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Realism: The Worldwide Release (An open world, group RP)

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Realism: The Worldwide Release (An open world, group RP)

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Viante on Sat Oct 08, 2016 9:15 pm

For starters, I will introduce myself. I am Viante, a college student seeking a degree in psychology. (Hello! :) )I've been RPing for several years and have been a GM for the majority of that time. This will be the fourth time I run this RP, I've been building it up over the last several years with each time I've run it and it has become a big and in-depth world.

While the world may be complex it is open to both new RPers and experienced RPers. The world can accommodate most RP styles and experience levels. The world detail and complexity is there for those who want it but it is also possible to just make a character, jump in, and go knowing little to nothing about the world. You can just as easily figure it out along the way.

We need at least 2 more interested players to start this up. Any amount of people can join, but I want at least 4 RPers to begin the RP. I already have 2 people who are interested, so we just need two more and with that I will create the forum and get everything set up.

Also, if the RP has already started and you happen to stumble across this wherever it may be buried, don't worry, you can still join. The RP is set up in a way that makes it easy for people to jump in at any time. As people complete the plots already made I'll make more, so there will always be something to do.


The Plot

A groundbreaking game is being released worldwide. This game, called Realism, is said to be the first true virtual reality game. Not only that, it holds the claim of also being an absolutely perfect virtual world, they say you can't even tell the difference between the game and the real world. Other then the fact that magic and monsters exist within the game world. So naturally, people worldwide are lined up to play on the very first day it comes out.

But, this game is not the game it was advertised to be. There's no 'health bar' or 'stats' here, everything is real nothing is even remotely like a game. They were right about one thing, if you didn't know you where in a game you would have no idea it wasn't the real world. It really was a perfect virtual reality world, too perfect.

They left out a couple important details when advertising Realism. This 'game' was never intended to be a game at all, it was advertised as a game to draw everyone in. In actuality, Realism was meant to be a replacement for the real world, made by a father trying to save his dying son. When people enter the pod to play what they think is a game, their actual body is transported into the game world, and they have no way of getting back out. Because it wasn't meant to be a game, there is no "respawning" if you die you're gone. There is one method for bringing the dead back to life, a fail-safe hidden deep with the game, however it is buried so deep within the most difficult dungeon in the game that the chances of anyone beating that dungeon to bring you back are slim to none. For every one person that dungeon brings back, at least ten more probably died in it trying to bring one of their lost loved ones back.

The game's darker nature comes out even further when a few days after the initial release, when one by one everyone in the real world who didn't play the game begins disappearing, and they too are beginning to appear in Realism with no knowledge that they are no longer in the real world.

Everyone who is thrust into this new world is thrown in there with nothing but the clothes on their backs and whatever they had on them before playing the "game." They will face monsters, and they have nothing to defend themselves with. The first hurdle they must overcome is surviving their first few days, the monsters do not care if you are unarmed. The second hurdle they must overcome will come after that, when they realize there is no way back to the real world, and they are hit with the fact that they have just lost everything, and everyone they left behind. Everything you owned, is gone, all the people you love, you will probably never see again. And after they come to terms with that, they have a third hurdle, starting a new life here and figuring out what to do with themselves now. As the RP progresses, the players will realize that they can now learn magic, and their bodies are growing stronger at an alarmingly fast rate. They can surpass regular human limitations now, gaining inhuman strength, speed, and other feats. The players may start off as ordinary humans, but they become much more powerful in time.

Alternative to that plot, you are also allowed to play as a beta tester. The beta testers are exactly the same as the new players, and they went through the same ordeal, but their ordeal was harder because no cities or factions existed to protect them. They had to survive off the land, and had to build civilization themselves. But they did all that six months ago, they are now at or almost at their full power (The same power the new players will attain in time). This option is for those who want to skip the rough beginning and jump straight into faction-issues, difficult plots, and harder missions.

A third option is playing as a native to the world of Realism. The Elves, Fairies, Dwarves, and other monsters/races. They can range anywhere from being as strong as a new player to being as strong as a beta tester, and they have lived their entire lives in this world. Heck, so have hundreds of generations of their ancestors. Humans did not exist in this world until two years ago when 4 humans appeared and began killing everything. Then six months ago a couple thousand more appeared and they too began just murdering everything/everyone, using the excuse "It's just a game, you're not real." None of the races in this world took kindly to that. However, the humans did build cities and stopped their mass killing, and many of them began to respect the other races and apologized for their previous behavior (and some didn't). Then the humans began fighting and killing each other. Then suddenly thousands of more humans just appeared out of nowhere just now and the new humans began killing everything again claiming "It's just a game, none of you are real." yet again. - The short version, longer/detailed version coming later.

I recommend playing as a new player first, since the RP is built specifically for the new player experience.

The RP itself

While that above is the overarching plot, the RP itself is much bigger then that. There is a big world to explore and a lot of things to do beyond just trying to survive. Once in the world it is an open world setting, meaning you can go anywhere and do whatever you want to do, you can group up with other players, or choose not to. There's many sub-plots going on within the world and which ones (if any) you get involved in are up to you. There are three primary factions, each with their own morally gray way of handling things, you choose which one (if any) you wish to align yourself with.

The world even has it's own political controversies. One of which being the treatment of the non-human races in Realism. It would appear that the non-human creatures of are fully sentient and alive, but this world is supposed to be a virtual game world so wouldn't that imply that they are all nothing more then complex AI? Some people argue that because the non-humans appear to be sentient and alive that killing or mistreating them for any reason other then self-defense is wrong. Others argue that this is just a game, that they are just AI and any appearances of sentience, emotions, and life are fake. Those people say it is perfectly okay to kill, enslave, or do whatever you want to non-humans. Some people even question if this world really is a virtual world or if they were just sent to a real world in a different universe or something. Other people have not yet given up hope of returning to the "real world" and still search for ways to go back. Many people search for answers as to why this game was made in the first place. And on top of all that, there are some unsettling things in this world, things that just don't seem right. There's a lot of things that are being covered up by the world leaders, what are they hiding?

In short, I've built this big and complex world and you as a player will create a character and see how this character reacts to this world. See how well they survive, what/who they become. The world is deep and there's a lot to dig into, where you dig and how deep is up to you.


If you are worried that the fighting may be too complicated, don't worry! Not only will I help you if writing in this style of fighting is difficult or confusing there also is no real need to take on fights that are too tough. There's always an option to run away, to bring a friend or friends (Or bring one of the 50-something background characters), or ask me for advice. The RP is primarily Player vs GM, player vs player fights are allowed but they never really happen because there isn't really anything to gain from them. It is better to work together with other players rather then try to kill them.

This RP uses a combat style that I made up (Although I've been told it is similar to T2? Or something?). Combat is technically turn based but slightly different. Each "turn" everyone in the battle posts once and your character is allowed to make as many moves as they can within 3 seconds. That is, 3 seconds in RP time, take as long as you need to type up your post. There's not a lot that can be done in three seconds, I typically say they can make 2-3 moves. That includes any time/moves spent dodging/blocking your opponent's attacks, and includes things such as moving closer to strike them. That means, if you spend 2/3 of your seconds blocking and dodging, and your opponent is not within striking distance, you can't attack them back unless you jump at them or something, but that never ends well. You need to think, and plan your moves out carefully. Depending on what you are fighting combat can be very challenging (It can also be very easy, if you only prey upon weak foes. Your choice)

Auto-hitting is not allowed, and if you dodge an attack you must explain how it was dodged (and it must be reasonable and possible). So the fight plays out almost like a game of chess, with each character trying to put their opponent in a situation where they can't dodge or block.

Side Notes

The RP can accommodate a lot of different play styles, but it is meant to be an adventure RP. Your character could stay in a city and never leave, it's possible, but I'm going to eventually run out of things for them to do. So try bringing in characters who at least is okay with adventuring outside the city walls once in a while.

This is not a power fantasy RP, even at their strongest the player characters are only stronger then half the monsters in this RP. The other half will be more powerful then you, but this does not mean you can't beat them. Part of the fun here is the tough battles that challenge you and get you, as the RPer, to really think about how you will win this.

Despite what many people think after reading all this. Character death actually uncommon, I'm not a cruel GM and I refrain from killing characters unless they do something really stupid. (Like, that one guy who thought he could fight an entire army by himself. After numerous warnings what it was a bad idea, he still insisted he could do it. He took 2 soldiers down with him, out of about a hundred. They are soldiers, not kittens, they are skilled and powerful fighters.)

This role play is in a modern setting, but has fantasy elements such as magic monsters and things like that. There are small hints of sci-fi elements in it as well, such as holographic maps and interfaces, some places/factions do have some slightly futuristic equipment. But nothing too futuristic. There are guns but the way guns work in here is tweaked a little to balance them out with swords, bows and such. The game world is molded by the players in it. So government and all that is setup however the person who claimed the area chooses, most of the world is controlled by the three main factions.

The players can travel in one big group, can split into several small groups, or even go solo. I'll try to make sure everyone has something for their character to do. I GM the monsters and various background characters, so I can make sure people always have something to do. I do however try to push players together based on how often they post and the general strength of their characters. (Unless asked not to.)

Just like in the real world, the more you do something the better you get. If you run a lot, you'll get faster, if you lift heavy things a lot, or use heavy weapons, you get stronger. Exactly like the real world, only much faster. Lifting weights for a day in Realism, is equal to lifting weights for a week in the real world. So if you spend a week running from monsters, your body will react as if you had been running for 7 weeks, and you'll end up being a little faster. So traits that would require years of training in the real world, can be accomplished in a few months in the game. And you are not limited by human limitations, you can become inhumanly strong/fast/etc. For your first few weeks in the world this happens even faster, at twice that rate.

I have a database for the RP. Put in color to draw attention. This database was a new addition to the previous RP and that RP had most of the information stored on the forum, so I only needed character, monster, and location information in the database. Because of that not everything is on the database yet, but I am slowly converting everything over. The database is just a reference for characters, monsters, and information. I am not experienced in coding so the site isn't pretty and is poorly coded, but it is useful.

*In the monster's section you will see "combat power". It'll be explained in more detail when I port that information over, but in short combat power is only an estimation of power. It means, if I had to rate the difficult of fighting this creature on a scale of 0 to 100 where would I put it. (A player/beta tester at their maximum potential ranks at 40-45 on that scale.)


I try to keep my rules short and simple, I'm rather laid back.

1) All the site rules still apply in my RP. Including the ones that say not to RP sexual content. Romance is fine, just fade to black or something when things go beyond that.
2) Overpowered characters are not allowed. (If your character is deemed overpowered, I will work with you to tone them down while trying to keep all the things that make them cool and unique. I'm good at that)
3) No auto-hitting or auto-succeeding in actions that effect other characters in combat.
4) If you dodge/block an attack, you must explain how, it must be reasonable and possible.
5) Do not control the actions of, or kill, another person's character without permission. (Including GM characters)
5.5) Self defense is a valid reason to kill. If you attack another player, you give them permission to kill you if they are capable of doing so.
6) If your character is a villain, do understand that the people of the world will react accordingly. World leaders and other powerful NPCs will target said villain if they cause too much trouble. That is their job after all. And villains do eventually have to lose otherwise there'd be no fun left for everyone else.

There's a lot more information, but I've already made a big wall of text so I'll stop there. If you have any questions feel free to ask and I'll answer as quickly as I can.

*Edit: Just had a thought, if you have a question post it here. I can not yet send PMs.

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