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Reconstruction after the Attack

a topic in Gundam Wing: Continuing Legend, a part of the RPG forum.

Original GWing Storyline, now AC 202.

Reconstruction after the Attack

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby MeiaGisborn on Wed Sep 28, 2005 12:08 pm

OOC: Decided to make a new topic to separate my thoughts and posts…meh sue me…>_>


A few tents have been constructed a few hours after the crash and it seemed as if the African leader wasted no time in beginning the reconstruction. The fences around the area were way up, keeping the media well out of the way, and even without them, the demand for answers by the reporters were drowned out by the construction going on at the site. A few helicopters were circling in the air, trying to get in on the works going on inside, but nothing could be seen because the site had its newly built mobile suits standing at various locations ready to bring down any planes, helicopters and aircrafts that had no authority to be very close.

Binta was sitting down in her newly built tent watching the news on TV, listening to the news on the radio and trying to listen to her advisors at the same time. She finally turned her head away from the TV which just finished reporting on the attacks on the African Nation, the suspicious events happening in the North American Nation, and the recent colony trouble. Sighing she turned off the radio as well and turned her full attention to her advisors.

"I’m all game for not letting the Colonies get away with their stunt, but the fact of the matter is, we never had much resources before and now have even less to attack with. The best way to smite the Colonies back is by showing that we can stand up again very fast. We will move on as if these attacks never happened. We can’t just act foolishly at this time.

Anyway, they seem to have developed some problems of their own and that might keep them busy and give us more time to plan something.

What’s the news on the man in the shuttle? I said I wanted him here pronto."

A few people exchanged looks, trying to figure out who was in charge of bringing the man to Binta. Cecilia shook her head in disappointment and spoke.

"He didn’t quite have such a good landing. It was a pain even just to get him out of there, because he was suffering from bruises and burns. Our medical teams are looking after h-"

Binta jumped up, interrupting Cecilia who took a step back because of the look on Binta’s face.

"WHO SAID I WANTED HIM TO BE WELL ENOUGH TO LIVE FOR MORE THAN A HOURS? Do the necessary, but I want to speak to him first before anything more is done. I don’t know who this guy is and as soon as he gets well he might be an enemy in our camp. Get him to me right NOW CECILIA!"

Once again Cecilia obliged with not a word. A few moments later, the man was brought in on a stretcher. Binta stood over the man on the stretcher and wasted no time and started questioning him.

"Who are you? Where do you come from? What is your business?"

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Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Aarkon on Fri Sep 30, 2005 5:19 pm

Aarkon laid in the stretcher as they carried him from Medical Bay to the tent in which Binta was located. He slowly sat up as much as he could using his elbow. His brow lifted; but his face was still covered in bandages; new ones being placed. This was around his fourth set of bandages within two or three days. He lost track of time.

"Aarkon Conner. I don't know really, Earth I assume. I am looking for a good pair of shoes, and I heard Africa was the best place to find them."

He gave a light smile and fell back into the stretcher, letting out a deep sigh; feeling the drugs they so happily gave him kick in. He closed his eyes, knowing he was getting glares from many people.

"Okay, wanna' know my story? I was kidnapped, strapped into a shuttle, and dropped onto your base. By who? I'm guessing a terrorist who resided on the Colonies, Hell, might even be the whole damn Colonies! But don't blame me, why would I want to be in a ship that would crash? I'm unstable, but not stupid."
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Tips: 0.00 INK Postby MeiaGisborn on Fri Sep 30, 2005 6:43 pm

Binta turned her head from the man and nodded at Cecilia. Cecilia came forward with a notepad and mumbled as she scribbled.

"Aarkon Conner…earth…kidnapped…colonies."

Binta turned back to the stretcher with a very firm look on her face.

"Aarkon is it? I don’t have time to waste, I don’t have time to joke and as you can see, this is neither the time, either the place, or the situation for you to bring your humor. Lets get down to it or you will be spending several days in pain and with no food…that is if you survive several days, in the state that you are in. Think wisely of your current situation before you answer my questions."

A chair was placed by one of her assistants in front of the stretcher and she took a sit. She thanked him and nodded at a few people who had appeared at the entrance of the tent to enter. They all found spots to stand or sit in the small tent and hear the stranger speak. Binta continued.

"Soo…why would the colonies or for that matter, anyone kidnap you?"

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Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Aarkon on Fri Sep 30, 2005 7:16 pm

Aarkon laughed gently at her threat. He would probably end up in another prison, though this time, it looked as if they'd let him die. He slowly opened his eyes and looked at the woman as she sat down beside him. He proped himself back up on his elbow and looked at her, his face serious; his lips thinned and his eyes slightly stiff.

"Why would they kidnap me? Well, I was actually a trained Mobile Suit pilot, and I knew an engineer. He helped me build a Mobile Suit more advanced than most, but before it was finished, he was assinated. In retaliation, I blew up a restruant, in which the assassin was eating. Then I was arrested. I fled to Earth, and was shot down. Did you hear about the North American Nation event? That was because of me. They wanted me that bad."

He sat up slowly on the stretcher and looked at her.

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Tips: 0.00 INK Postby MeiaGisborn on Sat Oct 01, 2005 10:48 am

Murmurs arose when Aarkon mentioned that he was a trained pilot. They were curious and excited, maybe this were their big break. Binta turned to look at them commanding silence and Cecilia cleared her throat to bring everyone back to attention. Binta eyed Aarkon for a minute, who was now looking intently at her. She then turned to Cecilia who had a wide smile on her face because she was proven right once again.

"Could you try to see if you can reach the North American Nation’s leader again? I think he might be able to confirm this person’s story."

Cecilia nodded and Binta turned back to the stretcher and stared at Aarkon in the same way he was staring at her.

"You might prove yourself useful here Mr. Connor. Maybe you won’t die here after all."

She said this with a wide smile that was uncommon to her and leaned back in her seat, waiting to see if Cecilia could bridge any contact with Mr. McCue.

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Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Aarkon on Sat Oct 01, 2005 1:38 pm

Aarkon noticed the change in moods once he mentioned that he was trained to pilot Mobile Suits. They must need a good pilot or two... Or maybe they just wanted one good one for a suicide mission. Didn't matter, he loved those kinds. They kind where you never truely knew if you were going to return to HQ...

He lifted a brow as she asked them to get in touch with North America's Leader... Was that one guy he fought with that person? He hoped not, he seemed a little, on the edge. He smiled at her last comment, looking deeply into her eyes with his one visible one.

"If I had a Credit every time a woman said that to me, I'd have my own Colony."

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Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Aarkon on Mon Oct 03, 2005 1:32 am

[Tanzania, African Nation]

The shuttle’s speed began to slow down; they had to land in the next city over, closest to Lake Victoria, due to the recent attack. Aislin and Devlin exited the shuttle, Devlin now wearing a white t-shirt and tan shorts; having changed on the shuttle. He looked behind him as Aislin was talking to their driver/guide. She wore a green tank top and short kaki shorts. Her shirt revealed the upper part of her tattoo, since her hair was pulled into a tightly pony tail, braided down to it’s bottom. Angel wings. They suited her just fine… At times. She had begun to yell at the driver. Devlin let out a sigh, slumping his shoulders as he did, placing his hand on his forehead, shaking his head slightly as she started to draw eyes.

He moved over and placed his hand on her head; his fingers going down her forehead. He gently pushed her back behind him and looked to the driver, who looked very pissed, and had been screaming in native. Devlin pulled out a wallet and showed the man a few hundred Credits,
“You take us to Lake Victoria Military Base’s front gate, then you can leave, and I’ll give you the credits.” The African shook his dark hand.

“You no can go to dah base. Very off limit.”

“… Fine, I’ll give you this now, then triple it once we reach the destination.”

“Wha’cha doin’ out here? Let us go!”

Devlin smiled and handed the man his money and the three moved to a grey jeep. After a moment of loading supplies, the jeep took off down a dirt road, heading for the main road to Lake Victoria. Devlin had been sat in the back, his large frame being crushed by the large amount of cargo they brought; while Aislin sat comfortably in the front seat, pointing out animals that ran beside the road. The ride took around an hour; but they were stopped before they could reach the front gate by a group of armed men. Devlin and Aislin got out.

“We need to speak with your leader.”


“Miss Connor!”


The guards looked at each other then told Aislin and Devlin to follow them; after a check for any weapon, and was told to leave all their belongings. Devlin offered the man a few more hundred Credits to wait patiently for their return, but if they didn’t return in a few hours, place their stuff back on the Shuttle. The two moved with the guards towards the tents that were set up; one holding Binta, which a guard had rushed forward to tell the arrival of Aislin Connor, and the president of Connor Inc.

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Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Aarkon on Thu Oct 06, 2005 1:53 am

Aarkon sat there as the Medical Unit; two of them, which had brought him to Binta’s tent treated some more of his wounds. Aarkon’s eye shifted around boredly, he wish he could actually feel the pain, at least it told him that he was alive, and not dead… He was feeling like he was dead, seeing on the lack of talking in the room. Aarkon’s body flinched involuntarily as a small bit of his skin being removed, then replaced by a large goo-like solution which soon took a firm; yet flexible hold. The solution was so that new skin could grow faster; using the nutrients of the solution, and safer, with no infections or scarring. The material would dissolve the more his skin grew. They must really want him alive, not many people used such high-quality medication on a prisoner.

Aarkon’s eyes moved to the front of the tent. He needed to get out of here, whatever this chick wanted him for couldn’t be in his best interest. That settled it, he would escape. Aarkon swallowed hard, holding it, his neck puffing up. He then let his eye roll back in it’s socket as he made his body shake violently, saliva forming in his mouth over his tongue and began to foam out of his mouth. The doctors reacted quickly; seemingly they had quite good training. Aarkon had made it look like he went into shock from the pain; though he could not feel it, his body still felt its full weight. Eyes of the tent all looked at Aarkon, but the Doctors decided it would be safer, and better, for them to take him to the Medical Tent that was set up. With a loud yell they called for a guard to help them push the stretcher as they worked on solving Aarkon’s condition the best they could; or at least keeping him alive until they reached the tent.

The guard left the tent as the two doctors, joined by three others moved in. Aarkon stopped shaking. They all looked at him; one having a shot in his hand, inches from giving it to him. His eye rolled back out and Aarkon sat up, spitting the foam out to the side. With a quick movement of his hands he grabbed the Doctor with the needle’s hand, shoving it into his neck and expelling the contents into him, while at the same time throwing the closest doctor into the farthest; the impact rendering them unconscious. One doctor ran for the exit while the other moved for a weapon; a bone saw, only to have it taken, ending up with a very broken hand and wrist. Aarkon tossed the bone saw, having it slice into the back of the running doctor’s head; killing him and making him fall, only inches from the exit. The cries of pain from the doctor was heard by the guard outside.

“Everything a’right in there?”

“Yeah, he woke up, could you help us restrain the patient, his pain seems to be making him rather difficult to work on.”

“Yeah, no problem.”

The Guard walked in just in time for Aarkon to shove his palm into his nose, sending the thick cartilage straight into his brain, killing him instantly. Aarkon caught the body and drug him inside, laying him on his back so he didn’t bleed on his uniform any more than he already was. Aarkon walked over to the doctor, still crying over his broken hand, and snapped his neck, scowling at the body. He hated those who cried over pain. Aarkon stepped over a gurgling doctor, the one whom had the needle stuck into his neck. He was crawling towards the exit, but Aarkon ignored him. Aarkon soon undressed the guard, and replaced his clothing with the items taken. Aarkon dressed the guard with his own clothing and placed him on the table. He drug the doctor near the door towards the back, then killed the crawling one, removing the needle. After setting them up, Aarkon walked to the exit and shot a tank within the Tent, causing it to erupt.

Aarkon jogged away from the burning tent, slowing down when he was far enough from the scene. He made it seem like there was a freak medical accident, and they were all burnt alive… Along with him. Aarkon ducked around tents from rushing guards before getting to the forest. He walked through it whistling a lovely melody, one haunting, yet up-beat.

Meanwhile, Devlin and Aislin were walking towards the tent when the guard rushed back to them, shaking his head,
”Sorry, there’s been a change in plan. You must return to your vehicle and leave at once.” Aislin went to say something when she caught Devlin’s eye, which caused her to merely pout. The two were escorted back out; during their walk they heard yells and saw smoke. Another attack? Devlin placed his arm around Aislin, looking back at the rising smoke, wondering just how lucky they had been. Aislin and Devlin got in their jeep, the driver making a comment on the timing, and about his no refund policy.

The jeep began to pull off when Aislin heard something. A familiar tune, the one her mother sung to her at night to keep her calm when she had a nightmare. It was coming from the forest. Aislin’s eyes quickly scanned the forest when she saw the glimpse of a man walking… His face covered in bandages. Instead of yelling stop Aislin quickly lept from the speeding Jeep, coming to a roll on the dirt road and into the ditch beside it. Devlin had jumped soon after her, the jeep coming to a stop after he removed himself from it. Aislin slowly stood and rushed towards the man, jumping in his way.

Aarkon’s eye set on the female in front of him; standing with her arms stretched outwards, blocking his path. He smiled, his tune stopping, and slid his hands into the pocket of the stolen pants.

“Can I help you?”

“You… You’re Aarkon!!”
Aarkon took a step back, sneering some. Devlin came up behind Aislin, his eyes as wide as Aarkon’s. From the look of the big man, they were bounty hunters. She lured the men in, and he took them out. Aarkon loosened himself back up and slumped his shoulders.

“I don’t know who you’re talking about, I’m an A.N. Guard, patrolling the forest. What are YOU doing here? This is off limits right now.”

Tears began to swell up in Aislin’s eyes as she looked at Aarkon, ”… Just… Shut up…” She moved forward and embraced Aarkon. For a moment, he hesitated but then slowly wrapped his arms around her. For some reason, it felt right. Aarkon gave a confused to Devlin who only nodded. Devlin explained the whole story, and told him to come to Ireland with them. Aarkon couldn’t refuse a free ride from a place he had just caught on fire. Beside, they wouldn’t know he was gone for another hour or two, and would never guess he was with these people. With that, Aarkon road the next hour with Aislin asleep in his lap, having cried so much she tired herself out. Devlin carried her on the shuttle, and Aarkon followed; and with that, they headed back to Ireland.

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Tips: 0.00 INK Postby MeiaGisborn on Sat Oct 15, 2005 1:52 pm

--Continuation of news special--


Kim had managed to charm a guard into telling her what had happened with the shuttle. She had to pay him though for him to go on the record with the information. Kim had arranged for Jane to bring the camera into a private tent outside of the site area. The guard’s face was hidden and Kim had arranged for his voice to be distorted when she played the footage on the 48 hours new special.

Jane gave a, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 signal and a go and Kim started a report.

"Kim Zainab here with an African guard, here to tell us what went down at the Lake Victoria site. Sir…where did the shuttle come from, why did it land here, what’s the story?"

It took him about an hour to go through all the events that occurred. He explained about the man that was recovered from the shuttle and Binta’s conference in her tent with the man. The guard could only guess that they were interrogating the man. He finished.

"Is he still in there?"

As soon as she asked the question, they heard some commotion outside. Jane turned off the camera and the guard jumped up and disappeared from sight. Kim looked at Jane and they both ran outside to see what it was. Squinting in the burning sun they could see some smoke coming from the site. Kim grabs her walky-talky.

"Tyler!? You getting something?"

Tyler was the pilot of the helicopter that has been circling and floating around the Lake Victoria site. He picks up the walky-talky and speaks to Kim.

"Yup. Rhea is filming the commotion but there isn’t much sense to it all. There are lots of jeeps driving about and people running around. There is a fire, I think coming from the medical building…"

Yeah! Kim! I think I got something for ya.

Pipes in Rhea sitting on the other seat filming. She continues to scan the surroundings, zooming in on vehicles going in and out of the site and occasionally going back to the smoke filled site.

Yeah? What you got?

Errr…before this we saw someone in a stretcher taken into the tent. Then soon after he was brought out and taken to that building. Then this happened.


We don’t see anything right now. He obviously can’t move so he must still be in there. I don’t know. Hey! Wait…


Rhea was following a strange jeep leave the Lake Victoria site. It didn’t have the usual markings of the soldier’s jeeps, but it looked like a guard was in the jeep but with civilians. It went too far for her to film and she returned back to the site.


Oh…ohh…yeah, umm, a jeep just left the site but it didn’t take the usual road that the other jeeps take and it wasn’t a military jeep, but…but there was a guard in it…I think he was white.


Yeah…umm…white. The fire is dieing down, I think I see Binta. Continue watching?

HELL YEAH! Don’t you fucking blink neither. I want to see everything later. I’m going to see if I can go in and find out what the hell happened.

Okay. Peace.

Kim out."

She and Jane started jogging back to the site but did not get far, when they were stopped by guards speaking in Krio.

"Dem people ya noh sabe English, eh? We noh want you here! Commot! NO ONE IN THIS AREA! Go now!"

Kim and Jane backed up as a few AK’s were pointed at them.

"Damn…shit going down", whispered Jane to Kim.

"Damn straight. We need to get some info on what just happened. Oh and I think I need you over in South America. Find out what’s going on over there. I’m going to stay here for a few days, I might join you later."

Jane nods and they both turn to look back at the site. The noise had died down but Kim was sure things were just getting started.

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