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a topic in SSJHunterKiller's Naruto RPG, a part of the RPG forum.

Contains RP within the Naruto Universe


Tips: 0.00 INK Postby SSJHunterKiller on Mon Sep 24, 2007 1:44 pm

Hello there everyone. I'm going to be posting the "rules" of the Naruto Universe here. I've put rule in quotations because these are not so much rules as they are guidelines for character creation and the status of the villages.

For character creation.

1. No more bloodline traits unless oked by me first. Any character bios that have a bloodline trait that hasn't been given approval will be edited or deleted.
2. Akatsuki members need be run by me as well. I'm all for having people RP as existing or new Akatsuki members, but if this isn't controlled, we'll have nothing but Akatsuki members running around. As of right now there is 1 of the 10 slots for Akatsuki open. Someone is welcome to fill it, but remember, Akatsuki is a criminal organization that has ties to no village. Becoming a member means you will be hunted by almost all of the players that are not Akatsuki, and all the members that are in Akatsuki have done something completely and utterly unforgivable by their home village and the rest of society.

For the Villages.

1. Unless you are from the Shadow Village or have a Shadow Village ninja take you there of their own free will, YOU CAN NOT FIND THE SHADOW VILLAGE. And you can not make up a Shadow Ninja NPC just to take you there.

2. All of the villages are at sort of an uneasy truce right now. The Shadow Village has ties to every other Shinobi Village because each village had sent ninja there as children there (see bottom of this post), but that does not mean they are allies. The Shadow Village is only truly allies with Sand and Konoha.

3. Konoha is still the most powerful of the Shinobi Villages with the most amount of Ninja. Shadow is the smallest and least powerful of the villages with the least amount of Ninja, which is why we hide the village.

Shadow Village History.

Sorry I didn't post this sooner, I thought I had it somewhere, but it was brought to my attention that I hadn't, so I'm posting it here.
Towards the end of the Great Shinobi War, the leaders of all the Villages started secretly talking about what would happen after the end of the war. And they came to the conclusion that unless all the nations were together as one, eventually there would be another war for control of the world. So their idea was to build another Shinobi Village, one where all of the nations had equal influence and Ninja from every Ninja Village could be raised together as one family, a group that wasn't separated by boarders and stereotypes. So the Village Hidden in the Shadows was founded. Each nation sent babies and children to this new village to be raised and trained together, along with Chuunin and Jounin to teach the children the ways of the ninja. Once the children had been trained, they came to a conclusion of their own, that this plan would never work and that sooner or later, one of the Kage's would try to use the Shadow Village against the other nations. So the children banished their teachers from the village, some by force others left willingly and the children, some adults now, were left on their own. Using techniques that they had been taught, as well as some of the techniques that they had invented, the managed to cloak their village in shadows so effectively that a person could walk right by the village and not notice it unless they already knew it was there. After hearing of the fate of the Shadow Village, the Kages blanked the minds of all the teachers that had been sent there, as well as the minds of those that knew the location of the village besides themselves. Currently the location of the Hidden Shadow Village is know to the Kages, Orochimaru and Jiraiya.

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