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Project "Elimination". (Unofficial Sequel To Half Life.)

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Project "Elimination". (Unofficial Sequel To Half Life.)

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Moonwolf on Sun Oct 08, 2006 8:39 am

Project Elimination

[Based on the popular PC, intense, and nerve wrecking game.
Half Life, taken from the original series, Opposing Force, Team Fortress Classic, and the Blue Shift. And also Half Life 2. ]

[To see if the effect of the popular shooter game in roleplaying style, I thought "Okay, why not?" So here you have it.
With an edited name, and similair, but still, different events and timelines. Wish you an awesome time.
This version, in roleplay style, you can only play as one of the soldiers sent in to eliminate Gordon Freeman. Naaaah, sent in to destroy the facility. Very much like the Half Life: Opposing Force version.

Different in the way, that you can play as an alien if you want to let yourself be manipulated and kill mankind. Sheesh.

When you enter this roleplay, there's no need to tell me. Just post this few essentials and start shooting everything in sight. ;x Kidding.]

-Name: (EG: Marcus Demarco)
-Occupation: (EG: Engineer, Medic, Recon. etc)
-Role: (EG: ...Used to be a Special Forces Soldier until a Braincrab targeted him at the 2nd Floor...)
-Squad: (If you're playing as a Soldier.Squad One if you're an alien.)

A high technology goverment research facility, like the original game. Scientists have made a breakthrough in technologies, now, by using an I.D.S.T (Inter Dimension Specimens Transporter.) They can take small samples of alien spiecies and lifeforms. However, the team of scientists, when a power failure occurs shortly, the I.D.S.T goes haywire. This results in a major malfunction and explosions, the entire facility is burned and totally ruined beyond repair.

The teleporter works in reverse, now it is in the control of the Alien life forms. They are now sending in waves of alien species, killing off and destroying everything in sight.
Planning to take control of the entire facility and using it to take over the entire, now advanced planet of Earth. However, the Earth forces are no match for the still far more advanced alien weapons and species.
Guards die one by one and scientists are tortured. The goverment sends in teams of highly trained military personnel, but not to save the facility. Oh no, these best and bravest goverment special forces troops are here to eliminate the scientists, guards, and in fact, all staff of the facility. Why? Simple, all of these scientists and guards are now zombielike.

One of the alien species, Braincrabs, have the ability to attach themselves onto your face, plant their mouths under their bodies into your brain, eat it, and plant itself into you.
This slowly turns you into one of the aliens, there are five stages, the zero stage, not one of the stages, is when the alien Braincrab plants itself into you, and manages to bite your skin, you can shoot it off from that stage; the first stage, is when you're dead, the Braincrab plants itself into you and makes you immobile. When you're shot at, your corpse bleeds acid. Ew? Second stage, you move around aimlessly as a zombie, you don't attack though, but when you're killed you blow up in a pool of acid.

Third stage, you move around with a wrench or other melee weapon in your hand. Why? Because you have no eyes, only heat sensors, at this stage you are a weak zombielike creature.
Fourth stage, you use a gun, a ranged weapon, or you just rip open your stomach and start shooting globs of acid. Yes, yes, ew.
The fifth and final stage, you become one of the alien species according to the climate, (Water, Heat, Sand. etc.) At this stage you are an alien. Congrats. ;D

Aliens range from many species, and you can create your own kind and try to kill it. And then others use that species as a target; The facility has ten levels, and you have to work your way to the last level and shoot down the aliens, and destroy the teleporter. Or you can be an alien and go kill the Soldiers and destroy mankind. Go figure. Anyway, have fun!]

Basic Alien Species:
-Braincrab (A nasty thing, explained in Settings.)
-Octagon (A water dwelling creature that shoots water, ho.)
-Sound Dog (Looks like a ham with legs. Can emit harmful sonics.)
-Tentacle (Hands on ceilings, walls, and draws you up towards it.)
-Derusion (Apparently, like Halo's "Hunter".)
-Sand Drone (Looks like a Hydra really, except brown.)
-Zombie (Comes from Brain Crabs.)
-Bearer (This is nasty, it attacks with claws and drops Brainpupas;)
-Evolution (A large hulking giant thing that shoots lasers....Esh.)

Important NPCs (Play as them if you want.):

Michael Kensoil (The head scientist of the IDST Project. And also the last survivor of the IDST Project Team. He is locked at 4th Floor.)

Richard Bangler (The facility guard who is trapped at the 1st Floor. Free him by killing aliens surrounding the room, he informs you of the Braincrabs turning everyone to aliens.)

Kenneth O'Reily (The only other scientist other than Michael whose a human. Unfortunately, he dies when you see him, he is at the 3rd floor and shouts "Cold! Aliens hate Cold!" before getting killed.)

Orendo J`Rein (A head guard along with his team at the 5th Floor that assists you, you can choose to kill them or let them escape.)

Leonard Tannbass (A guard on 7th floor who informs you of the Teleporter's weakness to human blood. Then his head explodes, and you are attacked by a brain crab inside...)

Tenthwralle Koplenam (A dead scientists who holds a journal that has four words written in blood. "Hanson is one of them." He is on the 9th Floor.)

Hanson Innetra (A alien-scientist who willingly went to the alien's side. He is the one who turned off the power to let the aliens through, and transforms to a huge alien, the last before you shut off the teleporter. He is at the 10th Floor ascess.)

-SQUAD ONE: This is the specialist team that "welcomes" you at the 1st floor of the facility. They have been turned to zombies.

-SQUAD TWO: In charge of securing the 1st Floor. They can follow on later.

-SQUAD THREE: In charge of well being. Squad of medics.

SQUAD FOUR: A sniper squad.

SQUAD FIVE: A machine gunner squad.

SQUAD SIX: A demolutions (Engineer) squad.

SQUAD SEVEN: A squad that comprimises of heavy equipment.
(I.E: Tanks, Trucks, Helicopters.)

ALPHA EIGHT: The vanguard squad. This squad contains the most highly trained and lethal. Armed with mostly everything...

-Let the game begin-

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Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Moonwolf on Sun Oct 08, 2006 8:51 am

[Name: Lyruss Denofree]
[Occupation: Corporal]
[Role: One of the military specialists sent in to eliminate the research facility, skilled in sniping and accurancy demolitions. Transferred to Alpha Eight when the mission began. ]
[Squad: Alpha Eight.]

Lyruss stood at the door of the helicopter descending on the facility. Strange, it looked perfectly fine. They were told to expect, "Heavy Fire." So, Lyruss had thought that cannons would be shooting at them by now.
He lowered the RPG down. Worry for nothing, uneeded concern. He thought in his mind. His orders had been, "Follow Your Squad And Secure The Landing Point." Right now, there was nothing was dirt and dust on the landing point. They landed on the facility quite peacefully.

The sturdy man walked out of the chopper, as the Alpha Eight units rushed out and went in basic "Secure The Area" procedre. Walking to the center, he gave an "All Clear" sign to the other helicopters bearing the other squads. The helicopters landed peacefully, a man walked out and greeted him.
"Corporal, have you received anything from Squad One?" Lyruss shook his head. "Ask my leader, sir." The man walked off.
The corporal thought it strange as well. Why would there be no message from Squad One, who went in earlier than any of them?

Lyruss walked toward the door, two grenades hung by his side. An RPG slung over his back. In his hands was an SMG, he looked at the metallic doorknob. It showed signs of recent use.

"Squad one was here. Whats taking them?" He muttered.

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