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Chasing Rin Hayashi -Remake-


a part of “Chasing Rin Hayashi -Remake-”, a fictional universe by Kaire23.

Rin Hayashi was a normal girl... until she found people hunting her down. Now she is told that she is the destroyer of the world and two groups are after her. Who will get to her first?

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This conversation is an Out Of Character (OOC) part of the roleplay, “Chasing Rin Hayashi -Remake-”.
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Summary of Races

Vampires - Stalkers of the night. These creatures drink blood for their breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks. Whenever they try regular food, it just tastes like ash. Vampires can drink the blood of any species WITHOUT turning them into a vampire themselves. Turning people into vampires is thought of as a gift among their kind so they wont just randomly turn you into a vampire. Now, there are some cases where a young vampire loses control and accidentally turns someone into a vampire but that is often rare. A Vampire's favorite host is either a human or an elf. A mix of those two is all the better. Sadly, when Rin turned into The Destroyer, her body was infused with a magic that is so desirable to vampires, it's hard to resist. Vampires often only move around at night because they get head aches and their powers are hard to use in the morning. Vampires DO NOT explode or start burning in the light. Their skin is pale because of their genetics, not because they aren't outside. Vampires are the worst to encounter at night because they are more charming and their powers work better at night. Vampires are often able to charm their victims just from looking at them in the eye. Vampire also are stronger that normal beings. As soon as Rin's power was unleashed, the power mixed into her blood to make it even more addicting to all vampires. Vampire often live longer than the normal human life. Vampires also gain more power by drinking blood but grow very weak without it.

Elves - Majestic beings of the Morning. Elves are beautiful beings that seem almost too pure to be of this world. Elves seem to have a way with animals and all the arts. (music, poetry, writing, drawing, etc.) Elves often are better in nature environments and hate pollution. Elves can be stubborn at times and often act like they know more than you. Elves usually don't get along with Vampires or Demonics. Elves have pointy ears and seem to be a bit taller than the normal human. They are skilled in horseback riding and also archery. Elves often live just as long as a vampire and longer than a human. Elven magic is often stronger during daylight and weaker at night.

Demonic - Humans with Demons inside of them. These people are often someone you NEVER want to cross. A long time ago when demons plagued the land, someone came up with the idea on how to save the world. Demonics. They sealed these Demons in human hosts and thought all would be well. They were mistaken. Often, these human hosts were overpowered by their Demon and had random, violent outbursts. Soon, the host would become corrupted by their Demons and would change into something even worse than a regular demon. Demonics are a whole lot stronger at night but, they are a whole lot weaker in the morning. Demonics usually get along with vampires and often hate angels and elves. Demonics can drink blood like a vampire but also can eat Human food. Demonics have the strongest dark magic. and are rare to come by.

Angels - When the Demons infested this world, a high power sent down something to defend this world. They sent angels. Once this war was over, the angels figured out something they never noticed before. This world affected them. They were too much like the mortals down their to return where they came from. While memories of their pasts faded, they grew into a powerful race as they learned about this new world. Angels are more spiritual than anyone else and are a whole lot better at healing. Their powers are strengthened in the morning and they are a lot weaker at night. They are also amazing at archery.

Mermaids - These beautiful yet dangerous creatures rule the sea. Unlike usual stories, these are not the pretty mermaids you may be used to. These mermaids can change into a human if they get out of water and their voices can influence people to do what they want. Mermaids are more powerful in the water and their powers usually revolve around water. They also easily attract the opposite sex with their beauty.

- They are the all around type. They are okay at weaponry and at magic. Humans are often controlled by their greed at times but can also be very nice. Humans are the prime drinking source of vampires. A lot of people of Kuusou often don't like humans because of the many wars they have started. Demonics usually find them as practice dummies while vampires just think of them as food. Angels, Elves, and Mermaids usually get along with them the best.
"They who dream by day are cognizant of many things which escape those who dream only by night."

-- Edgar Allen Poe

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