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Promise City Western RPG

Promise City Western RPG: Mission Statement

a part of “Promise City Western RPG”, a fictional universe by Lucius the Deft.

PCW RPG is a western/steampunk opera.

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This conversation is an Out Of Character (OOC) part of the roleplay, “Promise City Western RPG”.
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Promise City Western RPG: Mission Statement

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Lucius the Deft on Sun May 30, 2010 3:23 am

At Promise City Western RPG we are not trying to re-enact history. PCW is a western/steampunk opera. We find our inspiration in the RPG Boot Hill, western novels we've read, in the western/spaghetti western movies and their parodies, and in the western television shows of the 50's, 60's, 70's, 80's and 90's we've watched. A basic comprehension of the language spoken, of the slang speech, a familiarity with the clothing worn and type of technology circa the Post Civil War/Old West Era is helpful, but not required. There is no "magic", per se, but shamanistic medicine could play a part; and exploration of legends and dime novel depictions of the Old West is encouraged. Characters from real life television series and movies can only be used as npc's or approximated as player characters Historically famous, or infamous, characters can only be used as enpc's (essential non-player character's); and cannot be slain, under ANY circumstances. Members of the Promise City Western RPG are especially encouraged to join and contribute to the development Promise City Western RPG
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Real Role-Playing Vs. RP Para

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Lucius the Deft on Sun May 30, 2010 11:30 am

In RP para the player character rarely suffer any consequences for
their actions. PC's can and often do
say and do just exactly what they have an impulse to doing without
regard for their surroundings or those around them. Like players
in a Yu-gi-oh battle card game the opponent keep pulling out
progressively more powerful attacks without thought of their
setting or the other players involved until one of the battler's
life points are used up. Unlike in a Yu-gi-oh card battle in real
play-playing session there are usually more than two players
involved and the actions of one involves ALL of the others. Not just
the adversary, but the player character's allie, or allies,
as well. In rp para battles can, and often do, take place in crowded
places, and yet bystanders are rarely taken into account. Neither is
the environs of the battle take place taken into account. Battlers
in pr para act as if their respective player character magically step
into a demi-plane where they and they alone are present and only the
adversary is effected by one's attacks and afterward s the victor
walks away without regard for what happens in the aftermath of battle.
I call this the Final Fantasy or Secret
of Mana Effect. As an old school role-player, trained thespian and a
man with no small stagecraft experience i know that a character must
be aware of his, or her surroundings. If he, or she, uses the element
of fire, let's say, he, or she, must be aware of those things around
him/her that are flammable or combustible. If the fire used by a
pyromancer say, touches a flammable object it WILL ignite and burn and
everything and everyone the burning object will also ignite and burn
and continue to burn until the fire is extinguished; or everything and
one flammable is removed from the fire's area-of-effect. If lightning
is the element invoked everything that is a
conductor of electricity, including the nervous system in the human
body, can become electrically charged and or electrocuted.

In rp para there are rarely more than two combatants involved in a
battle. In real role-playing this is rarely the case. And while
combat may be turn-based in actuality, even in fantasy, combatants
seldom really take turns. Too often everyone tries to attack at once,
if available space permits. Rarely in these instances does a
party member strategise using the another's strengths, and weaknesses,
to augment their own attacks. But i much prefer a more realistic form
of role-playing where if Member- A attacks with a lightning bolt
attack and Member- B rushes in to attack the adversary with teeth
bared and sword a-swinging Member- B stands a VERY good chance of
intercepting the lightning bolt and being the one who gets the
daylights shocked out of him, or her, instead of the intended victim.
Perhaps an allie of the target of Member-B's attack, sees the attack
and rushes in and pushes member-B out of the way, thus getting hit by
the bolt of lightning him, or herself. This, to me, is "real"
role-playing A fight breaks out in their midst do intelligent people
stand around totally ignoring the proceedings, flirting with or pawing
at each other or carry on with their conversation, card or dice games?

In rp para they do. In real role-playing everyone in the room enjoins
themselves in the conflict, whether they know what the fight is about
or not. Or they leave the room and take their activities elsewhere.
To me, "real" role-playing takes place when at some point in a bar (or
tavern) room brawl the members of a party find they're
swinging at and striking one another! In real role-playing the world
around the player character lives and breathes. It has a life all its
own and it doesn't always wait for the pc's to interact with it. It
responds to the sound of the pc's voices, the touch of their hands and
the treading of their feet. In rp para this is rarely the case.

Role-playing is at heart a collaborative venture that takes place
between a referee, or multiple referees, and one or more players. If
either fails to keep up his, or her, end of things the role-playing
falls into a state of stagnation; sometimes this stagnation can become
interminable and the game ends. When this happens it leaves a foul
taste in the mouth of everyone who has taken the time to become
involved. I know, I've been there, more than once.

A referee or moderator ought not to wait for the role-players' pc's to
respond to an event or adversaries encountered, past say a one week
period. This is fair neither to the referee, the other role-playing
participating in the rping scenario, or even the non-participants
taking the time to read the transcript(s) of the role-playing. By the
same token, the participating role-players ought not to feel obligated
to wait for the referee or moderator(s) to "make something happen".
True role-playing is a pro-active event. A group of pc's goes
somewhere s, they encounter a creature, a group of creatures, a
person, or group of persons, and either interacts or fights with them.
Creatures don't just wait around waiting to be slain or to have their
lairs or dens looted.

Intelligent humanoid creature are either encountered while on hunting
and or raiding expeditions or going on spiritual pilgrimages or
engaged in religious ceremonies or just going about the business of
their own daily lives. They are not just waiting around waiting for
the pc's to just wander into their towns, cities, villages, and
religious or spiritual shrines and temples, waiting to be slain and or
robbed of their possessions.

If previously encountered, an intelligent creature, or group of
humanoids, will prepare to encounter the pc(s)'s, again. In the
second and any subsequent encounters the creature of group of
humanoids will have a better understanding and or appreciation for
what it, or they, are up against in encountering the pc(pc's) a second
time. Any and all frailties and or weakness of body or spirit will be
remembered and the creature or group of humanoids will take measures
to counter them. If a sentry is killed and the corpse discovered an
alarm WILL be raised and the adversary, alerted to probable impending
intrusion; and they WILL prepare.

The unexplained or suspected disappearance of sentries will be
investigated by him, her or they who were given the authority to post
him, her, or them. The disappearance of a guardsmen will NEVER go
un-investigated. When that guardsmen fails to report in somebody is going to
wonder why this is and come looking for him/her

Enchanted armor possessed by a group of humanoids will be found to be
have been worn by their champion, or champions of that group,
enchanted staves and wants, scepters and rods will NEVER be found in
the aftermath of a battle holding a full "charge", talismans will be
found to have been used and spell scrolls, when not hidden away
or kept in storage for safekeeping, will be found to have been used, etc.

By the same token, npc's seldom actively seek out those pc's they
would hire to find crafting materials or those they would hire to
render some other needed service. PC's have to have monies to
purchase food and drink, pay their tabs or bills, or if they desire
any degree of creature comforts between adventures, they most provide
for the roof over their heads. There are also adventuring and
dungeoneering equipment to be purchased. These things all must be
purchased or made by the pc's. They can NOT be just produced out of
thin air*.

*Even evocation and invocation magic MUST have a physical source.
Summoning rain to some place removes it from some place else.
Conjuring a weapon removes it from another place and translocates
it into the conjurer's possession or proximity. The source of the
conjurization can even be in one's own group! NO magic can be
performed without incurring some kind of cost to somebody. Or
something. A geomancer who summons a sandstorm while in the desert
could very well find he, or she, pulls the ground right out from under
his, or her own feet!

In addition while nobody may EVER submit a post as long or descriptive
as any of mine, real role-playing does not, nor can it, take place in
a one or two sentence post. Every poster MUST give the referee(s) as
well as his, or her, other role-players SOMETHING off
which they can play; something, be it an action or a statement to
which they can respond. It is ludicrous and wrong for a role-player to
play off another role-player's pc's thought (unless, of course, that
pc CAN read minds and had a previous impetus for choosing to read his,
or her companion's or adversary's mind), but if emotions are expressed
even in a soliloquy (or aside)there MUST be, it is assumed, some sort
of facial expression made, some shift in body language; something. As
a writer i often , sometimes exhaustively. explore the doubt, fears,
and internal struggles of my pc's and npc's and certainly encourage
others to do the same, but they are rarely
depicted as inscrutable.

They smile, frown, clench their fists; something. This is emoting.
This is real role-playing in narrative form. It is almost impossible
to successfully depict this in a one or two sentence post. Too many
neophyte (beginning) role-players come up with the rather lame excuse,
"I don't know what else i should do,…". Therein lies the problem,
your pc's are NOT you. They don't live in the world YOU live in and
do not interact with the same characters with the which you, as
role-player interact. PC's do not have the exact same motivators
that you do and , hopefully, they have abilities and aptitudes you
don't have; and may NEVER have.Your pc's do NOT(or at least they
should not) have exactly the same physical and mental attributes that
YOU do.

If that's your approach to role-playing, you've forgotten, or never
did know, how to play Let's Pretend.

Even if you consider yourself a pass expert role-player, as i do, you
can still gather real nuggets of role-playing wisdom from
people whom were without computer technology in ALL their

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