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Re: PRP ((mystery_at_best & twilighter08))

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"Maybe, and maybe not. I guess I never really thought I'd be willing to get anyone else involved. Especially when it could end badly."

From the sounds of it Jasper already had an idea of what she was talking about, and that should have been another giveaway right there. Then again, how long would it have been before the hunters found out who she was anyway? She may have lasted this long without getting caught but she knew it was only a matter of time before something like this came up. It always happened no matter how good at hiding you were. Of course she wouldn't deny it felt different being able to talk to someone who might understand more where she was coming from instead of trying to explain to someone who didn't have the slightest clue.

Which on the flip side he probably had his own view on the situation, and she was sure it was one she could guess easily. Hunters believed that Weavers could freely manipulate the threads of everyone's life, to make them do what they wanted whenever they pleased. However that was far from true, there were rules that had to be followed and in all reality Weavers were nothing more then guardians. They had no say over how life should go, and were only allowed to observe and make sure the threads were not hindered by any outside forces. Weavers could try and change things around if they wanted, but not at a great cost to themselves. In short it would have been suicide for her to even attempt such a thing, because the cost of ever trying to manipulate the threads for any reasons was the Weaver's own life itself.

That rule was created to ensure that no one tried to use the threads for their own gain, but that didn't mean there were still those who didn't try to get around that rule. However it had always ended the same, they ended up dead and the role of a Weaver passed on to the next victim. In other words Calla was only an observer, allowed to look but not get directly involved. Some might say that's an easy job, but it was far from simple. Having the responsibility of watching everyone's lives while dealing with her own was not a simple task, and it was one not many could truly understand.
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