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Ambar: Snow & Ash


a part of “Ambar: Snow & Ash”, a fictional universe by Yonbibuns.

In a world where old prophecies suddenly come to life; where kings squirm, and a great darkness approaches, against all odds, an involuntary band of misfits must rise up to face it. [Private]

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Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Yonbibuns on Thu Jan 17, 2019 5:14 pm

"Show me that you're human, you won't break. Oh, love your flaws and live for your mistakes."

You'll be hard-up trying to find a more diverse race than the humans. From Stormgard’s high-class denizens, paving the streets in gold and swaggering around in silk clothes, bright colors, and slim-fitting vests, to their poorer streets with their mish-mash of scarred individuals, from dark-skinned pirates to bangle-wearing women slinging their hips for coin. They're everywhere, and they're as different as the next person. Each one hails from dramatically different capitals.

They speak what is called the ‘common tongue’. The common tongue was created many years ago, to find a language all races could speak, to communicate with each other. Not all kingdoms are equally good at teaching it, but generally, most people can speak it sufficiently.

Ruled by a king in both Stormgard and Vesia. Fond of magic. In human society, it is of paramount importance to have a profession, so you can support yourself and your family. But of course; the higher your birth, the more money you’ll have and that means more options in life. People don’t help each other the same way orcs and elves do. There’s no end of disparity in the poorer parts; the slums are a sad part of human society. Historians speculate that this is the result of internal strife and bitter civil wars.

The main profession in Vesia is farming, as Vesia has large and rich farmlands. A king rules the nation, but this is in turn split into smaller regions, each ruled by a warden. The royal family is not very popular, and some nobles have even openly contested the king. Stormgard is much more united than Vesia, though. The king has the love of the people. The economy is table, though people are still poor. It all depends on birth and profession. Stormgard has a very high production of iron and other metals, and boasts a very professional and well-trained army.

"Here we are, don't turn away now. We are the warriors who built this town."

Big. Very big. And strong. Like they were built for war, or moving around large boulders all day. These brutes are native to the Orcish Empire. Or well, an area smaller than that, actually. They have taken quite a bit of land from the elves, and even conquered half of the Isle of Marn. Their skin is tan, some are slightly greenish and some have almost red tones. Varies, as with every other race.

The orcs are ruled by a Khan. The Khanate is usually passed down from father to son, until another decides to challenge for power. You are allowed to challenge the khan (or any chieftain, in fact) for power; this is sacred law. Orcs respect things taken or won by power and force. They have a great reverence for nature, life and death. They hunt their food with a passion. They form great war bands when they do go to war, where they are a terrifying opponent on the battlefield, but definitely not invincible. Oh, and orc women are not what you think they are, or what the rumors say. They do not look like wild boars, or smell like it. They can be very beautiful.

There are thousands of tribes in the Orcish Empire, each led by a chieftain. They’re a nomadic people and move around constantly. The only “static” cities are Ogrin Koor, Burgûn, Rakhon Maar, Grim Maroq and Razvaki. They have been keeping to themselves for quite a while. Unrest can be felt coming from within, and the khan seems to be making more and more irrational and aggressive decisions. Some brave (or foolish) orcs ignore his mad orders and keep moving around.

The orcish language is very guttural and brutish. Not difficult to understand and grasp, but difficult for elves and humans to pronounce. Dwarves have it slightly easier, as their language also has the same hard consonants.

"You are the wolf, and I am the moon, and in the endless sky we are but one. We are alive, in my dreams, wolf and I."

Slender, fit and agile. That’s how most elves are built. Oh, and they are immortal! Converted to a human’s lifespan, it looks like elves stop aging when they reach the age of around 45-50 years old. Elves value their religion, life, nature and balance. Well, almost all of functioning elvish society does. Believe it or not, not all of Rinarwin is perfection. Raes Ulin even has slums!

Typically, fair and easy on the eye, tall and walking with light steps and straight backs. Pointed ears. Also, tattoos are very popular with elves, just like jewelry and other beautiful and elegant things. Given that elves are immortal and that no one wants the same person to sit the throne forever, Rinarwin is ruled by a council, where each member can sit for a period of 10 years and no longer. Their language is smooth and elegant, but difficult to get right and fully understand for other races.

In elvish society, everyone takes their time with everything. Be it finding a profession and working with this profession. They have all the time in the world, so they work towards perfecting their craft. This is also why most elves have, at some point, served in the military. They’re sought out for their jungle’s strong materials, odd trees stronger than steel; those reserved for the weapons they wield. Very few people have been given the honor of having such a weapon crafted for them.

"You wanna take a drink of the promised land? Gotta wipe the dirt off your hands."

The ‘first ones’ and ‘ancient ones’. They claim to be the oldest of the four races. The dwarves are a hardy people. Small, broad and strong of arm. Most of them have calloused hands, both men and women, as most of dwarfish work involves using your hands. Smithing, jewel crafting, mining, iron and woodworking. Working the furnaces, constructions etc. They are excellent smiths, as well. Everyone in the world covet a dwarfish blade.

There are two kingdoms. Caeld, which is ruled from Kaer Valnar, by a king with total control and influence. His word is law. The other kingdom, is assumed to still be ruled by the descendants of the Dûrg-Bekári line, but no one knows.

The men sport long beards with gold and silver rings, big noses and a weathered face. Dwarves may be small, but they are not to be underestimated on the battlefield. If you don’t believe that, then you can try charging a dwarfish phalanx, or one of their shield walls.
Ambar: Snow & Ash
"For these words, he won't come around here,
and his eyes won't see."

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