Labyrinth: Into the Underground and Beyond

Labyrinth: Into the Underground and Beyond

An evil influence has seeped into to the Labyrinth’s boarders; a dark Sorceress known as Ariadne who has somehow gained control of the nomadic Junk People of the Arid Flats and is nursing a Civil War within the Goblin Kingdom.

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Goblins are highly varied earth sleepers that tend to live deep underground near water and natural rock and ore veins. While in their deep slumber goblins go into a kind of suspended animation which allows them to live for very long periods of time without consuming regular food.

Although in recent years goblins have largely been associated with the neutral sovereignty commonly known as the "Goblin' Kingdom. They are, in actuality, one of the post abundant species in the Underground and largely considered to be utter nuisances to just about every intelligent culture who has ever had to deal with them. Some of the highly sophisticated cultures tend go as far as likening them to vermin.

In general goblins, when disturbed, are loud ruckus creatures who like nothing more than to cause havoc with their goblin games. Once roused from their slumber underground the species will often swell forth and infest the surrounding surface area either forcing out or integrating what ever creatures happen to already be living there.

They are not inherently good or evil and like any culture they have their own traditions and customs. While most find goblins to be dirty, dull, stupid, and distractable; the truth is that some of them are quite intelligent and sharply articulate. They are also much more organized than some give them credit for and their magic being directly rooted to the earth element is one of the most powerful collectively speaking.

Origins: Although mostly lost to history its been suggested that the Goblin Kingdom was once largely populated by dwarves and an assortment of other cultures who lived in harmony in and at the center of the Labyrinth. However heavy mining was thought to have disturbed an untapped vein of sleeping goblins under the castle causing the kingdom to become quickly over run with mischievous creatures. Over time the goblins completely took over and the Kingdom was turned over to them for keeps with Jareth acting as primary custodian, in order to help keep their numbers contained.

Appearance: Goblins are perhaps one of the most visually diverse species anywhere. although they tend not to grow bigger than 3'5 they're features can take on many qualities. Some have beaks while others might resemble certain kinds of animals. Horns are very common as are tails, long or pointy ears, claws, fur, scales and so forth. Particularly in the labyrinth there has been a high amount of inter-species mingling especially among small animals and occasionally other small intellectual beings.

Powers: Goblins don't have any specific magical abilities beyond their apparent ability to genetically bond with just about anything. Being earth dwellers they are highly resilient to adverse climates and conditions making them one of the most adaptable creatures around. Some will also present with advanced skills in one area of expertise such as music, cooking, and making beer. They can also go into a state of suspended animation if they lack important resources or are injured. While not very interested in their own magical properties other magically inclined cultures are sometimes drawn to the sheer raw earth magic the Goblins represent. This makes goblin artifacts highly desirable fore the said objects tend to retain immense elemental power.


Special Abilities Include:

-Extended Life Span
-Suspended Animation
-Cross Dimensional Travel & Overlap
-Physically Resilient
-Resistant to extreme Climates
-Direct conduit to Elemental Earth Magic




Trolls have been present in folklore throughout the world and thus come in various varieties and temperaments. What is consistent about the species as a whole is that they are most commonly found in dense wooded areas such as thickets and near flowing water such as rivers and streams. They are usually very protective of natural resources which they will often fiercely preserve and protect.

Generally trolls are almost always very intellectually minded and articulate creatures. Although some put their intelligence to better use than others of their kind.

They are also very competent alchemists, when so inclined, and have been known to construct amazing inventions out of the most basic of materials. Typically trolls do not particularly like humans or any other species they deem to be wasteful and discourteous, although human children tend to appeal to them greatly because of their naturally born innocence, open mindedness, and unshaped morality.

Because they are so strongly intellectual Trolls do tend to vary in their attitudes. Some being very kind and gentle, others being very mean and violent.

Origins : Little is known about the general origins of trolls although because of their protective nature regarding the natural world, its possible that Trolls were born directly from the stones of the earth to act as elemental guardians. Trolls either live individually or in small to medium sized tribes. Generally the larger they are the more solitary they will be, as Trolls tend to adapt to whatever environment they live in and are very conscious about their populations and how much natural resources and space they consume.

Very large Trolls will often go as far as to create vast sky communities where their numbers and size will take up the least amount of space and where they'll be least likely to be disturbed.

Trolls come in several varieties:

Mountain trolls for example are often the least articulate and the most dangerous. While sky trolls tend to be the most inventive. Forest trolls are the most varied and tend to be excellent healers and naturalists.

Appearances: Trolls tend to vary greatly in size but commonly have large bulbous noses, claws, and pointed ears. Warts and other afflictions of the skin and hair are also very common and their skin varies between shades of pale green, brown, and gray. Trolls also tend to have abnormally long digits and limbs. Although some can be very squat. Forest Trolls tend to most closely resemble human beings in size, shape, and height.

Sky Trolls:

Sky trolls are almost always between 30 and 60 feet tall and are commonly referred to as giants. Very tall sky trolls can even reach heights of 90 feet, although this is considered a bit excessive. They also closely resemble humans in shape.

Mountain Troll:

Mountain trolls tend to be more heavily muscled with square bodies and generally have longer upper extremities than lower ones. At best they are often lummox-y and crude; being the mostly likely to eat adventures rather than talk to them. They are very strong. But are highly sensitive to sunlight and will often only come out of their mountain caves at night. Mountain trolls also usually live in groups of three to six. Males and females live and function separately from each other except during mating. Mountain troll children are usually self sufficient at a very young age and will separate from their mothers as soon as they can scavenge for themselves forming their own none familial groups.

Cavern Trolls:

Cavern trolls are the smallest troll sub-type. Varying from 1-3 feet. Generally they have the most extreme temperaments being either very friendly and docile or extremely mean spirited and confrontational. Of the three sub-types Cavern trolls have adapted to human industry the best and would do very well in bustling urban environments. In such cases they are most likely to make their homes in sewers, subway tunnels, large pipes, vents, and basements. Conservation also isn't as important to them as long as their needs are being met. Because they tend to be smaller, Cavern trolls have the highest populations; living in groups of hundreds. Besides stone their most important resource is water which they commonly use to power things with.

Cavern trolls are the most hairy and usually have bushy hair and a layer of soft moss like peach fuzz on their skins. Cavern trolls also tend to have one large thumb-like toe and big ears and noses. Their feet are highly sensitive.

Forrest Trolls:

Forrest trolls seem to resemble humans the most closely in looks, shape, and size. They are generally friendly and good natured although they can be a bit shy and aloof. Most live in small forest tribes and tend to be more easy going. They are however highly sensitive to pollutants and cannot live in or near urban and industrial areas.


Sky Trolls- Sky troll have exceptional memories and mental skills. They are also masters of the dream space and will often connect and observe other worlds and cultures through their dream scopes which allow them to look into the sleeping minds of other beings. Sky trolls are also very fascinated by astronomy and the sciences. They also excel at such archaic practices such as numerology, astrology, dream analysis, and soothsaying. Magical objects also attract them and they are amazing inventors.

Mountain Trolls- Mountain trolls have almost no magical ability to speak of although they're almost impossible to injure and kill. This invincibility and incredible physical strength makes them highly dangerous if provoked. Mountain trolls tend to be decent story tellers and will occasionally engage in ritual sacrifice involving complex dance and throaty singing. Their greatest down fall however is their poor eyesight and sun weakness. Mountain trolls, when exposed to direct sunlight, will turn to stone. once in this state they are vulnerable to attack.

Cavern Trolls:
Very bright and sharply intelligent cavern trolls are the most industrial in how they live and will often use water to power things with. Masters of the transmutable element of water, these trolls have the ability to travel between the worlds, scry, and make things grow. They are also powerful with runes and crystals. If they are particularly malevolent they can sometimes develop the ability to turn their enemies to stone. Cavern some kinds of cavern trolls have very sensitive feet and noses.

Forrest Trolls-
Forrest trolls are excellent natural healers and tend to have innocent, if occasionally mischievous, natures. They are proficient musicians as well. Unfortunately Forrest trolls are highly environmentally sensitive and can easily be sickened by industrial toxins. They are also very empathic and can be prone to bout of depression and loss of will in certain situations.


(sky troll examples)
-The troll from the 1989 cartoon film The BFG
-The giant in the fairy tale Jack and the Beanstalk

(mountian troll examples)
-The trolls from the animated film The Hobbit

(cavern troll examples)
-The evil troll queen from the animated film A Troll in Central Park
-Stanley from A Troll in Central Park
-The Fraggles from Fraggle Rock

(Forrest trolls)
-Captain Planet




Elves are perhaps one of the most well known and easily identifiable cultures in the Underground. They are also a culture dangerously courting extinction.


It is generally believed that the Elven culture actually predates the beginning of time. That being said they seem to have an undeniable if quietly acknowledged connection to humanity. In times of old Elves indirectly co-existed with the humans above who perceived and worshiped them as supernatural beings. As humanity progressed however and found new Deities to worship the Elf clans retreated from the Above taking the majority of their magical knowledge with them.


-Elves vary in size from 4'10" and 5'8". However, according to their delicate bodies they seem much taller than they really are. Often male and female elves are hard to discern, at first glance. Both sexes usually have big, expressive eyes (in the most splendid colors). They wear their hair uncut and open, have graceful, fragile features and are of extraordinary beauty. Male elves also don't have any beard growth. Very typical for elves are their pointed ears, and high cheekbones. In modern descriptions, elves are either light or dark, the light elves having star-like eyes, faces brighter than the sun, and golden-colored hair; the dark elves are pitch black and have sometimes fluorescent eyes, this quality being indicative of their dealing with black magic. Both are attractive, in appearance at least. Elves prefer greens and greenish-grays while dark elves prefer blacks, dark gray, and sometimes silver.-

[The above excerpt is taken directly from ]

(Note-The above discription is a generalization and could be subject to certain discrepancies having to do with physical traits unique to particular Elven groupings.)


There is often a great deal of confusion over whether or not there are definable types of Elves. More often then not like most things in nature there is a line differentiating Dark Elves and Light Elves. Traditionally Dark or "Drow" elves are depicted as malevolent black skinned creatures of war and dark magic. This definition however is not necessarily accurate. Just like with human beings appearances do not automatically define character. A Drow elf for example might indeed use more intense forms of magic this however does not make them or their magic "evil". Furthermore the physical appearance of Elves vary.


-In comparison to humans elves are stronger in spirit and in limb. They also have exceptional constitutions and endurance. Unlike humans when Elves grow older they seldom get weaker in body or mind. In fact great age often enhances beauty and deepens intellect. Elven senses, especially that of hearing and sight, are much keener and intense than those of Men. Furthermore elves are highly resistant to extremes in temperature making them capable of surviving in extreme climates. Elves also have natural resistances against magical influences, particularly if the said magic is designed to cloud the mind. Because most Elves are capable of living for long periods of time with little interference, it is thought that most have adopted a calm calculated manner of operating. One might even go as far as to say they have all the time in the world to get things done.

Even if some elves are said to be immortal, elves of all other tribes die a natural death after long lives. The amount of years elves live indeed varies enormously, ranging from 100 years to over 1000. It is also known that very often elves end their lives of their own will when they see a necessity to do so or if they think that their life's goal has been reached. Of course elves may also die when they are wounded severely, but in general elves heal very fast when they are tended to quickly. Death on the other hand is nothing an elf fears. The fact of death is interpreted by the elves as a return to nature.-

[The above excerpt is taken directly from ]


Special Abilities Include:

-Extended Life

-Quick Healing

-Heightened Senses (Particularly sight and Sound, Varies)

-Arcane Knowledge (Varies from Individual to Individual)

-Resistant To Mind Altering Magics

-Resilient against Extreme Climates

Elven Clans

No doubt there are still sects of Elves living across the Underground. That being said most have become removed from the greater struggles of their kind or have done what they must to adapt their culture in order to survive. Of the many clans that have no doubt existed since before the birth of time only three remain clinging to their dwindling way of life.

The Earthlong


Clan Name (Social Classification):
The Earthlong, (Nobility)

Other Titles: The Fair Folk, Flaxan-hair (Derogetory), Fay

Lifespan: On average the Earthlong have the capacity to live about a thousand years. Anything longer than that is considered excessive by the Earthlong's standards. An excessive lifespan can indicate to others of their kind that the elf in question is either of a foolish mind or of a impulsive disposition making them either incapable or unwilling to come to any particular conclusion about their lives.

Physical Description: All Earthlong leave their hair uncut and free flowing as they do not adhere to the human based standard of humility. They are almost always fair skinned and usually fair haired; a trait that was believed to inspire the Welsh term "Fair Folk". Typically speaking the Earthlong physiology is lithe and fragile and varies between 5'4-5'8 (for females) and 5'6- 5'9 (for males) in height. Like all Elves the Earthlong have pointed ears that can vary in length between 3-4 inches from lobe to point.

Personality: Due to the structure and history of their culture the Earthlong are endowed with much of the same personality traits of those born into the Aristocracy. Most notable of these traits is their sense pride and high minded (if sometimes unrealistic) morality. They have been known when dealing with other races to present shades of egotism, vanity, and superiority over other cultures and races. This being said the Earthlong are also notable for their unshakable conviction, virtue, and sense of honor. While humility does not come naturally to the Earthlong it can be learned and applied individually.


The Earthlong claim to have an exceptionally long memory and insist upon clinging to the Archaic ways of their ancestor. They also seem to have a particularly jaded perspective of the human race. It is said that once upon a time the Earthlong worked along side humanity sharing their magical resources and teachings. However the Human race proved undisciplined and greedy; time and again undermining the Earthlong's teachings. Eventually the Earthlong retreated to the Underground bringing much of their magic with them. In time their presence in the Earthly world was reduced to the confines of folklore.

At current the Earthlong are the most Aristocratically structured but not the most predominant clans still surviving in the Underground. Armed with their untouchable ideals and high minded attitudes they have left themselves vulnerable to more aggressive and less discriminating races who seek to pillage the Earthlongs coveted magical relics and cast the Earthlong culture into oblivion.

While the Earthlong are not strangers to the concept of war nor the desirability of their cultural secrets, an unexpected foe has appeared and is aggressively forcing the Earthlong into ruin. Now civil war is at hand and the stakes have been set. Sides have been chosen. The fate of the Earthlong people loom on the edge of disaster.


Interestingly enough the Earthlong also have strong ties to Arthurian legend and some believe that it was they who were entrusted with the keeping of the sacred sword Excalibur to King Arthur. Just like humans the Earthlong believe in an after life and it is thought that upon an Earthlongs death they will travel to the hidden isle of Avalon to rejoin their ancient kinsmen.

Legendary figures directly associated with the Earthlong:

* The Lady of the Lake
* Lilith

Cultural Expertise:

* Medicine
* Archaic Studies (Runes, Divination, Languages, ritualistic magic...etc)
* The Making of Magical Items (talismen, rings, swords, clothing...etc)


Lord of the Rings (You saw this coming, yes?)

The Silent Ones


Clan Name (Social Classification): The Silent Ones, (Working/Lesser Nobility)

Other Titles: Drow (Derogatory), the Sithe

Lifespan: Typically the Sithe have a lifespan between 600-800 years, although individual lifestyle can either shorten or lengthen this estimate by a considerable amount.

Physical Description: The Sithe mature faster than their Earthlong cousins. Unlike the Earthlong the Sithe keep their hair pined up or back and away from their elongated ears. Women will often string intricate silver cords in complicated patterns through their hair and accent them with leaves, beads, or feathers. Men typically crop their hair above the shoulder and keep it pulled back in a knot or a binding. The Sithe are highly visually diverse in terms of skin tone and hair color although traditionally they are depicted as being black skinned with florescent eyes. With the exception of their ears Sithe Elves resemble humans the most in terms of height and build. Females are almost always taller than males ranging between 5'8-5'11 (Females) while males stand between 5'6-5'10.

Personality: On a whole the Sithe are much more intense and concentrated in personality. In fact it's more likely that the derogatory term Drow or Dark Elf had more to do with the Sithe propensity for exhibiting malevolent personality traits rather than their visual appearance.

Of all the Elven Clans it is the Sithe that are the most driven. Like their Earthlong Cousin the Sithe are often perceived as Egotistical almost to the point of cruelty. Unlike the Earthlong, the Sithe's sense of superiority is directed inwards rather than outwards meaning that the Sithe as a race are largely introverted and usually only interact with their own kind. They do not play nicely with others and are generally suspicious of anyone that exits outside their intricately structured society that beings said as a whole their feeling of superiority are most commonly by their indifference. On rare occasions when the Sithe do make contact with other clans and peoples out side of their circle the Sithe proceed with absolute caution and once their business is complete they will usually recede back into the darkness never to be heard from or seen again.

It is this aloofness that has made the Sithe the target of slander and reproach among those that fear their silent and obscure ways. Humans in particular are guilty of painting the Sithe as Evil or at best liken to black magic and sin. At best it has been suggested that the Sithe exhibit the more carnal aspects of the Elven Race.


Up untill recently (the last three hundred years or so) the Sithe where all but thought to be completely removed from the Society of their Elven brothern. Content to remain elusively inapproachable among the thickest forests and most remote mountainous glades the Sithe remained silent and unseen by mortal and magically endowed creature alike. Unlike the Earthlong the Sidthe withdrew from the world of Above long before Human race firmly established its foot in the proverbial door.

Returning to the Undeground and to their birth place close to the Womb of Life the Sithe were almost thought to be imagined. While the information has generally been lost to the passing of time it is thought that the Sithe are the original Elven species that all others later diverged from.

Recently, or rather, what could be best interpreted as recently in a world where time is not always bound by linear laws; the Sithe have begun to stir and certain members of their kind have been sent out from their seclusion to seek audience with the outside world. The reasoning behind this unorthodox change in established behavior is as yet unclear and seems to be unique to the individual Sithe undertaking the action. What is known is that some of these individuals have been connected to aggressive attacks against the Earthlong which have only seemed to inflame the rumors of Civil War. While it is unclear if the Sithe as a whole have designs to somehow destroy their Elven cousins there can be no denying that steps have been taken to draw a line in the sand.

General Notes:

Surprisingly there is one Sithe trait that absolutely contradicts the Earthlong in personality. The Sithe have a highly developed sense of humility. While this is not a trait usually associated with Elves, for the Sithe humility is a necessity of survival in their intricate Society. Their social system is based upon a peaking order of who has the greater power. To this end the Sithe out of a base instinct for survival have kept themselves separate from outsiders who might seek to dominate and thus control their people. It is with this in mind that some believe the Sithe are not attacking the Earthlong of their own free will, but rather acting under the orders of someone else controlling them.

Physiological Notes:

While the Sithe share most of the same advantages attributed to the Elven race as a whole they also face a unique physiological disadvantage. Sithe have considerably weak eye sight (for elves) and are sensitive to bright lights and sharp sounds. Because of this they primarily function under the cover of darkness and have thus adapted by developing exceptionally sharp hearing which can be observed in the sheer size and length of their pointed ears.

Legendary figures directly associated with the Sithe:

* Queen Mab (Fairy)
* Juno/Hera/Hecate
* the Amazonian and Native American Cultures

Cultural Expertise:

* Shamanism
* Wood and Animal Lore
* Dark/Moon Magic


* Morgana le Fay (Arthurian Legend)
* Arwen (Lord of the Rings)

The Green Children


Other Names (Social Classification):
Greenies, Green-bottoms/thumbs, Wood Children, Fairies (Broad Term), (Servitude, Common)

Lifespan: 300-500 years.

Physical Description: As suggested in their name the Green Children are most notable for their undeniable resemblance to human children. While there is generally no standard correlation between a Greenies age and their physical appearance, males Greenies do tend to physically mature faster than female Greenies do. Save for their pointy ears which are more wide then long the Green Children are physically characterized by their often under developed childlike bodies. To that end both males and females are typically lean although the build of the body itself can vary. They also relate the most closely to humans in terms of their agility, endurance, and senses. Skin tone can vary and some Greenies can in fact develop alternative shades to their skins such as green, blue, or gold. This is sometimes do to what they eat and the environment in which they live.

Male Greenies-

Males usually peak physically within their first hundred years or so (visually equivalent of a child of 14). Typically male Greenies keep their hair cropped short to their heads and almost never develop body hair.

Female Greenies-

Meanwhile females don't reach their physical peak until well into there adult lifetimes (300-400 years). Females will either grow their hair long and uncut (which usually results in creating something likened to a rat's nest) or cut it short for convenience sake. The most obvious difference between the genders is that female Greenies have fairy-like wings as well as the ability to manipulate their physical form. For the majority of their lifetime however female Greenies remain tiny which often causes them to be mistake's for biting fairies.

Female Greenies cannot permanently assume a human sized, if child-like (I use child-like loosely seeing as some Greenie females can look quite grown up indeed), physical form. However, upon reaching maturity they are given a small window of opportunity to "bond" with another being outside of their species (this can include plants and animals). Once bonded with a non-greenie partner the female Greenie than returns to her fairy-like state and becomes the individuals permanent life long companion until death or disparity separates them. If the Greenie bonds with a plant or animal they do sometimes assume similar visual forms. Like-wise if the Greenie bonds with a human being they can potential assume a fully sized mature human form for the duration of their connection to their partner.

Personality: Like children the Greenie's emotions are relatively undeveloped and can fluctuate wildly with little provocation. They are in many ways the physical embodiment of nature and thus their emotional reactions and expressions can be extremely intense, beautiful, bewildering, and volatile. Naturalist by nature, Greenies have an inexplicable connection to the flora and fauna around them and have an almost telepathic relationship with the plants and animals they tend.

Male Greenies-

Male Greenies are generally more aggressive in character than their female counterpart and are often associated with raw energy, action, and sexual desire. While their moods can fluctuate rapidly between emotional extremes they are also just as likely to be even keeled and tranquil. Since they present the Masculine Energies of the Natural World, male Greenies are most notable for their brilliant logical minds and communication skills. They are also deeply committed to their duties.

Female Greenies-

Being very small it is thought that female Greenies are only capable of fully experiencing one emotion at a time. Thus they are generally characterized as being emotionally passive. That being said when something provokes their delicate emotional nature's female greenies can exhibit fierce passion and passive aggressive tendencies which make them difficult to handle. Usually subservient to their male greenie counterpart, female greenies are attracted to beauty, romance, and anything else that offers pleasure. Despite their sometimes rebellious indignant natures, female greenies are more or less emotionally loyal. That being said they can hold grudges and be vindictive and vengeful when crossed.

History: While technically lumped into the Elven race due to the type of magic they employ, Greenies are not general acknowledged by the more sophisticated Elven cultures on account that their origins are not deemed magically pure. Traditionally it is thought Greenies were the after result of human children who were stolen away by the "Fairy Folk" or offered up in trade as slaves in exchange for magical gifts. With that said they also occur naturally and are born seemingly at random within the forests. In the latter cases the Green children gestate like pod people and awaken and emerge in the spring time along with the first bloom of the flowers and trees. In either case Green children are associated mostly with animal husbandry and are often found to be the chosen guardians of particular types of animals (particularly those with magical qualities like unicorns).

Both the Earthlong and the Sithe are guilty of using the Green Children to do their bidding and thus the Greenies who are free seem to have an instinctual aversion and mistrust of both cultures. While Greenie are usually solitary they will take on temporary travel companions and make merry with other small folk such as gnomes and intellectual beasts. They also have a healthy curiosity for human beings and while they do not automatically establish relationships with them, over time trust and eventual friendship can be established. Greenies are most frequently found in densely wooded areas and have a strong connection to the elements of air and fire. Considered the agents of mother nature it is Greenies who are often sent on missions of virtue.


Legendary figures directly associated with the Green Children:

* Puck (indentured)
* Pan/Dionyisis
* Peter Pan and Tinkerbell (traditional male/female pairing)
* Thumbellina
* The Lost Boys (Converted human children)

Cultural Expertise:

* Animal Husbandery
* Wood Wisdom
* Prophecy
* Servitude


* Honeythorn Gump & Oona (1985 film Legend)
* Peter Pan (2003 film Peter Pan)
* The Changling (Midsummer Night's Dream, This is the changeling Titiana and Oberon fight over at the beginning of the play)
* Puck/Robin Goodfellow (Midsummer Night's Dream)
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Clan Name: The Good Neighbors

Other Titles: Fairy-Go(o)d-Mother, Duna, Guardian Angel/Spirit/Animal (And a plethora of other titles from every culture)

Lifespan: Undefined, 90-105 years.

Physical Description: The Good Neighbors usually appear in human or animal form and will typically tailor their appearance to the needs of the individual they come to help. In most cases they appear as females and can reveal themselves to be either ethereal or unremarkable depending on the individual they are dealing with and the reason they are getting involved. Regardless of their appearance there is something eternally ageless about them.

Personality: Usually benevolent in nature the Good Neighbors embody everything warm and comforting. To some they are like the loving grandparents who bake cookies and tell stories of times past, while to others they are the firm yet loving mother and father figures everyone needs at one time or another to steady one where they stand. They are the dear confidants that seem to drift away as we grow, and the loyal animal friends who love us unconditionally and keep our secrets safe only to pass on long before their owners.

They are the kind stranger on the subway who offers up their set or the stone faced homeless man offering cardboard cut prophesies about God's Mercy and the Fate of Humanity at the hands of their own folly. They are the nameless men and women who appear as if by magic in our lives just when we need someone the most, as well as the harsh critic in the foreground who reminds us of our own mortality. Regardless of how they're packaged or the reason behind their presence in our lives the Good Neighbors are there to support and guide us discreetly through life.

History: Every culture in the world since the beginning of time has put a name to these helpful and sometimes hindering spirits. Often attached to a particular family or location traditionally these entities are the guardians of the hearth and home as well as the watchful protectors of infant children, pregnant mothers, virginal women, and untested young men.

They are one of the few entities that still regularly interfere in the above ground although if they stay for any length of time exceeding a twenty-four hour period the individual will assume whatever form they are visiting in and must live out a full mortal life before passing on and returning to the Underground. As a mortal they are often perceived to be people who are wise beyond their years and regardless of their apparent age upon becoming mortal there is an almost an unnatural propensity to know of many things and to express that knowledge in unorthodox ways and at odd times. While younger spirit of this kind might gain a kind of amnesia about their other existence other veteran spirits purposely chose to reincarnate multiple time over to spread their good work in the world. Even as mortals, these spirits have a defined six sense and might even be strongly psychic or naturally empathic. Even though they are mortal spirits such as these can still reveal their true form to others by way of realistic dreams and visions.

In the underground these men and women are influential sorcerers and often on indirect roles of counsel. Some even govern entire regions. At the same time some Spirits only have the skills and inclination to take on small roles in there communities and many specialize in specific areas of magical work. Some are extremely proficient in their talent while others are bumbling at best. In the Underground spirits adopt the visual form of their own magical essence and can range from being very beautiful or very twisted and ugly. Whatever the case these spirits primarily act as catalysts offering those who seek them the tools and wisdom they need in order to look within themselves. All Incarnate Spirits have an animal counterpart that represents them. In the Underground these larger than life fairie folk can assume their animal alter egos at will or barrow the form to another.


Just as there are "Good" Neighbors who want to help those that cross their path there is also such a thing as "Bad" Neighbors. Usually called bad fairies, these are the malevolent beings that bring havoc into the lives of everyone they touch. Usually consumed by vanity or lust these creatures care for no one but them selves and enjoy nothing more than to see human and magical folk alike yield to their control and influence. In general they are not usually very powerful and the few who are usually must rely upon exterior sources of power to enhance and magnify their own. Dark "Fairies" thirst for power however and sometimes a few manage to rise to the occasion.

Legendary figures directly associated with the The Good Neighbors:

* Glinda
* The Fairy Godmother in Cinderella
* Muses
* Guardian Angel/Animal guides

Legendary figures directly associated with the The Bad Neighbors:

* The Queen in Snow White
* The Dark Fairy in Sleeping Beauty
* Sirens
* The Wicked Witch of the West

Cultural Expertise:

* Glamour Spells
* Memory Charms
* shape Shifting
* Teleportation
* Baptism gifts an Hexes


* Angels (As seen in the TV series Touched by an Angel)
* Fin Raziel (The good sorceress in the film Willow)
* Snow White (10th Kingdom)
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