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Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Remæus on Fri Feb 03, 2006 5:52 pm

REPORTCODE ZERO-ONE: Gundam Versions In-Depth

By Mr. Adin Barnett

When it comes to mecha in the After Colony era, many names spring to mind. Machines like the elegant Tallgeese, the spartan Leo, the fiercely noble Epyon...but probably the most important Mobile Suits to appear in all of Gundam Wing are the original five Operation Meteor Gundams. Had it not been for these walking WMDs, the five young men would have been up a creek without a paddle OR a canoe. As is fitting to the legacy of these machines, they have seen redesign several times, each at the hands of a prominent member of the Gundam family. Here, we'll take a look at the five Meteors and their various incarnations over the past ten years.


Okawara: The Gundam called Shinigami, Grim Reaper, God of Death or Great whatever name it's called, this ebony machine spells death for anyone who crosses its path. In the original version as designed by Gundam veteran Kunio Owarara, Deathscythe manages to evoke its own particular fearful image while staying fairly true to Gundams past. The most distinctive feature is, obviously, the beam scythe which gives the Gundam its name, which retains function if losing some style. Another part of the Deathscythe's arsenal is the quirky buster shield, which acts as a shield as well as a flying beam drill. However, one of the most important elements of Deathscythe's design is the hyper jammer, the system by which the Gundam disabled enemy radar systems and even disappeared from sight altogether.

Katoki: When it first appeared in Endless Waltz, Deathscythe was identical to its successor, Deathscythe Hell, albeit without the massive wings. When Katoki got around to designing a full-fledged retocon of the Gundam, he went back and fused stylistic elements of both his Deathscythe Hell design and Okawara's original Deathscythe. His redesigned version took the basic form of his Deathscythe Hell and revamped it with the familiar pointed shoulders and more angular skirt armor. In lieu of the wing-like active cloak, Deathscythe Early Type used a backpack similar to the original's, except that it mounted a pair of separate, movable thrusters which were attached to the hyper jammers. The Early Type also kept Deathscythe Hell's beam scissors, giving it a stronger force in melee. The buster shield underwent a similar redesign, becoming smoother and replacing the blades with Altron-style pincers.

Tokita: Appearing only in a two-page spread in the Endless Waltz manga, this version of Deathscythe is nontheless noteworthy. For the most part, Tokita's version is identical to Okawara's, except that it replaces the buster shield with the armguards from Katoki's Deathscythe Hell, and the knees mount empty sockets, as if Deathscythe Hell had the spikes removed from its leg armor. Additionally, this version carries the beam scissors, but they feature a pair of panels surrounding the beam emitter, removing the lion's head image that the original possessed.


Okawara: Out of all the Wing Gundams, Heavyarms probably benefited the most from the Universal Century elements of Okawara's style. Originally, Trowa's machine was to have a clownish motif and use flamethrowers, but its concept was changed to one of the American military, which lead to its current design. Heavyarms sports a blocky frame that hints at its nickname, the Walking Powder Magazine. This Gundam carries a large arsenal of ranged weapons, possibly because it was originally intended for the real Trowa Barton, who wouldn't have to worry about buying ammunition. Heavyarms' main weapon is a beam Gatling gun with an affixed shield that mounts over its left hand and can be dropped to reduce weight after expending all its energy. Additionally, the cockpit was lowered into the stomach area so that the upper chest could accomodate a pair of Gatling guns. The shoulders each mounted three homing missiles, and the legs mounted a set of twelve-tube micromissile launchers. Heavyarms' only melee weapon was a heated army knife mounted on its right arm, which was attached by a hinge so that it could fold back for storage. Filling out the weapons list is a standard set of head vulcans and shoulder machinecannons.

Katoki: Like Deathscyhte, Heavyarms appears in Endless Waltz but is animated identically to its upgrade. When Katoki got made a sketch of his interpretation of the original Heavyarms, he made it almost identical to his own Heavyarms Kai. The biggest difference is the fact that Katoki's Heavyarms is painted in a red, orange, white and yellow paint scheme very similar to Okawara's version. It terms of weaponry, the only big change is that Katoki's Heavyarms carries a single large Gatling gun, which is belt-fed from an ammo drum mounted on its backpack. Otherwise, this Gundam is identical to Katoki's version of Heavyarms Kai.

Tokita: Just like its brothers, Heavyarms received another adaptation at the hands of the wacky Koichi Tokita. However, his version is even less altered than Katoki's. Tokita's Heavyarms is identical to Katoki's Heavyarms Kai, except for the fact that it uses the beam Gatling from Okawara's Heavyarms, with the shield recolored to the same somber blue as the rest of the Gundam.


Ishigaki: Unlike the other Gundams, Shenlong got a fourth redesign at the hands of mechanical designer Junya Ishigaki, who also designed the Maganacs for the TV series and the Scorpio for Battlefield of Pacifists. Another reason this design is unique is because it was intended to exist in concert with Okawara's Shenlong rather than replacing it. Ishigaki's Shenlong represents the Gundam when it was still an incomplete design. At that stage in its development, Shenlong had absolutely no weapons. This version is also known as the Prototype Shenlong, or Proto-Shenlong.

Okawara: Perhaps it's appropriate that Gundam Wing came immediately after G-Gundam, since both series include dragon-themed Gundams. In his design notes, Okawara even admits that he still had Dragon Gundam on his mind when he conceptualized Shenlong. Wu Fei's Gundam is noteworthy for having an overall design reminescent of the armor worn by ancient Chinese warriors. Shenlong's most distinctive feature was its right arm, which could fold down into a 150-meter-long grasping claw called the dragon fang. In addition to being a ranged melee weapon, the dragon fang mounted a pair of flamethrowers for anti-personnel attacks. Its primary melee weapon was a beam glaive, a polearm that generated a short beam blade and was occasionally used as a javelin. Shenlong's weapons loadout also included head vulcans and a shield that Wu Fei sometimes used as a discus-like throwing weapon.

Katoki: Just like the others, Katoki's redesigned version of Shenlong was based heavily off of his version of its upgrade, Altron. The basic body was identical except that it was given a paint scheme like Okawara's version. The dragon fang was essentially the same as the one used by Okawara's Shenlong except that it was as large as the dragon fangs on Katoki's Altron and featured a more complex set of fangs. The beam glaive was replaced with a beam trident, and the shield received a Katoki-style redesign.

Tokita: Joining the assortment for the Endless Waltz Manga is Tokita's version of Shenlong. Like his other revisions, this draws heavily from Katoki's version of the upgrade. Tokita's Shenlong is actually identical to Katoki's Altron except for the paint scheme and the fact that it only has a dragon fang on its left arm. Katoki also gave his Shenlong a beam trident and the same shield as Okawara's Shenlong.


Okwara: Oddly enough, the original concept for Sandrock was almost identical to the current version of Shenlong, except that Sandrock always had the heat shotels and its arm-mounted claw weapon was modelled after an eagle and not a dragon. In its final design, Sandrock sported a look that seemed more closely related to Roman armor than anything of the Middle East. Its main weapons are a pair of heat shotels, modelled after Ethiopian swords which were intended to reach around an opponent's shield. Sandrock also has head vulcans, but in lieu of machinecannons it mounts a single homing missile in each shoulder. The shield mounts a pair of shield flashers, high-power lamps used to blind enemies, and can be combined with the backpack and shotels to make a crushing pincer called the Cross Crusher.

Katoki: Like Deathscythe and Heavyarms, Katoki's version of Sandrock Kai stood in for its predecessor in the Endless Waltz animation. When he made a more complete version of Sandrock, Katoki made minor alterations to the shoulders, chest and skirt armor, as well as giving it a paint scheme consisting mostly of white with blue-gray and gold touches. Katoki's Sandrock retained the oversized heat shotels and hyper jammers of its upgrade, as well as gaining a shield that combined aspects of the shields used by Okawara's Sandrock and Katoki's Sandrock Kai.

Tokita: Once more, Koichi Tokita made his own version of Sandrock for the Endless Waltz manga. However, his interpretation of Sandrock was almost totally identical to Katoki's Sandrock Kai. The only differences are the fact that she shield lacks the large spikes, and the hyper jammers are replaced with homing missiles borrowed from Okawara's Sandrock.


Okawara: In its earliest stages, Wing was a more traditional, orthodox Gundam; it used a standard beam rifle instead of the buster rifle, had two beam sabers mounted in its backpack and lacked the ability to transform. Very quickly, Wing's design was retooled and became the version everyone is familiar with. Wing's basic design was overall very basic except for its ability to transform into Bird Mode. Its primary weapon is the now-famous buster rifle, which is a WMD in and of itself, but was limited to only three shots before needing to be recharged. Wing's other weapons include the basic vulcans and machinecannons, as well as a beam saber stored in a break-away compartment inside its shield, which was occasionally used for punching attacks in and of itself.

Katoki: When compared to the other four Early Type Gundams, Wing seems the most radically changed, and for an obvious reason: the most distinctive features of Katoki's Wing Zero, the giant angel wings, were removed. Instead, Katoki gave his version of Wing large wings that were painted in an elaborate, stained glass-like pattern. Otherwise, the basic body was almost identical to Katoki's Wing Zero, except that it was given a brighter paint scheme of blue, red, yellow and white. the fins on the forearms were replaced with small claw-like impliments. Another important change was the buster rifle, which now mounted a coverplate that went over the Gundam's head in Bird Mode. The rifle could also eject the energy packs and replace them with fresh ones from the storage racks mounted on the forearms, which also functioned as landing gear in Bide Mode. Wing's shield was also redesigned, mounting the beam saber on the inside of having the break-open design. Though Katoki's wing lacked the head vulcans, it kept the machinecannons from Katoki's Wing Zero. Bird Mode was formed almost the same as Okawara's version, except that the legs no longer rotated around and the backpack slid downwards to accomodate the shield.

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Latin, anyone?

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Vivamus ut pede et ante congue molestie. Suspendisse potenti. Vestibulum ante ipsum primis in faucibus orci luctus et ultrices posuere cubilia Curae; Aliquam erat volutpat. Donec aliquet fermentum nisi. Quisque libero purus, eleifend blandit, semper in, interdum laoreet, lacus. Maecenas quis augue sit amet nibh ullamcorper dictum. Sed sodales. Integer eu nulla. Etiam nec nibh non mi lobortis tempus. Aliquam venenatis mi sit amet pede.

Praesent ullamcorper, nisi sed rutrum blandit, nibh felis vulputate elit, in pellentesque nisi urna a eros. Fusce nibh diam, rhoncus nec, consectetuer semper, placerat vitae, elit. Suspendisse dui. Mauris vitae diam ut felis venenatis tempus. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit. Pellentesque vitae lorem. Integer aliquet mi eu massa. Vestibulum vel dui. Pellentesque bibendum. Integer nisi.

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Tips: 0.00 INK Postby miyumi on Fri Feb 03, 2006 8:49 pm

what the fudge? What's with the latin?

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Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Remæus on Fri Feb 03, 2006 9:29 pm

I warned you, random drop. I'm just using this as a pastebin for now.

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