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Land of Gods and Monsters


a part of “Land of Gods and Monsters”, a fictional universe by Kohananinja.

It's the yearly competition for the students of Legacy Academy to show their merit and earn favor from the gods, but as a sudden coup to overthrow the Olympians unfolds, well laid plans fly out the window. Will you fight the god's attackers, or join them?

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This conversation is an Out Of Character (OOC) part of the roleplay, “Land of Gods and Monsters”.
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Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Kohananinja on Thu May 11, 2017 6:31 pm

This thread will be where we can organize our character relation notes, and announce any ships we are about to set sail! ;)

This is completely voluntary, and for those who wish to do so. It is also free-form, so design your posts however you choose, but if anyone wants to create a template to share with the group here, feel free to do so as well.

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Re: Relations/Ships

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby WoefulFairies on Thu May 11, 2017 7:02 pm

Very interesting! such a good idea ♡

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Re: Relations/Ships

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby æsthetic on Thu May 11, 2017 7:57 pm


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Re: Relations/Ships

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby mjolnir on Sat May 13, 2017 2:26 am

Sooo... I only really have one ship going for me. But gosh darn it, it's a cutie and I had to make some gifs :p

Now in my defense... I only made the ones with both of their faces because they ironically are both in TV shows with lovers of the same stature. So I'm not that insane... not yet anyways.

So, presenting to the world...

L U X & W E S L E Y
a . k . a . l u x l e y

xxxxxxxxxxt h e x c u t e x m o m e n t s x // x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x

xxxxxxxxxxt h e x h e a r t x b r e a k e r x // x x

xxxxxxxxxxt h e x h e a r t x t o x h e a r t x // x x x x x x

xxxxxxxxxxa n d x s t e a m y x t i m e s x // x x x x x x x x x x

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Re: Relations/Ships

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby [Pending] on Sat May 13, 2017 4:59 pm


Lux Slade "Lux is the single greatest person on this planet. I would never, ever, say anything bad about her for she is my sun and stars. I say this of my own free will and not because you are standing right there."

"...Hate to hear what you say when I'm not around."

Joaquin Wolf "Look at that beard! It is so glorious. I want to touch it. Is that weird? I mean.. is it weird that I want to touch the beard of another man? Because I want to."

"Just don't walk up to him and start petting it. I may have to trade you in for a better side kick."

Abby Rae Jarvis "Every time I start to think I am going to tell Abby exactly what she can do with herself, I remember that she can tie me into knots, and not in the good way, and back down faster then a poodle against a rottweiler. Don't tell her I said that... And don't tell her I think about her. Just... Just pretend this never happened."

Raven Romanini [Pending by Pending]

Ellis Buckley "You know, that guy isn't too bad."

Ayano Mori "Aya! AYA!... Weird, do you think she just didn't hear me or something? Don't tell her I said this, but if you yell her name, it kinda sounds like you are about to kiddo chop something.. 'Ah-YA!'"

"Calm down Jackie Chan, you might sprain something."

Eren Lancaster "Good lord in heaven, look at her.. What? I am not allowed to have the same opinion as every other hot blooded male.. and female on the planet, Eren is smexy as all getout. And she is so nice! Really, she is too good a person. Almost too good. Like she was put on this Earth just to be the ultimate crusher of dreams and souls of innocent young boys like my humble self... But just, really should be illegal to be that awesome."

"I hate to break it to you... But she's human."

Amelie Clark "You know shes trying to teach me how to fight? Me! The guy who is only a hazard to himself when holding his sword of justice!.. No sex pun intended. Every time it happens, I kinda hum that 'Make A Man Out Of You' song from Mulan, only, you know, its Mulan singing it to Li... Okay, fine, I admit I'm more of a Ling, but still, you get my meaning."

"Dude... I could teach you how to fight. But, you're obviously expecting a disney movie, right? Let me know how breaking into song saves your life in the Agon."

"It shall be glorious and you know it. Just jelly that you are on another team and won't be there to see my beautiful rendition of Matata and when they all fall down with bleeding ears, I shall clam victory and flex my pellet guns like one of those muscle head sons of Ares."

Sebastian Rhodes "The moment I saw that guy, I knew life wasn't fair. I mean.. just look at him! So freaking handsome. Sure, he is a jerk and I seriously don't think he knows I exist, but just.. so handsome."

"Why are you blaming life? Should be blaming your dad for not fucking the right Goddess."

"Right!? Why couldn't he have bagged Aphrodite or Artemis? On that note.. why can't they just start using condoms? I mean, really, half of the issues in the world would have been solved if some of those morons just learned to wrap it up. Bring a whole new meaning to 'sneaking in the Trojan Horse'"

Jace Holmes "My man! Guy is hilariously awesome. Always a blast.. save for the time he set me up to fail with Blake and the time he glued the toliet seat right before I went to the bathroom and the multiple times he put me on YouTube.. But, you know, that's what friends do!.. Kinda?"

Lux stops dead in her tracks. She stretches out her right hand, pushing it against Ryan's chest to stop him. "Wait... He did all that and you didn't tell me? I'm kick is fucking ass into the dirt and glue his dick to his stomach so he pisses in his face."

Ryan's hands danced as he waved them back and forth trying to bring her to a halt before she killed someone, "Whoa, whoa, Lux its okay. We prank each other, although he is better at it then I, its harmless. Save for the Blake one that one was just mean. Also peeing in his own face? You are into some weird stuff."

Ace Michael Thatcher "Hey its 'Ace'. What. An. Arsehole. Yes, I did just say arsehole, judge me ,if you dare. But, I mean really, who names their son 'Ace'? Did they find that on Or, 'The Dummies Guide To Raising A Jock'?... And Why did he have to be so good looking!? Its just not fair!"

"Wow... You actually have something negative to say about someone? Shocking. It's almost like you're scared to say something bad because half of the people here could make you their bitch. But... I mean they'd have to get behind me." Lux ruffles his hair. "You're already my bitch."

Ryan blew a strand of hair from his face, knocked loose from Lux's 'petting', "You know, if you make me turn out my pocket to hold it, I'm going to have to make you put a ring on it. I am a classy bitch."

Benjamin Hughes "Ben! Not going to lie, I feel like a budget version of Jay and Silent Bob when we hang out. Which.. isn't good, you know, considering the budget version of Jay and Silent Bob is just Jay and Silent Bob with the whole indie mov... I'ma just stop here, no one cares Ryan, no one cares."

Ayden Bradley "I am not saying he is an asshole, but holy fucking balls is he an asshole. Like a big hairy one. With a mole."

"And a mole? Savage."

Wesley Tate "No idea what you see in tall, dark and rude."

Lux inhales sharply, crossing her arms over her chest. "I don't know what you're talking about."

Maya Torres "Funny, exciting, cute and nice, Ryan gives her a rating of 4 out of 5 stars, would recommend to friends and family... Hey Lux, I'm recommending her to you."

"She's my sister, dumbass."

Juniper McKinney "..."

Blake Taylor "Every time I see her, I kinda feel like everything should move in slow motion, you know? Like in those 90s teen movies because she is ludicrously attractive. But also kind of a bitch. I mean, I went out of my way to flirt with her once, you know, and she didn't even look at me! Just stared at her phone like I wasn't worth her time! So.. maybe I stuttered and got like half a word out.. and maybe I kinda ran away.. and tripped... but that is besides the point! Who wouldn't want me and these guns! Like deadly pellet guns of doom... Really how could she not like.. How can... not even.. that ass... could bounce a quarter.. W-What were we talking about?"

"... I hate men."

Leland Shepard "Mr. Shepard! I spent like all night on that assignment. I really think I am going to do well this time. Getting an A... I know it. Been awhile, but this time.. this time I got it."

Stanley Williams "Stan the Man! You know, when I first saw him, I was like, 'Oh, look, another steroid induced asshole! Yippie! Not like we have a bunch of those or anything,' but then we spoke, and I was like, 'Oh, I'm the asshole for judging by looks because Stan is amazing!' Never been so happy to be wrong before! Well, there was that one time.."

Harper Walsh [Pending by Pending]

Greer Savage "Hey! I spy a savage over yonder.... You know she once had me go running with her. Running.. for fun! Who does that!? Just running for the fun of running. Just insane... And maybe she... made fun of me because I didn't make it very far... and maybe I threw up once.. twice... and maybe I complained a few times, but really, running, the very idea."

"Good for her. Maybe I should take some pointers."

Marisole Nadeau "Ohhh! She is so awesome and her name is so cool! Now if only she stopped reminding me that she can lay the smack down on me because nothing hurts your odds better with a fine piece of.. I mean, a fine respectable lady then having someone remind everyone around you that she can, despite being half your size, put her boot so far up your behind that you will be vomiting shoelaces."

"I could waste my breath doing that. But you already know I can kick your ass." Lux flashes him a big cheesy grin. "No point in reiterating that on the daily."

"Sad but true."

Eleia Bellrose "She is so adorable! Like a puppy! Also reminds me of a wounded dove in a way, you know? Just want to cuddle her! And until then, I must pester her until I can commence with Operation Cuddlekins!"

"Sometimes I wonder why I allow myself to be seen in public with you."

"Because I am amazing and awesome and moderately funny and the best damn sidekick on this side of the equator."

Fabian Gonzales "Oh, its Fabian! Love that name. Fa-Bee-Uh-N. So neat. Sure he is more Jace's friend then mine.. But.. huh, have I ever really had a full conversation with him? Eh, details."


None yet! I don't like making ships based on just CSes and some pre-rp relations. I need to see the chemistry during the RP and in the post between them, how well they play off each other. But when that day comes, I shall ship like there is no tomorrow and I calls it like I sees it. Yall been warned.
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