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Raigi Fanlith

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Raigi Fanlith

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Raigi on Mon May 07, 2007 1:20 am

Name: Raigi Fanlith

Age: 21

Class: Fighter / Mage

Race: Feral (Elf/Puma)

Somewhat long brown hair hangs down to the upper part of his neck, Slightly darker than the short tan fur that covers the entire length of his body. Deep purple eyes with a marking above and below each are a defining feature, a strange pigmentation that may have something to do with his gift to use magic. Generally he can be seen wearing a long travelers mantle with a hood to protect him from the sun when need be. He also wears a button down white cotton shirt with brown slacks, a pair of leather gloves and a set of leather boots that have seen their fair share of wear.

Raigi's body type is much like that of an elf, tall at 6'4" and somewhat slender with a muscular build. There's no mistaking he's a male despite his long slender tail and pronounced cats ears because of his deep voice, masculine face and body. He weighs about 200 lbs, without his gear on. The only weapon to speak of on his person is a longsword and he's never been able to afford armor.

Raigi is still young and has thus yet to become proficient in many area's of his life. Here are however a few skills he's acquired.

Cooking - He's a relatively good cook and knows how to season a variety of food to make them taste good so long as he has the right ingredients.

Swordplay - Being so young makes him at times a bit reckless. He's proficient with a blade and has been known to suprise others but against a seasoned warrior he's no match.

Magic - Again, being so young doesn't allow him a great grasp on this gift he has discovered. He's got a talent for casting spells that mend wounds but cannot cast them on himself because he channels spells through his own body which saps his strength. This negates any benefits he might have received from casting the spell making it null. He's also got a hand at using elemental but not to any grand extent. He can create a fireball here and there and making water flow from his palms but if he tried using the gift in a fight it'd likely be ineffective.

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