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READ FIRST!Backstory for the Gundam W RP - The War of AC 199

a topic in Gundam Wing: Continuing Legend, a part of the RPG forum.

Original GWing Storyline, now AC 202.

READ FIRST!Backstory for the Gundam W RP - The War of AC 199

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby FutureKiyoshi on Mon Dec 05, 2005 7:40 pm

It was in AC 199 that war returned to the Earth Sphere. After the return to arms in the form of Mobile Suits, tension grew between Earth and Space once more. As with any War, the War of AC 199 was costly. The lives of not only innocent civilians, but also of great warriors blinked out of existence. This is of course inevitable in any war, but none the less, disheartening.

The war was fought between several different factions. Many of these factions would not stay in existence long. Either they were overthrown, defeated, or consumed by other stronger Factions. However, there were three major Factions that fought the final battle that would close out the War of AC 199 in March of that year. They were the Trinity Alliance, the FRE Faction, and the Followers of Lowe.

The Trinity Alliance composed of three organizations. One was the mighty }{ell’s Gundams. The }{G had existed during the wars that took place in the years of AC 195 and 196, and had fought a fierce battle against a rebel organization existing in an orbit around Mars, but soon afterwards had disbanded. When Earth had once again become a threat to the Colonies with the fact that a new Gundam being built, members of the old }{G returned one way or another. A man by the name of Sin had taken control of the team and instated it’s former members as leaders of the separate colony clusters, however this did not last. Kaden, son of the Derek the former second Leader of the }{G, went off on his own with Kiyoshi, a senior member of the }{G, and Zhelir to form the }{G separate from Sin’s control, as well as making their base of operations on MO-V.

Another was the Defenders, a rebel organization from Earth. The Defenders did not believe in the ideals that had been presented by the many Earth governments, nor did they want to risk the chance of the Colonies attacking the home that they loved. Thus, the Defenders went into space and began to start small rebel operations. Zach was one of the two leaders of the Defenders, as well as the pilot of their Gundam mobile suit, “Epiphany”. After a successful cyber-terrorism attack on the colonies, which resulted in Kiyoshi capturing one of their members on L3 Auxiliary Prime (Prior to going with teaming up with Kaden), a semi alliance was formed between Kiyoshi and the Defenders. This resulted in the L3 Defense Force, a small team led by Commander Han Richards, to eventually become part of the Defenders.

The other was an organization led by Val known as the Caligo Umbra. The Caligo Umbra primarily composed of former soldiers of the White Fang faction. Stationed on Earth, Val originally attempted to form an alliance with a man by the name of Jyotika who had quickly taken over the Asian continent. However, after certain incidents, Val shifted his allegiance from the evil Jyotika, to the Defenders and the L3 Defense Force.

These three would eventually come together to form the Trinity Alliance. Their goals were to bring peace to both Earth and Space, but with a goal of this nature, they faced heavy opposition.

The FRE Faction grew within the L3 Colony Cluster after Kiyoshi had left, giving up his leadership role over the cluster. Their new leader, Lord Raphael Winson began to influence L3 to become a strong military power, even compared to Sin’s over L1 and the majority of the colonies. The FRE Faction viewed the Earth as a sacred place that needed to be purified, which was based on the views of the FRE Foundation that had existed before it (circa AC 177-195). One of their plans was to try and succeed with a failed project that had resulted in the creation of the super soldier, Kiyoshi Kazami. However, it is unknown whether this plan was ever implemented or not.

Blace Lowe was the third major player within the last few battles of AC 199. A mysterious man who’s influence lasted long after his death. In one quick sweep, with the aide of a rebuilt/redesigned Tallgeese II, Blace Lowe quickly took over Australia. Australia was, at this time, considered part of the Asian continent, and thus under the rule of Jyotika. Jyotika had occupied the Sanc Kingdom at this time, which made him some what vulnerable on the Australian continent. Because of this, Jyotika withdrew his troops from the Sanc Kingdom, and began to prepare for an assault to reclaim his land. Blace Lowe would not be part of this assault because his death came sooner than later. Kaden, feeling a need to stop Blace, left off in the Gundam Deathscythe X. The two warriors fought to the death. This event was the first great loss in the War of AC 199. However, even without their leader, the Followers of Lowe continued on with what they believed their leader would want, which would eventually come to be a superior unification of the majority of the Earth nations.

As I noted, Jyotika had planned an assault against the Followers of Lowe. This Assault lasted a brutal four months. This battle, known as the Battle of the Pacific Nations, is what led to the Trinity Alliance forming. The }{G, now led by Kiyoshi, the Defenders, and the Caligo Umbra, tried to take this opportunity to kill two birds with one stone, but disaster struck in the last days of the battle. The Followers of Lowe had made a deal with the FRE Faction in space. The FRE had gained large support within the colonies, and soon had control over L4. After evacuating L3 Prime, which had been damaged during an attack made by the }{G against the FRE Faction early in the war, the FRE Faction dropped the colony onto Asia. The force was estimated to be around 60,000 megatons, destroying a tenth of Asia. Jyotika then, presumably either died, or went into hiding.

With this Colony Drop from the FRE Faction and the Followers of Lowe now also heading into space, the Trinity Alliance leaders (Kiyoshi, Zach, and Val), decided that their fight must also go into space. Thus, the last of the war began. The Trinity Alliance’s had few advantages. One was the fact that they had Gundam type mobile suits. Kiyoshi piloted the Gundam Iness Hell, Val in the Gundam Hyperion, and Zach in his Epiphany. The other was the superior skilled pilots. Commander Han Richards, even though he had suffered major injuries from a battle with Blace Lowe, eventually returned to the cockpit of a mobile suit, and with his many years of combat piloting (both as a fighter pilot and mobile suit pilot), his two Ensigns, Eota Mars and Bace Rynolds, and Zhelir, who piloted a rebuilt Mercurius, were all more than capable of handling almost any threat that was thrown at them.

The FRE and Followers of Lowes however had shear numbers. The few pilots of the Trinity Alliance had problems of becoming exhausted, but they persevered. On December 17th, AC 199 the war would come to an end in one final battle. The Battle of Heaven’s Light was brought to an end thanks to the efforts of the Preventers organization.

Both sides had become several weak, and after the loss of Kiyoshi (presumed dead at this point) in the Battle of Heaven’s Light, a cease fire was signed. Soon after, the }{G would disband once again because the team had lost the Mind (Kaden) and the Heart (Kiyoshi). However, the Trinity Alliance stayed a trinity. The L3 Defense Force separated themselves from the Defenders once more, taking up residence on the Pegasus, the former warship of the }{G.

The FRE Faction had mostly let the Followers of Lowe fight on the front lines. The majority of the losses belonged to the Followers of Lowe, losing so many members the organization became non existence. There were only a few high ranked members of the Followers of Lowe that attended the peace treaty signing. The Treaty of Paris AC 199 was signed on December 18th, one day exactly to the hour, of the last battle, between the Trinity Alliance, the FRE Faction, as well as the Preventers.

Even though this was signed, fighting has continued off and on for the last three years…
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Tips: 0.00 INK Postby FutureKiyoshi on Mon Dec 05, 2005 10:15 pm

Kiyoshi Kazami- During the final battle "The Battle of Heaven's Light" Kiyoshi fights Commander Harrison of the FRE Faction using Cloud's old Gundam Iness Hell. The battle is long and difficult but Kiyoshi does manage to beat Harrison. The Iness Hell is badly damaged and most of it's systems begin to fail (partly from the battle, another reason being from the rushed job to get the Gundam in service again), pulled into Earth's gravity well, most of the mobile suit is destroyed from the ride through the atmosphere. Later the remains were located by the Trinity Alliance in the North American desert. The suit was near completly destroyed, though no body of the pilot was found. The Trinity Alliance issued a statement that Kiyoshi Kazami died in the Battle of Heaven's Light.

Commander Han Richards - Unable to pilot a mobile suit for most of the remainder of the war, Han took the job as Acting Captain on the Pegasus. This allowed Kiyoshi to be more focused on giving orders to the mobile suit teams within the battle. Though, during the Battle of Heaven's Light, Han did return to pilot the recovered Tallgeese II that had been upgraded on the Pegasus. After the battle was over and won, Han Richards was made Captain of the new warship Rysen.

Ensign Eota Mars and Ensign Base Rynolds - Eota and Base piloted the two Gundam Cygnus units in the last battle of the War of AC 199. Becoming skilled pilots, they were advanced to the rank of Leutinant. The two joined up with Captain Han when he formed the Vangaurd Prime (named after their former home L3 Prime), to be the third leg of the Trinity Alliance after the }{G disbanded.

Stacy Matta - Stacy Matta became part of the group of mechanics to help service and/or design the mobile suits for the Trinity Alliance. After the war, she also joined the Vangaurd Prime.

Lisa Nichruen - Married Han soon after the war was over and had his child, Aaron Richards. The two live happilly on the Rysen after the war is over.

L3 Defense Force - The L3 Defense Force was renamed the Vangaurd Prime, and became active in trying to prevent or sabotage any FRE Faction actions within the Earth sphere. Captain Han Richards is the leader of the small group, which is considered to be space pirates.

Lord Raphael Winson - Controlling not only L3 but now the L4 colony clusters at the end of the war, Winson hoped to spread his power and ideology through out the rest of the colonies. He has found it difficult to gain power in L1 and L2, but is slowly gaining support within L5.
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Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Karaudu on Mon Dec 05, 2005 10:25 pm

As the year AC 199 drew to a close a political figure in the spirit of Heero Yuy the pacifist martyr stepped upon the stage that we call the Earth Sphere. This man was known as Fujii Griffon. He gave a speech that shook the world, but still no less made no major impact as the dice had been cast and there were too few who wanted peace his way. His speech went as follows.

"Today on December 24 AC 199, this Christmas Eve as snow graces our lands across the world, and we have cheer and merriment with our fellow man I come to make a single request much like the age old Christmas wish that had been passed down generations ago. "Peace and Goodwill toward Man." it goes, but where is our peace and goodwill? We fight and kill each other constantly on the battlefield, Our brothers spill blood, families are broken, and land destroyed beyond repair. And for what? So one group of men can shout unto the heavens they are the victor? What are they even victorious over? Stone and brick, because when we fight that is all that will be left. We as mankind must stop the the fighting now or there will be nothing left to live with. All that's left are broken hearts and dreams when war is over. No soldier comes home without his heart turned, and darkened. Husbands leave their homes with cheer in their hearts hoping for safe return, and come back not who they were but bloodstained and hollow inside.

I beg of the Trinity Alliance to cooperate, and make peace with the FRE to lay down arms, and begin a true age of peace. Where no man must die for their country, but rather live for it, and build it up to new heights! Think of our children's future and their world. With fighting it is only darkness, with peace it is but a glorious blazing torch everlasting!

Thank you my fellow man for giving me this time to speak for our better. I Fujii Griffon will never give up in my quest for peace. I guarantee this too you the people of the Earth Sphere."

Since then Mr. Griffon had begun his campaign using his own vast fortune for the better of mankind and peace. His corporation the GaiaZ Technology Corp as well giving their full support to this ideal.

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Tips: 0.00 INK Postby SSJHunterKiller on Mon Dec 19, 2005 1:10 am

Val He will end up becoming more cold towards people in general, save for maybe 2 or 3 and will spend almost every waking hour training to become a better fighter and pilot. He also develops a sever hatred for the FRE-Faction as a result of them dropping the colony. As Val hates the pointless sacrifice of soldiers and especially civilians, he took this as a person insult.

Takimi She will have learned to accept her freedom as a gift and not something new a frightening. She'll have finally adapted to a "normal" life during that time and has become the mother of Val's daughter, Kei who is around two years old now. Takimi, though originally reluctant to let Val go back to war, began supporting him once the colony had been dropped on her original home.

James Having finally finished construction of the Hyperion, James continued to work with the Trinity Alliance for a while then took a job working at Einhardt R&D working on the new models of Mobile Suits that were planned on being put into commission after it was decided that the older Leo, Aries and Taurus models were outdated.

Lina Lina ends up having a broken heart when she learns that Val and Takimi ending up together while she was in space with the Defenders. After burying herself under work she finally finds love in the arms of James Raynor. The two end up being married and Lina currently works with James at Einhardt R&D.

Zel Seeing as I only used him twice, will have died when the colony was dropped as he was in Asia keeping track of things (Well that's where he was supposed to be, but I never got around to putting him there, as seeing as I only used him twice, I see no reason to keep him around. So, sorry Zel, but you're officially dead).

Edward Hoffman Edward took control of the troops that were under Blace Lowe and formed the Blace Lowe Faction, a group dedicated to making Blace Lowe's dream com true. After being bused further and further away by the Trinity Alliance, Edward struck a deal with FRE and moved into Space, which was the trigger that sent the Trinity Alliance into space and began "The Battle of Heaven's Light". Edward thinks everything through as number and rarely sees people as people, but more of statstics.

John Second in command of the Black Lowe Faction, John serves as anchor that keeps Edward tied down to Earth, or wherever they may be.

Jyotika After Blace Lowe took up arms in Australia, Jyotika was forced to pull his troops out of Sanc Kingdom and return to Asia. What followed was four brutal months of fighting that didn't end until Kaden fought the final battle with Blace. Despite the power Jyotika still had, he decided to retreat and let things work their course until he was ready to make his move. His whereabouts are unknown since the Colony crashed on Asia, some believe him dead, other believe him still in hiding. But if the later is true, Jyotika still has a sizable force with him and a grudge against Val Thrall.

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