age: 16
Height: 6' 4"
Eyes/Hair: brown
Gender: Manly man
House: Proud to be a Hufflepuff
Broomstick: Weaver 3000
Wholesome women
anything lazy really
food, he likes that too
Oh and Quidditch
drama, even though he makes plenty of it
neat freaks
being told what to do
Fears: Heliopaths and wasslepasslnatiedatie's or whatever their called. All he knows is that he is never speaking to Selene again.....
Application for Position: Quidditch Chaser
Personality:. Ted is a very blunt individual, he's bold about what he says, doesn't sugar coat it, and says it your face. Sometimes that makes him popular, sometimes it makes him enemies. Either way he doesn't really care. At the same time, he is also a very flexible individual, very ok with letting others do what they like, and joining in too. Upon first glance you might think he was a jock meathead, if only, he hangs out with them but is nowhere near that dim. And he actually thinks very poorly of them, but finds the simplicity of meatheaded-ness rather alluring at the same time. He is full of contradictions. Unfortunately in his mind at least. A good example would be that he is very sure of himself, much like someone who was cocky, but notes to others that he isn’t very nice or neat.

He is also rather lazy, and can be a bit messy when it comes to things, he doesn’t care enough to have things in order or to have them nice looking. His book bag actually might have some food crumbs in it from first year. You would think that he himself smelled bad because of this, but it’s actually quite the opposite, he smells very good, especially to those of the female nature. It’s been described as a woodsy musky smell that is sort of feral….must be his soap or something. Oh well, it works to get girls. Speaking of girls, he likes them, a lot. Almost as much as he likes teasing people he doesn’t like or finds annoying. Like Lucius, or as he calls him ‘Lucy’, Andromeda of course (so easy to tease), and Rabastan, who is as tall as he is, both are gargantuan muscle men who would be interesting in a fight as others put it. But anyway, basically that’s it, a very laid back fellow who will never lie to you.

Biography: Ted is a half blood, his father a muggle and his mother a witch. He is an only child, yah he’s spoiled, and yah he’s a momma’s boy, like you aren’t. You could say he mostly takes after his father though, a smart-butt all the way (mum gets mad when he curses). But over all he was a very good kid, loves his parents to death and wants to make them proud, they are very supportive with whatever he chooses.

At school he became involved with Quidditch around third year, and one thing he has noticed while at Hogwarts. Everyone trashes on Hufflepuffs! Everyone thinks it’s a house of nobodies, WRONG, it is a house of unique individuals that are SO unique that they don’t conform to the other house’s catagories. Hufflepuff has everyone else as their founder once put so magnanimously. But who is everyone else? Those who don’t fallow the norm, beat of their own drum sort of people. So there, the other houses are conformists, plain and simple. But don’t worry, the first rule of Hufflepuff is to never discriminate, so when they through mind blowing parties in their massive common room with a load of firewhiskey and goodies, every house is invited. So it’s ok Gryffindor, Slytherin, Ravenclaw, you don’t have to be left out. No really it’s ok, Hufflepuff is just that gracious.
Relations: (any premade relationships with characters)

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Re: (Profiles) ʈѳ Ьʅѳssѳɱ || HPMarauderEra || O/A

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Toadsworth on Sun Jan 16, 2011 5:38 pm

Andromeda Ceres Black


Nicknames: Dromeda, although that’s still a bit of a clunky name. Andra is what a select few can call me. Call me Andy and I’ll be sure to find out where and when you sleep and make sure you stay that way.

Age: 16. The middle child.

Height: Five foot six, a decent size.

Eyes/Hair: I am a brunette naturally, although my hair has been known to randomly darken or lighten with the season. My eyes are a hazel color but, again, they have been known to wander through the color spectrum on occasion.

Gender: I am woman, hear me roar.

House: Slytherin

Broomstick: Cleansweep Two. An older model, but I don’t dare fly with it, I’d crash and die. It’s bewitched to make sure my floor stays neat and tidy. Can never be too clean. I don’t recall who I stole this from last year, but they haven’t noticed it missing since.


-Cleanliness (Cleanliness may be next to godliness for some, but it is godliness for me. After all, being clean could save your life. Let’s say you start choking on some random poison yet you can’t find your bezoar because it’s buried under piles of filth! This will never happen to me, as long as I can wave my wand and move my feet!)

-Order (All of my ducks will be in a row, a column, and a diagonal. I will have a perfect four by four square of ducks, arranged smallest to biggest.)

-Organization (A wise wizard once said A Place For Everything and Everything In Its Place…even if he did manage to show Muggles how stupid they are and try to teach them a thing or two.)

-Butterbeer (Pour me another, elf!)

-Transfiguration Classes (The topic of Animagi and Metamorphmagi really interest me. People being able to change their appearance at will? Yes, please!)

-Practical Jokes (What’s a little forced vomiting ever hurt somebody?)

-Control (Cissy and Bella really do need me to take the lead, I know it. Although they struggle with my voice of authority, being the middle child, I am obviously the only one unbiased enough to make proper, wise choices.)


-Messes (“Bella you’ve left crumbs on the counter again!”)

-Bertie Botts Every Flavor Beans (I mean, honestly. What good is the earwax bean? Does anybody actually enjoy this bean? Who’s brilliant idea was it to shove this in here?)

-Being Ignored (“I will not tell you again, Cissy! Where are you going?! Come back here!”)

-Kreacher (This thing is disgusting. It looks like somebody took a goblin and tried to melt him. Although I do appreciate having some help with my housework, it would be lovely if I could replace him with a nice bewitched mop or a feather duster instead.)

Fears: Professor McGonagall. For some reason, although she teaches my favorite class, this woman seems to go out of her way to pick on me. “Why, ANDY, isn’t it strange that your hair has changed yet again? What sort of potion did you brew this time? Why, ANDY, it would appear that you’ve achieved a tan overnight! Why, ANDY, isn’t it just terrific that you found such a lovely shade of red makeup for you cheeks! What sort of spell did you use that for? ANDY, ANDY, ANDY.” This woman has seemed to focus completely on me, yet I have no idea why. It freaks me out.

Application for Position: Minister of Magic. What? Who says I can’t?! …Fine, I’ll settle with chairwoman of the Charms Club and a member of the Wizard Chess Club.

Personality: Being the middle child, I am often looked over. It was quite obvious being so closely sandwiched in between two other children. Bella was not good enough for them, so they immediately needed to have me. They still didn’t get it right, so they had Cissy. I slightly resent Cissy for being the final, ‘perfect’ child which they seemed to get right on the first try. So I need a way to stand out, yes? Cissy has her lovely blond hair which will stick out in our drab family like a Muggle at the Quidditch World Cup. Bella…Well, she’s not exactly all there, and everyone is so afraid of her that they seem to obey her every whim.

I have decided I will stand out by being the good child. I will get O’s in ever subject, take a heavy course load, and become a Healer at St. Mungo’s. I will make sure everything is spick and span, make sure the house is in peak condition, and be sure to guide my sisters where they need to go in school.

Some may also say that I am controlling. I don’t consider it controlling, I consider it loving. If basic etiquette has taught me anything, which it has, it has shown that you will never find a man and will grow old and die cold and alone and unloved and be buried in the ground and have nobody come to your funeral if you do not follow basic form. Elbows off the table, or you’ll die alone. Don’t slurp your soup unless you want to be an old maid. Want to be a spinster? By all means, leave your bed with your sheets thrown all over it like some barbarian.

I've also been regarded as a 'bitch,' yet most people ignore me and focus on Bellatrix's attitude. As they should be. Next to her, I'm a saint.

Biography: I was born Andromeda Ceres Black from Cygnus Black III and Druella Black. I am the second child of three, younger sister of Bellatrix and older sister of Narcissa. Sirius is my cousin, and if it weren’t for him, I’m afraid I would have gone insane a long time ago. He has been my rock, especially at school. He seems to be the only one of us who isn’t completely off of his rocker, and I will often tag along after him in a crowd, even if it is in a bunch of Gryffindors.

I am not exactly accepted in the Slytherin house because of this. Traditionally, the only reason why I’d be in a group of Gryffindors is because I’m about to pull out my wand and stun them all. Most Slytherins will back down from any form of confrontation because of my Gryffindor love, but a few peep up. They don’t know who my family is, and at once the rest of the house swarms over me. The rest who still don’t shut it are forced. I’m quite quick with the wand and I’ll gladly put you on the ground.

I’m not really all for fighting, though. Sometimes I think I should have been sorted into Ravenclaw, although I’ll never tell my family that. All of this ‘pure blood’ this and ‘mudblood’ that really gives me a headache. As a Healer, I won’t discriminate. Hell, I’d even heal a Muggle if they’d not have to be memory wiped afterward.

I am the chairwoman for the Charms Club. Although it’s not very well known, the Charms Club is proctored by Professor Flitwick and practices various charms. It sounds boring, yes, but when the professor is gone we often create some interesting things. Balloons that, when popped, will reform seconds later. Fruit that, when bitten into, tastes like another fruit. We’ve even discovered a way to make birthday cake candles that, when blown out, ignite yet again unless submerged in water.

As far as the Chess Club goes, nothing gives me more pride and joy than watching my queen toddle her way over to another piece and bludgeon him with her chair.

Sirius Black: Sirius is my favorite cousin. I will often follow him and his band of Gryffindors around. I think I might even like him more than Cissy, but that’s debatable.

Bellatrix Black: Bellatrix…although my sister…isn’t really my favorite person. She’s often defiant of me because she’s older. She doesn’t see that I should be in charge of decisions and that I’m always right. I hate that quality in a person.

Narcissa Black: I love Narcissa and will protect her from anything. She’s my baby sister and, although she will occasionally ridicule me for me hanging out with Sirius, I’ll always be there for her. I’ve tried to pry into her personal life but she shuts me out and calls me a Gryffindor lover.

Regulus Black: He's a dick, plain and simple. But he's also my cousin so...well, I suppose I have to stick up for him. I guess. I'll hang out near him if he's around but I won't really go out of my way to find him.

Lucius Malfoy: Normally someone so brooding and egotistical is my least favorite person. However, something about this boy just trips my trigger…He’s always so pristine and crisp. A man who appreciates attention to detail…Well, let’s just say I’ll be keeping my eye on him.

Ted Tonks: There’s a random Hufflepuff wandering around the school that has caught my eye as well. But me date a Hufflepuff? My parents would die! Lucius and his family…That is the way to go. After all, the Malfoys are almost as prestigious as the Blacks. …Almost.

Severus Snape: Such a greaseball. He disgusts me.

Molly Prewett: This little redhead makes me want to vomit. Everywhere I go I see her and her little red headed boy. Blech, enough of this.

Arthur Weasely: Makes me want to vomit, just like his little girlfriend.

Remus Lupin: For some reason, I’m always mothering Remus far more than Sirius’s other friends. I try to help him when I can.

James Potter: James is just kind of there. Yes, he’s one of those cool and popular Gryffindors, but he’s not interesting enough for me to really care about.

Peter Pettigrew: This kid’s annoying. I don’t know why Sirius talks with him.

Kaylen Bennece: Is this that girl that I always catch staring at my cousin? I don’t think she notices me, she’s practically drooling over him. I haven’t told him about it yet…Cissy seems to hate her, and that’s good enough reason for me to try to make this not happen at all costs.

Duncan Flynn: You mess with my family, you mess with me. Come after us and I swear all four of us here at this school will be sure you end up very confused in the middle of Siberia.

Everyone Else: I have no idea who you are. Don’t introduce yourself to me, I’ll find you if I want to.

Nicknames: Oh, Selene will do just fine. If you wish to call me something else, that would be delightful, however I must admit that there’s a chance that I won’t know if you’re talking to me or not if you do not tell me it is to me that you are talking.
Age: I am fifteen years old, three months, sixteen days, four hours, seven minutes and twelve seconds. Thirteen seconds. Fourteen seconds. I must keep track of these things, it is generally when your seconds, minutes, hours, or days line up that you may be attacked by a rogue heliopath.
Height: I am five feet and four inches tall precisely, not one centimeter off of that height. My mother says that this is a good thing, and that taller women are vulnerable to bird strikes.
Eyes/Hair: My eyes are a silvery blue and my hair is a bleached blond, both natural. I do not dye my hair, the spells allow nymphs to nestle within the locks.
Gender: Excuse me? I’m a woman.
House: I am a proud Ravenclaw. Fifth year.
Broomstick: I do not own a broomstick. They are basically flying sacks of broken bones.
-Charms class
-Care for Magical Creatures class
-My Remembrall. I am constantly forgetting things.
-The Tutshill Tornadoes
-Owls. They attract Garglesprouts. The owls will eat the seeds of the Garglesprouts and will then shed its feathers, making more Garglesprouts. It’s horrendous. I use an augury for this reason. They really are beautiful creatures and their cry, while it has been called a mixture of a banshee, harpy, and a bag of cats being banged against a gong, is an indicator of rain. Unfortunately someone in my house has bewitched my little Bunnyfoo and her cries now only sound like light chamber music. I really do miss my augury’s old song. The screeching would do wonders to ward off wettledettles.
-Harplesnuffs. These nasty things will suck your life out of you and switch your body with theirs. They are gross creatures who long to be beautiful. It’s kind of sad, really.
-Hufflepuffs. What is a huffle, exactly, and how does it puff? At least Gryffindor and Slytherin have some sort of code of ethics, some sort of guidelines for their members. Hufflepuff is just sort of like the receptacle for all unwanted students. If you ask me, the Sorting Hat, when deciding on a Hufflepuff, should just dismiss the student from Hogwarts and watch them toddle their way out the door.
Oh, my. Do not get me started. There are so many things in this world…Tanglewinds, qualzichords, wettledettles, farklesnorts, and the worst one that I’ve ever heard of, the posslewasselnadiedatie. Oh, I’m getting the shivers just thinking about them…Such terrible, terrible beings. I hope you never do run into one. If you do, just remember that they do not like the scent of cinnamon. They burrow in through the pupils so you will need to rub the cinnamon directly onto your eyeballs. I always keep a jar of cinnamon on me just in case I ever do encounter one. It’s quite painful. I’ve practiced several times so I don’t cry out all of my cinnamon when I need it most.
Application for Position: Prefect. And a member of the Charms Club, although I am still moving up through the ranks.
Personality: Some have called me a bit spacey, but it is not my fault. You see, I was born in May, which is right after April. April is a month with a lot of rain, and as such, all of the zarzibar has been washed from the earth. If you do not know, zarzibar is a substance that grows in the soil and is covered by grass. It’s for good mental health. In fact, grass was invented only to cover up the zarzibar, that way no one person could hog it all for themselves and become a super genius while everyone else was stupid. It is washed into the oceans when April rain comes and it does not replenish until the sun bakes the earth.

I am remedying this situation. Whenever the leaves fall, when the zarzibar is most plentiful, I will generally try to stuff my face into a mound of soil if I have the spare time in between cinnamon practice and farklesnort avoidance agility training.

I am a Ravenclaw, though. Some have called me stupid but I am not. If I was I’d be in Hufflepuff. I am, as many have said, an exceptional witch for being only fifteen. I’m a prefect, my grades are immaculate, and I’m practicing charms practically as good as the leader of the Charms Club. Although…please don’t tell her I said that, she scares me.
Biography: I was born about fifteen years ago. Fifteen years…oh, dear, I’ve forgotten the rest of it! Excuse me, I must consult my calendar or else the heliopaths will get me!

Alright, I was born fifteen years , three months, sixteen days, four hours, and eleven minutes, forty seven seconds ago. My father was French, although he is dead now. My mother said that he was killed when his broom hit a large amount of floating dirigible plums. This is why you must never, ever tread on dirigible plums. Ever. Do not tread on them. They will attack the skies, rule the air, and block out the sky with a purple mist that will eventually kill us all. Keep off of the dirigible plums.

My mother is always looking out for me, although I have been told to never listen to her. Many of my schoolmates have told me that she is telling me gibberish, but still, she is my mother. She would never lie to me. That’s when Xeno came along, and he knows exactly what I’m talking about.

I don’t know much about Xeno’s past, but he seems to know about the world just like my mother. He tells me wonderful stories of dragons laying bowtruckle eggs that hatched to become beautiful, large soaring blue phoenixes. I don’t know exactly if these stories are true or not. Mr. Kettleburn says that they’re not, but Xeno seems to know everything.

I believe that’s why I love him. And his last name fits perfectly. Lovegood. I do love him, and it is good. I don’t know what my life would be without him. I’d probably go insane, forget my birthday, and be attacked by a rogue heliopath. Fifteen years, three months, sixteen days, four hours, thirteen minutes, twenty seconds.
Xenophilius Lovegood: He is my world. I will grow old with him, and him with me. We are to be together forever.

Molly Prewett and Arthur Weasley: They seem nice enough, but everyone thinks of them as the school’s ‘hot couple.’ Oh well. All of that kissing…They’ll end up getting some sort of disease. Like gluffsapple. It’s where your lips fall off from overuse, your teeth rot because of exposure, and then you live the rest of your life locked in a Gringotts vault because you’re too ashamed to see the world. Not that I’d want that to happen. I try to prevent it with a cure, rubbing a rotten piece of mango on one’s lips, yet they do not seem to appreciate it.

Rita Skeeter: Well, she’s a Ravenclaw. She can’t be too bad.

Ted Tonks: Oh I've spoken to Ted! I've told him all about the hidden dangers in this world. He seems to avoid me now, though. Which is good. It's only a matter of time before a venomous biting bean sneaks into his socks and causes his feet to become as frail as eggshells.

Everyone Else: I don’t really socialize that much. People find my thoughts to be a tad disturbing, yet who will they come crying to when a wettledettle replaces their vital organs with yogurt? Me. That’s who. And I will be prepared.

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Kaylen Jamie Bennence

Nicknames: Kay or just Kaylen
Age: Seventeen
Height: 5'4"
Eyes/Hair: Dark brown/ Light brown
Gender: Woman
House: Gryffindor
Broomstick: Silver arrow
Likes: Flying, her friends, Sirius Black, Care for magical creatures, Her broom, Dancing, Winning, Having fun, Owls, Learning magic, Muggle studies since it's an easy class for her, Being Egyptian, ect.
Dislikes: When people call her offensive names, People who are rude, Those who don't listen to what she says, Being picked on, slutty girls, Girls that flirt too much, Slytherins(Not all),Summer, Spring, ect.
Of being alone for the rest of her life.
Losing her friends
Of being killed one day for being a muggle born
Application for Position: She's a Beater on the quidditch team and she's a perfect.(If that's allowed :D)
Kaylen is one of the most down to earth and brave girls you'll ever lay eyes on. Kaylen seems to just go with the flow and do as she pleases. It's how she gets by. Most times she doesn't give a damn on what you think or say of her. She is fairly upbeat and loves to dance. Most times you'll see Kaylen having fun or dancing down the halls. Kaylen loves to have fun and loves to make people smile. You'll often see her talking to her self a lot! That's only because she likes to keep secrets mostly to her self and so she talks to her self aloud about her problems.
Kaylen is very welcoming and kind. Growing up with her parents seeing how cruel they were to her had like changed her into a better person. She has grown very mush of the years in mental age. Although she's mature she still likes to have fun and wont take things to extreme serious-ness. Your starting to think that Kaylen is to upbeat to ever get sad. Well your wrong she'd not. Everyone gets upset come on you should know that. If you call Kaylen a mudblood that'll hurt her feelings but she wont show it. She'll just simply stick up for her self then later cry in the girls bathroom. Kaylen always thinks of how she'd just like to be treated with respect. She mostly wishes that the purebloods could live in her shoes for a week and see how her life is then maybe just maybe they wouldn't tease her and pick on her for it.
Kaylen seems to stick up for friends and likes to make sure they're okay. If they're not then she wont rest until she can do something to help out her friends.
When Kaylen flies on a broom it was like she was meant to be there. She likes the rush of the wind in her face. Then when she plays quidditch she lets all her anger loose and there for she's good at being a beater. When she can't get angry she just thinks of those who pick on her then builds up anger then plays. When she plays she has complete focus and her mind is always thinking and never stops until she is certain the game is over and they have won.
Kaylen is an only child to Tabatha and Ryan Bennence. Kaylen is a muggle born. Both her parents are muggles. Kaylen had just happened to get some wizardly skills. Kaylen's parents did not want a witch as a daughter. So they just gave her three years worth of school supplies for Hogwarts. Then she was left on her own. So after she got sent off to Hogwarts she never saw her parents for at least three years. Not even when she had to go home for holidays. All she did was walk around and find a place to stay at an old friends house. Of course her friend didn't know she was a witch and probably wont ever know.
Kaylen was sorted into Gryffindor in her first year. After she was sorted a bunch of cheering came from the table. She had no friends but shortly became friends and knew everyone in her house super well. When she was practicing in her broom flying class it was like it was meant to be. Her teacher told her that next year she must try out for the quidditch team. So a year flew by and Kaylen was in second year. When she tried out for a spot she was placed as a beater. Kaylen had always been one to like to get anger out some how.
Kaylen became friends with Lily Evans during the middle of second year. Her and Lily seemed to have quite a bit in common. They were both muggle borns and they were both on Gryffindor. So they at least had that much in common.
Kaylen was actually from Egypt. Alexandria, Egypt to be in fact. Kaylen has a bit of an Egyptian accent. Well if there is a little bit of anything else you'd like to know just ask Kaylen or befriend her and she just might tell you.
Lily Evans: Lily is one of Kaylen's friends. They seem to have a bit in common. Although Lily does seem to spend most of her time with James Potter and Sirius Black(?)
William Harrison Smith Jr: William is one of Kaylen's best friends that you'll see her hanging out with the most. Since they're both muggleborns. Kaylen has only told William of her past that's it. She had grown to trust him. They're also both beaters! Except they're on different teams. She's on Gryffindor and he's on Hufflepuff.
Sirius Black: Kaylen has totally fallen for Sirius Black. She can't help but smile when she sees him. The only problem is he probably doesn't notice her at all so she knows she should pray and hope something for them could happen.
Narcissa Black: Kaylen kind of hates her. She can be a bitch and all but Kaylen thinks that she could possibly be friends with her...If she wanted.
Remus Lupin: He's okay but he seems a little crazy. Well too crazy for Kaylen.
Ben Sampson: Kaylen has a crush on him. She has since first year but...Sirius also caught her eye in year three. So she still likes him a lot. Probably just as much.
Alisha Benson: Kaylen is actually really good friends with Alisha. They talk about almost every thing and you'll see them laughing in the halls a lot.
Duncan Flynn: He's a total pervert in Kaylen's mind but then again he's funny and would probably make a good friend.
Molly Weasley: She seems to cry too much but I can tolerate her.
(mostly what Kaylen thinks of some characters.)

Molly Genevieve Prewett
One, Two, and Three.

Nicknames: Lea or Mollywobbles
Age: Seventeen
Height: 5'3"
Eyes/Hair: Brown/ Red
Gender: Woman
House: Gryffindor
Broomstick: Doesn't own a broom do to the fact she can't fly.
Likes: Arthur Weasley, Reading, Being with Arthur, Watching quidditch, Being a Gryffindor, Taking long walks at midnight, Midnight hours, Christmas, Her hair, Cuddling, Sitting by the warm fire, Potions, Guys who make her laugh, and ect.
Dislikes: Dancing, Playing quidditch When Arthur does something risky, When people call her Mollywobbles, when she trips, When students pick on muggleborn's, Jerks, Slutty hoes(Yess I went there), and ect.
Molly is afraid of heights
She's also afraid of losing Arthur
Afraid to stand up for others.
Scared of spiders.
Application for Position: She isn't doing any of those things. She doesn't think she'd leader like material and she certainly can not fly on a broom.
Molly is very kind to most around her. Some even say she's like an orange. She has a strong outside and all but on the inside she's easy to break. This is true though. Molly tends to be very sensitive. It never takes much to make her cry or scream. Here's the catch though. Molly forgets all of that when a life close to hers is in danger and she fights for her life.
Now Molly is very much afraid of heights and refuses to go on a broom by her self. If it was with Arthur then maybe that would be different. Molly is a walking disaster. She trips almost over anything and she gets picked on for it. That usually results her in crying. Molly can never help when she cries. It just happens. After she cries she always runs away from those and goes to a place where she thinks no one will follow her. Shortly after that she'll keep telling her self that she needs to be stronger. She never knows how though.
When it comes to doing spells and learning them she is fairly good at it. The only class she could never do is Potions class. She was never really good with that and tends to make something go wrong and explode it. Some don't tease her though because of her beauty. Some had said that beauty came before brains. Well that's not nice to do that.
Molly is actually one that wants to stand up for the muggleborns but every time she tried she get pushed around and well she can't handle that. So she never sticks up for them anymore no matter how much she wants to.
Molly grew up in a pretty normal household. Both her parents were witch's and there for she'd a pureblood. Her parents did teach her though to respect all even if you didn't like them or if they were a muggle born. Molly grew up with two brothers. Both were older than her. She always cried when they picked on her but after a few years her brothers learned to stop and they were just there for her when she needed it.
When it was her turn to go to Hogwarts she was super happy but a little bit scared of what people would think of her. She used to be an ugly duckling you could say. Once third year came though she started to get really pretty. Lots of guys started hitting on her but she simply ignored them for she had Arthur and that was all she wanted. Molly was of course placed in Gryffindor in her first year. All her past family had been sorted into Gryffindor so there was a high chance she was too.
Now from her other years in Hogwarts she grew up with the same kids. She had always been into Arthur and has never even hated him. She did have moments where she'd get all mad for no reason at him. She's changed though and loves him dearly. She'd mostly die if someone took took Arthur away from her. She thinks that many girls like him and she is just hoping that Arthur doesn't leave her. It's been like that for two years.
Molly was a Perfect when she was in fifth year and sixth year but she didn't think she had what it took to be a perfect anymore and gave up the spot in seventh year so Kaylen could have it.
Arthur Weasley: Molly is currently dating Arthur and she completely loves him for him. She wouldn't change and thing. She never has wanted to. She does have her fair share of times when she thinks he's being a jerk but then she forgives him or she just noticed she was wrong and every thing's okay again.

Claire Anya Regas

Nicknames: Claire Bear by her parents but if you call her that you die. She really doesn't like much nicknames so really Claire will do just fine.
Age: Sixteen (16)
Height: 5'2"
Eyes/Hair: light blue/brown
Gender: Woman
House: Ravenclaw
Broomstick: Firebolt
Likes: Guys, Quidditch, Reading, Potions class, Regulus Black, Getting what she wants, Sneaking around the castle, her siblings, and ect.
Dislikes: Whiny girls, Snitches, When teachers never shut up, Girls that talk too much, guys who are too nice, Silence, Sun, and ect.
Losong someone close to her.
Being alone.
She'd never admit it but she fears death.
Application for Position: Ravenclaw beater
Personality: Sneaky, sarcastic, clever, and determined. These words describe Clarie very well, now how the hell did Clarie end up in Ravenclaw if she seemed so much like a Slytherin? Well all facts lead down to one point she could care if she wanted to and over all she was just naturally smart. If Claire hears any sound of a girl crying she'll run the other way and try to avoid it, maybe not so much if the person was actually really badly injured but if it was something like a break up from a two week relationship than well off Claire would go to avoid it. Now as for being around people in general she'll most likely have her sarcastic comments put in the conversation some how and if they aren't sarcastic comments they are usually Clever ones. Possibly even sarcastic and clever if Claire really wanted to think.
When things like school work or quidditch come up Claire thinks of every logical thing she can and then after getting over that she gets into the more serious part of her mood and later builds on up to being determined and competitive with who ever it is catching up to her. When it comes to guys well yes she is interested in them and looks at them up and down but she doesn't get all distracted by a guy and will never ever want to be.
Biography: Claire was the third born into her rather large Greek family of pure blooded wizards. Her mother and father were both British but they decided to live in Greece for most of their life together. First born into the family was Scott. Her parents had him when her mother was eighteen and her father was nineteen. Two years later was when the twins in the family were born, Timothy and Kimberly. A year later Claire was born and Claire's birth was the scariest thing for her parents. Claire was hardly breathing when she was born and the doctors spent a whole day trying to change the way she was breathing. Claire was finally back to normal and was kept in the hospital for one extra day just to make sure.
After that life for Claire was fairly normal until she hit the age of seven. Claire started to have a hard time breathing again like she did when she was first born. Her parents worried and were in a panic to rush her to the hospital. Finally after a week in the hospital they found out how to cure it better so it'd be least likely to ever happen again.
Being in the hospital for over a year she was finally back out when she was eight. Her brother Scott was already off on his second year at school. No problems ever came again. The next eventful thing that happened in their family was when Claire went off to hogwarts. Her parents had watched her grow up and both knew she was destined to be a Slytherin but her brother Scott said otherwise knowing she was more fit to be a Ravenclaw and so fit she was a Ravenclaw.
Now a lot of people say Claire was the most cheery person in Hogwarts right up until third year for her. She was joking around with some friends shoving playfully and of course a teacher walked by and thought it was harmful and with the flick of a wand Claire flew into the stone wall and lost her breathing and she seriously thought she was going to die that day. Ever since that day Claire has never been too nice afraid if she was she'd get closer to death and which she didn't want that at all.
Relations: Really close friends with Eve and Rabastan.

Timothy Dale Lanches

Nicknames: Tim works fine. Only his twin is allowed to call him Timmy
Age: 16
Height: 5'9"
Eyes/Hair: Dark brown/ Same as the eyes dark brown
Gender: Man
House: Hufflepuff
Broomstick: Silver arrow
His twin sister
Being around friends
Herbology class
The color yellow and blue
Making new friends
People who pick on his sister
DADA class
When he gets yelled at by teachers
Losing his only realitive left. His sister.
Losing something special to him or something he can't afford to lose.
Application for Position: Hufflepuff Chaser and perfect
Personality: Tim is very protective. He will protect his sister mostly and when she doesn't want him to he'll protect the first years from the nasty scums other wise known as the Slytherins. Other than that, Tim is a very outgoing guy and likes to hang out and be there for his friends. He loves to crack up a few jokes and laugh; if you end up hearing the same joke more than twice that usually means that Tim forgot he even said it in the first place. Although Tim and Kim are twins and seem to be alike in a lot of ways, they are nothing a like in personality. Which is just fine with Tim. Tim is nice to everyone except those who make him angry like some Slytherins...Maybe a Lucius Malfoy? Lucius seems to bring out the inner demon in Tim. Tim has huge anger problems and if you hit his buttons just right and cut some strings to trigger an explosion in his head than you are rightly screwed. He'll start to yell and curse and finally start to break out into some violent actions. So far no one seems to bring that anger out in him but he knows he has it somewhere deep down just waiting for the moment to unleash it whether Tim wants it to. The worst nightmare ever would be if his anger showed to his twin sister or even worse it unleashed on her. He'd die if he ever hit his sister or yelled at her. The scary thing is there have been so many encounters where he could just feel it start to rupture and bubble up and he quickly had to leave before it let out and hurt anyone. This is Tim if you don't like him than that's your problem not his.
Biography: Tim grew up in a bad home with his twin sister. He was born on the 11th of November in Canada; He was born a minute before his twin sister there for it made him the oldest. Tim had lost his mother at a young age of three and soon after that his father got violent. Hence where he gets it from. Soon his sister was getting beat at the age of seven and it felt hopeless to help her out so he was always hid behind a corner watching and tears rolling down his face. Than one day the phone rang and it was their aunt. Tim answered it and told his aunt to get to their house quick and that she was needed really bad and Tim had started to cry which set bells off in the aunts head. Soon enough they were taken to England to live with their aunt. The most happiest day for Kim and Tim were when they got their hogwarts letter. Unlike his sister he was sitting normally in the chair while being sorted into Hufflepuff. Although he felt the same feeling that he belonged in Hufflepuff like his sister. After that him and his sister were close and were like each others best friends and Tim always protected Kim when she needed it but as she got older she needed him less and less.
Relations: For family he has just his twin sister Kimmy. He is close friends with Camilla and Ted.

Kimberly Allison Lanches

Nicknames: Kim is most perfered. Only her twin may call her Kimmy
Age: 16
Height: 5'8"
Eyes/Hair: Dark brown/Like her eyes her hair is dark brown
Gender: Woman
House: Hufflepuff
Broomstick: Silver arrow
Her twin brother
Flying on her broom
The color yellow and green
Being around friends and laughing
DADA class
Getting picked on(doesn't complain about it though.)
When guys try to be cool
When she gets too cold and starts to shiver
Being alone
Losing her only family left.(Her twin)
Snakes..No joke if one touches her she'll most likely go crazy and not in a good way.
Application for Position: Hufflepuff Chaser and perfect
Personality: Kimmy is more of the lay back and relax type of girl. Kim seems to just go with the flow and what ever happens happens. She has a strong belief in everything happens for a reason; whether you know the reason or not. Kim can trust people very easily the only people she ever has a hard time trusting is adults for reasons of her past. Kim is not that similar to Tim in a personality wise. Kim doesn't really have an inner anger in her. Although she does have an inner sadness. Very hard to trigger her inner sadness though. Kim has almost found something cheery about everything. There may be events that lead up to triggering her inner sadness but the most key thing that will unlock the door to her sadness is the fact of her aunt leaving her behind in this world.
Kim was truly close with her aunt and she went to her for most of her problems to talk about. Now that her aunt is gone the only person she can tell about her problems is her self. Somethings just can't be said to her brother. Besides having that inner sadness Kim is actually very wise and knows how to give good advice. If only she was as smart as the Ravenclaw's but everyone as their flaws no one is perfect that's for sure.
One thing she shares in common with her brothers personality is she loves to crack jokes and laugh just as much and she even forgets somethings that she had already said which just makes her laugh more at her stupid mistakes. Kim can usually brush any comment off or turn it into a joke. Very hard to make her angry.
Biography: Kim grew up in a bad home when she was younger. Kim and Tim were born on November 11th. Kim was at 11:58pm and Tim was at 11:57pm. They are one minute apart. When Kim was three years old she lost her mom and her dad became abusive. Kim was never beat at the young age though it was more when she got older about the age of seven. After the beating went on for a few months finally her aunt came to visit them. Her aunt had lived in England and Kim and Tim had lived in Canada. Her aunt had enough of this and took Tim and Kim with her back to England. Sure enough soon Kimmy got her letter to hogwarts telling her she was a witch. This was one of the best moments in her life. Kimmy was so happy she was jumping and smiling hugely. When she got to hogwarts she was nearly about to jump off the chair when she was being sorted. When it shouted out Hufflepuff she was so happy and once she sat down there she knew she belonged there. Soon shortly in the middle of her third year she found out her father came over to England and had murdered her aunt. Although soon afterwards her father was caught and sent off somewhere that was never mentioned and Kimmy had never seen him. Until this very day Kimmy gets upset about her aunt if anyone brings it up.
Relations: She only has her twin brother left for family and her best friends are Camilla and Ted.[/quote]

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Re: (Profiles) ʈѳ Ьʅѳssѳɱ || HPMarauderEra || O/A

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Litria Death on Mon Jan 17, 2011 7:14 pm

Sirius: Completed

Sirius Cain Black

Nicknames: "Padfoot", Siri
Age: 17
Height: 5'11"
Eyes/Hair: Engulfing, Inky Black streaked with Gray/Dark, Curling Brunette
Gender: Man
House: Gryffindor
Broomstick: Comet 180 with medium-colored woods, streaks of blonde, and a golden plaque of the company on the left side of the handle.
❖ Hanging with his best friends
❖ Cutting loose, having fun
❖ Eating
❖ Being away from (most of) his family
❖ Standing out/Being unique(different)
❖ Pulling a good prank every now and then
❖ Gryffindor Pride
❖ His stays at Hogwarts
♢ His Mother/Bellatrix/A majority of his family
♢ Being at home
♢ Not being able to act or put action forth
♢ Prideful Syltherins
♢ Lord Voldemort and his followers
♢ Being hungry
♢ Taking risks where it would harm his friends
♢ His past
☠Remus losing control of his 'ability'
☠Losing any of his friends
☠Being defeated
☠Terrible agony

Application for Position: Gryffindor Quidditch-Beater
With his tall, dark, casual sophistication inherited in his Black genes, youthful, round, boyish face, and lovely, ink black hair, Sirius appears as a very likeable, attractive young wizard, which, indeed, he is, however, there is more beneath those grey-streaked eyes; with his harsh childhood, Sirius has grown a real rebellious thorn in him, constantly giving him the influence to do the opposite of what is instructed to him, and to revolt against any idea that he is presented with before coming to his own planned decision. He can be brash, aggressive and vile at times of vulnerability, especially when put to such a point, but, usually, with his rather advanced intelligence(despite him referring to himself often as an "idiot") he, often, can catch himself, however he can forget the morals and philosophies he has set for himself. The only time he would ever terribly harm anyone would be if they had done harm to him or a loved one first, showing that his violence is not random at all. With this, he is a very kind gentleman, truly, and knows usually what to do or say in order to prevail with someone(unless he doesn't like them...), and has a vast space for affection for his closest friends. He can be soft and understanding with those around him, and, however unseemingly, is observant in his enviroment.
Biography: Sirius' childhood was not a very good one; he rejected his entire family's belief in "pure-bloods" and "cleaning the world of unworthy traitors", despite him being the last Black heir, and, once arriving at Hogwarts when his time had come, he was the only Black to be sorted into Gryffindor House. His parents weren't pleased at all with Sirius, and, with their cold, cruel attitudes, treated him with such. This he didn't let bother him, in fact, when returning home, he posted his pride in being in Gryffindor by banners(along with Muggle posters), and, immediately found a place at the school with James Potter, Remus Lupin, and Petter Pettigrew as his close companions in mischeif. Together, they have become "The Marauders" today...
Relations: James Potter, Remus Lupin, Petter Pettigrew, Lily Evans, Severus Snape, Lucius Malfoy, Bellatrix, Narcissa, Andromeda, and Regulus Black, Arthur Weasley, Molly Prewett. . .

Zetta: Completed!

Zetta Farria Petterson

Nicknames: Z, Farri, Etta
Age: 16
Height: 5'7"
Eyes/Hair: Vivid, enticing Brown/Lush, Black hair with hinted Blonde
Gender: Woman
House: Slytherin
Broomstick: NONE
❥ Being trusted
❥ Sitting by the Black Lake
❥ Being the center of attention
❥ Nighttime
❥ Silk clothing
❥ Hanging out in the Slytherin Commons' Room
❥ The feeling of being in love
❥ Twilight in the Forbidden Forest
❥ Acting like a slut to make girls mad
☣ Going home
☣ Her siblings
☣ Being bossed around
☣ Not having her way
☣ Homework
☣ Being bored
☣ Salt
☣ Keeping secrets
-The Dark Lord
Application for Position: "Don't make me punch you..."
Personality: Raised in a strict, Voldemort-worshipping household, Ms. Petterson craves any and all forms of freedom, difference, and qualities that cause those to take a second look at her; she is an attention hog, one who desires the spotlight more than the average person should, and will get the center stage at all costs. She is aggressive in many ways, from her casting style to her attitude towards others, she often comes across as a violent, snood young witch. She is stubborn, hard-headed, and single-minded, making her fantastic at pursuing an individual task but horrid at anything that requires multitasking; her stubbornness causes her to be disbelieving and suspicious many a time, as she would rather discover something for herself, to prove it to her own mind. She hardly knows compassion, only towards herself or those closest to her, which there aren't many of, and only shows any form of love to her sister's enchanted ruby locket, which she took from her after her second year of Hogwarts. She often perceived as self-absorbed and conceited, since she is a close companion to Narcissa, and, a majority of the time, she is, but she is truly constantly envying what others have, another girl's beauty, clothes, jewlery, and, with a cruelty influenced from Bellatrix, will take what she believes will be better for her than whoever she had taken it from. Although she possesses such terrible qualities, it is surprising to hear her have any key habits; she is very loyal to those who win her over, and will keep a secret to her grave; she would defend a friend to the end, and has wonderful reactions, along with being a fanastic smooth-talker.
Biography: Born on October 14th, an unnaturally warm, crisp, golden Autumn day in England, was the setting to infant Zetta's first sights to the world; her mother, filled with pride but a passion for her kin, had a deep love for her daughter, one that would shock most of their relative friends. Her father, on the otherhand, had wanted a son and was again disappointed in the young female; throughout her life, he made obvious attempts to ignore her presence up until the forming of Voldemort's followers. She was taught the way of a proper lady, tips and lectures and slaps from wake-up to bedtime, drilling those lessons into her head. Her older sister, Anemiara, was her role-model; a tall, intelligent, dark beauty of teen age, she was the pride and joy of the family for years and years. Zetta was, for most of her youth, caught in admiration of her older sister, but, nearly everything changed when it was Zetta's year to attend Hogwarts. The ladylike posture she was taught to uphold no matter what, the childlike wonder and curiosity that sparkled in her dark eyes, the innocence and goodness that lit her face, all gone. She cracked the molding her mother had set for her, falling down the latter she had begun to climb. As time flew by, Zetta becoming known in one of the school's 'popular' crowd, a tough, crude girl who first-years fled at the sight of, and a 'take it with a wicked grin' witch, her parents' both had lost faith in their daughter, and, almost as if a replacement, had a son named Jared after her fifth year there. With returns home threaded with her parents' ignoring her, her sister trying in a semi-teasing way to console her, and the complete cut off from her friends, Zetta grew even more rebellious and cruel, her worst year her sixth, with her getting in so much trouble her mother threatened to send her to Beauxbatons(the very thought made her cringe with horror)! Cooling her rage, she lightened her bullying and fighting, trying to keep out of trouble for the most part. So far, her mother has been somewhat approving of her behavior. . . .


Narcissa Black: "Narcissa and I are best friends, or I'd like to think we are. We hang out a lot: gossip, chatter, a little hijinx in there. I'd do almost anything for her, and I hope she'd do the same for me!"

Bellatrix Black: "Bella and I are friends, I'd say. Whenever Cissy and I do any pranks, I always try to have Bellatrix along with us. Even though she hasn't any bad emotions towards me, she does freak me out on the slightest level. But, hey, she's a Black, unlike Sirius..."

Severus Snape: "Don't let everybody know, but I've been staying out a lot to talk with Severus; he's an interesting person, believe it or not!"


Lucius Malfoy: "OMIGOODNESSSQUEEGASMGARGHAMAZINMUFFILOVE! I love Lucius! He's the most beautiful boy I've ever met. Ever. Those eyes, that white blonde hair-! SQUEEEOMGGGGGWHAHAAA!"

Remus Lupin: "You tell a soul about this and you'll be staring down at the bottom of the Black Lake: I have a crush on Remus.... I have no idea in my mind why.. It might've been when I first got to Hogwarts and he helped me pick up my spellbooks after I had dropped them... Anyways, I like him, and... I just can't because-! Did you hear somebody?"


Sirius Black: "I guess it's Bella's and Cissy's talk of how much they hate him and the Marauders, but I can't stand to be in the same room with Sirius; he's never even looked in my direction before and I hate him... Weird..."

James Potter: "Again, a Marauder, but he's a bit of a hypocrite.... He goes around, getting praise for being this super nice, caring guy when he picks on Severus almost every day! Gosh, that's one thing I can't stand..."

Lily Evans: "Cissy and Bella again with their talk; hate her guts... Looking at her makes me wanna wince with anger."

Peter Pettigrew: "That sniffling little rodent! He's a crybaby tagalong with nothing better to do but be a fucking creep!"

Molly Prewett: "I can't stand her, either... She's a freak the way she just glares at me all the time; I haven't even spoken to her before! I guess it has to do with my friend choice... What a prejudice little git!"


Arthur Weasly: "Cissy tutors him a lot, and he seems like a really nice guy, even though he associates with those who I having a hating for..."

Kaylen Bennece: "Eh, not much on this one... I try not to pick on her often, but somtimes I just can't help myself..."

William Smith: "He's alright; he's from the American South, so that makes him interesting..."

Duncan Flynn: "Decent guy, I guess.. Bit of a perv, but what Brit isn't?"

Listen to this while reading her profile. :)

Adaeze Sauda Yar'Adua

Nicknames: Ada, Yara, Sauda-Yar
Age: 17
Height: 6'0"
Eyes/Hair: Brown/Black
Gender: Woman
House: Ravenclaw
Broomstick: Twigger 90
    ♋ Golden things(she secretly wished to be Gryffyndor)
    ♋ Earthy, natural colors/designs
    ♋ Singing/Dancing/Partying
    ♋ Speaking in Yoruba to confuse people
    ♋ Making jewlery
    ♋ Putting bitches in their place.
    ♋ Potions Class
    ♋ Wearing crazy, exotic makeup

    ʊ Racial discrimination at Hogwarts(she's actually president of the "Foreign Exchange Acceptance and Practice Program")
    ʊ Bitches/Sluts/Man-whores/Douches
    ʊ Tying the end knot on her jewlery(Merlin's Beard, why won't it just tye!?)
    ʊ Reading/Sitting through long lectures/DADA
    ʊ Snakes
    ʊ Voldemort
    ʊ Messing up her makeup/clothes
    ʊ Judgemental people
Fears: Losing her mother, not finishing her last year, not being able to return to her hometown.
Application for Position: Seeker for Ravenclaw.
Personality: Our dearest Adaeze is your average activist, go-getting, bitch-slapper, African Queen of revenge and honor, and can be as mysterious as a storm cloud. She has a talent for decyphering people, a skill she supposes she inherited from her wild mother, and seeing through their masks, and has the courage to address the flaws head-long, clever enough use those faults against them. She is very intelligent, an excelling star in Potions, and is quick-witted, fast and takes action at the drop of a hat. Her finest qualities are her ability to spot kindness in people, giving them a chance to know her, her responsiblity and self-awareness, and her attitude to go forward and struggle if it means getting what's best. Her lesser qualities include her cruel, mercilessness against those whom she has labelled, "wrong", her slim ability to trust, and undermined way of getting revenge.
Biography: Adaeze grew up with her mother in Ibadan, Nigeria(this is why she'll speak with a heavy, chopped English accent). Her mother was a muggle, fine and sweet, and her father was a wizard who disappeared one day after a trip to Germany. Although the blowing loss of her father left her and her mother at a disadvantage in life in Nigeria, the two made it by in trade, learning to create things that was popular in that field. Years passed, and the two were enjoying life near the savannah, when her mother learned of Hogwarts, an excellent place for her darling daughter to study magic. Adaeze was to stay for about three years, as was it their plan for her to just learn the basics and a tad more, but after persausion from Dumbledore, he convinced her mother to allow her to reach her full potential. Ada has learnt and grown so much that she had planned on moving to London one day in the future to teach at Hogwarts but a betroyal has complicated this and her final year a Hogwarts.
Sirius Black: What a fine catch he'd be... I could imagine bringing him home to my mum in Ibadan; she'd have a stroke! Anyways ❤, he seems nice enough... I'll keep my eye on him... There's something suspicous about him and I'm going to find it out...

James Potter: He's pretty good-looking, like his pals. James is a rare man, I can tell when I look at him. He has a different spark in him, some kind of... zest for life that seems to glitter in his eyes.

Peter Pettigrew: Gruwel knaagdier! Watch him closely! He is a threat.

Arthur Wealsey: A good man; I see commitment to his mate, Molly, and when a man at his age can bring that forth, he is wholly good. I respect him.

Molly Prewett: A sweet, loving woman. I extend kindness to her and her friends.

Narcissa Black: I met Sirius first, so the others of the Black family struck me as strange; she is a fine piece of work, that fast bitch. I sense there is the dullest of kindness, but it isn't enough to extend past her friend circle. I will take pleasure in her downfall.

Bellatrix Black: I feel uneasy with her; there is something dark and horrible dwelling inside her thoughts. Avoid until further information.

Lucius Malfoy: Foolish creature. He will perish under my heel, despite that devious, boyish charisma.

Severus Snape: He is decent. He knows what he needs to do.

Andromeda Black: She is a charming woman. I enjoy her company very much, especially her prime and proper attitude.

Regulus Black: Very unlike his brother; easily corrupted, yet a flame of change burns within him. He has promise.

Xenophilius Lovegood: He is a pleasurable fellow, very interesting. However, there is something about his mannerisms that makes me a bit nervous. Perhaps I am paranoid.

Zetta Petterson: She is too loud and self-absorbed for her own good; I feel cold vibes from her, as if she is suffering some internal struggle. I plan on decoding her and, along with her guileless friends, crushing them.

Noel Lestrange: He is a dear little thing. For some reason I enjoy his presence, along with his two brothers, although I get a shadowy vibe from them.

Rodolphus Lestrange: He has a looming, calm presence that I enjoy of the Lestrange siblings. Yet, who associates with gives me worries; I shall watch them with weary eyes. God knows what those Black creatures will corrupt them to.

Rabastan Lestrange: A prick of rebellion, which is always interesting. Under my watch.

Evelynne Endora: Decent. She has strong promise and a will that gives her my respect.

Anyone Else: Geagte my! There are new students? I must meet them...

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Re: (Profiles) ʈѳ Ьʅѳssѳɱ || HPMarauderEra || O/A

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Bellatrix Elizabeth Black

Nicknames: Bella
Age: Seventeen, 17
Height: “I’m a terrifying height of five foot two. Fear me.”
Eyes/Hair: Dark, untameable curls that match her personality and dark brown eyes.
Gender: “Do you have eyes, idiot? I’m obviously female.”
House: “Slytherin, just like my family before me. That damn cousin of mine is the one who ruined our perfect reputation.”
Broomstick: Doesn’t own one.
- Her status as a pureblood.
- Dark arts
- Warm Butterbeer on a cold day.
- Although she’ll never admit it, Lucius Malfoy.
- Cursing.
- Rainy days. They make such a creepy atmosphere, don’t they?
- Being talked down to.
- Muggles
- Sirius Black
- Damn Gryffindors.
- Sirius Black
- Flying. But if you ever tell anyone, it’ll be the last thing you ever say.
- Did I mention Sirius Black?
Application for Position: No thank you. Bellatrix has far more important things to do… And she’s terrified of flying.
Personality: What to say about our dear, dear Bellatrix? In front of the other students of Hogwarts, Bella is quite the little minx. She walks around in her too tiny skirt (Whoops! Must’ve been a misfired shrinking charm) and a pair of heels like she owns the world. And in her mind, she does. Bellatrix believes that Hogwarts is her kingdom and she controls the strings of all her little puppets. Confidence oozes out of her every pore and she can back up her arrogance with a well-aimed spell. Sarcasm rolls off her tongue like it were created just for her use. Bella doesn’t take well to being bossed around or spoken down to. She angers easily (something Lucius likes to tease her about) and once she gets started, she just doesn't stop. Add up her dark beauty, fiery personality, and quick wand, you’ve got a recipe for disaster.

When around the Slytherins in the safety of her common room, Bellatrix is quite the opposite. She tends to be rather protective of her friends and mothers them (aka bosses them around). She enjoys stimulating conversation with people who aren’t complete dunderheads and finds herself in the company of Lucius Malfoy quite often.

Secretly, she wants to be treated like a fragile doll that needs to be taken care of just like her little sister. Men pamper her and treat her like a queen because of her stunning beauty and grace while they just fear Bella.

But deeper down is a tiny piece of her that likes to cause pain. It’s small, but with the right guidance, could make Bellatrix become a dark pit of fire and hatred. She fears this part of her and tries to keep it under control at all times, but with the Dark Lord’s rise, she doesn’t know how long she can keep it contained.
Relations: Ah… See, Bellatrix has made quite a few enemies during her years at Hogwarts. This’ll take a while.

-The Slytherins – Her brothers in arms, her family unit, and the ones closest to her… Of course, she doesn’t trust any of them. But hey, when liars and cheats are all you got, you make adjustments!
-Potter, Black, Lupin, Evans, and Pettigrew - Bleh. Disgusting, the lot of them. They always seem to be running around causing trouble. Yet Dumbledore lets them walk away spot free!
-Lucius Malfoy – Bellatrix has a huge crush on the fellow Slytherin, but she’ll never admit it.
-Narcissa – Bella envies her little sister. Beautiful, perfect, and every man’s dream, dark haired Bellatrix resents her. Why did her little bitch of a sister get everything she wanted without trying? Bella had to work ten times harder at everything!
-The males of Hogwarts – They may hate her, but they want her. It’s simple as that.
-Sirius Black – She hates him. Really, really, really, hates him. Whether it is because of how he’s disgraced the family name or for other reasons is unclear.
-Duncan Flynn. For some reason, this stupid Gryffindor boy haunts her thoughts. It must be some kind of phase that’ll fade soon. Besides, he hates her guts.
-Lily Evans – Lily is nothing but a whore with a big mouth. She broke Severus heart and for that she can never be forgiven.
-Severus Snape – Bellatrix actually enjoys spending time with him. He isn’t handsome, rich, or funny but something about him draws her in. She doesn’t like him (she is far to vain to date someone like him), but she respects him.
The name seems rather ironic if I’m an insomniac, doesn’t it? :3

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Re: (Profiles) ʈѳ Ьʅѳssѳɱ || HPMarauderEra || O/A

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby PanzerJedi on Tue Jan 18, 2011 11:14 am

Katrine Kressel

Nicknames: None yet, I've only been in England for less than a month
Age: 16
Height: 5' 8"
Eyes/Hair: Hazel/Blonde)
Gender: Girl
House: Gryffindor
Broomstick: None, even if I had owned one, there was no way I could have brought it with me
Likes: Democracy
The outdoors
Dislikes: Miltary/Police
The Dark Arts
Fears: Being captured and deported back to East Germany
Application for Position: None
Personality: Living in the country like the GDR with parents that were known dissidents had a major affect on me. While I was often told how pretty I was, I have always been very shy. I had very few friends as most parents didnt want their children to play with the daughter of people under the constant surveilance of the Stasi. As I grew up I drew more and more into myself, finding a lot of comfort in the outdoors. I would regularly take long walks in my home city of Dresden, which still bore many scars from the allied bombing in the Second World War. If I couldn't go outside or when the weather was too bad, I would read instead. All this reading and walking planted ideas in brain and gave me time to think about what I read and form my own ideas and opinions. I also learned the value of being silent as I entered my teenage years. While I was and am a very oppinionated girl, I kept my mouth shut and learned to control my temper for fear of saying something that would bring the States wrath down on my family.
Biography: I was born in the city of Dresden. My parents both come from a long line of German Pure bloods who considered Dresden home. While my parents were prejudiced against muggles, I never inheirited them due to the Soviet regimes requirement that all wizarding families must learn to intergrate themselves into muggle society. The government said that wizards that there could only be one state and that all macigal families must learn to become a part of that state, even if it was a secret one, or face the consequence, life in some forsaken gulag. My parents swallowed their pride and learned to live with muggles. While my family was active in the small Dresden wizarding community, most of the others were loyal to the state and my parents didn't feel they belong.

At the age of eleven, I was sent to the Staatzauberschule, the state-sponsered, and thus only legal magic school in East Germany. I hated it there. We were required to learn the dark arts and practice them on other students. They filled our heads full of government propoganda, making us recite over and over again until it was ingrained into our skulls. These were some of my darkest times, and I dreaded having to go back every year. Finally, this summer, my father decided that enough was enough. He had been in contact with a group for several years now that could help us escape, and things had finally come together for it to happen. We couldn't use magical means to escape because they were all tracked. We took a family vacation to the west part of the country. We jumped the border during the night, but the soldiers saw us and fired at us with there machineguns. It was terrifying, the noise and the flashing of the guns. My mother and I ran as hard as we could, and made it across the border to West Germany, and from there moved to England. We lost father when we ran. We can only assume that he is either dead, or worse, in the hands of the Stasi and there Soviet friends. But I'm trying not to think to much of the past and am looking forward to being able to go to a wonderful school like Hogwarts.
Relations: None, I don't know anyone yet.


William Harrison Smith Jr.

Nicknames: Will
Age: 16
Height: 6'4'
Eyes/Hair: green/brown
Gender: Guy
House: Hufflepuff
Broomstick: Cleansweep 7
American Military
Anything that goes BOOM!
Dislikes: Slytherins
Vietnam/Vietnamese stuff (Represents the loss of his father)
Fears: William will tell anybody who asks he's not scared of anything, but really the thing that scares him most is the possibility of losing those he loves.
Application for Position: Beater, Hufflepuff Quiditch Team
Personality: William is a trouble maker and tough guy, he has been since he was a little boy. While he does have a soft spot, he keeps it hidden from most people and only shares it with those he feels close to. He'll obey the rules, but only if he thinks they're good ones. Unfortunately, there aren't a lot of those. It seems like he's always looking for a fight, whether it be fists or words. He is a very intense person and takes almost everything seriously. He also deals with a lot of anger issues. He's also sticks out for the little guys, the underdogs. He hate bullies with a passion, and will go out of his way to comfront him. He also tried to befriend those who have been beaten upon and downtroden, making sure they know that they have someone to go to when things are getting rough or they are getting picked on. He's also a very loyal person and once your his friend, your his friend for life. It's probably for these last reasons that he's in Hufflepuff.
Biography: William was born and raised in the best place a person can be from, great and wonderful state of Texas. He was born to William Harrison Smith, a career army man, and Samantha Roberts, an immigrant from England and stay out home mom. William was an only child, and his parents loved him more than can be expressed. His father would spend long times away from home when he was deployed, but his father would more that make up for it when he got home. Unfortunately Williams father was killed in action in the closing years of Vietnam. William was only eight at the time, and his fathers death had a profound impact on him. He became angry at the world, and angry at those who protested against the government and brave men like his dad. His mother tried to make ends meet and still be involved in her sons life, but things seemed to be spiraling out of control. At ten, William got kicked out of school for beating a student a grade ahead of him senseless for saying his father had died for nothing in a pointless war. Fortunately no legal action was pursued, but Samantha had decided that enough was enough. She and her son moved to England to live with her parents, who were willing to support them so Samantha could work less hours and be involved in her sons life. Much to her dismay, shortly after their arrival a funny dressed man by the name of Albus Dumbledore stopped at there house, saying that William was a wizard. At first she thought it must be some cruel joke, but Albus was able to convince her it was true. So that September, she sent William off to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Any fears she might have had about sending him there quickly disipated as William made knew friends (He didn't tell her about his new enemies in Slytherin) and settled in. While he still got in trouble it became less and less frequent when compared to before and overall it seems that Hogwarts was helping to turn Williams troubled life around.
Relations: Friends with Duncan, His best friend at Hogwarts is Kaylen. After all, us muggleborns need to stick together.


Arthur Septimus Weasley

Nicknames: Art
Age: 17
Height: 5'8"
Eyes/Hair: Blue/Red
Gender: Man
House: Gryffindor
Broomstick: None owned.
Likes: Muggles
Muggles technology
Anything to do with muggles
Molly Prewett
Being a Gryffindor
Muggle borns
Dislikes: Most Slytherins
Those who hate muggles
Those who tease muggle borns
the word Mudblood
Not understanding muggle technology
Fears: Losing Molly
Application for Position: None
Personality: Well, the first thing you'll notice is that I love muggles and everything to do with muggles. Some people would call it an obsession, and I wouldn't disagree with them. They're such remarkable people. I mean just look at all they can do with out magic. We just cast a spell on something to make it fly, but they can MAKE things fly. And ecletricity! Merlins Beard, their elcetricity is like nothing I've ever seen!

Oh yeah, you probably want to know what I'm like. I'm a nice, relatively inoffensive chap. While people sometimes annoy me I very rarely get mad. I don't have a mean bone in my body. When I try to be rude or sarcastic it's rather pathetic. I tend to be pretty laid back with just about everything except muggles. I tend to do very well in all of my classes except potions. I've never been particuraly good at potions. I'm also very forgetful. I'm constantly losing and misplacing things and forgetting to tell people stuff. I've also been told several times by my friends that I don't know anything about girls, though I don't know what they mean by that and they just laugh if I ask them. Other than that there's not a whole lot say about me really.
Biography: I was born to Septimus Weasley and Cedrella Weasley (née Black). While I'm technically a pureblood, it really doesn't matter a whole lot since Dad's family are Bloodtraitors. Mum's pretty much disowned her for marrying dad, so I never had much contact with any Blacks till school, which I think I'm greatful. I've always had an interest in muggles, and it's only my interest has only grown as I've gotten older. I did alright at school, except for potions, which I am horrible at, but nothing really eventful happended until I started dating the most beautiful girl in all of Hogwarts, Molly Prewett. We've been going steady for several years now and I plan on asking her to marry me when we're done with school. I also started to be tutored by Narcissa Black in potions last year. Despite being younger than me, she's really been able to help me improve with potions. She's a swell girl and between her and Sirius they've shown me that not all Blacks are stuck up purebloods. We keep our tutoring sessions secret so that it doesn't cause an uproar with the other students. After all she is a Slytherin and I'm a Gryffindor and we're not even suposed to get along. Molly doesn't know, but I don't think it really matters, after all all Narcissa is doing is helping me with school work.
Relations: Molly Prewett: Mygirl friend and the most wonderful and beautiful girl in the world. She does tend to cry a lot, but that doesn't really bother me.
Narcissa Blsck: I never would thought there was such a thing as a good Slytherin, but Narcissa has proven me wrong. She's actually a fairly nice girl. She has been tutoring me in Potions for about a year now.
"I reject your reality and substitute my own" Adam Savage


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Re: (Profiles) ʈѳ Ьʅѳssѳɱ || HPMarauderEra || O/A

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Rodolphus ɖuke Lestrange

Nicknames: At around christmas time, a curtain unabashed little brother enjoys calling him "Rudolph ze rouge noss raindeer!" and saying that he has a very shiney nose. The rest of the year, the very same person calls him 'Duke'. Rodolphus however, sees little sense in this 'nickname' or whatever it is. Everyone refers to him by his proper name accordingly.

Age: 18

Height: 6'

Eyes/Hair: Rodolphus is blessed with the Lestrange dark saphire eye colour that almost everyone in the family posses. His hair is a light brown, and always kept in order.

Gender: Gentleman

House: Ravenclaw

Broomstick: He can fly, but sees no real value is sport such as Quidditch. But he does own a Nimbus 1500 that often gets put to use by Noel.

Likes and Dislikes: Petty desires such as likes and dislikes are useless to list. There are things which simply must be done in order to get along; so, to put it simply, Rodolphus can be made to like or dislike anything.However, others would say that it may be difficult for him to force himself to enjoy disorder and be ok with things not going his way. However he is sure he could tolerate such a thing.

Fears: He fears fear itself, which stems usually from the unknown. So he makes a point to analyze anything that makes him weary. He hasn't particularly been weary of much since his younger years though. Perhaps he could fear his familial secrets being exposed, but there is really no danger of that happening under his careful watch.

Personality: As Eldest of the three Lestrange siblings, and next in line to take over as head of the family, Rodolphus has a curtain criteria of behavior he requires himself to uphold. He upholds it well.

Rodolphus is a disciplined individual, it seems as though he can do just about anything when he sets his mind to it. His homework is never unfinished, his bed always made neatly, and his manners impeccable. If anything is out of order in him, it would have to be his slight French accent. He’s all but gotten rid of it, only slight slips of the tongue every now and then, and the smallest trace of French in his speech, only noticeable if you’ve been talking to him for a while.

His choice of friends are Slytherins, simply for the fact that their families often mingle with one another. He’s not a social butterfly, which is why he never outstretched his sights to other friends, at the same point however, he is no anti-social individual. He holds himself with obvious superiority and confidence, but without knowing it. A gentleman through and through, he is polite and kind to ladies, and cordial to men…of good standing. I mean, you wouldn’t blame a person for snubbing a complete dog would you? Unfortunately most young men at Hogwarts are just that, untrained dogs. Not worth interacting with for the most part. But he still does, he just doesn’t prefer it.

One might think that Rodolphus is cold from the account of his nature given so far, on the contrary, he is charismatically open and at ease. Probably the most approachable of all his Slytherin friends, if you’re on the outside looking in. He remains reasonable to everyone else, but those close to him are aware that sometimes, he just doesn’t give two shits about anyone outside of his circle; in fact they can be a bit agitating. But of course, he must keep appearances. So he only has a cold center, with a warm and smooth outside.

Since he is in Ravenclaw, it is easy to conclude that he must be smart, clever. Well he is, and that is the only reason he is not in Slytherin, he’s got ambition sure enough, talent definitely, but he’s just too smart to be in any house other than Ravenclaw, as most Lestranges through history have been. He’s good at not making much of his intelligence, you wouldn’t know it from talking with him. But under that gentlemanly smile is a quick wand and silent spells.

Biography: Rodolphus is son to Mr. Bernard Lestrange and Mrs. Beatrice Lestrange, heir to the prestigious and French household of Purebloods. His father is a liaison between the French and English Ministry, a businessman to say in simpler terms and holder to the family fortune and estates. He is the first to enter the field of the Ministry; mostly the Lestrange family is famous for holding high positions in being Healers. Bernard seemed uninterested in that line of work, thus the career change. Beatrice is a French beauty who is a stay at home mother. Who watches over the estate and arranges any dinner parties that may need to be held. She is notorious for being an excellent host.

Thus, Rodolphus, heir to this big name, is thrust into the world as carrier of the family’s newest agenda. Integrate into the English Ministry, they’ve done all they can in France, they’re looking for fresh ground to turn. Rodolphus was raised to be the one to complete this integration. And sure enough he is poised to enter the work force with outstanding credentials and a bright outlook for his future. The only spot on his record would be that people have their private suspicions about his family; they believe that they are hiding something. Dinner parties are fewer and farer in between and something is slightly off about Miss Beatrice’s health. But it isn’t enough to make gossip, or even enough to voice really. So long as it stays that way, Rodolphus has nothing to worry of.

The three Lestrange siblings seem to revolve around one another; they are a close-nit group that are always in sync. Some are intimidated, others think it’s cute.

Rabastan- Dog of good standing, I say dog only because of his obedience. Not in an insulting way, though I’m told I can be harsh on my siblings… Be sure to keep him on his leash.

Malfoy- Good standing. Act yourself around him.

Black- Dog. Why does that feel ironic? Treat him with politeness.

Snape- Good enough standing. Treat him with politeness.

Flynn- Dog. Treat him with politeness.

Smith- Dog. Treat him with politeness.

Weasly- Dog. Treat him with politeness

Lupin- Good standing (surprisingly). Haven’t spoken to him too much, last time treated with politeness, continue.

Potter- Dog. Good gods it is difficult to treat this one with politeness, he is so…loud.

Noel- Dog*heavy sigh* I can’t believe I am still unsure on whether or not to think of her as a male. I must treat her as one, that much is for sure. I feel sympathy for my youngest sibling. She is of good standing, not a dog; I simply had a slip of thought due to recent behavior. Though I can not find it in myself to blame her for it. You know what?! Non, I do not commend her behavior, she refuses to listen or behave, and her devil may care attitude infuriates me! Of either sibling, she is the most tiresome! Both siblings are thorns in my side that I must bare. So be it.

Any and all ladies are treated with a gentlemanly care and not argued or conflicted with. His closest female friends he is himself, the Black sisters and Miss Petterson.


Rabastan ɱarquis Lestrange

Nicknames: 'Marquis', as Noel likes to call him. Only Noel though...
Age: 18
Height: 6' 4"
Eyes/Hair: Dark Saphire eyes and dark bown hair.
Gender: Man
House: Ravenclaw
Broomstick: Nimbus 1500
☢using his strength
☢his siblings
☢not much else
✗people prying into anything that has to do with his family
✗grimmy things
✗people in general
Fears: What the hell does a sociopath have to fear? Discovery maybe. He's always been cautioned by his siblings to act 'normal', so discovery that theres something 'wrong' with him...maybe.
Application for Position: Beeter for the Ravenclaw team, a nasty one too.
Personality: Personality, now there’s a misnomer. For all intents and purposes, consider Rebastan without one. He is a born sociopath; his emotions are either not there, or not very strong. Certainly any emotions he has are not of the positive or optimistic sort. He has on occasion killed an animal or two, but he no longer does it because Rodolphus tells him not to. Ever since the family dog… They don’t have pets anymore. Rodolphus tells him not to do a lot of things. ‘Always listen to Rodolphus’; his father seared that into his brain sure enough. So that’s what he does, he listens to Rodolphus. He even listens to Noel from time to time. If he had any love it would be for her, oh sorry, for him. Such a festive little thing, Noel treats him like he’s his own person, and defends him against Rodolphus’s harsher complains. God he hates complainers, can’t you just deal with it? When it comes to listening to others though, he just doesn’t, he feels no need to. What other people does he need to listen to other than his siblings anyway. Other people don’t really hold much importance….so bored. If he felt joy, he would feel it during Quidditch, he can beat at things then, he’s a Beeter after all. He likes to beat things. Maybe that’s why he spends so much time working out. Helpless things bend over to his iron grip.

He’s been working on interacting with others for quite some time now, and he’s gotten pretty good, he doesn’t give anyone the creeps anymore. He used to just stare off into the distance, people thought he was just dumb, but then why was he in Ravenclaw? It didn’t make sense, to them, stupid people. He’s the most dangerous looking of the three Lestranges, but he’s kept on a tight leash, and doesn’t act on his own. He sits in the backround, silently analyzing everything. But as of late he can hold a conversation all by himself, maybe even start one.
Biography: Rabastan was born, and dropped on his head by the healer. The healer suffered huge consequences of that you can be assured. His…disposition is considered to be a consequence of the foolish Healer’s actions. He was always a strange child, he didn’t want to play, when he did he was unusually violent, and he didn’t have any preference for cuddling.

He was caught with a bloody knife under his pillow when he was eight; he had killed the family dog. Which upset his mother, his father became angry, and thus started the system of sticking to Rodolphus’s side 24/7. Rodolphus was his keeper. He was severely punished when he failed to act appropriately. Boring, boring, more boredom. Quidditch, it’s his third year, and he’s on the team as a beeter. He likes it, something to do at least. At the same time he lost his favorite pair of intriguing people he liked to watch. His two younger twin siblings, Noel and Nolita; they loved to delight everyone they meet. When he was bored he used to watch them, and he wouldn’t be so entirely bored doing it. But Noel drowns during Christmas, and ‘mother’ can’t seem to bare it. Something that doesn’t make sense occurs, and now he must call Nolita Noel. Nolita isn’t a boy, nor is she Noel. Rodolphus seems unable to deal with it at first. Oh well, who cares, he’s back to being bored.

Someone picks a fight with him fifth year when Rodolphus isn’t looking. He sends them to the hospital quickly, what was the idiot thinking? He was two times his height. Small people are so weird. That’s the last time it happens, he has to start being nice and mingling now. He regrets getting into that fight, now he has to actually pay attention to people, Rodolphus says so. Oh well.
Relations: Relationships, right....


☆ Noel ρrince Lestrange ★
Drinking out of ze empty bottle non?❤

Nicknames: He prefers giving nicknames.
Age: 16
Height: 5' 7"
Eyes/Hair: Golden eyes and blonde hair with a tinge of orange in it.
Gender: That's a se-cret<3
House: Ravenclaw
Broomstick: If you count the nimbus that he keeps stealing from Rodolphus...
:D You
:D Pancakes
:D cake
:D flowers
:D puzzles
:D Animals
:D Dancing
:D Music
:D honestly this list could go on forever.
D: bickering
D: Hating things
D: boredom
D: Sleeping
D: being held down in any way
D: sleeping
Fears: Noel has many things to fear, sleeping would be one thing. The face of someone long gone awaits him. Anyone finding out about his secret is another huge fear. Anyone finding out about Rebastan's secret adds on to that. He fears the consequences that would fallow if anyone found out either secret, and most of all he fears choosing sides. Up until now, the Lestrange Pureblood family has been entirely neutral. They interact with Griffindors as much as Slytherins, and don't let and prejudices stand in the way of good business. But lately...well lets just say things are getting harder to remain neutral in.
Application for Position: *snort* As if anyone would consider Noel for something as serious as prefect or head boy!
Personality: Noel is the black sheep of the family, both in looks and personality. He’s a gentleman, just like Rodolphus and Rabastan (though Rabastan is polite, can he really be called a gentleman?), but he adds his own flair it. He enjoys delighting everyone he meets, and enjoys cracking jokes and having fun. He is nice to everyone, and tends to find a way to diffuse any insults that come his way, or to the way of any he is interacting with. Noel is a social butterfly that knows just about everyone, and if anyone doesn’t like him he doesn’t mind. Noel always has a smile playing at the sides of his mouth, and easy to make laugh. He loves riddles and can sometimes speak in them, but just ask him to clarify and he’ll be happy to do so. He loves girls, and treats them as royalty, especially women who deserve notoriety. Such as strong women or especially smart ones, gossipy girls he tends to pout at, but wouldn’t dream of telling any of them off. He is again a gentleman, and has yet to be considered a pervert thankfully. Once, at around fifth year, last year, a rumor started that he was rather promiscuous. And that he handed out blowjobs to men like candy, guys started calling him queer. The rumors were short lived, since the ones jeering at him he decided to flirt with. “Oo la la! Queer? I hadn’t a clue! Merci for informing me mon ami<3 I wonder which iz my type…” He went so far as to almost kiss one. That soon put an end to any and all queer jokes. He’s a clever trickster that will pull a prank or joke for fun, but never in a cruel or harmful way. Most say that Noel wouldn’t hurt a fly. He acts with a sort of gender ambiguity.

Noel’s movements are as cat like as his curiosity. He loves to dance, on tables, at parties. Noel is such a party animal, he knows where to get the firewhiskey, and it only adds to his popularity. His slinky body is very good at dancing, and he’s got a guy or two shamefully staring. If only the guys knew they didn’t have to worry. Noel doesn’t drink much, at school at least. Most of the time at home he is drunk or tipsy. It’s the only way he can deal with his mother. She angers him so much, and at the same time he can’t bare to think of that anger lest he lose it. Sometimes he gets this nasty bitter feeling, but it goes away with the wind when he refuses to think about it and just smiles. An escape he uses is music, Noel is very good at changing his voice, he can mimic others easily it’s almost scary. He plays a variety of instruments. Violin, guitar, flute, pipes, piano. To add to his talents, Noel is also an excellent potions expert. It’s the only class he regularly attends (he skips class a lot) and seems to be a natural. Though wand magic he’s not as good at as Rodolphus or Rabastan, definitely not Rodolphus. He can do quite a few tricks on the broom too. Heights have always had a calming effect on Noel.

Relations: (any premade relationships with characters)

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Re: (Profiles) ʈѳ Ьʅѳssѳɱ || HPMarauderEra || O/A

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Lily Victoria Evans

Nicknames: It's just Lily. Unless your one of those people, who hate muggles..then you will have a lot of offense nicknames for her.
Age: Seventeen
Height: Five feet and six inches.
Eyes/Hair: Emerald Green/ A reddish brown.
Gender: Woman.
House: Gryffindor
Broomstick: -
Likes: Fairytales, reading, curling up in front of the common room fire, hanging with her small group of friends, being considered tall and giving people hugs.
Dislikes: Stuck up people, pure bloods that tease people, Slytherins, being called offensive names, being bored, being called stuck up and sexist people.
Fears: Lily is scared of being embarrassed in public, being surrounded by pure bloods and being attacked by them, and animals that like to jump and barge at you.
Application for Position: Head Girl.
Personality: Not only is Lily sweet..but she's only sensitive. She doesn't tend to tell the truth, she just tends to beat around the bush, until she's forced to spill or people guess it. She doesn't get why people call her a whore. She doesn't do drugs..or sleep with a different person every night. She's still a virgin..and she's a lovely girl. Lily tries to stick up for herself and others, but it doesn't exactly work..even though she is Head Girl. Lily is extremely good at most subjects..but not really animal or flying subjects, but she doesn't boast about it. Lily tends to bottle up her emotions sometimes, but you can tell when she is hurt by one of those stupid nicknames, it really shows on her face but it gives the Slytherins pleasure, to see the Head Girl hurt by their words. Lily is friendly, but does have some trouble making new friends.
Biography: Born to Alison and Peter Evans, Lily already had an older sister. Petunia, was two when Lily was born. Her childhood was rather normal, apart from the fact that her older sister was quite snobby, from a very young age. Lily was always favored by her parents, especially her mother as her father knew how to tell with Petunia, better then her mother did, so Lily was often stuck, hanging with her lovely mother. Lily found out she was a witch, when her friend Snape told her. She was extremely shocked and so were her parents, but they soon came to understand it but Petunia was annoyed that Lily could make things happen, that didn't seem real. When Lily got to Hogwarts, she got sorted into Gryffindor and Snape into Slytherin, and they drifted apart, rather quickly, and she became to see a different side of him that she didn't like, and she just sorta stopped talking to him. Now that she's in her final year, she's very excited and stressed. She's extremely nervous about being Head Girl, but she's hopeful that the teachers will help her out a little.

Ben Charles Sampson

Nicknames: It's just Ben.
Age: Seventeen
Height: Six feet
Eyes/Hair: Emerald/ Light Brown
Gender: Man.
House: Hufflepuff
Broomstick: -
Likes: Being in Huffepuff, being a pure blood, watching Quidditch, learning, coffee, food, taking pictures, sleeping, warm fires, marshmallows and his wand.
Dislikes: Being laughed at, sexist guys, sluts, stuck up people, hard subjects, teachers, being yelled at and hot weather.
Fears: Dying because he couldn't defend himself with magic, Horses and Clowns.
Application for Position: None. He doesn't like pressure being put onto him and he sucks at flying.
Personality: Ben is sweet. He likes to be out there and try new things, but he's happy to sit around in his comfort zone, untill someone comes around to join him. Ben's grade are alright..he has plenty of room for improvement, but his passing, so that's fine at the moment. Ben has some friends, but he is generally a chatty guy, so he makes friends really quickly. Ben is always truthful, even if the truth hurts. It's better to know the truth, then live on, when people around you are hiding something from you. Ben is fun loving, but he doesn't really have the guts to get in extreme trouble..he is scared of what his parents might do, if they get a letter by Owl, declaring he's done something. Ben loves to muck around and playfully tease his friends, but he is careful not to hut them with his teasing.
Biography: Born to Maxine and Audrey Sampson, Ben's had a good life. He's known that his a wizard since he was five, and has always had a lot of fun with his older siblings, mucking around with magic. With his father being a pure blood wizard and his mother a half blood, he is a pure blood and his rather proud of it, but he was raised not to tease muggle's or half blood, about not being pure blood. His father, encouraged them to be snotty and teasing, but he doesn't. He's a mama's girl and always has been. When he received his letter, his parents weren't surprised as he had been on the list, ever since he was two, but he was very excited and talked about it for days. Soon enough, he was in Hogwarts and was happily sorted into Huffpuff. The Sampon's, have been in all houses. His father was in Slytherin, his mother in Huffle Puff, and his older siblings have been in Gryffindor or Ravenclaw. Not that he's a bit older, he is starting to like girls and he has his eye on Kaylen, but he doesn't have the guts to ask her out.

Alisha Melissa Benson

Nicknames: Ali.
Age: Fifteen
Height: Five feet.
Eyes/Hair: Bright blue/A mix of blonde and brown.
Gender: Woman
House: Ravenclaw
Broomstick: Cleansweep Six
Likes: Fairytales, easy classes, little kids, roses, romance, Lucius Malfoy, nice easy going teachers, fashion, jewelry, comfy clothes and doing homework in front of the common room fire.
Dislikes: Being teased because she's part muggle, people that tease muggles, being laughed at, having all the attention on her, being in photographs by herself, painting and lying.
Fears: Cows, Elevators and Being burnt.
Application for Position: Prefect & Ravenclaw Seeker
Personality: Alisha's shy. She's quiet, and doesn't really talk to many people, apart from the teachers and a few selected friends. But, if you storm up to her and start talking to her, she'll talk..not that she really want's to. Alisha tends to be very emotional and cries a lot. She can be sweet, but she tends to just be silent and simple, not really saying much and doing much, so she stays out of everyone's way. Alisha blushes a lot, as she get's embarrased extremely quickly, and when she doesn't know how to confront someone or face a hard situation, she'll run off, and probably cry. Alisha, tends to be nicer towards people who understand being half muggle..or people that are shy, because she can just huddle with them in a corner, and people usally leave them alone because they are 'freaks'. Alisha spends a lot of her time with Alice or Ben, or daydreaming about her crush..Lucius.
Biography: Alisha's a half blood.. Yep...plain and simple..a half blood. She's also an orphan. When she was born, her mother dropped her off on the doorstep of an orphanage, when she realized at the age of three that her daughter was a witch, like her father was a wizard. Luckily, it was an orphanage that knew how to handle little wizards and witches. She was a cheeky little girl and tantrums happened a lot, when she didn't get what she wanted but that soon enough, that stopped, when she got her wizard letter. She was very excited, and that excitement only continued when she got accepted into Ravenclaw. And now, she's seeker for Ravenclaw, and she's the Ravenclaw Prefect for her year level. She's hoping that may lead to a higher leadership role, when she get's older.

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