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Revolution of the Heretical


a part of “Revolution of the Heretical”, a fictional universe by That One Guy.

A high fantasy, literate rp set in the world of Baekoth

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This conversation is an Out Of Character (OOC) part of the roleplay, “Revolution of the Heretical”.
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Tips: 0.00 INK Postby That One Guy on Mon Mar 24, 2014 3:48 pm


ImageDiverse and ambitious, humans make up the majority of the population. They breed like rabbits and and are perhaps the most adaptive race, molding their environment to their liking and to suit their needs. They can be just about anything they set their minds to, able to take up magic or the sword or the brush. Though extremely diverse they lack specialization usually, and out of all the races they have the shortest lives. In the continent of Baekoth humans so happen to have the most power. Humans are excellent at working together and teaming up as a race, they are tenacious individuals, never taking no for an answer. Because of this humans are not well liked by other races in general. Slavery used to be a thing of the past for the humans but with a new ruling power it has resurfaced and become legal. Slave trade within Dorelith mostly occurs to the south.

Their appearance can vary a great deal, though not nearly as much as Daemons. They have ethnic offshoots of their race, resulting in many shades of skin and hair colour, their build is diverse but they do not get nearly as big as other races do.

That_One_Guy wrote:Skin Color: Pale - Dark Brown
Hair Color: Red, Blond, Brown, Black; usually turning gray or white with age
Eye Color: Blue, Brown, Gray, Green, Hazel
Height: 5'2" - 6'2", a few humans have been known to be considerably smaller or taller, this is not the norm
Build: Diverse

Class: All
Mounts: War Horses, usually

Home Country: Dorelith
Ruler: The Messiah Queen

Racial Distinctions: Adaptable and ambitious, among the most numerous and widespread of
Life Expectancy: 80 years; ages up to 1,000 have been reached by magically gifted individuals


ImageElves are a deeply spiritual people when it comes to the environment they live in. They worship the cycle of life and think of themselves as a mere cog in this cycle, they strive to make as little negative impact on their surroundings as possible. This is done by living in the trees of the forests they inhabit, treehouses and structure built into the winding trees give them shelter, a whole network of bridges in the treetops navigate their suspended cities. They either tie branches together to connect the trees or build a wooden pathway when necessary, this makes is difficult for those who are not well balanced to navigate in an Elf village. Thankfully no Elf has ever had that trouble, as they are a dexterous and athletic people. Although they pay great heed to their environment they by no means abstain from meat eating and quite enjoy hunting. To them eating meat is no different from eating plants, both are deserving of equal respect. When they hunt animals they use every bit of the animal, letting nothing go to waste, it would be disrespectful otherwise.

Elves wear what they kill, leathers and furs, decorating themselves with feathers and bones. They have a special love for marking their bodies with paints they make and even more permanent means of body expression through tattooing. A village usually has special markings that an Elf will wear to identify themselves to other Elves. Braids are a popular group activity, they bond over brushing and braiding each other's hair.

Elves are among the best at Masonry and carpentry. Metallurgy goes against their inclinations, finding it too invasive and manipulative of the environment. As such their armor consists of leather armor. Most Elves fight with stone daggers and archery, and have shown themselves to be especially adept at hand to hand combat. Elves do not like magic and are extremely distrustful of most forms of it. They do however have and respect Shamans among them who work with nature based and spiritual magic.

Their villages are united under a gerontocratic hierarchy composed of village councils composed of the most distinguished families' eldest members. They do not place a great deal of importance upon education outside of survival and craft, preferring to live and enjoy a simple life among nature. Elf males and females are capable of the same physical feats and are more or less the same height, there are no differences in the jobs they take and no shortage of female Elders. The sexes are equal in Elven culture.

That_One_Guy wrote:Skin Color: Light Brown, Copper, Dark Brown
Hair Color: White, Blond, Black
Eye Color: Blue, Gray, Green
Height: 5'10" - 6'5"
Build: Lithe and Athletic

Class: Mercenary, Monk, Ranger, Bard, Thief, Assassin, Pirate, Witch Hunter, Mage, Commoner (even a commoner Elf knows how to hunt)
Mounts: Large predatory cats, large birds

Home Country:Acacia
Ruler: Council of Elders

Racial Distinctions: Naturalists, Spiritual
Life Expectancy: 800 years


ImageDaemons are largely descendants of fiends who have mated with humans, fiends like demons and devils and golbins. Any result of the mating between a human and other race is also considered a Daemon, which is entirely less common as the other races do not generally like humans, or hate them enough to rape their women. So it comes as no surprise that there are heavy prejudices against Daemons, many think of them as abominations and predisposed towards evil. With this prejudice many Daemons do not have the happiest of childhoods or lives if they are raised outside of the heartland they have decided to make their home. This homeland is a rather recent development, only about ten years old, and with the race so scattered it still occurs that Daemons grow up embittered and expecting everyone they meet to reject them.

Although the prejudice is that Daemons are predisposed towards evil alignments this notion is not an actuality. It is because of this prejudice in fact that some outright reject any notion of evil and become heroes in their own right. Still, history only remembers what it wants to remember, and that is those few Daemons who have chosen the path of evil. Many Daemons are self-reliant and distrusting of others, but once you manage to gain the friendship of a Daemon it has been known that they make the most loyal of friends, they don't make many, so they cherish the few they have.

Daemons can be similar in physicality to humans, in fact with some clever clothing some of them can pass off as Human. Others have no such luck. What they look like specifically has much to do with their ancestry, they can have horns, tails, hooves, forked tongues, scales, pointed ears, any number of traits. They tend to be bigger, tougher, stronger, and have better reflexes than either race they came from.

Daemons have a self proclaimed Empire that they can go to in order to have a safe home. The population of their country grows with each passing year, though it is still small. This Empire sits outside of the current Human's Kingdom control, they are working on signing a treaty with the Humans, one that would make them allies, equals. The current Emperess (or Emperor) has a laissez faire style of ruling. Were they a united force they would be quite deadly, but as it stands they are a scattered people.

That_One_Guy wrote:Skin Color: All
Hair Color: All - sometimes they don't have hair
Eye Color: All - sometimes they don't have eyes
Height: 5'4" - 7'
Build: All

Class: All except Barbarian
Mounts: Diverse

Home Country: Taomar
Ruler: Emper(or)ess

Racial Distinctions: usually physically superior, a budding race, distrusting of other races
Life Expectancy: 50 - 800 years


ImageHalfings refer to the other races as "Big Folk", this is because Halflings are a race of incredibly small humanoids. They range anywhere from two feet to four feet, with the average height being three feet and six inches. They are not to be mistaken for dwarves, who are humans with a condition that makes them smaller with different body proportions. Halflings appear just as humans do, only much smaller and with a tiny bit of a point to their ears, often being mistaken for human children. They also have adorably hair feet and maybe it is because of the nice grassy valley they make their home in or the fact that they have leathery soles on the bottom of their feet, but they rarely bother to wear shoes. Halflings enjoy wearing bright colours and floral patterns, aprons and vests and buttons, they especially adore buttons.

They make their home in a place known as Creid Valley, a lovely large valley that is protected on all sides by mountains. They have no form of government, as they are all simple folk who prefer an unadventurous bucolic life of farming, eating, and socializing. They have a few community leaders in times of hardship like a bad vegetable season or a herd of hogs terrorizing their tomatoes, but mostly they just get along and go about their day. Halflings are generally friendly and peaceful, they like their quiet uneventful evenings and don't cause any trouble. They are shy but polite with outsiders, who are usually humans, offering them shelter and food during their stay. It is the pride of a Halfling to be an excellent host. One of a Halfling's favorite things has to be food, and when they can get it they'll eat seven meals a day. These meals are breakfast, second breakfast, elevensies, lunch, afternoon tea, dinner, and second dinner just before bed. In addition to farming they trade with one another according to crafts they do, such as stitching or button making or quill crafting or gardening or smoke-pipe constructing, but they never trade out of greed. It is often thought that Halflings simply are incapable of greed and ambition. Who knows? But one thing is for certain, they are a race that has individuals that just might surprise you with their courage.

Halflings have managed to remain undetected in their valley by Orcs and thankfully in part due to the service of Rangers who have taken to guarding their valley. The Elves and only those formally educated on the other races know of their existence.

That_One_Guy wrote:Skin Color: Sunkissed - tan
Hair Color: Blonde, Red, Light Brown
Eye Color: Brown, Blue, Green, Hazel, Grey
Height: 2' - 4'
Build: plump - lithe

Class: Commoner, rare Bard
Mounts: Ponies

Home Country: Creid
Ruler: none

Racial Distinctions: resistant to magic and there are no mages among them, a homely race of people, don't know much about the outside world
Life Expectancy: 500 years


ImageOrcs have been a war race that has been pest to all other races since the dawn of their creation. They have violent beginnings and violent ends, usually not living too long past their prime. Despite this however their ability to breed fast has rendered them a permanent presence to the world. When not at war or going on raids they are usually planning for it. For them surviving means expanding their resources and controlling as much as possible. While their violence and hot tempers make them fierce fighters, they are not usually particularly intelligent however, which is why they haven't overrun the other races.

Orcs do not usually sow, they reap, making their homes in abandoned places or conquered villages and caves. They either scavenge their weaponry from those they have fought or make their own blunt and simple instruments. They have been known to eat their enemies but usually opt to set traps for animals and eat those, as they do not make the most quiet of hunters. The males of the race are usually the ones who go off to collect resources and fight, while the women manage the resources brought to them and the property they have claimed. That is not to say the women do not know how to fight, you can't survive as an Orc if you do not know how to fight. In fact Orc women hold most of the power in their culture, residing as sole property owners that the men marry into, and Orc women are free to divorce the men if they find them unsatisfactory providers. In the case of a divorce an Orc woman will usually take the role of both provider and manager, though best results are obtained with a team rather than solo.

Orcs are part of a confederation of tribes, loosely held together by a despotic chieftess Orc. Bands within these alliances might wander far from their homelands, but continue to greet those Orcs who belong to the same tribal network as kin.

That_One_Guy wrote:Skin Color: Grey, Green, Dark Grey
Hair Color: Black, or shaved heads
Eye Color: Red, Gold, Black
Height: 6' - 7'
Build: muscular

Class: Barbarian
Mounts: Wargs

Home Country: The Freelands
Ruler: Chieftess

Racial Distinctions: Tough, live by a code, values strength, matriarchal society
Life Expectancy: up to 150 years, but most do not live so long


Very little is known about Mermaids to outsiders about their race. Mostly because Mermaids tend to eat the males of any given race without mercy or discrimination. The females they ignore, maybe flirt with, but let live. This has posed a great danger to those that take to the sea, merchants and Pirates alike. Humans are the one that use boats the most, and if they would let go of their sexist ideals they would have a much easier time by hiring exclusively female crews. But Humans can be stubborn, and they pay for it with blood. Mermaids are perfectly fine with this arrangement, they like all ocean dwellers have an exclusively flesh diet. Recently however gains in alliances have been made between land dwellers and Mermaids, a smart and Pirate offered trade to the Mermaids, showing them things like silks and jewels, which they took a liking to. Now Pirate ships may go about in their waters so long as they are willing to give the Mermaids what they want. If only someone would clue in the merchant ships.

As you may well know, Mermaids take the appearance of the upper half of a pretty maiden and the lower half of a fish. What their tail may look like depends heavily upon where they dwell. The mermaids seen attacking ships often have the tail of a bony fish with a lunate crescent fin, which is the optimal fin type for fast swimming and long distances. Mermaids of this variety used to use their looks and pretty voices as tools to lure their land dwelling prey to the water but this does not usually work anymore as the other races have caught on, only the ignorant straggler or journeymen get caught in this manner now. Instead the Mermaids have taken forward a hunting approach and actually board ships, fighting the crew and throwing them in the water for their sisters to drown. They hunt in hordes of at least thirty, using nets and tridents as well as any land dweller can use a sword. They are a tribal sisterhood, raising their sisters to be ruthless huntresses and loyal to their Cheiftainess, who leads the hunt. Resting and sunbathing on small land masses and rocks. Other Mermaids with different tails are smaller in number and may or may not live in groups. They dwell in coves or deep on the bottom of the ocean. When not hunting Mermaids are extremely playful and affectionate with one another, playing games and pranks on the other ocean animals, swimming with dolphins and sea otters, you'd never suspect that they are actually vicious man eaters.

Where are the Mermen? You might ask. Technically there are none, Mermaids are a race that have a breeding season, and when breeding season comes some of the Mermaids actually produce sperm for that season. You might consider these types of Mermaids as hermaphroditic, and only certain Mermaids are able to do this, others are fully female.

Mermaids love the water and prefer to stay in it, however once out of the water and dry they begin to change into a human like female, legs and all. This is a defense mechanism against drying out. Once underwater they regain their tail, an extended amount of time under water may bring out other features such as emerging scales and sharpened fangs.

That_One_Guy wrote:Skin Color: Pale
Hair Color: White, Blonde, Light brown, Brown, Black, Red, Green, Blue
Eye Color: Blue, Green, Grey, Gold
Height: From Head to tail they can be 5'8" - 7' long
Build: Frail looking but extremely strong

Class: Pirate, Mercenary, Thief
Mounts: n/a

Home Country: Kraken Ocean
Ruler: Queen

Racial Distinctions: no males in their race, eat other races, predatory
Life Expectancy: 200 years


ImageThere are many other races out in the world, the above are the ones native to the continent the roleplay takes place on. There fey, dragons, unicorns, goblins, ogres, and many more. They are just few and far in between in this particular continent. You are welcome to come up with a race and present it to me, it will be included in your character sheet. And while you might have an excellent idea I would like to keep these other creative races to a minimum. If I think there are too many and we need more characters of the other races then I won't be accepting Characters that fall into the 'other' category. I must approve this race and your ideas for your character first, so pm me and communicate. Have fun creating!

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