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Los Angeles Neighbors' Club

Relationship Thread

a part of “Los Angeles Neighbors' Club”, a fictional universe by faceclaim.

These kids have grown up together, and the summer after their high school graduation, when tension is at an all time high, one of their friends goes missing.

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This conversation is an Out Of Character (OOC) part of the roleplay, “Los Angeles Neighbors' Club”.
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Relationship Thread

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby faceclaim on Fri Jun 09, 2017 7:49 pm


those who knew Mason, knew each other as well.

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[ti][color=yourhex][b]character name here[/b][/color] - the one who ...[/ti]
[ti][i]"a quick little thing about how they feel about this character."[/i][/ti]

[justify]A quick paragraph explaining their relationship a little more in depth. When did they become friends? What do they like to do together? Just some things that really showcase how they feel towards one another.[/justify][/font]


just copy and paste the section in the code to create your post.

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Re: Relationship Thread

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby alice. on Fri Jun 09, 2017 7:56 pm


mason bass - the one who understands her the most.
"He's the only one who knows, and my closest friend. I really don't want to lose him.."

Leia and Mason met when they were assigned seats next to each other in seventh grade. They talked a lot and became friends; she met the LANC through Mason himself, and the rest is history. During the depressing times when Leia's mother passed, Mason was the one who helped her through it the most. He was the one who discovered her insomnia and did anything he could to assist her. He was always there when she needed his comfort. Before he went missing, they had a tradition of studying late at night together since Leia couldn't sleep. She could share all of her secrets with him (of course not all), and trust that he wouldn't tell. And he didn't. She cherishes their friendship with all her heart.

jane bennett - the one who takes care of her.
"Jane's like my second mother. She always has a kit ready to patch me up. A great friend, that's for sure."

A quick paragraph explaining their relationship a little more in depth. When did they become friends? What do they like to do together? Just some things that really showcase how they feel towards one another.

summer bass - the one who clashes with her, but she holds nothing against.
"She's okay. Sure, we may not get along sometimes, but we don't hate each other. We just aren't at the stage of xxxx..'friends'."

Due to both their stubborn and emotional personalities, Summer and Leia sometimes don't get along. They don't interact a lot, and don't really speak with one another, knowing a disagreement may occur. Leia decides to keep her distance if she has the chance- not wanting an argument to start.

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Re: Relationship Thread

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Korruption on Mon Jun 12, 2017 7:02 pm


mason bass - the only one who rivals her academically.
"We are extremely competitive when it comes to the brains, but other than that, we're cool."

Jo and Mason have been academic rivals ever since they first knew of each other. They're kind of similar, in a sense, so their relationship is more based off of academics than actual...emotions. They're still friends, make no mistake.

summer bass - the one who she's okay with barely knowing.
"Summer and I don't have much in common. We barely know each other at all, and I'd like to keep it that way."

These two don't have many similarities, so they're not too close. Summer only knows Jo from LANC and as Mason's academic rival, while Jo only knows Summer as Mason's little sister and Remy's friend. Overall, the two barely know each other, and both are content with keeping it that way.

remy solomon - the one who tries to help.
"I've tutored him in the past. He tells me to stop being a robot - only not so bluntly. It works."

Remy and Jo are almost polar opposites, with Jo's strong suit being her smarts and Remy being more on the sociable side of things. Jo has helped Remy with academics - namely chemistry and science - in the past. Right now, she's there to remind Remy of his flaws, and Remy is there to help her loosen up and be more friendly, instead of just analyzing people like a machine.
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Re: Relationship Thread

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Lilah on Mon Jun 12, 2017 7:28 pm

Jane Daisy Bennett - "Riding Hood"

Mason Bass - the one who makes her world bright.
"I’ve known him since I was born. He’s family. He’s home."

Blue Boy – Mac DeMarco

Being his cousin, Jane has known Mason since she was a baby. She grew up running around with him, Summer and Remy. He’d always just been there. Jane trusted him completely, and felt the most relaxed around him than with anyone else. Just being in his presence was a much needed stress reliever. Now that he’s gone, Jane feels lost and hopeless. It’s like she’s lost an extension of herself she never thought would be gone. It’s an empty and lonely feeling.

Summer Bass - the one who she worries about the most.
"I would do absolutely anything in the world for Summer. She's family, and I care about her too much. "

Sister – Mac DeMarco

It wouldn’t be hard to mistake Summer and Jane for siblings. Jane is almost more protective over Summer than anyone else in the group. She would do anything for her little cousin, and is there for her through whatever she needs or wants. She nearly comes first in Jane’s life. Summer the one person who can seem to break through into Jane’s own problems to get her to talk about them.

Remy Soloman - the one she can’t keep anything from.
"I love Remy, and not just because his little sister's the cutest thing on the planet."

We’re Going to be Friends – The White Stripes

Jane has known Remy basically her whole life. He was always in the Bass house, and the two grew close as kids. Jane has never been able to lie to Remy. She takes one look at the face and spills her secrets. God knows why. She tends to go to him for advice a lot. She also absolutely adores his sister Matilda. She’s in her dance class that Remy often takes her to. Jane admittedly has a habit of going to Remy’s house just to hang out with Matilda.

Jasper Owens - the one she's always loved but never knew it.
"I, uhm... yeah Jasper's really great! He's incredibly sweet, even though he may deny that. Got a good smile too. "

The Nearness of You – Ella Fitzgerald & Louis Armstrong

From the first toothless smile Jasper gave her as a boy, Jane’s been hooked (though she may not have known it yet.) Jasper can easily be considered one of her best friends. Hell, he was even her first kiss when she was a young kid and they had a pretend wedding for fun. He takes care of her when she needs it. They even have their own little spot on the beach they go to when they need to talk to one another about anything and everything. It was only last year when Jane realized her feelings for Jasper (which she promptly informed Remy of after in a panic.) You would think she would have realized it the first time she told him he couldn’t be in her line of sight at recitals because it made her nervous, or better yet, every time she melts to the ground and gets butterflies when he shoots her a wide grin.

Rosie Owens - the one she experiences new things with.
"Rosie makes me feel a lot less stressed, surprisingly enough. It's easy to let loose around her, it's sort of infectious."

Daddy Issues – The Neighbourhood

Jane seems to let loose a little more whenever Rosie is around, and not just because she keeps feeding her shots whenever they go to a party. Whenever Jane finds a new movie, a new song, food, etc., Rosie is the first person she goes to in order to show her. As a kid, Jane and her family often invited both the Owens twins over for dinners and to be included in any family excursion they had. Her mother loves Rosie and Jasper. Every year on the twin's birthday, Jane and her mother cook Jasper a lasagna and Rosie a key lime pie.
“It all ends in tears anyway.”
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Re: Relationship Thread

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby faceclaim on Tue Jun 13, 2017 9:56 pm


summer bass - the one who's there for it all
"You have always worn your flaws upon your sleeve, and I have always buried them deep beneath the ground."

Fire and spice, nothing nice except the way she behaves around Mason. His "Sunny", as Summer wasn't a name he could pronounce when he was younger, is not only his younger sister but his best friend too. She's been there for it all: six years old sitting in the bleachers at his little league games, thirteen years old chatting about cute boys after he came out to her, and fifteen years old holding him tight as he battled his way through an anxiety attack. There's never been a moment that he didn't trust her, and loves her incredibly much, even if she can be the cliche "bratty younger sister" sometimes. Not having her around at college will be difficult, but his therapist assures him that change is good.

remy solomon - the one who his heart reaches for
"Baby, you're hands down the best thing about me."

At first, it really was just friends, though it's hard to be more than friends when you're literally a year old. But even from the beginning, Mason's friendship with Remy was different. As they grew older, and Mason started to discover more about sexuality and what exactly he felt for Remy, he really noticed just how much he cared for the other boy. Awkward glances and touches led to a kiss at night on the couch and Mason was smitten from there. He just can't get enough of Remy, and loves him deeply. Things became strained when they reached the end of their "a secret relationship is romantic" period and had to decide whether or not to go public. It isn't that Mason doesn't love Remy, things are just... complicated.

jane bennett - the one who calms his beating heart
"And if you're homesick, give me your hand and I'll hold it."

There's a reason Summer is all spice, and it's because Jane is all sugar. Not only being his cousin, Jane is one of Mason's closest friends. If he's not with Remy or Summer, he's probably with Jane. She's the mom and he's the dad of the LANC squad, or so he's been told. Both being emotionally driven people, they spend most of their time together just being happy and forgetting about their troubles, if only for that short time. She is one of the few people who knows of his panic attacks, and she has become someone he trusts to help him through an attack. She was supposed to come with him to Stanford for that very reason, but backed out with very short notice.

paislee lowell - the one who he can be strong for
"Take a whole or a part of me and ask for my help."

Paislee was a new kid, the shy girl who was assigned to sit next to him in English. He chatted with her every day, and found the shyness to be only a barrier to the sweet girl he found underneath. Once they became friends, he introduced her to the LANC, which he thought needed a little expansion. He tries to be there for her as much as he can, he wanted her to trust him. When her mother passed, she came to him. Mason often invites her over during his all-night study sessions, since she confided her insomnia to him. Sure, him flipping through flashcards for hours on end is probably really boring, but the company always helps the both of them.

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Remy Solomon

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby bombinate on Wed Jun 14, 2017 10:37 pm


Mason Bass - the one who has his heart
"I miss him, and I need him back."

Remy has known Mason his whole life. As a child he idolised the older boy, and spent more time running after Mason than he did running after his own brothers. As he grew, Remy realised his feelings weren't merely that of a close friend. When he found out that Mason returned his feelings - stolen kisses in the middle of the night, finally allowed to touch without having to hold back - Remy couldn't have been happier. Although secret, their relationship only grew as time moved on, and even if he's hoped/argued that they should be public, he'll never deny how much he loves Mason to the young man. Which is why Remy needs Mason back home, safe and sound, now.

Summer Bass - the one who has always been there
"I'm the first and the best kiss she'll ever have."

Remy has his mother to thank for the fact that some of his first memories are with Summer. They played together as babies and kids, ran around naked in each others backyards as toddlers, shared their first kiss at age six, and have continued to build on the solid friendship echoed by their mothers since. Remy considers Summer his closest friend, enough so that she is the only one of LANC (other than Mason, for obvious reasons), who knows he's gay. He'd defend and support Summer through anything, and knows that he can equally rely on her when in need.

Jane Bennett - the one who keeps his secrets
"If I had to name a second mother, it'd be Jane"

Given how close Jane is to her cousins, the Bass siblings, it's no surprise that Remy has known Jane almost as long as he's known Summer and Mason. Remy remembers playing families with the redhead, giggling over cartoons together, and taking childhood dance classes. Nowadays, they're still just as close as they were as children, and Remy usually finds himself listening to Jane admitting secrets to him. Likewise, he finds himself unable to keep anything from his friend (except a few key secrets), because he knows that she wouldn't ever betray his trust.

Jem Hill - the one who laughs with him
"Look, Jem, just go stand over there, away from me."

A shared love of laughing and comedy helped solidify this pair's friendship. They'll find themselves clutching at their bellies and crying with laughter over some terribly slapstick show, and then later attempting to emulate the skits they've seen. Remy likes Jem's easy friendliness, and the fact that he's not studying 24/7 like some others. If only Jem wasn't so irritatingly tall, then Remy might comfortably be able to stand next to his friend without feeling short.

Mackenzie Lovato - the one who helps him spend money
"I will not cut my hair, Kenzie"

Despite the fact that Mackenzie thinks Remy should change his hair style ('there's nothing wrong with it as is, thanks'), the pair have formed a solid friendship. They might bicker occasionally, but it's never enough to have Remy ever doubting their bond. Mackenzie goes shopping with Remy, offering judgement on his favoured shoes, and in return he'll occasionally let her dress him up. He loves taking selfies with her, and more than once as asked her to teach him a few hip hop moves.

Paislee Lowell - the one who he counts as a friend
"Cancers ftw!"

For the most part, Remy and Paislee get along alright. They can both laugh at a wide range of things, and her silliness often crosses over with his easy friendliness and love of jokes. Sometimes his light teasing can get on her bad side, though Remy's always quick to apologise if he sees he's hurt her. He might not always agree with her various stances, but Remy's the kind of guy to accept that everyone has varying opinions and go with the flow rather than arguing his own point. So, in general the pair are friends.

character name here - the one who he gets along with
"a quick little thing about how they feel about this character."

A quick paragraph explaining their relationship a little more in depth. When did they become friends? What do they like to do together? Just some things that really showcase how they feel towards one another.

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Re: Relationship Thread

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby TheNewb08 on Thu Jun 15, 2017 11:11 am

JEM HILL - "The Heat"

Mackenzie Lovato - the one who accepts me
"I can't put into words how much she means to me. She will always be my best friend."

These two troublemakers actually met each other in detention when they were in sixth grade. When Mackenzie decided to skip, Jem was right there beside her. Despite Mackenzie's stand offish nature, Jem convinced her to go swimming at a private lake. It was the first time someone reached out to her after her father left. They ended up talking for hours, Jem sharing his thoughts on his father's deat. The two ended up trespassing on a private lake. In the back of the cop car, they made a pact they will always be each other's best friend. Mackenzie is the one person who never told him 'stop being irresponsible' or 'you're so careless.' She's never tried to change Jem, which he is thankful for. You can always find them goofing around on Mackenzie's social media, binge watching Netflix at Mackenzie's house, and causing trouble. The Lovato and Hill family have a tradition of always going to each other's house on holidays. Mackenzie is the one person, outside of his family, that he takes to visit his father's grave.

Matthew Tate - the one who is my partner in not crime
"He reminds me of a younger, more responsible version of myself."

Jem first noticed Matthew when someone told him he had competition for the funniest guy in school. Competitive by nature, Jem started a 'funny off' with the younger boy. The 'war' ended with no clear winner, but a friendship blossoming. The two immediately got closer after learning of their shared interest in crime shows and similar careers goals. Matthew is one of the few people supporting his policeman dream. The two enjoy solving cases together and watching CSI and Criminal Minds Episodes. They play a game of 'who can figure out the killer first?'

Jane Bennett - the one who stole my nickname
"If I didn't have a mom, knock on wood, it would be Jane. She's a cinnamon roll."

When the two of them heard someone call J.J. and both responded, Jem had to talk to her at that point. Jane is the mother figure that Jem goes to when he can't go to his real mom. She's never judged him and actually trusts him considering how reckless he can be. He know he's always welcome at Jane's house whenever he needs it. Jem likes to take her out on adventures and general spontaneous things. He views it as balancing the system.

Summer Bass - the one who surprised him
"She's been a great friend, but I want more than that. Now isn't the time obviously. Hell, she probably doesn't like xxxxxme anyway."

When the two met after Mason forced Jem to work on their science at the Bass House, Jem thought of Summer as his new friend's little sister and that would be it. She proved him wrong when she was the only one willing to explore a cave he found in the woods. From the random adventures to the two went on to their tough guy trio with Mackenzie, the Jem and Summer were meant to be friends. As high school approached, 'meant to be' suddenly didn't mean just friends. Jem wonders if he always liked her and didn't realize or maybe it was the hormones. Either way, Summer became a secret crush yet it was obvious to everyone, but her. After Mason's disappearance, he's just trying to there for her. Love confessions can wait until later.

Mason Bass - the one who gave him a chance
"Wherever you are please come home."

Despite his dislike of science, Jem is grateful for the project that forced him to work with Mason. Most of his partners gave up on him, choosing to do all the work themselves instead of the hassle of working with Jem. Mason was the first to think he could be more than the dumb jock. Their friendship grew after Jem joined the Neighbors' Club. Jem tries to be the fun force in Mason's life, helping him to do more than just study. His disappearance worries Jem. With his connections to the police department, Jem's trying to use his connections to get the latest information. He knows the 48 hour rule on missing people so Jem is preparing for the worst.

Jasper Owens - the one who is a fellow baller
"He is basically the less cool, ginger version of myself."

Basketball can be a very competitive sport and when Jasper and Jem were competing to get onto the team, it began a bit of a rivalry. After they both got on the team, the rival ended with mutual respect for each other's skills. With a love of causing trouble and basketball, Jem and Jasper naturally became close friends. Jem and Jasper are present at every party together and are well known as the party duo. They also met regularly to play basketball at the local park. While they are close friends, Jem despises Jasper's weed use. Arguments over his use of weed are frequent for the maybe-cop.

Rosalie Owens - the one who makes him smile
"The little carrot as I like to call her. She's basically the sun as a person."

By meeting Jasper, Jem was able to meet the other Owens twin. Rosalie is definitely the sugar to Jasper's spice so Jem will go to her if Jasper is overwhelming. The two share of love of adventuring and an occasional basketball game with the shorter Owens. Their love of laughter solidifies their friendship. Jem goes to her when he needs a laugh or to uplifted when he's having a bad day. Her drug habit does irritate Jem, though he refers not to argue with her.

Remy Solomon - the one who goes along with his ideas
"Remy is my little buddy who goes all with whatever dumb idea I come up with."

Whenever Jem comes up with a prank or any new crazy ideas, Remy is always there as a helping hand. The two first began to bond over their shared interest in slapstick comedy. Attempting the crazy feats only increased their friendships. The two never feel the need to study together or do anything, but have fun together. Jem has a need to stand next to Remy, playfully teasing him for his shorter stature.

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Re: Relationship Thread

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby συιʝα on Thu Jun 15, 2017 2:35 pm


mason bass - the one who made her feel at home.
"Mason was my first friend and the best science partner ever. He introduced me to my now family. "

Mason was the first kid on the block to talk to Rosie and her first friend too. He introduced her and Jasper to his friends which Rosie will always be grateful for. The two have been through a lot and not in a bad way. From nurturing an injured baby duck back to health and their families vacationing with each other to Rosie wearing his old tees around or at least the ones she borrowed and always being on his team for snowball fights. Rosie sees Mason the same way as she sees Jasper, as a big brother and no matter what Mason will always be her big brother, a close friend and best damn science partner she ever had.

summer bass - the one who paints her like one of her french girls.
"Didn't you know? She's my ride or die thrift store sister."

At the end of the day, as young kids, Rosie always ended up hanging out with Summer and she loved it. Sum is one of Rosie's closest friends, constantly going clothes shopping at flea markets and thrift stores, having sleepovers while letting Summer go paint crazy on her back and just being daring idiots together, more so when Juno is with them. They tease each other, make each other laugh, make each other mad at times but it wouldn't be them if they didn't and they always make right with each other in the end. And don't even get them started on the cats.

juniper bronwyn - the one who became her ace of hearts
"a quick little thing about how they feel about this character."

A quick paragraph explaining their relationship a little more in depth. When did they become friends? What do they like to do together? Just some things that really showcase how they feel towards one another.

jane bennett - the one who is practically her sister in law
"a quick little thing about how they feel about this character."

A quick paragraph explaining their relationship a little more in depth. When did they become friends? What do they like to do together? Just some things that really showcase how they feel towards one another.

jem hill - the one who ...
"a quick little thing about how they feel about this character."

A quick paragraph explaining their relationship a little more in depth. When did they become friends? What do they like to do together? Just some things that really showcase how they feel towards one another.

remy solomon - the one who ...
"a quick little thing about how they feel about this character."

A quick paragraph explaining their relationship a little more in depth. When did they become friends? What do they like to do together? Just some things that really showcase how they feel towards one another.

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Re: Relationship Thread

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby spacedxst on Sun Jun 18, 2017 6:09 pm


Mason Bass - the one who he can depend on
"Mason Bass could turn up tomorrow and it'd be like he'd never left"

When Matty moved in next to him age 3, no one could predict the effect that Mason would have on him. The two were almost inseparable. There is no one that he trusts more, other than his family. Mason was the leader of their odd pack of friends and Matty was just happy to follow along and trust his every move. After his return to the LANC, Mason welcomed Matty back with open arms and their friendship blossomed once more. He just needs him to come back.

Summer Bass - the one who he looks out for
"She's literally Satan"

Since Summer could run as fast as the two older boys, she was always welcome into Mason and Matty's games. She's one of the few people Matty finds genuinely enjoyable to be around with her thick sarcasm and headstrong nature. Where Mason wasn't willing to cause trouble, Matty could always depend on Summer to have a plan or go along with one of his own.

Jem Hill - the one who he can't out-do
"We're like a buddy cop movie"

To Matty, Jem is simultaneously one of his best friends and biggest competition. Jem is the role model that Matthew never really had, and he looks up to him and respects him. There's days they will meet up, buy snacks and end up watching crime show marathons. Matty is supportive of Jem's aspirations but always pushes him in the direction of the police force. He admires his humour and the confidence Jem radiates. The two have a mutual respect for each other now, knowing that they can never really out-prank each other.

Mackenzie Lovato - the one who he can watch the stars with
"I fell asleep in the same room as her and ended up with a makeover when I woke up"

Since Mackenzie joined the LANC she's been lovingly ragging on Matty and now she's like his annoying big sister. The two often will end up whispering in rapid fire Spanish when something goes wrong. Matt is mostly transfixed by her creativity, from her makeup to her coffee art, she reminds him in a weird way of his mom with all her design capabilities. Sometimes they like to just watch the stars together and just talk about things.
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