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PRP ((Cloaked_Schemer & twilighter08))

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((OOC: Warning, long post ahead. Oh and yeah the part in italics is a repeat, but I put it here sort of as a prologue to the whole crazy scheme. LOL
Plus I like to use it as a reference point every now and then.))

There are many people in this world who don't belive in destiny, or fate. They believe they are in complete control of their lives with no help from outside forces, but I know better. How do I know? I'm someone who is known as a "Weaver". Weavers are individuals who can see each person's life threads, and can even manipulate them so that a specific person's destiny changes. The catch is that only one Weaver is ever born in a generation, and another won't be born until I pass away.
My only job is to protect the tapestries that make up each person's life, and prevent others from manipulating the threads just to gain control over others. However, that doesn't come without a few ground rules and there is only one I have to follow. I can never change a person's destiny, or it will cost me my life to do so. Harsh rule I know, but that's to ensure that Weavers don't abuse the power they have been given, so I can only use my ability to manipulate the threads if it is absolutely and unquestionably necessary. Luckily, that's only in extreme cases so I don't have much to worry about there.
The only thing I do have to worry about? There are people out there who believe Weavers shouldn't even exist and hunt us down like we're some kind of curse human beings. We call these people "Hunters" for the simple fact that that is what they do. They hunt people like me down just to kill us, which is why I have to keep my ability a closely guarded secret from everyone. So far I haven't had much trouble slipping underneath their radar and keeping myself from being found out. However, I guess if I'd paid more attention I'd have realized sooner that my time going undiscovered would soon end.
And it all had to happen because of one chance meeting.........

The hallways were filled with students as they all pushed and shoved to either get to their lockers or their first class of the day. The usual first school day chaos filled every part of the school as teachers checked and rechecked over their student lists, and students kept glancing over their schedules as they searched for classes or raced to claim a locker before all the best ones were taken. A few announcements blared over the intercom but no one paid them any attention, after all it was just the usual first day news that was repeated almost every year. In fact a few students could say word for word what was being said over the intercom, so no one really gave it the time of day as they continued with the usual first day routine.

"Sheesh I keep forgetting how crazy this gets." Calla muttered under her breath as she kept fighting her way through the swarm of bodies before finally reaching the right classroom. Her golden brown eyes glanced down over her schedule for what felt like the hundreth time as she brushed some of her waist length, dark brown hair away from her face. She wanted to make sure she had the right room number before looking for a seat, but her schedule confirmed that thankfully she was in the right classroom. Now that she had that straightened out the tiny, pale-skinned girl quickly made her way to the first available seat she could find.

She noticed a few other students give her a brief glance when she walked inside before going back to their own activities, but Calla ignored the stares as she slid into her desk. It wasn't unusual for half the classroom to look and see who came inside whenever someone walked in, but then they would go right back to whatever it was they were doing before the brief interruption. At least it meant that Calla wasn't the center of attention for very long, which in her opinion was a very good thing. She wasn't to fond of being the center of attention to begin with, not that she was anti-social per se she just got nervous being in the so called 'spotlight'. Having everyone focused on her caused her to feel edgier then normal, but thankfully no one really cared that another student had just walked in.

With a brief glance at her watch, Calla realized she had some time to kill before the teacher would be coming in and calling the class to order. So since she had gone over her schedule enough that she had it almost memorized, she grabbed a book she had been reading earlier and flipped through until she found her place. At the same time she casually glanced up as more students came in, almost as if she were trying to memorize who was in what class just so she would have an idea of who her classmates were this year. However, what she was really doing was keeping a lookout for anyone she didn't recognize. New people were the students she had to look out for, but so far she hadn't noticed anyone that caught her attention. So it looked as if for now she was in the clear, but Calla wasn't going to let down her guard until the school day came to a close.
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