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[Kelante] - Raven

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[Kelante] - Raven

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Thanatos on Mon Apr 02, 2007 6:47 am

Name: Raven Windfall

Age: 450 (Which i believe should be in her late teens?)

Height: 5'10"

Physical appearance:

Raven is a slender young girl with a curvacious body and fairly light muscle. Her physical strength does not equal that of the males her age but surpasses her female equals. Her chest is large for one of her age and she often binds it to herself beneath her bodices and robes. Her light weight coupled with her height and her long legs allow her to move quickly and swiftly. She has a particually straight posture with her shoulders always lax and her head held high, as if better to show off her long neck.

The skin of her face is quite pale in contrast to the pitch black of her hair, the reason her parents named her Raven at birth. Her hair falls in long ringlets down her back when she allows it to fall freely, often though her hair is plaitted into tails and bound about her head like a crown. More remarkable than her first initial appearance is her piercing glance. Her eyes seem almost black until the twilight hits them and they appear to glow violet due to her elven ancenstry.

Her usual attire consists of many shades of cream, as befits her status in her village. She wears a long cream robe with a floor length cream hooded cloak which fasten near her neck with a cream silk tie. Her robes have red patterns sewn into them giving an appearance of plant tendrils working their way up from the hem of her robes, just above her bare feet. Whilst training, however, and when pursuing her own endeavours Raven is seen often in a crimson red bodice and a black skirt which covers only her front and back leaving her legs revealed all the way to the hip. Black flat boots are beneath the skirt, designed to protect her feet and allow easy movement across any terrain.


When attired in her robes Raven is not permitted to carry any weapons unless in aid of healing, so when dressed thus a small jewelled dagger is strapped to her ankle.

When training in weaponry Raven favours the bow. Her bow is hung across her back, a beautiful oak bow with silver veining the wood. The bow was a gift to her, and Raven is completely clueless as to how the silver had been weaved within the carved bow. The quiver that hangs at her right hip is black and red, again veined with silver and the arrow shafts are red with a soft silver material at the end of the shaft. For more practical close range fighting Raven keeps a short sword with a slight curve which hangs in a sheath secured at her back by her waistline. The sword is very plain and hangs in a plain brown sheath.

Abilities: Raven is a competent with a sword and trains often to hone her skills. Her skills with a bow come naturally and she is able to take down any given target from a great distance and at a great speed.

Although she has never trained among sorcerers she has some healing magics among a few that have gathered together in her village to aid their injured raiders.


Raven is a very calm and caring person accustomed to working under pressure in extreme circumstances. She is very resourceful and can hold her temper very well. However, when fighting her personality seems to mirror that of normality. She is merciless and vicious and doesn't hesitate to injure or kill those who would pose a threat to her village. For a person who has healed many and seen the wounds caused by battle, she is not put off from partaking in battle herself.


Raven was barely out of childhood when her parents discovered her hidden abilities. Raven had mended her younger brothers broken arm after a fall from a tree. Although not as strong in magics as one trained among sorcerers Raven joined the ranks of healers in her village and often accompanied them on raids to surrounding villages. The village began as an encampment of homeless hidden deep within the woods on the outskirts of Kelante, as the homeless gathered here discovered ways to cloak their presence here a village of homeless raiders was formed and now live comfortably hidden from those wishing them ill.

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Tips: 0.00 INK Postby SWAT-Calibur on Tue Apr 03, 2007 12:35 am

((Is this for a fantasy, such a elves and such?))

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Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Thanatos on Tue Apr 03, 2007 4:41 am

Well the roleplay Raven was designed for is Saladin's and it is in 'everything else'. Although i suppose like most roleplays it does have some elements of fantasy to it. He's allowed us to be a little creative with some of the typical fantasy races.

Why do you ask?

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