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Re: -+-PRP-+- [Untold Truth and Twilight02]

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    Devin would hear her reply, it took her a while to do so, as if she had like, fallen asleep beyond going unconscious. Either way, once he heard a reply from her, Devin would look up, looking around at the cars to see which one was the BMW, and… red. Again, now he would think about that smell of her blood, she wasn’t bleeding anymore but the blood there had dried up. There are also lights around the parking lot, walking in sight of one of them would give Devin a better view of the blood that was around her neck. He knew it was there because he could smell it around there. Devin if he wanted could see the blood fully even in the dark as a vampire, but it was rather, he didn’t want to, so he would ignore the fact that he could and wouldn’t allow himself to. Seeing the blood though, while his fangs are itching and he hasn’t had any in a good while, would sure trigger it.

    As he watched Lauren hop out of his arms having trouble keeping her balance Devin’s black pupils would look down at her while she spoke. She was so persistent on doing everything herself he thought. Either way, even in that state Devin couldn’t allow her to drive, she could faint while behind the wheel which for a human he figured was obviously bad so he would drive but she would have to show him the way, he didn’t exactly know where row or whatever area she had said was, beyond that he really didn’t know what a BMW looked like. He knew the obvious logo and such but he didn’t know the exact look of each branded BMW so she would need to show him where it was exactly.

    As he waited for her to lead the way, his lips would continue to edge on the thought of feeding, his fangs and teeth as well. It was getting closer and closer to where he wouldn’t be able to hold back and he knew it, one slight mistake, one screw up and it would be let go, he would sink her teeth into the nearest person. He knew he wouldn’t be able to help it either, the longer he held himself from feeding, one the weaker he got and two, the stronger his urge for blood became. He would tell Lauren he is driving however, trying to act as if nothing was wrong, as if he was a normal human like everyone else and that blood on her was, just blood. “You’ll need to show me which vehicle Is yours.” He would say intending on driving her home.

Like a gift from the heavens, it was easy to tell
It was love from above that could save me from hell
She had fire in her soul it was easy to see
How the devil himself could be pulled out of me

[ ::-:: Into The Night ::-:: ]

Like a piece to the puzzle that falls into place
You could tell how we felt from the look on our faces
We were spinning in circles with the moon in our eyes
The room left them moving between you and I

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Re: -+-PRP-+- [Untold Truth and Twilight02]

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Becca nodded as she walked to the exact place where her car was. She had the keys in her hands, now, and was opening the door. "It's alright, I'll be fine." Becca said, sliding into the passenger side.

She slid the key into the hole and turned it, the engine roared to life. "Um, thanks, though." Becca said and closed the door. "I'll see you later?" She said and backed up, driving away.

Thirty minutes later, Becca was parked at her apartment building. She made it successfully. Becca walked up to her apartment room and opened the door. She went straight to her bathroom, undressed, and took a long hot bath, hoping to get all this blood off.
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