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[Gundam Wing:Continued Legends] Reika

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Date of Birth: Jan 12 AC 189

Age: 16

Race: Mixed

Height: 5'6"

Weight: 130 Lbs.

Blood Type: B+

Martial Status: Long term relationship

Current Location: L2

Career: Mechanic

Appearance: see profiles.yahoo.com/speiluhrzusonne

Weapons: Vary and unspecified.

History: Her parents relationship only lasted one night. When she was three her mother committed suicide. She was taken in by a mechanic, Luis (really a jack of all trades). He taught her everything there was to know about the field.
Luis had his own shop on L2, and was well known for his work. On a peculiar night a young stranger with dark hair entered the shop and asked for a short term job. Luis had pushed her from the room so they could speak in private. Like she usually did Reika snuck around to the air vent in the office and listened in. He was asking for a place to stay, and access to the shop instead of a wage. Luis had accepted. She came to learn that the young man's name was Duo Maxwell.
For the next few weeks she had done her normal jobs, fetching tools, cleaning, and doing all the little jobs. She would work by their sides and became good friends with Duo. She looked up to him like a brother.
Reika was walking home one day, there was smoke off in the distance over buildings. It was coming from the shop. She dropped the flowers she had picked from earlier, and dashed to the shop. When she reached it she found it to be a pile of burning embers.
Quickly Reika sat up in bed in tears, grabbed her blanket, and rushed from the room. She ran through the hall way, down to the last door and down the stairs into the shop. There were boxes piled high with new shipments of parts, as she rounded the boxes Duo stepped out with a gun pointing about a foot above her. When he saw her he quickly put it away.
"What's wrong?" He said looking down at her adorably chubby cheeks streaked with tears.
"Th..There was a f..f...fire and you and Luis were dead." He scooped her up while she was talking.
"Hey... its okay, I'm here." He gave her a kind smile. "Can you keep a secret?" She nodded as a reply.
He walked past the boxes and towards his "secret". She looked up full of amazement at the size of the gundam. She spent the next few hours with him as he taught her many important aspects to fixing a gundam.
His kindness and teachings inspired her to pursue mechanics and many styles of fighting. The impact he had had on her remains.

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