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Ramblings of a Madman: American History Unkempt

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Ramblings of a Madman: American History Unkempt

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Sigurd_Hring on Sun Sep 24, 2023 9:25 pm

You are about to witness the ramblings of a madman. Take this with a grain of salt, and know that what you are about to read is on the borderline of the occult. The content you are about to delve into is highly controversial and does not reflect the opinions of mainstream media. Viewer discretion is advised.

American History: the Hidden Knowledge

I believe that 80% of Native Americans have origins in the Clovis tool culture which likely came from Alaska via Siberia, while the other 20% originated from the Solutrean tool culture which likely came from Nunavut via Greenland, both from around 20,000 years ago. Now it is possible that other homo sapien tribes like Neanderthals may have been here earlier, but evidence for that hypothesis is still very scarce. However, it is not likely that these early people lived in a vacuum. In other words, these early tribes came in waves from different places at different times, spreading out over the North American continent. They may have made contact, established trade, exchanged cultures, languages, myths and technologies, possibly waging wars and sometimes even marrying or interbreeding with one another. By about 10,000 years ago, there would have been many tribes, possibly around 100 to 300 different Native American tribes living all around the North American continent with distinct languages and cultures.

This process of multiple migrations continued southward through Meso America and South America, most likely in the same manner along different migration routes, with some tribes going south through Mexico while others likely took boats from Florida through Cuba and Haiti to Venezuela, and there the migrations would continue all the way to Argentina with the same tribal contacts and admixture of cultures in and along the way, just like in North America. A good example of this could be the Mayaimi indians of Lake Okeechobee and Miami, Florida which bear a striking resemblance to the Maya civilization of Meso America, noting that both Maya and Mayaimi have a linguistic connection as well as a clear cultural connection suggesting a coastal maritime migration, or at the very least, a cultural exchange between tribes along the coastal areas around the Gulf of Mexico in pre-Columbian times pre-dating the arrival of Christopher Columbus.

More evidence for this is suggested by the enigmatic Cherokee indian DNA analysis which suggests that full-blooded Cherokee indians have a high percentage of European DNA with trace amounts of Asiatic DNA, while the Navajo and Apache indians have higher levels of Asiatic DNA by comparison. This again suggests a theory of multiple migrations into North America from different countries and regions prior to the arrival of Christopher Columbus and his Spanish expedition. So who are the original inhabitants of North America? The research is inconclusive and sometimes inconsistent, so honestly we don't know. But we can probably say for certain that none of these tribes existed 20,000 years ago and so we must look further back in time to the Ice Age and turn our focus northward towards Canada where much of these migration patterns seem to originate, via Alaska and Nunavut respectively as I mentioned before in the beginning of this amateur thesis.

The native Ojibwe tribe of Canada, Montana, Minnesota and the Great Lakes region have stories or myths pertaining to their contact with ancient Europeans likened to the Vikings of Scandinavia, while the Vikings themselves have stories and myths involving Skraelings who they came in contact with 500 years before Columbus supposedly discovered the Americas, and for which there is much archeological evidence including the Viking settlement of Lanse aux Meadows in Newfoundland and the enigmatic Maine penny, not included here with the many hoaxes associated with those findings. Interestingly, the Ojibwe themselves say that the Vikings were not the first white people they had made contact with, but that they bore a striking resemblance to the blue eyed people who had come before them, speaking a language more similar to the earlier Celtic people that had come to the Americas some time prior to the Nordic colonists. Did the Celts migrate to Canada prior to the Vikings? Again, evidence is scarce. But if they did, we must assume that they came here prior to the 10th century CE.

Going south again, we must also consider the Berber pirates and the Moorish ancestry of some Native Americans who are very dark skinned and resemble North Africans, and even Muslims, moreso than any connection we might have to Nordic or Asiatic comparisons. The possibility that Mauritanians aboard ancient Phoenician ships came to North America can not be overlooked by phenologists and anthropologists, and these observations have led to the ancient Atlantean hypothesis that African tribes also migrated across the Atlantic Ocean to the coastal areas of North America prior to the arrival of Christopher Columbus and his Spanish expedition. Now nobody really argues the fact that Native Americans and indeed African American runaway slaves intermingled during the American Civil War, as that is accepted by mainstream historians. However, the DNA analysis suggests a more ancient wave of African migration to North America that is not so mainstream, and for which more funding is required in order to do more research into this genetic anomaly.

In conclusion to my rugged thesis, if we are to believe in even half of Charles Darwin's theories about the evolution of our species, then we can not ignore the fact that the ancestor of all primates and therefore hominids originated in North America, starting 55 million years ago with the plesiadapiformes. I have not mentioned the connection between California and the Hindu goddess Kali, as in Kali-fornia, the fornication with that goddess, but my point here is simply to point out the hidden history of the Americas that has gained less attention than mainstream media and university scholastic history books. At least part of Atlantis is in the state of Florida, along with its pyramids, and although this might seem mind boggling to the smarter skeptic, it pales in comparison to the pre-Atlantean migrations that have been observed and for which there is overwhelming evidence to suggest occurred here in North America prior to the USA's conventional history.

I will leave you now with a quote from Abraham Lincoln's personal journal. "The eyes of that species of extinct giants whose bones fill the Mounds of America, have gazed on Niagara as ours do now." George Washington and many of the forefathers of the United States of America were absolutely witnesses of such archaic mounds, or earthly pyramids and their giant skeleton fossils that have since been swept under the rug of mainstream media and scholastic history. Not only does Utah and Colorado rock art from Native Americans depict giants with twelve fingers and twelve toes, along with early Smithsonian fossils of giant skeletons with double rows of teeth which the Native Americans have reclaimed and have since been wiped from American history, not only is it real, but it barely scratches the surface of your own backyards and what you might possibly find if you just took the time to dig a little further and look more deeply into the mysteries of the Americas, for much has been kept hidden, even where you sleep.

Thank you.

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