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The 25th Hunger Games

Relationship Thread

a part of “The 25th Hunger Games”, a fictional universe by Imagine That!.

Before everything happened in the books, there was the Twenty-Fifth Hunger Games. This time however, there is a huge twist - the tributes have to live together for nine months before the Games themselves. {Literate RPers only, please.}

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This conversation is an Out Of Character (OOC) part of the roleplay, “The 25th Hunger Games”.
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Relationship Thread

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Imagine That! on Wed Jun 27, 2012 5:09 pm

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[font=georgia][right][img]gif of your character, please![/img][/right]
[size=200][u][color=pick a colour that matches your district. eg. green for 10, brown for 7, purple for 1]Name of you character[/size][/u][/color]

♥ = romantic interest | ☺ = friends | ◑ = neutral | ☠ = enemies

[*] [b]Gavril Scynthe:[/b] Your symbol first, and then a little about your character's relationship with them. One or two sentences.
[*] [b]Malia Fox:[/b] Your symbol first, and then a little about your character's relationship with them. One or two sentences.
[*] [b]Scipio Hardin:[/b] Your symbol first, and then a little about your character's relationship with them. One or two sentences.
[*] [b]Stiletto Switchblade:[/b] Your symbol first, and then a little about your character's relationship with them. One or two sentences.
[*] [b]Cloud Deverell:[/b] Your symbol first, and then a little about your character's relationship with them. One or two sentences.
[*] [b]Emberly Byrne:[/b] Your symbol first, and then a little about your character's relationship with them. One or two sentences.
[*] [b]Niles Bayou:[/b] Your symbol first, and then a little about your character's relationship with them. One or two sentences.
[*] [b]Diomache Rayn:[/b] Your symbol first, and then a little about your character's relationship with them. One or two sentences.
[*] [b]Marvel Strong:[/b] Your symbol first, and then a little about your character's relationship with them. One or two sentences.
[*] [b]Solara Brinx:[/b] Your symbol first, and then a little about your character's relationship with them. One or two sentences.
[*] [b]Keeth Diggett:[/b] Your symbol first, and then a little about your character's relationship with them. One or two sentences.
[*] [b]Magna Aerosta :[/b] Your symbol first, and then a little about your character's relationship with them. One or two sentences.
[*] [b]Tanager Rollo:[/b] Your symbol first, and then a little about your character's relationship with them. One or two sentences.
[*] [b]Mildred Tarzia:[/b] Your symbol first, and then a little about your character's relationship with them. One or two sentences.
[*] [b]Yossarian Caulfield:[/b] Your symbol first, and then a little about your character's relationship with them. One or two sentences.
[*] [b]Ashe Besra:[/b] Your symbol first, and then a little about your character's relationship with them. One or two sentences.
[*] [b]Lor Pellet:[/b] Your symbol first, and then a little about your character's relationship with them. One or two sentences.
[*] [b]Pip Pypin:[/b] Your symbol first, and then a little about your character's relationship with them. One or two sentences.
[*] [b]Tyke Delfino:[/b] Your symbol first, and then a little about your character's relationship with them. One or two sentences.
[*] [b]Emosa Polijîn:[/b] Your symbol first, and then a little about your character's relationship with them. One or two sentences.
[*] [b]Reutruse Haervic:[/b] Your symbol first, and then a little about your character's relationship with them. One or two sentences.
[*] [b]Aristata O'Rouke:[/b] Your symbol first, and then a little about your character's relationship with them. One or two sentences.
[*] [b]Zyker Lintsy:[/b] Your symbol first, and then a little about your character's relationship with them. One or two sentences.
[*] [b]Saffron Lockhearst:[/b] Your symbol first, and then a little about your character's relationship with them. One or two sentences.

[*] [b]Why that colour for you name?[/b] Why you picked it.
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Re: Relationship Thread

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Imagine That! on Wed Jun 27, 2012 5:19 pm

Saffron Lockhearst
|Seventeen|District 12|Bow and Arrow|

♥ = romantic interest | ☺ = friends | ◑ = neutral | ☠ = enemies

  • Gavril Scynthe: ☺ Oh, I like Gavril! I don't care what anyone says about him, underneath everything, I know there's a good man there. It shows through sometimes, which just makes me happy. I like seeing him smile. I know he can be a little brash and blunt sometimes, but everyone has their off days, right? Give him a break.
  • Malia Fox:
  • Scipio Hardin: ◑/☺ I think I like him. Think. He seems as if he is a little false, really - like there's something he's not telling us. He seems to like me though, well enough. At the feast, we chatted for a while and what not. Maybe we could be friends, or allies? Underneath the bravado, I'm sure he's a lovely guy.
  • Stiletto Switchblade: ☠/◑ I've never known a woman so confident as Stiletto. I strive to be someone like her, confident, independent and powerful. However, she takes it to the extreme. She's going to be one of the last remaining people in that arena, whilst my blood just soaks into the floor. I have a strange feeling that it's her that is going to kill me...
  • Cloud Deverell: ◑ I haven't really spoken to Cloud yet - and I don't know if I will. He... I don't know, confuses me a little. I don't understand his mannerisms, his personality and his... his everything.
  • Emberly Byrne: ☺ Emberly's lovely. There doesn't seem to be a bad bone in her body, which makes it so sad that she's here. For the duration of our stint, I think we're going to be good friends. I might even create a little project with her and Keeth, and try and get them out of their shells that they're so buried into. I think she'd be an amazing ally to have in the arena.
  • Niles Bayou: ☺/♥ Well, isn't this guy a bit of eye candy, eh? He seems funny, and light hearted, and his eyes are so distracting. He seems to be a bit of a player though, which doesn't go down well in my books. Maybe he needs a woman to bring him out of that stage. I don't have any real feelings for this boy, but my god, he's beautiful. I could learn...
  • Diomache Rayn: ☠ Wow... this girl looks as us all like we're pieces of meat ready to be picked off of the plate. I really have no interest in being around her or even speaking to her at all - she'd probably try and stab me with her fork or something; kill me off now.
  • Marvel Strong: ☺ Not going to lie though, he is a beautiful man. Mister Tall, Dark and Handsome should be his new name! He keeps looking at me, which is slightly unnerving, but I don't mind, haha! I'd quite like to be allies with him in thee arena! I'm sure he'd protect me.
  • Solara Brinx: ☠ Steady on, ho. Batting her eyelids, biting her lip, flirting with everyone? Honestly, it's just not right to want to have sex
    that much, that you'd do it with anybody. I mean, there's flirty, and then there's her. Eesh.
  • Keeth Diggett: ☺ Wow, this guy is shy, isn't he? I mean... wow! He's like a startled deer! I just want to walk up to him and cheer him up, make him smile or talk, or something. He seems adorable, though. For nine months, I can see him and me being good friends. I'll try and open him up a bit, bring him out of his shell.
  • Magna Aerosta:
  • Tanager Rollo: ☺/♥ Tanager is beautiful. He's reserved and caring and sweet and... well, he seems to be like me. His family mean everything to him. Hell, he even volunteered for his little brother! Anyone that does that is amazing in my books. I just... I don't think there are many words to express how much I respect him, and how much I want him to come out of this alive. If there were two people that could win this, I would choose Tanager and Zyker. Honestly...
  • Mildred Tarzia:
  • Yossarian Caulfield: ◑ I don't really like overly flirty people; I feel a little awkward and uncomfortable around people who think with their downstairs bran instead of their upstairs one, but I don't mind Yossarian. He makes me want to smile around him, but I think that's his plan. He seems to like making everyone smile.
  • Ashe Besra: ◑/☠ Yeah, she doesn't seem to like me. I don't know what I've done to irritate her, but it has to be something. She glares at me occasionally and I don't think she's ever spoken to me. Then again, she's beginning to annoy me too; she's caught Zyker's eye. I can see it when he's around her; I know him that well. She's going to force me to say something to him, isn't she? If I don't, I'll loose him to her. She's far prettier and perkier than I am, and I know he'll fall for her. I hate that....
  • Lor Pellet: ☺ Lor makes me smile; he's got such a witty mouth. Honestly, we have quite a bit of fun together - he's one of the only people in this house that has seen my childish side. He's not just one of those big brutes that swings his weight around, trying to gain attention. He's actually got quite a brain on him. We can pull some excellent debates together, seeing as I never went to school! I think we'd be amazing friends, if we weren't being asked to kill each other in a few months. Well, for now we can be friends anyway.
  • Pip Pypin: ◑/☺ She's so young to be here... I hate that. I want to treat her like Wyatt, like a little sibling, but I can see she doesn't like that. I'll try and keep away from her, or else I'll be trying to protect her. I might try and do that in the Arena anyway, become allies with her or something. I can't stand the thought of her being hurt.
  • Tyke Delfino: ◑ Eh, he seems okay. A little strange, but all right, I guess. I don't think we'll be great friends though. He seems to have some sort of multiple personality disorder. I can't get along with people like that. They confuse me to hell and back. I'll stay away from this one, but I'll chat to him if I must.
  • Emosa Polijîn: ◑/☺ I feel strange around Emosa. It seems like sometimes she wants to be friends with me, by standing next to me whilst we're cooking, or standing in a group with us having a conversation, but as soon as I try and talk to her, or offer her a smile, she seems to brush it off. I'd like to be friends with her, she seems like such a strong ally, but she just needs to talk to me.
  • Reutruse Haervic: ☺/◑ I'd like to be friends with Reutruse, but I just haven't worked him out yet. One moment, he seems sweet and kind, and then next, quiet and brooding. Once I figure him out, then maybe we could become friends. I'd quite like him to teach me some hand-to-hand combat skills, if we grew closer. It could be interesting. I don't think he will though.
  • Aristata O'Rouke:☺ I'm really good friends with Aris! If we had met before the Games, then I would honestly see her as more of a sister than just an amazing friend. But honestly, I see her as closer than any of the other girls around. I feel like I can talk to her about anything; I've actually told her about my feelings for Zyker! How crazy is that! I can't bring myself to think about killing her. I'll protect her to the death.
  • Zyker Lintsy: ♥ Zyker is... my best friend. Seeing as I don't go to school, he's one of the only people I interact with of my age. We meet when we can, and he teaches me what he has learnt at school that day. He's my breath of fresh air. Although, recently, I've been starting to see him as more than just a friend. I saw one of the girl's from the district, one of the pretty ones hanging around him, batting her eyelids and it made me angry. It made me jealous that he was smiling back at her. I can't tell him this though - he probably has his heart devoted to someone already. That's the kind of sweet, beautiful man that he is.

  • Why that colour for you name? Black - it's the colour of coal. It also could represent the blackness that covers everyone in Twelve. We're all pretty down and depressed.

    Saffron's Interview Wear
Chariot Costume: Black fitted trousers and black fitted top. Black smudges on face (like war paint) to represent the dirtiness and the coal from Twelve. Was supposed to wear mining hats, but threw them off at the last minute.

Tyke Delfino
|Eighteen|District 10|Animal Knowledge|

♥ = romantic interest | ☺ = friends | ◑ = neutral | ☠ = enemies

  • Gavril Scynthe: ☺/◑ This man confuses me. One moment he will be talking to you, all confident and charming, but the next, he will flip to the other side, and be blunt. Honestly, I can't get my head around him. I want to though. I think we could be allies, if we worked something out; I just need to work him out, before I even go into that territory. Besides, he's a Career, isn't he? Already trained and paired up with the other higher Tributes, right? Maybe allies wouldn't work out...
  • Malia Fox:
  • Scipio Hardin: ◑ This guy knows when to nod and smile, and when the Capitol says "jump", he asks - "how high?" He's like the others, smiling around me because I'm so young looking, knowing that it'll play well with the cameras. I feel a little wary around him, like he's just going to turn and stab be in the back.
  • Stiletto Switchblade: ☠ Now, I love confident women, but I can honestly say that I dislike this woman with a passion. She's over-flowing with sarcastic comments and a cocky attitude that just knocks you off of your feet. Stiletto is too much, for any man to handle, I'd guess, and I honestly don't think I'll get along with her very well.
  • Cloud Deverell: ◑ I don't want to go near Cloud; when "his" name was called, I honestly thought he was a woman. And I thought "he" was hot. Yeah, I feel slightly awkward around him now. I sorta' duck out the room when he comes around.
  • Emberly Byrne: ◑ I don't know this girl very well, and I don't think I'm going to. She's like me, too closed off to have real friends, but unlike me, she doesn't try. She's much happier being on her own; I respect that and wish I could be like that. She's pretty though, not going to lie. If only she was a little more confident in herself.
  • Niles Bayou: ☺ I think I'll get along very well with this man. It's nice to have someone that's similar to you, but not as similar as myself and Keeth. Niles has that same need for female affection too, although I'll take any that I get, but he also seems to care about the girls that he speaks to and what not, something I admire and reciprocate myself. Like I said, it's nice having someone around who thinks the same way as you.
  • Diomache Rayn: ☠/◑ Her will to live is admirable, yet I hate her. Honestly, I'd like to kill her, but I'll probably just run from her. Her will to survive scares me a little, as I know how ruthless she's going to be in that arena.
  • Marvel Strong:
  • Solara Brinx: ☺/◑ I like her; she's so fun to be around, and she's incredibly sexy. However, I can't stand how close she gets to me sometimes. I don't like being touched, but this woman keeps trying. Eesh. Please stop? Then maybe I can relax around you!
  • Keeth Diggett: ☺ We're very similar. Possibly too similar. I mean, he's cute and everything, but honestly, it'd be like being with myself. He's a little more shy and awkward than me, but he does it in such a cute way. Watch this space develop, but for now, I think we're going to be good friends.
  • Magna Aerosta:
  • Tanager Rollo: ◑ i just haven't spoken to him yet. He seems to already have a crap load of friends that he's surrounded himself with anyway, so he doesn't need me around too. I admire him, but I don't want to be his friend.
  • Mildred Tarzia:☺/♥ Oh, I like the look of her. She's gorgeous, and seems totally down to Earth; I can't be dealing with someone who lives with her head in the clouds. Even though I've only seen her once in person, in all the TV shots of her, she's smiling. It's unfaltering, really. I've grown so used to seeing her with a smile plastered over her face, I don't want that to change. I'm thinking I should become good friends with her, and keep that smile on her face.
  • Yossarian Caulfield: ☺/♥ I've never seen one person hit on so many people, and it still be hot at the same time. Honestly, this guy is a whirlwind fucking love machine. I've never actually been with a guy before except a kiss - maybe we could change that? I just have this want to run my hands through his hair...
  • Ashe Besra: ◑ I don't know much about her. She seems nice, smiley and confident. She could be a worthy ally, especially with her usage of a lance. I'm weapon free, so it could be good to team up with someone that has a weapon.
  • Lor Pellet: ☺ He's incredibly smart and confident, and if we teamed up, or even became friends, I know we'd make it quite far into the games. He has all the publicity going for him too - everyone's going to want to sponsor the lovely, smart boy from nine.
  • Pip Pypin: ♥ Wow, she's hot. And adorable. All wrapped into one little ball of fun. Her smile is so infectious, that it's incredibly hard to keep a straight face when I'm around her. Her personality is mind blowing, and I think the sponsors would lap us up if anything happened between us. The small, adorable little couple!
  • Emosa Polijîn: ☺/♥ I've never actually spoken to Emosa, even though we live in the same district, but my god is she hot. I mean, there should be a law against how gorgeous she is. Her personality is a little shoddy, but with a smile here and a joke there, I'm sure she'll lighten up a little. I think a smile would look lovely on her. She needs to smile more than she does.
  • Reutruse Haervic: ☺ At first, it creeped me out that Reu realized I wasn't being myself straight away, but I'm used to it now. I quite like him being around. If I ever needed someone to talk to, to confide in, I'd go to him. I probably never will, seeing as he's supposed to be my enemy and everything, but I don't see him like that. He's more of an... older brother figure, if you will.
  • Aristata O'Rouke: ☺/♥ What a babe! She understands that I don't like being touched, and because of that, she's actually brought me around to being able to hug... well, only for three seconds or less, but look what she made me do! I can hug people! I honestly love this girl. Well... "love" might be too strong, but yeah.. it's along those lines.
  • Zyker Lintsy: ◑ I don't know him well enough to have an opinion here. He seems nice and friendly though, and his skills in Navigation will most likely be an assett in the arena.
  • Saffron Lockhearst: ◑ Not my cup of tea, to be fair. She seems very motherly and caring, and I don't like that. I mean, that fun, wild side of her that came out could be fun, but the other side? I don't think so. I don't like mothers and parents as it is, and I do not want to start living with one here, thank you very much.

  • Why that colour for you name? I picked a dirty brown/yellow because it reminds me of home, and the hay that I had to ship every day for the horses.
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Re: Relationship Thread

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby alxxxjames on Wed Jun 27, 2012 5:25 pm

Solara Brinx
Age 17|District 5|Endurance|

♥ = romantic interest | ☺ = friends | ◑ = neutral | ☠ = enemies

  • Gavril Scynthe: ☺☠ I love to hate him. He is the perfect Career, but something about him tells me to get on his good side. Not for the fact that he'd keep me safe till we took out the other tributes, but something else.. I don't know what it is yet..
  • Malia Fox: ☺ For her to be one of the leaders of the Career pack, I love her. She gets that I don't always want to be known as the slut of the tributes and makes sure others know that as well. We do have fun though when we do decide to cut loose.
  • Scipio Hardin: ☺ He is the smartest person that I could align myself with to get some great sponsors. Of course, I think he is absolutely beautiful to look at, but I can't really think about that right now.
  • Stiletto Switchblade: ☺ I somehow have became friends with most of the Career bunch, but it doesn't intimidate me in the least bit. You are suppose to kneel down to them all, but you need to have a backbone to actually gain respect from them. Well, that's at least how I've managed to get on Stiletto's good side. She sees that I'm not one to doubt. We will make a fine pair in the arena.
  • Cloud Deverell: ☺ He is such a unique little fucker. I don't know why he has to be so damn cute.
  • Emberly Byrne: ◑ I have this girl fooled more than anyone. Every time I talk to her I make her think I am such a pathetic loser, who is trying to lose my virginity because I know it's the end.. If I thought it was the end, I would have fucked anybody by now.
  • Niles Bayou: ☺ I love flirting with him, but that's as far as it goes. I don't even know him outside of us flirting with each other. Maybe I should make the effort to see what he's like.. Maybe.
  • Diomache Rayn: ◑ She is very conniving. That's one of the biggest give aways that she is going to be loyal to the Career pack. Although, I think I might want to make an ally out of her to take out Saffron. That is if Saffron keeps up this bitchy attitude towards me.
  • Marvel Strong: ◑ I pushed away from Marvel when the district named my mother a whore. I shouldn't have, but I did. I don't know if I even want to get close to Marvel again because when I'm around him it brings up so many memories of when I didn't have to worry about parent's pulling their kids away from me because to them I was going to end up like my mother. It hurt me to hear his name called because as soon as we walked in the house he was all I had left of my district and also all I had left of my past. It's too hard to be around him now. Maybe things will change for the better before we both have to start killing.
  • Keeth Diggett: ☺☠ I just mess with him because I know I get under his skin. The only problem is that at first I actually liked talking to him, so now I've put so much tension between us I'm pretty sure he hates me. Crap.
  • Magna Aerosta: ◑ She seems to not like anybody enough in the house to actually make something of the last nine months of her life. I'm sorry I don't have faith in someone, who can't even manage a decent conversation with the other tributes. How does she expect to get sponsors?
  • Tanager Rollo: ♥ He is so damn sexy. I find myself trying to get his attention, but it's so hard to get him to even notice me. He always seems so oblivious to my games, but maybe that means I need to actually try to get to know him. It's weird to say that he is actually worth getting to know in my book. Even if it doesn't turn out the way I planned.
  • Mildred Tarzia: PM me.
  • Yossarian Caulfield: ☺ I love him. From day one, I wanted him to be my partner in crime. Instead, I got him and Pip as a combo pack. They are my better thirds.. (?)
  • Ashe Besra: ◑☠ Meh.. I don't care too much for this one and I honestly don't see that changing anytime soon.
  • Lor Pellet: ♥☺ He is completely different from every guy in the house. It's weird to be around him because I want him to want me as much as I want him. Make sense? He's the guy I've been waiting for. I would honestly die a virgin for this guy. It's that serious.
  • Pip Pypin: ☺ Crazy bitch! But god I do love her. I'm pretty sure Yossarian, herself, and me might be the only three that stuck together from the get-go. They are so much fun to be around.
  • Tyke Delfino: ☺ Interesting guy. I don't know where we exactly lie, but he's nice to be around.
  • Emosa Polijîn: ☺ One of the only girls I actually trust. I haven't fully put all of it into her, but so far I am glad I at least have one good friend in the house besides all of these guys.
  • Reutruse Haervic: ☺ I like him enough to get along with him. I don't know if we'll get as close as I am with other's, but he is worth spending the small amount of time we do have together.
  • Aristata O'Rouke: ◑ Who knows with this one..
  • Zyker Lintsy: ☺ He is incredibly nice to everybody. It's not my fault I put my guard down when I'm with him, but of course it's just so we can actually trust each other. Him and his little fellow tribute definitely have something going on, but blames me if I want to flirt with him to prove to everybody that there is.. When she does finally try to fight me for him, I'll win in my own way.. By making them the biggest targets. Oh well.
  • Saffron Lockhearst: ☠ Oh well, the bitch hates me. It's not my fault I know how to win over the Capitol. They want to see as much of us as possible without giving away the dirty details. It's so obvious she likes Zyker, so who blames me for flirting with him as much as possible.

  • Interview Attire:

  • Chariot Attire:[/b

  • [b]Why that colour for you name? It reminds me of home... Yeah, I guess that's enough, right?

Zyker Lintsy
|Age 18|District 12|Navigation|

♥ = romantic interest | ☺ = friends | ◑ = neutral | ☠ = enemies

  • Gavril Scynthe: ◑ He keeps his distance, so I don't force myself in his face. If he wants to come around, it will be because he wants to; not because I forced the interaction/friendship.
  • Malia Fox: ◑ I don't know how she feels about me, but her looks can sometimes capture me. Obviously not the way Saffron's or Ashe's do.. But she is a looker. Maybe we'll get to know each other once she gets away from Scipio.
  • Scipio Hardin: ☺ He will be a very great ally to have, but when it comes to the Careers all jumping together I have a big issue with that. I will be on the outside of that pack, and I am not putting my life or Saffy's like in the hands of them. Maybe he can prove his alliance.
  • Stiletto Switchblade: ◑ I hate being able to look at people and tell that they are already putting me at the top of their kill list. This is one of those people. If she'd seriously stop analyzing people based off of her kill-list, she'd get to know us as more than her next victim.
  • Cloud Deverell: ☺ He is incredibly nice. He is a tad bit weak though, so that could always cause a problem in the arena for me, but I'd protect him long enough for him to set up explosives here and there.
  • Emberly Byrne: ◑☺ She is a very interesting girl, honestly. I think I like her so much because she seems really nice. I just haven't figured out if she's actually that nice or if she's playing me.. Saffy likes her, so I have to put that into consideration.
  • Niles Bayou: ☺ It seems I've been fortunate enough to only break my confidence in front of Niles, but I thank him for not running off to the others and telling them I'm cracking under the constant video feed to my district. He has definitely been one to cheer me up, and I will owe him a lot if I make it long in the arena.
  • Diomache Rayn: ◑ I honestly never planned on killing a girl once I got into the arena, but if she steps one foot near Saffron; I will. She is the pit of all evil and once she dies.. She will be able to look down and see that leading a life like hers got her nothing, but a spot in the ground to rot in. Nobody will miss her the way she is now. This is a lot to come from the guy that loves everybody in the house.. (Except her obviously.) She needs to take a step back and change before it's too late and everybody is gunning to kill her.
  • Marvel Strong: ☺ He totally gets that this is the last time we will be able to party and just cut loose! Most of us have never even gotten the chance to live like this. He doesn't push me away because I'm too nice. He just welcomes me in with arms wide open. Very cool dude in my book.
  • Solara Brinx: ☺ Very fun girl to be around. Obviously I can tell she's a little on the wild side, but who wouldn't be tempted to go there.. I feel a cat fight coming thought due to how close I am to her though. I think I might need to reassure Saffy where my feelings lie.. Oh yeah, I haven't even told her yet.
  • Keeth Diggett: ◑☺ He is such a hard one to ally with.. I feel like he'd be the worst decision I'd make this game, but I can't help see him as my little brother..
  • Magna Aerosta: ◑ She thinks she knows everything there is about life. It's a little annoying for me because she is constantly correcting or analyzing every word in the conversations in the house. She needs to lighten up and realize that it's time to move on from whatever is bothering her. She shouldn't waste these next months because they might end up being her last.
  • Tanager Rollo: ☺ This guy will be one of my allies once we get into the arena. We will have to stay close in order to take out the Career Pack. In the house though, he is a very chill guy that is so distracted that he doesn't even realize half the girls in the house want to jump his bones! Come on dude! Get a clue!
  • Mildred Tarzia: ☺ She is very distant from all the tributes, but that just makes me want to know her more.
  • Yossarian Caulfield: ◑☺ I don't know if I should trust him or not, but so far he's proved to appear trustworthy.
  • Ashe Besra: ☺♥ She is completely mesmerizing to me. I find myself wanting to be around her as much as possible, even if it's just to eat lunch beside her. It's confusing that I feel this way because only one other girl has before and she's the other tribute from my district. Awkward.
  • Lor Pellet: ☺ A definite ally in this game. He is the thinker of us; with his knowledge of the multi-purposes of a shield and my navigation, we are bound to make it to the top. It all just depends on who else we allow ourselves to align with.
  • Pip Pypin: ☺ She makes me laugh harder than anybody else in the house. When that little trifecta get together, it's like a tornado hits the house. Of course, it's a really awesome tornado that brings fun to the whole house. Am I the only one that feels that way?
  • Tyke Delfino: ◑ Don't know much on him, but his knowledge of animals might prove to be useful.
  • Emosa Polijîn: ◑ The way she always stares at me freaks me out.. If she doesn't like me there are plenty of other rooms in the house to go to.. She just doesn't need to make her hatred for me so obvious.
  • Reutruse Haervic: ☺ I like him. He is one of the few that isn't completely turned off by how nice I am. I am fortunately one of the few guys he isn't in love with, so I'm thankful for that. I can't go breaking hearts all through the house. (Completely joking. No hearts will be broken; hopefully.)
  • Aristata O'Rouke: ◑ Very interesting girl. That's all I have to say. Very very interesting.
  • Saffron Lockhearst: ♥ This girl... This girl is amazing. I was shocked when I heard her name being called, but more shocked when mine followed. The likelihood of us both being here together was insane, but I'm glad I have her by my side. Knowing that I have one guaranteed ally in this game makes it so much easier to go through.. Especially when I absolutely adore Saffy and will try to protect her as much as I can.. If she dies, it's an all out blood shed from there. I will lose all dignity to just make it back to my family. I just hope these feelings don't grow more than they already are because it will be so much harder to actually win the game when I'm also worried about her.

  • Interview Attire:

  • Chariot Attire:

  • Why that colour for you name? Have you seen District 12? What possible color could even come close to why I would pick black..
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Re: Relationship Thread

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Caille on Wed Jun 27, 2012 5:35 pm

Mildred Tarzia
|Sixteen|District Seven|Sneak|

♥♥ = Romantic interest | ♥ = romantic interest Adores | ☺ = friends | ◑ = neutral | ☠ = enemies this is usually for those who scare her or when ever she's in a different persona mood.

  • Gavril Scynthe: ☺ He doesn't talk a lot but I think he's cute! Maybe I can make him talk and be more bubbly, perhaps I can just make him into a nice man who will talk to people! I shall follow him to see him speak, I need to know what he sounds like!
  • Malila Fox: ☺ Mal! I don't exactly know her but from everything I've seen, she's cool! She lies a lot though and I frown upon that, why must she lie? She's a good person already! I MUST help her figure that one out.
  • Scipio Hardin: ◑ He only seems to think about winning, this isn't all about winning! We have a twist here, he should try and relax! I am going to try and do so! That's going to be my ultimate goal!
  • Stiletto Switchblade: ◑ She doesn't like me! But that's fine I mean she can be all bitchy all she wants, I'm just trying to make the best of the situation and not be such a bummer. Other than that she seems to be a fine person!
  • Cloud Deverell: ♥ He's soooo adorable! Oh my goodness! He's so cheery and bubbly to me! I just want to hug him and never let go! So sweet!
  • Emberly Byrne: ◑ Em is nice to me but she's not that interesting to be honest and I can't seem to find anything that makes her interesting.
  • Niles Bayou: ♥/☺ Niles is so sweet, he really is, I can't help and upon first seeing him he put a bright smile on my face, somehow I just really adore him.
  • Diomache Rayn: ☠ She honestly scare- Pssh! She's just a cold hearted bitch who I can't stand at all. (Note Mildred has altered persona a bit..)
  • Marvel Strong: ☺/♥ Mar! I simply adore him! He's nice to me and I hope for him to be a great ally! I mean I've only met him once but he seemed really nice!
  • Solara Brinx: ◑ Solara is fine, I think she's a bit too boy crazy for my likings though. I will be nice to her, I'll be nice to everyone..Unless the other side takes over.
  • Keeth Diggett: ☺/♥ Awe! Keeth is such a cutie and he needs to have more confidence and power in himself!
  • Magna Aerosta: ☠ She kind of scares me and she's rather sarcastic and cold, I can be sarcastic but it happens the odd time.
  • Tanager Rollo: ◑/☺ I didn't know Tanger back in district seven but now that I've met him for one little bit I can honestly say he's pretty cool and I like him!
  • Mildred Tarzia: Me! Ooh, I look good? Why thank you Millie! *smiles happily*
  • Yossarian Caulfield: ☺ Yossarian is awesome! He's so cool, people think he's unstable but I think they're misunderstanding and those people need to understand better!
  • Ashe Besra: ◑ She doesn't seem to take much liking to me, I shall have fun killing her in the games and making her death creative then.
  • Lor Pellet: ♥♥/☺ Lor is so sweet and kind and caring! I really do enjoy seeing him and being around him, it's a shame that we were put in the games but on the bright side at least I got a chance to meet him. He just makes me smile a lot and he's cute.
  • Pip Pypin: ☺☺/♥ Pip is adorable! She's so chirpy, bubbly and sweet! It's nice to have her around and I like to hang out with PIp.
  • Tyke Delfino: ♥♥/☺ Tyke is such a unique individual! He's just unlike most people I know and he's rather interesting, he doesn't seem to like much for touching wise like hugging and stuff which is might understandable and only makes him an even more unique person, and I really like him for that.
  • Emosa Polijîn: ◑ Emosa's alright although sometimes she scares me but that's fine I suppose because she doesn't scare me a whole lot, just a bit.
  • Reutruse Haervic: ☺/♥ He's someone I look up to and honestly I suppose since I've never really had a brother but yet I barely know him, he feels like an older brother for me to have and I think it's great and I adore him for that.
  • Aristata O'Rouke: ☺ I like her! She's nice to be around and one of the nicer tributes here!
  • Zyker Lintsy: ◑ I haven't really gotten to known Zyker so I can't give an honest opinion on him quite yet.
  • Saffron Lockhearst: ☺ Saffy is cool! I like her and she's all bubbly and stuff and sometimes I catch her day dreaming or something and I think it's sweet, funny, and adorable!

  • Why that colour for you name? I picked the colour brown because it reminded me of the ground in district seven and the bark of the trees, it's just a nice earthy feel to it.
  • Chariot attire: Millie ended up being painted from head to toe a bronze colour and she had her hair sprayed green and twigs were woven into her hair. She then had basically a leaf bra covering her upper front and then some form of a leaf attire that covered her lower half.
  • Interview outfit: She's wearing a nice light coloured dress that ruffles. Her dress!

Malila Fox
|Seventeen|District One||

♥♥ = Romantic interest |♥ = romantic interestSlight attraction | ☺ = friends | ◑ = neutral | ☠ = enemies

  • Gavril Scynthe: ◑/♥ He's a little cutie, he may be reserved in cold but I bet I could go and seduce him a bit into talking to me, he is from my district after all. Good looks are enough for me though.
  • Scipio Hardin: ♥♥/◑ He is hot! I will not lie and the fact he wants to win and is a man of winning makes him hotter and I can't stand it. He's just amazing and I will eventually get him to turn in my direction, just you watch.
  • Stiletto Switchblade: ☺ She may be a bitch at times but she's a fun bitch and I get along with her well.
  • Cloud Deverell: ◑ Seriously, is that a dude or a gal? I just I don't know and he's too bubbly and sweet, ick.
  • Emberly Byrne: ☠ She's a boring stick in the mud, nothing much to her.
  • Niles Bayou: ♥/◑ Niles plays the same game I do, although his may be a bit different. He's good looking and he knows how to charm a girl although I don't quite fall for his antics. I'm smarter than that.
  • Diomache Rayn: ◑ Eh I don't hate her, she's just bleh and she bores me often with the cold act, seen it too many times before.
  • Marvel Strong: ☺ Marvel is, well he's a man of looks, just like most of them. I wouldn't mind putting on the charm for him either but I rather get to know him in non relationship sort of way.
  • Solara Brinx: ☺ Sol and I from first meeting each other get along very well. She's quite fun to be around if I do say so myself.
  • Keeth Diggett: ◑ He could grow a pair of balls and be less sensitive gosh, that's going to get his ass killed in the games.
  • Magna Aerosta : ◑ Mag is alright but she's rather distant so it's harder to get close to her but what ever one of us will have to die and it wont be me.
  • Tanager Rollo: ◑/♥ He's a look that's for sure but that fact is he's too much about his family and ick, it's just not something that's a turn on for me.
  • Mildred Tarzia: I don't even know what symbol to put down for this chick! She's a loony nut bar! Like seriously, what the hell.
  • Yossarian Caulfield: ♥/☠ He's weird and to me he seems to also be a lot of fun I wouldn't mind getting to know him in some aspects.
  • Ashe Besra: ☠ She's a bitch and I hate her, I just can't stand her I really can't she ticks me off so much.
  • Lor Pellet: ◑ Eh, he's boring to me and there's not much going for him. He may be a looker but still nothing too terribly exciting going on there.
  • Pip Pypin: ☠ Bleh, she's sweet and chirpy and she annoys the hell of her I don't know what to do with her half of the time.
  • Tyke Delfino: ◑ He's a strange one and he looks like he's twelve, I don't think I will be wanting to try and seduce him any time soon more so considering he doesn't even like hugs, weird.
  • Emosa Polijîn: ☠ This bitch can be rather creepy and I don't even know half of the time, she's distant and that's all I can seem to tell from her.
  • Reutruse Haervic: ☺/♥♥ I actually like Reutruse because he seems like a good man helping the underdog and being a hero and I actually find that really sweet and attractive in a guy. He's also got the looks going on there too. He's a nice guy.
  • Aristata O'Rouke: ◑ I didn't really speak to her too much and I don't plan to..She seems rather boring and well eh.
  • Zyker Lintsy: ◑ He's a bit of a stick in the mud to mean, a bit boring for my likings but what do I know?
  • Saffron Lockhearst: ◑ She's quite dull, she's a day dreaming, bubbly girl from twelve that's really all she is and ever will be.

  • Why that colour for you name? I picked light purple because it reminded me of rich colour which reminded me of my district.
  • Chariot outfit: Her chariot outfit is quite stunning to say the least. here it is!
  • Interview outfit: She has a frame work that holds the flowing white material on her. What it looks like.

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Re: Relationship Thread

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby AugustArria on Wed Jun 27, 2012 5:47 pm

Yossarian Caulfield
| Eighteen | District 8 | First Aid |

♥ = romantic interest | ☺ = friends | ◑ = neutral | ☠ = enemies

  • Gavril Scynthe: ♥/◑ He's that mysterious Career from One, isn't he? Quiet guy, but I'll see if I can't get him to unzip his... lips.
  • Malila Fox: ♥/☠ The tentative plan with this one is to screw her repeatedly, and then give the audience an entertaining death.
  • Scipio Hardin: ♥/☠ This bastard won't shut up about the fucking Capitol! Death to the brainwashed boy, I say! Or maybe just a severe tickling session.
  • Stiletto Switchblade: ♥/◑ My first impression? Bitch be crazy. And she needs to lighten up. But she's hot, I'll give her that much.
  • Cloud Deverell: ◑ You shoulda' seen the face this guy made when I hit on him... I don't think he's going to be friendly with me anytime soon. Oh well, he'll die like the rest.
  • Emberly Byrne: ♥/◑ Cute little thing. I just wanna squeeze her until her eyeballs pop out! Don't think she likes me, though. Oh well.
  • Niles Bayou: ♥/☺ Oh yeah... I like this one. I'll bet the escort just picked him out of the bucket 'cause he's so damn sexy. And fun. And I should get to know him better. Immediately.
  • Diomache Rayn: ♥/☠ This girl's too damn cute to be that evil. I bet the Capitol crapped her out in a lab somewhere, and then pissed her onto District Four.
  • Marvelos Strong: ♥/◑ Just the guy's name gets me excited... but there's something about him. I feel like actually getting to know him. And that pisses me off!
  • Solara Brinx: ♥/☺ I think I'm in love. No, of course I'm not in love, you dumb shit, but Solara... well, she's my favorite person here right now.
  • Keeth Diggett: ◑ Haha... this guy. I think I made him uncomfortable, and he looked like he was going to cry. Totally killing him first.
  • Magna Aerosta: ☠ She's the very picture of what I've worked so hard to not become. It's no way to live. It's just a way to die. And that's not good enough.
  • Tanager Rollo: ♥/◑ I wonder what he's like when he relaxes. Surely he relaxes occasionally, right? He can relax with me if he wants. I'm a very relaxing person.
  • Mildred Tarzia: ☺ She's so precious, I feel like it would be a crime to screw her. She's just so much fun!
  • Ashe Besra: ♥/◑ So Ashe is from Eight too, apparently. If I've met her, I don't remember it. She's not very memorable, is what I'm saying. But damn, she's fine.
  • Lor Pellet: ◑ This guy's kinda boring, no? I don't know... I'd just rather spend my time with other people.
  • Pip Pypin: ♥/☺ PIP! She's awesome, so... awesome. So much fun to be with. I'll kill her last.
  • Tyke Delfino: ♥/◑ He's toying with me, the bastard! Playing hard to get or some shit. Whatever, there's others around here that'll bite.
  • Emosa Polijîn: ◑ You know... I don't think there's anything that I like about this girl. I don't even think I'd screw her.
  • Reutruse Haervic: ♥/◑ Now here's the real knight among us. He's even got a little doll to prove it! He seems to gravitate towards the losing team, though...
  • Aristata O'Rouke: ♥/◑ I'm sure we'll get to know each other in good time... all in good time...
  • Zyker Lintsy: ♥/◑ The sweet boy from Twelve... he and his girlfriend showed up and I was--wait, you mean they're not... huh. That's weird. Am I the only one who thinks they're perfect for each other?
  • Saffron Lockhearst: ♥/◑ Nah... this girl can't be from Twelve, she's fucking gorgeous! She could use a reminder of how young she is, though. Maybe I could help her out there?

  • Why that colour for your name? I picked Gray because Eight is a stinking, industrial shithole that I somehow managed to have a good time with for eighteen years.

Yossarian's Interview Outfit: A red, black, and white checkered suit, made to match his scarf token, which he wears around his neck.
Chariot Attire: An absurdly colorful costume that appeared to be little more than strands of colors wrapped around the upper body, leaving hundreds of streamers to flap behind him (see Ashe's costume). His lower body was completely exposed as well, save for his underwear, and his legs were shaved for the occasion. Yossarian did not have a fun time with that.

Emberly Byrne
| Seventeen | District 3 | Poison Dart Gun |

♥ = romantic interest | ☺ = friends | ◑ = neutral | ☠ = enemies

  • Gavril Scynthe: ◑ He's so detached from everything. And he's from One, so he's probably in it for the glory or something. Best to steer clear.
  • Malila Fox: ◑ I expected someone nastier from District One. I mean, I don't think I'll be friends with her, but she's not as bad as some of the others.
  • Scipio Hardin: ♥/☠ Scipio makes me nervous, because he's very well prepared to kill all of us, because he seems to love his stupid Capitol, and because... well, he's very attractive, isn't he?
  • Stiletto Switchblade: ☠ I feel like it's going to be Stiletto that kills me in nine months. She's so sure of herself, so confident. I just feel intimidated by her. Maybe someone else will take her out, and I won't have to deal with her.
  • Cloud Deverell: ☺ I think I remember hearing about the Deverells. Something about them supporting the Capitol? Cloud sure doesn't seem like that. He's nice. I felt bad for him when he had to join me up on the stage.
  • Niles Bayou: ☺ He's very relaxing, and easy to get along with. I like him. Hopefully I won't have to fight him.
  • Diomache Rayn: ☠ She's the Career from Four, and she can practically wound me just by staring at me. Makes me wonder what they go through to prepare for these games.
  • Marvelos Strong: ☺ There's so many good people in the Games this year. I don't think I can stand to watch them kill each other. Marvelos is really humble, and I like that about him.
  • Solara Brinx: ◑ I feel like she thinks she's going to die, and so she wants to... get some things done, before she dies. I realize most of us don't have much of a chance, but that's a really bad attitude.
  • Keeth Diggett: ☺ I feel so bad for Keeth. He's just not cut out for this. I mean, I'm not either, but I still think I have a chance. I guess I could try to help him? I don't know.
  • Magna Aerosta: ◑ I think she wants to be left alone. Not that I'm much good at getting people to open up, but I still just feel sad from looking at her.
  • Tanager Rollo: ♥/☺ He's someone I very much want to work with in the arena, and likely get to know better. He looks like he's comfortable in the wilderness, and I'll need some help with that.
  • Mildred Tarzia: ☺ She seems to make the most of our dreary situation, and that's awesome. I like having her around.
  • Yossarian Caulfield: ◑ I'll admit, his happy-go-lucky attitude can be infectious, but he's a little too wild for me. I'll keep my distance.
  • Ashe Besra: ◑ Ashe seems tough and independent, but not totally uncaring. I don't know, I feel like she's not the best choice for a friend.
  • Lor Pellet: ♥/☺ Probably the most stabilizing element around here. I talked with him just a bit, and I really like him. He's smart, charming, witty. I wish we could have met under different circumstances.
  • Pip Pypin: ◑ She's alright, maybe just a little too outgoing for my tastes. I don't dislike her though.
  • Tyke Delfino: ◑ He seems really hard to get to know. I feel like he's got barriers around him. And I'm not very good at opening up, myself.
  • Emosa Polijîn: ◑ She's cold and uncaring. Thanks, but I'll pass.
  • Reutruse Haervic: ☺ Another guy I'd love to be friends with. I feel like if we got to know each other, he'd look out for me. He seems like a selfless guy. It's admirable.
  • Aristata O'Rouke: ☺ She seems very trustworthy, and very kind. Hopefully we can become better friends.
  • Zyker Lintsy: ☺ Zyker's such an awesome guy. I hear it's pretty bad in Twelve, but he doesn't seem any worse off for it. Hopefully I can get on his good side.
  • Saffron Lockhearst: ☺ I can see myself being friends with Saffron, and I feel like she'd ally herself with good people. I wouldn't mind being on her team when this all goes down.

  • Why that colour for your name? Mostly because of my name. I honestly can't think of a good color for my District, but I don't want to put it down at all.

Emberly's Interview Outfit: With matching heels, golden earrings the color of her bracelet, her hair done up in a delicate bun.
Chariot Attire: A skin-tight black dress covered in luminescent strips that made Emberly glow in the dark, in terrific patterns that alternated as their chariot progressed.

Diomache Rayn
| Eighteen | District 4 | Nets & Snares |

♥ = romantic interest | ☺ = friends | ◑ = neutral | ☠ = enemies

  • Gavril Scynthe: ☺ Of course an alliance between us will be necessary. He seems to have a good head on his shoulders, and takes his job here far more seriously than most of the others.
  • Malila Fox: ◑ District One couldn't get a Career from their girl's side this year. They must be very disappointed. She's not as pathetic as most of the girls here, though.
  • Scipio Hardin: ☺ His apparent love for the Capitol is a little... over the top, but I expect we'll be making use of each other's skills once the Games begin.
  • Stiletto Switchblade: ☺/☠ The strongest female tribute, from what I can tell. I have a feeling she'll end up my greatest ally, or a bitter rival. I'd rather have the former, so that I can guarantee the eventual fight between us is on my own terms.
  • Cloud Deverell: ☠ District Three always seems to come up with weak tributes. This year looks to be no different.
  • Emberly Byrne: ☠ See above. I don't see any strength there, only another corpse to be.
  • Niles Bayou: ♥/☠ I'm unsure what to say... part of me resents his very presence, wishes I could kill him now and be done with it. I hate the way I feel around him. Weak. Vulnerable. Unsure of myself. Like the child I used to be. But the other part of me can't help but to be glad he's here.
  • Marvel Strong: ◑ He is strong, so I'll have to confront him indirectly in the arena. However, I don't think he has the stomach for killing.
  • Solara Brinx: ◑ Her priorities are... somewhat questionable, but she seems to be out for herself here. I'll be watching to learn more about her.
  • Keeth Diggett: ☠ A contender for 24th place, this one. We'll see if he can manage such a feat as 23rd. Unless he's acting. It's a more common tactic for girls, however. I don't see much use for him.
  • Magna Aerosta: ◑ I should give her a knife when we hit the arena, so she can do my work for me.
  • Tanager Rollo: ☠ A clear threat to be dealt with, if he can't be persuaded to join with me. Good in the wild, very strong, likely good with an axe, being from Seven. He'll likely sniff out my traps. Perhaps I can get someone else to deal with him.
  • Mildred Tarzia: ☠ She can be happy and bubbly all she wants. I'll be happy when I kill her.
  • Yossarian Caulfield: ◑ This one is very interesting. The way he so casually accepted his reaping. The way he doesn't seem to care. And that malicious glint in his eye. If I could leash him, I'd love to use his talents on the other dangerous competitors. But he doesn't seem like one to be tamed.
  • Ashe Besra: ◑ A survivor, I can tell that much. She might linger for some time, but she won't get the better of me.
  • Lor Pellet: ◑ Intelligent, and perhaps resourceful, but he doesn't seem like a fighter. He could be dangerous when working with others, though. Best to single him out.
  • Pip Pypin: ◑ Very similar to Yossarian, but seemingly without the same killer instinct. It makes her significantly less interesting to me.
  • Tyke Delfino: ◑ A lamb for the slaughter. Few here seem as lacking in the will to hurt others, or as inept with weaponry.
  • Emosa Polijîn: ◑ She doesn't seem to care for any of the others. Perhaps she'll save me the trouble for one or two of them before she dies.
  • Reutruse Haervic: ☠ His strategy seems to be to protect the others, specifically the weak. I wonder if he's even aware of how the Hunger Games work.
  • Aristata O'Rouke: ◑ She'll likely get in the way of a kill, if allowed to ally with anyone. She seems the type to sacrifice herself. Hopefully she won't be a nuisance.
  • Zyker Lintsy: ☠ The Twelves will put up a fight. They seem loyal to one another, and Zyker will be formidable in the wild, as many of the lower districts are. If they're split up, though, they should be easy pickings.
  • Saffron Lockhearst: ☠ The more valuable of the Twelves. She should be used, perhaps captured and used to draw Zyker to his death. Or perhaps just killed, he'd come at us recklessly then.

  • Why that colour for your name? For the water, for the rain. For District Four, where I'll return when the others are dead.

Diomache's Interview Outfit
Chariot Attire: The Fours went with a mermaid and merman theme this year, aiming for a very exotic look. Dio wore a skirt that hung dangerously low across her waist, made up of light blue scales that shimmered in the evening light, the hem of which reached just above her ankles in the front, and left a good sized train in the back. Like Niles, she had glimmering fins attached to her back, and her hair was temporarily colored a shade of blue, slightly darker than Niles's, perhaps due to the difference in their natural hair colors. And, like Niles, Dio was completely nude from the waist up. Her skin seemed to glisten and shine in the light, and she had similar designs drawn on her body. Her hair was just long enough to cover her breasts, albeit quite ineffectively. Regardless of how uncomfortable Niles may have felt or looked, Dio retained her cold composure, and played to the crowd.
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The Canticle of Fate: Silver Lion Stanza
"Though I am flesh, Your Light is ever present,
And those I have called, they remember,
And they shall endure."

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Re: Relationship Thread

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Korrye on Wed Jun 27, 2012 5:47 pm

Ashe Besra
| 18 | 08 | Lance |

♥ = romantic interest | ☺ = friends/allies | ◑ = wary/neutral | ☠ = enemies

  • Gavril Scynthe: District 1. ◑ Like his female counterpart, he too didn’t seem overjoyed to be called and made part of the Hunger Games. He seems entitled and yet quiet and mysterious. He keeps to himself. But I am wary, of course. He could easily be a career. He’s quite imposing. Going to have to keep my guard up around him.
  • Malila Felicity Fox: District 1. ☠ You can tell by one look at her that she's entitled. Look at those rings! That's a food for a year on her finger. I doubt she's ever known hunger. I'm sorry to be judgmental but I can't stand what she represents.
  • Scipio Hardin: District 2. ♥/☺ Another career, a given. He intimidates me because he volunteered and seemed excited for it too. His district undoubtedly supports him, given the cheers he got. I can’t help but say that he’s charming. If I’m going to survive, he’s likely by best ally though as a girl from district eight, there’s little chance I’ll get to him. He’ll likely be swarmed by the rich kids. I doubt he’s ever had a hard time but looks can be deceiving.
  • Stiletto Switchblade: District 2. ☠ Undeniably a career, with the personality to boot. She looked fierce when her name was called, like she was ready to kill and undoubtedly she’s been trained for this which concerns me. Her confidence is almost too much. Definitely one to be wary of. I don't think I'd ever feel comfortable around her and I don't intend on getting close to this one.
  • Cloud Deverell: District 3. ◑ Those guys from district three are quite crafty. This kid seems like he would know more about technology than I do, especially since District 3 specializes in engineered goods. We usually get our machines from them. I feel like he knows of industry and oppression the way we do in eight given the way the factories are run. That said, I don't know if we'd get along.
  • Emberly Byrne: District 3. ◑ Disbelief faded to determination for this one during the reaping. She seems quiet and yet one to be wary of as well. The quiet ones can often be forgotten and she seems willing to take us out so far as I can see. I'll have to pat attention to her to figure her out.
  • Niles Bayou: District 4. ◑ A true looker. You can tell he's good in the water. I'm not sure what to make of him. He wasn't hysterical when his name was called but he sure as hell was wide eyed. We'll see how things play out. He seems strong. Could be an ally? Depends if we get along.
  • Diomache Rayn: District 4. ☠ She volunteered and didn't seem to care who she was replacing. The other girl looked relieved. When she marched on stage I knew she was trouble. There's determination in her eyes and a fearlessness that makes it seem like she knows what she's doing...very much like those dreaded careers.
  • Marvelos "Marvel" Strong: District 5. ☺ This guy is confident in who he is but he doesn't take shit either. I feel like in some ways he's the male version of me. He seems genuine and a little irritated by the games as much as anyone. I feel like we could get along but at this rate I feel like I'm willing to make too many friends. I like that he was irritated with being chosen.
  • Solara Brinx: District 5. ◑ She laughed too when she was chosen, but not like the other girl who did. It was a laugh that masked her dread I think, though I can’t really be sure as I can’t read minds. She’s a shameless flirt however, something I don’t really care for.
  • Keeth Diggett: District 6. ☺ The boy who cried. I almost didn’t believe it. Had he dumped water on his face while the camera panned out on the crowd? He seems quiet and he’s endearing however. I find him almost comfortable to be around. He may be a potential ally.
  • Magna Aerosta: District 6. ☠ I know that I feel wronged by the hard times I've been forced to endure but this girl seems to take it to a whole other level. It's hard to explain it but I remember seeing her flip out the year before when a boy from her district was nominated. I don't think I could ever get that horrified face out of my mind for awhile. She seems to have a death wish. Power to her - one less person who wants to take me out.
  • Tanager Rollo: District 7. ◑ The one who volunteered for his brother. I can't believe this guy. He looked so shocked. I think I was more surprised that he was related to the wiry boy beside him. When his hand shot up it was after he looked over his shoulder, like he needed reassurance. I value his choice to step in for someone with little chance of winning like Reutreuse, but it wasn't his first response. He's hesitant which can make him a dangerous ally in the arena.
  • Mildred Tarzia: District 7. ☠ Another one of the happy ones when her name was called. I don’t get this girl. She’s two faced which scares the hell out of me. I don’t know who she’ll be one moment from the next. I don't trust her for a second.
  • Yossarian Caulfield: District 8. ☠ I’ve seen this guy around 8 before. He shrugged off his selection and made me all the more annoyed as I was forced onto the platform. He tried to make a pass at me once, only to be crudely wrung out to dry by yours truly. He doesn’t seem to remember me and I could care less.
  • Ashe Besra: District 8. ☺ Myself? Well I’m outwardly confident but inside I’m scared shitless of how I’m going to die. I can’t reconcile that I’ll be in a better place when this is over, simply because I don’t see a God as allowing humanity to be so oppressed by a select entitled few.
  • Lor Pellet: District 9. ♥/☺ He has an air about him that seemed almost complacent when he was chosen. But he also has this side of him that seems eager to see the games fail. I feel like he would be a good person to speak to, or try to, about some ploy against the Capitol, if anything a stand against the games even if it meant death. Call me crazy.
  • Pip Pypin: District 9. ☠ Her back was turned to the platform when they called her. She was shocked, thinking she was safe. I was surprised. No one should think they’re in the clear. She seems rather determined though. When we’re finally in the arena, she’ll likely have no issue trying to kill her way home. A good one to avoid likely.
  • Tyke Delfino: District 10. ◑ He was pulled on stage by the peacekeepers, this one. He didn’t seem to believe that his name had actually been called. He seems like a flirt, the type of guy to try and win everyone over to his side or die attempting to. He could easily be a charmer in an interview if he smiled too.
  • Emosa Polijîn: District 10. ☺ She’s bitter, like me. She doesn’t like the happy ones who seem excited to be part of the games. I feel like we have a common viewpoint of the games and oppression. We’re both just trying to survive. Perhaps, an ally?
  • Reutruse Ferran Haervic: District 11. ♥/☺ The third volunteer, the one who took the place of a young thin boy. I value him stepping in to replace another. He seems chivalrous and if we were outside of this wretched experience I feel like we could be friends, a rare feat for most. I like him. How bad is that?
  • Aristata O'Rouke: District 11. ◑ She seems tough and you can see that she’s gone through some hard times. She too was one of those who looked at the camera with disbelief at being chosen. I feel like if I got to know her, it would be hard for me to see her die or kill her. Best be on guard.
  • Zyker Lintsy: District 12. ◑/♥ I don’t immediately recall his expression because it was almost standard – quiet disbelief. He seems social and comfortable around crowds, something I’m not. He’s handsome, undoubtedly. Perhaps another confidante? I feel like I’m almost willing to make too many allies.
  • Saffron Lockhearst: District 12. ◑ She knows poverty but she’s come out from it with a different perspective on life than I have. I’m the bitter type and yet she can still be happy. It almost irritates me, like she’s oblivious. She was shocked too, on the broadcast like us all. She seems a little childish but she’s not the youngest one here. With time she may come to annoy me.

Why that colour for you name? Industrial life is rather grey and all District 8 contains are factories at the core.

Interview Wear: Nude and Black lace dress - tight to the body with her hair curled. Shoes & Bold make-up

Chariot Wear: Ensemble all together. - Dressed in a top made of hundreds of strands of different fabrics and colors with only underwear underneath, her hair will have long strands attached to it as well and her makeup done so as to further illustrate the colors and fabrics. She'll also be wearing high heels of course.


Tanager Rollo
| 18 | 07 | Axe |

♥ = romantic interest | ☺ = friends/allies | ◑ = way/neutral | ☠ = enemies

  • Gavril Scynthe: District 1 ☠ He's a career and he's arrogant. I doubt he's had to work a day in his life and I'm sorry to say that I don't respect him for it.
  • Malia Fox: District 1 ◑ Unlike her male counterpart from District 1, Malia is different. It's like she's experienced something that brought her a little closer to earth. She accepts that she's here, and that no one volunteered to take her place. Doesn't strike me as the career type but I don't know what to make of her.
  • Scipio Hardin: District 2 ◑ He's determined as anyone and undeniably he's been trained for this. While he knows weapons, I'm not so sure he understands wildlife as good as those of us who've lived and breathed outside of well fortified walls for the entirety of our lives.
  • Stiletto Switchblade: District 2 ☠ I don't like this girl. She's wild like a lion and ready to pounce. God knows what would happen if I ended up under one of those paws.
  • Cloud Deverell: District 3 ◑ I almost feel bad for this kid. He's so tiny and smiley, almost too much so. I can just picture him dead after the first day but I don't want to underestimate him.
  • Emberly Byrne: District 3 ◑/♥ This girl seems to know her up from down and is sincere. I'm sorry to see that she's been reaped because she's a talented musician. Reminds me a lot of the mockingjays and tanagers I used to whistle to while logging.
  • Niles Bayou: District 4 ☺ Niles is a laid back guy, the kind to pull a prank or two if he's in the moment but also serious enough that when faced with the games, he'll do what he has to in order to win. I feel like we'd make strong allies. He knows his way around women a lot better than I do, that's for sure.
  • Diomache Rayn: District 4 ◑ This girl looks out of place almost. She volunteered for herself, you can tell. She wants the glory but I don't understand why. I'm wary of this girl. Without question she'll be cutthroat when we're finally out in the field.
  • Marvel Strong: District 5 ◑ I don't know what to think of this guy. He seems angry at the situation he's in - who isn't? But something's missing. He's confident with himself to a degree that I'm not. If I aligned with him, I feel like I'd become a pawn.
  • Solara Brinx: District 5 ◑/♥ She's pretty but her forward nature is a little intimidating for me. I've never focused on girls until I had the time to a few years ago. I don't know how to handle her energy and her laughing at when she was reaped is a little disconcerting.
  • Keeth Diggett: District 6 ☠ He cried at he reaping and he doesn't seem like a strong person - physically sure, but internally I feel like he's going to crack. While we have a lot in common, I want to stay away from this one. I don't see him going far and if we were to become friends it would only make this whole thing harder on me.
  • Magna Aerosta: District 6 ◑ When I look at this girl, when I watch her on the tapes from the day of the reaping, I see a great sadness. I wish I could change her outlook but she seems so...broken?
  • Tanager Rollo: District 7 ☺ Yes, I volunteered to save my brother. Griffen would have been the youngest and least likely to win. You can't throw books at people in the arena and he hasn't spent much time outdoors. I'm sure of my decision and I would make it again. That said I don't know if I can beat these people. I hate being violent towards others when I suffered for years under the torturing hands of my Uncle.
  • Mildred Tarzia: District 7 ◑ I don't know much about this girl. While we're from the same district, and if I'm correct we've both suffered a few major injuries in our lives, I've never gotten to know her. That said, what I've seen makes me wary. There's a wild side to her that reminds me more of an animal than a person at times.
  • Yossarian Caulfield: District 8 ☠ I don't care for him that much simply because he doesn't seem to care for himself.
  • Ashe Besra: District 8 ☺ Ashe reminds me of my mother in a lot of ways - fierce, determined with a touch of sass. I felt bad for her when the girl behind her at the reaping took delight in rubbing her face in the fact that she'd been chosen as a tribute. She's confident and I feel like if she doesn't align herself with many people, she could go far. That said, I fear being on the other side of an alliance with her.
  • Lor Pellet: District 9 ☺ This guy is always writing away in one of his journals, so much that I always wish I had the patience and skill to do it more myself. He's got a brilliant mind and I feel like if we were aligned, we would go far.
  • Pip Pypin: District 9 ☺ This girl is sweet, and funny. She tries to get a laugh out of everyone and I'm more than happy to oblige her.
  • Tyke Delfino: District 10 ◑ I don't know what to make of this kid. He can be outgoing one moment and yet he'll pull back. Like some of the others he almost seems...unstable.
  • Emosa Polijîn: District 10 ◑ This girl looks bitter and such a mood might become contagious after awhile. I try to look at the bright side of things, remain optimistic. She doesn't and that might make us too different.
  • Reutruse Haervic: District 11 ◑ This guy doesn't like to climb around but he's close competition for me. He volunteered too, and for a boy who reminds me a lot of my own brother. I feel like we're alike in a lot of ways but that he might be more charismatic than me and thus more appealing to sponsors. We could be allies, but I don't know how that would go. I don't want to be forgotten and he might leave more of an impression than I do.
  • Aristata O'Rouke: District 11 ◑/♥ This girl is sweet, a lot nicer than some of the others. She's charming but not too much so. She reminds me of my sister Valaria though which only makes me homesick.
  • Zyker Lintsy: District 12 ☺ This guy is a social butterfly and perhaps the key to the games. He's memorable and would have a line into most alliances I would think. He didn't seem happy to be reaped and he seems to value his family as much as I do. We could be friends and that said, we could also probably go far.
  • Saffron Lockhearst: District 12 ☺/♥ This girl is so innocent it kills me but she's sweet and endearing - loveable by all standards. There's going to be a lot of guys going after her, I can see it. I'm not one for competition but if she seeks me out, I'm not going to send her away.

Why that colour for you name? Green - I like in a log cabin surrounded by trees. My whole life and livelihood revolves around nature.

Interview Wear: Black dress pants and a white collared shirt with the sleeves rolled up, slightly unbuttoned and open to reveal the top of his toned chest. Paired with suspenders and white dress shoes, the outfit is tailored to him but not obscenely so. Reference.

Chariot Wear: Painted a bronze color with grooves in it to appear as a tree, and then dressed in leaves for underwear, cuffs and a headpiece. Reference (but his skin will have been painted head to toe and his hair spiked with green leaves woven through).
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Re: Relationship Thread

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby xKyrie on Wed Jun 27, 2012 5:55 pm

See the symbols: I changed things. 。◕‿◕。

Gavril Eldric Scynthe
|17|District 1 - Luxury Items|Dual Knives|

♥ = romantic interestgreatly interested | ☺ = friends interested | ◑ = neutral don't care a bit | ☠ = enemies don't like

  • Malila Fox: ☺ / ♥ If there's a girl I'd give an effort to protect, it will be her. Though the question will lie on how much I'd remember her.
  • Scipio Hardin: ☠ / ☺ Capitol's puppet, poster boy and over all lapdog. It's interesting to note how contradicting his eyes and mouth seem to be sometimes.
  • Stiletto Switchblade:☺ According to my notes, she is high-esteemed and independent. Probably will be a worthy opponent and must have been one of the sensible persons to talk around.
  • Cloud Deverell ◑ Too girly to not stand out. Looks weak yet he doesn't act like it.
  • Emberly Byrne: ◑ *checks notes* Ah, quiet and introverted. Never had the chance to know her.
  • Niles Bayou: ☺ Should only have the "womanizer" title in my notes, remind me again on how he became a friend?
  • Diomache Rayn: ☠ / ☺ / ♥ She is that confusing, I think it will be best if I steer off her. Too much headache.
  • Marvel Strong: ◑ He's strong probably one of those who have the highest chances to win this game.
  • Solara Brinx: ☺ / ☠ Materialistic, she would have done better at District 1, though I am interested in her self-esteem. She's outspoken and confident... and for her reputation, that's something else. --Too many scratched out words, can't read those properly.
  • Keeth Diggett:◑ Weak, reminds me of my brother when I hate him.
  • Magna Aerosta: ◑ Looks depressed and borderline suicidal.
  • Tanager Rollo: ◑ He's a family man, that's as far as I can see.
  • Mildred Tarzia: ◑ She's naive... and clingy, I'm not sure about that though. It's been awhile since I updated her small bio.
  • Yossarian Caulfield: ☠ / ☺ He looks unstable, like someone who loves taking happy pills all time round. There's something about his aura though.
  • Ashe Besra:◑ Vain, another stone-faced girl, and *squints*... loner. -Why is there a blob of ink in this page?
  • Lor Pellet: ◑ / ☺ He looks like a logical guy, someone I can find myself conversing if given the chance. But then again, he also looks dull.
  • Pip Pypin: ◑ Extremist. Yes, that's all there is written.
  • Tyke Delfino: ◑ All smiley and flirty, only one of the many confusing persona in this game.
  • Emosa Polijîn:Loud and flirty! Stubborn and quiet -Don't mind the scratched out part I must have written under the wrong name beforehand.
  • Reutruse Haervic ◑ Chivalrous... and someone I'm not familiar with. Again.
  • Aristata O'Rouke: ◑ Nice and sweet. Nice and sweet. Nice and sweet. --Oh, I forgot about her thrice, that should explain the redundant notes.
  • Zyker Lintsy: ◑ Social... it would have been a pleasure to not know him.
  • Saffron Lockhearst: ☺ She's poor. But she's mature and sensible, motherly even; though she seems to be more... it'll be interesting to watch her.

  • Why that colour for you name?"Black is the color of the hearts of most people at District 1. Some pretend to be oppressed and yet the truth is that they are not. District 1, a sector for luxury and lavishness... is full of farce. So much of that haughtiness and arrogance which may more often than not, be enough to kill them rather than save them from death."

Interview "Don't mind the face. I'll never make an expression like that inside the Capitol Manor."
Chariot Costume "The stylist wanted and persisted for something more ridiculous but this time I assertively put my foot down."






Cloud Chronicle Deverell
|16|District 3 - Technology|Explosives|

♥ = romantic interest | ☺ = friends/wants to know | ◑ = neutral/undecided | ☠ = enemies/disappointed with

  • Gavril Scynthe: ☺.. ヽ(*≧ω≦)ノ I've been wondering, what is he doing with that black journal he's always carrying?
  • Malila Fox ◑ She looks intimidating! ヽ(;▽;)ノ
  • Scipio Hardin: ☠ His pro-Capitol movements disappoints me so much. I never thought there'd be a person whose happy with a situation like this. I try not to judge much on first impressions though. s(・`ヘ´・;)ゞ
  • Stiletto Switchblade: ◑ She's independent and strong! I want to learn from her on how to emit such aura! ᕙ(⇀‸↼‶)ᕗ
  • Emberly Byrne: ☺☺ “ヽ(´▽`)ノ” I'm happy to be with her in the game. She's quiet and kinda like one of my sister. I treat her like she's my sister. I don't know if she thinks of me that way though... I hope she does! (︶ω︶)
  • Niles Bayou: ☺ How can he pull that off! ( ;´Д`) I want to be manly too! ⊙﹏⊙
  • Diomache Rayn: ☠ ☠ o(´^`)o I don't like the vibes she's giving off. It's like every time that I look at her, she wants to kill me.
  • Marvel Strong: ☺☺ He's so humble! And he's strong, just like his name... like Emberly I treat him as my brother.~ d=(´▽`)=b
  • Solara Brinx: ☺ She's unique and interesting. I hope to know her better! (◕‿◕✿)
  • Keeth Diggett: ☺☺☺ my weak-looking buddy! ヽ(^。^)丿 I really wish we will look stronger in the nearest future!
  • Magna Aerosta: ☺ She's... sad. It's disappointing. I hope there's someone who can make her smile again. ( ゜ρ゜)ノ
  • Tanager Rollo: ◑ ヘ( ̄ω ̄ヘ) I think he's serious.. but then I never talked to him yet so I don't know...
  • Mildred Tarzia: ☺ She's interesting! I like her hyper attitude! Though.. she can be scary sometimes. Here's to hoping she finds her true self (o´ω`o)ノ
  • Yossarian Caulfield: ☠☠ m(¬0¬)m He's a homo right...? He is right? Whenever I see him I wanna run far far away from this place more than ever.
  • Ashe Besra: ◑ =’①。①’= She's... quiet and intimidating. I don't know.. I don't think I can approach her.
  • Lor Pellet: ☺└(=^‥^=)┐ He's very intellectual. It's refreshing talking to him, I learn a lot.
  • Pip Pypin: ☺ She's a funny-fun type of girl! I like her! \(@ ̄∇ ̄@)/
  • Tyke Delfino: ◑ ヽ(  ̄д ̄;)ノ Is... he a homo? I hope he's not a homo. I mean I wouldn't want him to be a homo, he looks nice after all... but if he's a homo... *shudders*
  • Emosa Polijîn: ◑ I don't know... I feel she's scary. ヽ(。_°)ノ
  • Reutruse Haervic ☺ Yes, defend the weak!! ヾ(@† ▽ †@)ノ
  • Aristata O'Rouke: ◑ I... I haven't talked to her that much. ヽ( ´¬`)ノ
  • Zyker Lintsy: ☺ (。+・`ω・´) He's friendly and nice, I think. I wish he is. There's too many unfriendly people in this game. I can't take it! @__@
  • Saffron Lockhearst: ☺ (=゚ω゚)ノ She's nice! Another of those sister-like people in the game, I want to know her more.

  • Why that colour for you name?"Never stop moving. Keep on fighting. If everyone in district 3 will move forward, use technology wisely and plant a grain of hope in their hearts, we can surely pass this dark time. ((*゜Д゜)ゞ” "

Interview "Nice and comfortable! Just the way things should be"
Chariot Costume *cries rivers of tears* "T-that isn't me!!! M-my GAY stylist insisted that! W-why can't I say no?" *shudders greatly and recalls the reason why* "Don't you think you can showcase the power of the Technology District? By appearing like that you can certainly show the bounds by which technology have to offer! See, the power to make a man into a woman? It's priceless!" --Quoted from one crazy stylist.

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Re: Relationship Thread

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby missjmiles on Wed Jun 27, 2012 6:41 pm

Loren Modicum Pellet
|Age 18|District 9 - Grain|Weapon/Talent Shield|

♥ = romantic interest
☺ = friends
◑ = neutral
☠ = enemies

  • (1)Gavril Scynthe: ◑ Gavril's probably going to win, it seems like his mind is always on but his mouth is shut. And a Career. I'll have to try to befriend him somehow.
  • (1)Malila Fox: ◑ Well, she's really pretty, but she doesn't strike me as someone hiding a killer under good looks. I'm surprised there wasn't a Career from her district this year... perhaps there's more to this girl?
  • (2)Scipio Hardin: ☠ This Career epitomizes everything I hate about the Capitol and the Games. He's probably been trying to get picked for this his whole life. Then again, making an alliance with him may save my life...
  • (2)Stiletto Switchblade: ◑ She's so pretty, but there's something a little intimidating about her. I'll have to keep my eye on her, she could be my salvation or my demise. I can't let a pretty face make me forget that this is a fight to the death, however prolonged.
  • (3)Cloud Deverell: ☺ Little guys like this have to have something to get them by: brains. I'll befriend him because if there's one thing that's going to keep anyone alive in this game it's intelligence. Strategy will beat size or skill any day, and this guy could be my ticket.
  • (3)Emberly Byrne: ☺ She seems extremely loyal, but slow to trust. I can see her and I talking a lot and growing very close. There's something beneath the surface too... I wonder what it is.
  • (4)Niles Bayou: ◑ I can't get a strong read on whether this Niles guy is worth allying with... He seems to be off in his own world, which might get us both killed if we were to work together.
  • (4)Diomache Rayn: ☠ A true Career, you can feel it in the way she looks at people. It's unsettling. Whatever happens, I cannot let her make allies.
  • (5)Marvel Strong: ☺ Marvel strikes me as the perfect guy to get to know. He's comfortable in his skin which reads well to the sponsors. Not to mention, he's a genuinely good guy. I hope I won't have to try to best him in the arena. An honest friendship could develop here. that's going to be tough.
  • (5)Solara Brinx:◑ Such a flirt... Sorry, I need to focus on staying alive long enough to send a message to the Capitol and Panem.
  • (6)Keeth Diggett: ☺This guy seems alright. He's more on the intellectual side, like me. Perhaps we can strike up an alliance? I'm unsure though, he seems really timid. He'll be good for strategy help, at least.
  • (6)Magna Aerosta : ◑ Magna's... interesting. She's dead to the world already, so she may not even put up a fight. Then again, it's always the ones you least expect... right? I'll keep my eye on her.
  • (7)Tanager Rollo: ☺ He volunteered for his younger brother, that's strength in my book. I'm going to want this guy on my side. If I'm honest with myself, it's because I admire his strength, but I'll tell others it's because he might take a bullet for me. I abhor that the Games make me feel that way.
  • (7)Mildred Tarzia: ☺ Mildred is so sweet, it's heart breaking that she's been pulled into these idiot Games. I plan to help her through as far as I can without getting myself killed. Hopefully she can make it pretty far and I won't have to be the one to kill her.
  • (8)Yossarian Caulfield: ◑ Yossarian is hard to read. He reminds me of the Careers but he's only one district higher than me. I'll be keeping my eye on him.
  • (8)Ashe Besra: ☺ Ashe is beautiful and intelligent. She seems to me like someone who has a good head on her shoulders. I'd really like to get to know her, I think it'd be nice getting to be friends with her. Hopefully she can make it to closer to the end with me...
  • (9)Lor Pellet: ☺ I like myself just fine, sure.
  • (9)Pip Pypin: ◑ I had seen her around back in our district, but that's about it. She's loud and crazy, I'm quiet and sane. She makes amazing lemon cake though. She brought one around to each house in our district one year for Christmas, her dad had gotten a bonus or something.
  • (10)Tyke Delfino: ☺ He's so earnest and honest. He's going to win over the sponsor's immediately, even from such a low district. That aside, I feel like we'll get along great, and the way the Career's look at him could be advantageous, if he and I work together.
  • (10)Emosa Polijîn: ◑ She doesn't seem to be the type who'd work toward an alliance or friendship of any kind... I'll just have to keep an eye on her and her movements.
  • (11)Reutruse Haervic: ◑ This guy is big, I mean, big. He could seriously do some damage if he didn't look at people like they were something to be put in a glass case. Regardless, I'm staying on his good side.
  • (11)Aristata O'Rouke: ☺ Aristata and I seem like we're going to make good ally's. She strikes me as very thoughtful and a bit of a planner... I look forward to long talks with her.
  • (12)Zyker Lintsy: ☺ I can easily picture Zyker as an ally. He reminds me of me in that we're both from lower districts and seem to be more respectful. He has his secrets, perhaps they're like mine?
  • (12)Saffron Lockhearst: ☺She's really pretty, and seemingly more on the intellectual side, like me. She seems all cool and calm on the outside, but her and I have had a couple of hilarious run-ins. It'll be a shame when she dies.

  • Interview Attire: Pip and Lor's stylists work well together, coming up with ideas that can work for both of their tributes. They themed their tributes with gold this year, stating it "Is the color of the sun, the wheat, the grain and the bread that comes out of 9." Lor's stylist tried to keep him masculine, while showing off his more scholarly demeanor by putting him in a simple yet chic golden suit. She also had him grow his goatee out for the interview, styled his hair, and added subtle gold flecks to his cheekbones to highlight them and create more angles to his face.

  • Chariot Attire: Pip and Lor's stylists further collaborated to come up with the idea that Pip (with her young age) would represent the seeds of the future, the wheat that created the grains that were a staple of Panem dinner tables everywhere, while Lor (with his masculine features and workers physique) would represent the workers of 9, cutting the wheat and preparing the grains. Lor was painted gold, only wearing gold boxers and carrying a large scythe.

  • Why that colour for your name? I chose a tan because that is the color of the earth, the wheat, the grains we sell and the wheat it creates, the breads on Panem's tables every night, and the clothing of my district. We work hard in the sun, planting and growing our food. Even our aqueducts have become browned by the silt. Tan is the essence of District 9, in my mind.


Amaranth Iota Pypin
||Age 16|District 9 - Grain|Weapon/Talent Throwing Knives|

♥ = romantic interest
☺ = friends
◑ = neutral
☠ = enemies

  • (1)Gavril Scynthe: ◑ Okay, I saw that crowd-winning smile during your interview honey. I know there's more in there than your letting out. You don't have to kill me for another 9 months, let's laugh!
  • (1)Malia Fox: ♥ She's perfection!! So gorgeous and carefree! Her giggle has me doing back flips!
  • (2)Scipio Hardin: ♥ Helloooo hotty! If I'm gonna die by your hands, make it pleasant, yeah? I know, poetry: Knife in the back in the midst of a kiss! Let's practice with massage oils.
  • (2)Stiletto Switchblade: ☺ Well aren't you pretty, Ms. Scowly-face! When you laugh the world jingles, let's do that more, yeah?
  • (3)Cloud Deverell: ☺ Another lover of the laugh, I know we'll spend great times together!! Besides, you're just so precious! I want to feed you grapes and pinch your cheeks!
  • (3)Emberly Byrne: ♥ So troubled and broody for a District 3 girl. Don't worry, I'll take you to my bosom and comfort you! I also liked how you responded to your name being called. Prove to me you're worthy, and I might just help you live longer!
  • (4)Niles Bayou: ♥ Oh. My. Gawd.
  • (4)Diomache Rayn: ♥ LOVE ME!! You terrify me LET ME LOVE YOU! (Eep!)
  • (5)Marvel Strong: ♥ Is it hot in here or is it just you? Goddamn! And a great loving personality to boot! Don't worry, I won't let you die without some sweet lady kisses on those perfect lips of yours, from yours truly!
  • (5)Solara Brinx: ☺☺Hey, girl, heeey! Do I sense a sistah from anotha' mistah?! Do I also sense another Unholy Trinity with us and Yossa? We shall see...
  • (6)Keeth Diggett: ◑ Alright, let's get some ants in this boys pants and get him laughing! Turn that frown upside down. Mr. Serious!
  • (6)Magna Aerosta : ☺ I remember her from 2 years ago when her lover got taken away. Gorgeous girl, don't you worry! I'll make you laugh and ease away that pain!
  • (7)Tanager Rollo: ◑ Another volunteer of the many, his family was going to cry this year either way. He's kind of broody. I bet I could get him to laugh!
  • (7)Mildred Tarzia: ♥ Cute, pretty, precious, twirly. This girl and I are going to be good friends. That face all lit up and smiley? I'm determined to make Millie's last nine months fun!
  • (8)Yossarian Caulfield: ☺☺ My brotha' from anotha' motha'! Oh man, Yossarian's sexy and hilarious and just going to be an all-around good time in my last nine months of life! Here's to whoever can make the most... "ally's"! ;)
  • (8)Ashe Besra: ♥ That laugh? That smile? I'm a gonner for sure! I'm going to get to know her better, she might be the one I'll take a spear for...
  • (9)Lor Pellet:◑ I see him writing in that journal of his all the time. I kinda want to snatch it, take off running, and read it like a novel. He's so protective of it, I bet it's got some juicy stories in there!
  • (9)Pip Pypin: ♥ Ah, what's not to love?!
  • (10)Tyke Delfino: ♥ We'd be the adorable "young" looking couple! Sponsors? Keep an eye on us. Besides being so darn cute, we're going to get along great, what with us being so doubly-bubbly. And ooooh that crooked smile? Yeah.
  • (10)Emosa Polijîn: ◑ Let's turn that frown upside down... sourpuss.
  • (11)Reutruse Haervic: ☺ Man, 11 knows how to grow 'em, and I'm not talking veggies! I'm gonna stick close to this guy, he's hot and we seem to have similar agendas.
  • (11)Aristata O'Rouke: ☺ She's so darn sweet! One of the first things I'm going to do is make her chocolate... Then I'll probably make her more chocolate. Then we can be besties.
  • (12)Zyker Lintsy: ♥ Handsome, respectful, and outgoing. Let me cook for you and I'll let you feed me with a spoon.
  • (12)Saffron Lockhearst: ◑ Uhm... Yeah, Saffron is only two years older than me and but I could see her sort of treating me like a child. I'm not so keen on that. She's really quite gorgeous though. So serious, I'd love to hear her laugh.

  • Interview Attire: Pip and Lor's stylists work well together, coming up with ideas that can work for both of their tributes. They themed their tributes with gold this year, stating it "Is the color of the sun, the wheat, the grain and the bread that comes out of 9." Attempting to play up Pip's age and spunk, her stylist put her in a golden dress that was very suggestive of youth and played up Pip's beauty. He added bold yet subtle gold make up to further highlight that she is the youngest girl in the games.

  • Chariot Attire: Pip and Lor's stylists further collaborated to come up with the idea that Pip (with her young age) would represent the seeds of the future, the wheat that created the grains that were a staple of Panem dinner tables everywhere, while Lor (with his masculine features and workers physique) would represent the workers of 9, cutting the wheat and preparing the grains. Pip ended up being painted gold with a skirt made of wheat, bare breasts, and an extremely elaborate wheat infused [hairdo.

  • Why that colour for your name? I picked a red-orange because I feel my district is like the sun: We are essential to daily life. You can go a couple days without electricity, or heat. But food? Everyone has to eat to survive, and we provide a stable of every diet. Look at that table in front of you! How much of the food there has a main ingredient of some sort of grain? That's what I thought. *pauses* Can I have a piece of that?


Magna Flux Aerosta
|Age 18|District 6 - Transportation|Weapon/Talent Crossbow|

♥ = romantic interest
☺ = friends
◑ = neutral
☠ = enemies

  • (1)Gavril Scynthe: ◑ Don't have to worry about this one, he's almost as detached as I am. And he'll forget who I am in a little bit anyway. Bonus.
  • (1)Malia Fox: ◑ Wow. A superficial girl from 1. How surprising.
  • (2)Scipio Hardin: ◑ Capitol perfection. He's a slag.
  • (2)Stiletto Switchblade: ◑ Nobody likes her. Why should I?
  • (3)Cloud Deverell: ◑ Wait... I didn't know they reaped two girls from 3 this year.
  • (3)Emberly Byrne: ◑ Books don't kill, reading them when someone is behind you with a crossbow does. Hope they don't tempt you with something boring at the Cornucopia.
  • (4)Niles Bayou: ◑ I think female sponsors are going to be more deadly than the games for this guy.
  • (4)Diomache Rayn: ◑ Ah. Someone semi-interesting.
  • (5)Marvel Strong: ◑ He reminds me of someone. A part of me loves it, a part of me hates it.
  • (5)Solara Brinx: ◑ Pent up much? Chew some ice and cool off.
  • (6)Keeth Diggett: ☠ because of ☺ He reminds me too much of Karry, which will probably be my demise. I'm attached to him... I can't bear the idea of losing him, and I hate him for that. Even if he didn't have a choice...
  • (6)Magna Aerosta : ◑ ...
  • (7)Tanager Rollo: ◑ Aw, poor ickle brudder too fragile to win the games? The sponsors are just gonna love it ...for five good long seconds.
  • (7)Mildred Tarzia: ◑ Yeah, if we were voting, I'd write "First Kill of the Games." Have a good nine months, Number 24.
  • (8)Yossarian Caulfield: ◑ A lady and a tramp in one "killer" package.
  • (8)Ashe Besra: ◑ Did her family get banished from 1 or something? She doesn't look she's had to work a day in her life.
  • (9)Lor Pellet: ◑ Broody, journal-writing, strong and silent type from 9? Bet the sponsors forget you exist.
  • (9)Pip Pypin: ◑ Pipe down, "Pip," the Capitol doesn't care how cute you are once you're dead.
  • (10)Tyke Delfino: ◑ Okay, I thought the Quarter Quell said 16 to 18-year-olds only this year?
  • (10)Emosa Polijîn: ◑ I'm sorry, I've already forgotten what she looks like.
  • (11)Reutruse Haervic: ◑ Oh, Mr. Chivalrous-volunteers-for-the-little-guy? Good job leaving your family to grieve. Very chivalrous of you.
  • (11)Aristata O'Rouke: ◑ They don't give you kittens and puppies in the arena. She knows that, right? Could she be more sweet? Someone get this girl a sugar cube, stat!
  • (12)Zyker Lintsy: ◑ He reminds me of an old, naive me. We'll see how that works out for him, won't we?
  • (12)Saffron Lockhearst: ◑ Her feather bugs me. I'm not a fan of A-symmetry. Fix it.

  • Interview Attire: Magna's stylist wanted to play up her subtle, natural beauty, so Magna's makeup was very subtle and she graced the stage in a simple white dress. He chose to have it be reminiscent of a wedding gown hoping to tug at the heart strings of the sponsors after the interview of her and death of her fiance just two years previous. She also wore a veil-esque headdress.

  • Chariot Attire: A ridiculous, silver jumpsuit, with miniature railways that ran intermittently around her body. Tiny toy bullet trains followed those tracks up and down and around while Magna struggled to keep herself on balance, as they would occasionally all congregate one side of her body causing her to sway to one side. Her hair was pulled back and hidden under a cap and her makeup was (surprisingly) simple.

  • Why that colour for your name? It's like a deep hole where you can't see the bottom. It's too dark to see anything but it isn't quite black. Dark blue. That's what my district is: a pit of deep blue.
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Re: Relationship Thread

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Sullenkiller on Wed Jun 27, 2012 7:44 pm

Emosa Jimßal Polijîn
|Sixteen|District Ten|Whip|

♥ = romantic interest | ☺ = friends | ◑ = neutral | ☠ = enemies

  • Gavril Scynthe: ◑ Not much to say about him. I don't really have anything bad nor good to say about the guy. I suppose he's nice to be around, but I don't want to get too attached to anybody. And especially to a career. 
  • District 1 Female:
  • Scipio Hardin: ◑/☠ Scipio is verging between my enemy and neutral. I want to hate him, utterly and completely but something about him is… fake. That I know but right now I don't want to say he is fully my enemy. 
  • Stiletto Switchblade: ☠/◑ I don't really like Stiletto that much. To put it lightly she's a bitch but just because someone is rude shouldn't make them your enemy. That's mostly why I don't completely want to rip out her guts. 
  • Cloud Deverell: ◑ I don't hate him. I don't like him. Pretty simple if you think about it, but he's kinda like a younger sibling if you dig too far down in the thinking. 
  • Emberly Byrne: ◑ Meh, I don't really have an opinion on her. Perhaps if I wanted we could get along, we still do but nothing really hit off. She was nice enough, maybe that's why I didn't really get a opinion of her.                                   
  • Niles Bayou: ◑  I don't quite  mind Niles company, it's just I'd prefer someone else to be around. I don't know why I don't like him, I suppose it's just instinct. 
  • Diamoche Rayn: ☠ Is it normal to hate someone so much that you just want to strap them to a chair, get a knife, and carve you initials into there face over a over again. I suppose not, but then again I'm not normal. I swear, if I have to face off with her in the arena I will kill her. She is my number 1 on the hit list. But I think I'll wait for someone to kill her, saves me the trouble…
  • Marvelos Strong: ◑ I don't mind him, he's cool I guess. Kinda intimidates me however, I guess I'll just have to stand my ground and not act like a scared kid…
  • Solara Brinx: ☺ I like Solara despite what others think. I don't really care what a girl does with her own body, and neither should other girls. I enjoy her creativity and hope that I don't have to be the one to kill her, perhaps I could even break one of my own rules and team up with her in the games. 
  • Keeth Diggett: ◑/☺Keeth is nice to be around. I wouldn't say we are completely friends but I'm glad we are not enemies. Not because I'm scared from him, just because he's nice really. 
  • District 6 Female:
  • District 7 Male:
  • Mildred Tarzia: ◑/☠  I suppose Mildred is okay to hang around with, but why do I hate to be near her? It's not like she's really done anything to piss me off, well I'll have to wait and see if I truly want to rip out her throat. 
  • Yossarian Caulfield: ◑ Meh, not that much to say about him. I see him eyeing practically everyone like a piece of meat and as long as he doesn't get me involved, I could really care less. 
  • Ashe Besra: ☺I like how this girl carries herself around everyone else. At first glance I thought I wouldn't like her… at all. But she is different than what I had expected. I suppose that old saying in the golden years is true, "don't judge a book by its cover".
  • Lor Pellet: ◑ Lor is nice I suppose. I just don't think we could really get along all that well. The way he always writes in that journal kinda weirds me out but nothing too serious. I'm somewhat intrigued by it. 
  • Pip Pypin: ◑ Idon't really have an opinion on Pip. She's nice I guess, but other than that there's nothing I could really say about her. 
  • Tyke Delfino: ☺/♥ I'd have to say he is one of the few I like. Mainly because he is from my district and the way he acts around others. I've seen him at the orphanage at times when I'd go and pick pocket. But we've never talked before which doesn't really surprise me due to the fact we lived on different sides of the district. I really hope I don't have to be the one that kills him in the arena. I also hate the fact that I am attracted to him, it annoys me but I just hope that I won't get too attached. 
  • Emosa Polijîn: ◑ Eh, I don't really have an opinion of myself…
  • Reutruse Haervic:◑/☺ I have to admit, it's kind of hard to not like him. Even though I try, my main priority is to not make friends nor enemies but hey, I think a guy that looks as though a rock would run scared when he saw him is a good guy to have on your side. 
  • Aristata O'Rouke: ◑ I think this girl is too sweet and nice. It's a bit annoying as to how she is so happy. I don't like it one bit but of course I wouldn't show it. Usually I just have a blank expression around her. Although I don't necessarily like her, I don't hate her either. 
  • Zyker Lintsy: ◑ I don't like the fact that Zyker is very sociable. It somewhat disturbs me as to how he can talk to people that would most likely kill him in the arena. I think that would be one of his weaknesses in the games. That he trusts too easily but then again I don't know him too well to really guess. It might be a cover and if it is, cudos to him. 
  • Saffron Lockhearst: ◑/☺ I find it eery as to how much she reminds me of my little sister, Yma. Both are sweet and brave, it gives me a bad feeling in my gut that if I'm faced with her in the arena that I won't be able to kill her. I want bash my head in for relating anyone to any of my sisters but when they are so much alike, one can't deny it forever. I act like I'm not drawn to her, I put on a cold front in front of most but I can't help but like her. 

  • Why that colour for you name? It is green for District 10.

Emosa's Interview Wear 

Chariot Costume: Loose cow skin overall's, accompanied by straw hats. The design is supposed to represent District 10 considering they are livestock. Her Reaction
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Re: Relationship Thread

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Attie on Wed Jun 27, 2012 11:47 pm

Stiletto Kris Switchblade
|18|District 2|Daggers/Ranged Knife Throwing|

♥ = romantic interest | ☺ = friends | ◑ = neutral | ☠ = enemies

  • Gavril Scynthe: ♥/◑ I don't know why, but this one has me smiling when he talks. Not in a romantic, 'Oh my, when you talk, I get weak knees', but more like... 'Hey, I actually listened to what you said and gave a damn because it was worth hearing. Please, continue.' Straight-forward, I think. I like it.
  • Malia Fox: ☺/◑ I like her. I don't think this one is naive; no, she's smart. She's got her wits about her and knows exactly what she's doing. Or so she seems to. I can admire someone like that. Keep your enemies close, eh? She's one of the few I even see as competition.
  • Scipio Hardin: ♥/◑ My first impression of this guy was at the reaping, when he was fist bumping the air in ... excitement? I don't know. Who the f*** does that? ... He'll go on my 'eye candy' list, though.
  • Cloud Deverell: ☠ No. Just, no.
  • Emberly Byrne: ☠ Too easy. This one will make it just too easy.
  • Niles Bayou: ◑ Nothing but a good lay. That's all I see from this one.
  • Diomache Rayn: ☺/◑/☠ The single female I have the most respect for. She knows what she's doing. She knows why we're here. I want her on my team.
  • Marvelos Strong: ☠ This kid has some kind of 'heroism' complex that I can't wait to squish out of him. When I do, the hope of all of this little 'friends' he'll make in this damned place will shatter, just like when I kill each one of them.
  • Solara Brinx:☺/◑ She's probably the second female I've met so far that spat right back at me with venom on her tongue, without being phased with anger at all. Almost as if I was on the same playing field as far as sarcastic comments go. If she can keep that up, maybe this whole household thing won't be such a drag.
  • Keeth Diggett: ◑ I don't hate the kid, I don't like the kid, but his demeanor makes me think it will just be too predictable, how I will kill him. I may just lead him on in the Games to make him think he stands a chance, then stab him in the back. Probably. Definitely.
  • Magna Aerosta: ◑ She's going to be apathetic, then I will return the favor.
  • Tanager Rollo: ♥/◑ I don't like the way this guy makes me feel - connected in some way. I looked over the few notes I had on him, and I can't stand the way that he's gone through very similar things, yet turned out so... Different from me. But, to be fair, he also had someone to cling to during those times. A drive to keep him from going insane. Maybe that's my prob-- Am I seriously talking like this? What kind of twisted game is this?! This man has to die. --- I'M ROOMING WITH HIM?! WHAT. Bullshit.
  • Mildred Tarzia: ☠ Who can honestly be that happy? Doesn't she understand what's going on? If she keeps up this 'happy-go-lucky' thing, I might just die before we ever hit the arena.
  • Yossarian Caulfield: ♥/◑ He seems a bit self-centered, as if he could get close to you, but it would never be for your benefit. But hell, he's so damn good looking, I think I'd let him. At least we'd have something in common.
  • Ashe Besra: ♥/◑ Do you ever look at someone and just let your jaw drop? Yeah. I'd definitely play on her team, if you know what I mean.
  • Lor Pellet: ◑ I'd like to say I could be 'friends' with this guy. He's sharp, witty, and he doesn't look half bad. I could imagine having my last few laughs with this guy. Maybe it's the dark eyes that tie the whole package together.
  • Pip Pypin: ☠ This girl spoke to me about smiles. She and that Mildred girl will get along great, which just puts her name next to hers on the chronological list of who I will kill first, next, and last.
  • Tyke Delfino: ♥/◑/☠ One of the few males in this game that I -may- even trust. I don't see him having a personal agenda, just a genuine heart. It's a weakness, a big one, but if things were different.. I don't know if I want to let myself think that.
  • Emosa Polijîn: ☠ I don't like her at all. I will most likely be focusing on making her life hell and breaking her down the entire nine months. It's not that she did anything, it's just a feeling.
  • Reutruse Haervic: ◑ He won't last. It's a shame, too, because he's good looking for a District Eleven.
  • Aristata O'Rouke: ◑ What little notes I have on her background is tragic. It's this that I feel will either make her a piece of competition, or make her to easily broken with the simplest snap.
  • Zyker Lintsy: ◑/☠ Things will be better when this one is dead. He's too good-natured. Breaking him will not only be satisfying to me, but it will give everyone else a heads up. Fear.
  • Saffron Lockhearst: ◑/☠ She scored a 9! This scrawny thing! How? She's got something hidden and I want to know what it is. And then get rid of it. Maybe if I take care of her 'friend' from District Twelve, she'll fall a few points in worth.

    Stiletto's Interview Attire

    Chariot Outfit (the left one)
  • Why that colour for you name? My home in District Two is located in the hotter parts of Panem. Hot and dry. It turns a golden desert blood red when the horizon hits it, and in my experience of watching the games, that's the precise time that the body count is called in the arena. When you think of red, think of my body count.
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Re: Relationship Thread

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Attie on Thu Jun 28, 2012 12:02 am

Niles Finn Bayou
|18|District 4 - Fishing|Weapon/Talent - Trident/Swimming|

♥ = romantic interest | ☺ = friends | ◑ = neutral | ☠ = enemies

  • Gavril Scynthe: ☺/◑ From what I can tell, It's easy to let this guy get to you, if you don't have the skin for his comments. However, I see a lot of comedy in the Capitol Household for us if this guy's around.
  • Malila Fox: ◑ She plays my game. Not that I use my manipulation for the bad, or to get in to anyone's pants, but I know how to play the game, nonetheless. I'm going to have to be VERY careful with what I believe out of her mouth.
  • Scipio Hardin: ☺ This guy. I can't read him, but if he can put this much effort or 'excitement' in to being in the situation he's in... I bet he's an excellent wing-man at a party! Maybe we'll get a chance to hang before we're at each other's throats.
  • Stiletto Switchblade: ☠ , Can you say psychotic? I like a girl who doesn't take 'no' for an answer, but... I think this one would have me for dinner. Too much 'woman' for me. What a pain in the ass. She's on the top of my 'list'. Not the good one.
  • Cloud Deverell: ◑ This kid confuses me. Is this what it feels like to have a little brother? He has a lot of.. expressions. I hope he stays this happy through it all, man.
  • Emberly Byrne: ♥/◑ I can't deny this girl's beauty. There's not a lot of make up there, and she's not putting herself out there for attention. Despite how ironic this is, coming from me, I think that's one of the most attractive qualities. She's smart, though, too. That could be bad. She'll figure out that I'm nothing without the money maker. He sighs, though seems genuinely depressed by this.
  • Niles Bayou: ♥ This has to be the most attractive man I've ever laid eyes on. -- Oh, that's me!
  • Diomache Rayn: ♥/☺ It's Dio. I don't know what else can be left said. His eyes are downcast, pain obvious. He seems not to even care about the weakness shown.
  • Marvel Strong: ☺/◑ I have no beef with this guy, but you gotta lighten up! Yeah, the situation sucks, for sure, and it's awesome that he's so ... I don't know, genuine? But, you've got to laugh or this shit will get to you where it counts and eat you up before spitting you back out for us to.. Well, do what we do to survive.
  • Solara Brinx: ☺/◑ Sure, she's very flirtatious, and I love the back-and-forth conversations laced with filthy, inappropriate comments that's going to undoubtedly come between us... But I can't see much else happening. I like to chase, what can I say?
  • Keeth Diggett: ☺/◑ Dude's freaking odd, man. But.. I dunno. He can't be all that bad, can he? We're all crazy, here. The Capitol made us that way.
  • Magna Aerosta: ☺/◑ There is no way someone that pretty and damaged doesn't have a side of her that could make -some- kind of enjoyment out of these last few months we have to live. Then again, she sounds like she already had her lifetime. And then it was taken. It's really fucking sad, honestly. I have absolutely no desire (for once) to take the place of whoever she lost, but I really hope I can be a friend or ally to her.
  • Tanager Rollo: ☺/◑ This guy can be social, and that's always on top of my list for friends. However, there's something about him that says he's seen some hard times. I can't imagine how hard they would be, because even the poorer district of Four is better forr than his district, but ... I have a strong sense that he can handle himself well. I'd better be careful.
  • Mildred Tarzia: ♥ /☺/◑ I can't be held responsible for wanting to guard this girl with my life. She's just so... well, a person with such spirit and life in her shouldn't be here. It's just not right, man.
  • Yossarian Caulfield: ◑ This guy is nucking futs. I can't tell if he's chill, or if he's going to kill me in my sleep. Or... something else.
  • Ashe Besra: ◑ I like the way she laughs, like she's actually enjoying herself and not forcing it. She looks like she can hold her own, like she doesn't need anyone, yet while she's cautious, she genuinely seems like she's trying to be civil until we can't be anymore. In other circumstances, she's probably a dependable friend, if you could get that deep under her skin. No, for once, I don't mean it like that!
  • Lor Pellet: ◑ He's going to be great for conversation while we're still alive and kicking. I can already tell that half the things he says may be a little over my head, but that's fine. I'd rather enjoy my time with people until, well, I can't any more. Go out with a bang? Or at least with a few memories.
  • Pip Pypin: ♥ /☺ I saw her staring the other day, and it definitely boosted my ego. Like Mildred, though, I really don't think it's fair that she's here. She seems, despite how rude SOME people can be, so happy and upbeat about it, finding SOMETHING good about them, or at least tolerable. Most of us wouldn't even bother. -- She's either very sweet, or she's going to come out on top in the end, having us all fooled.
  • Tyke Delfino: ☺/◑ We seem to have so much in common! Good times are definitely going to be had with this guy, and for as long as we're both around, I definitely want to look in to allying with him. We could read each other and work very well together, I think. Hopefully, in the end, someone will off the other and we won't have to break that bond ourselves.
  • Emosa Polijîn: ◑ I can't explain it, but this girl scares me. It's like she has 'fuck off' stamped on her forehead. Or is it just me? ... Fuck. I'm rooming with her. Well, maybe there's a good side of her.
  • Reutruse Haervic: ☺/◑ I'm not gay, but if I was, this guy gets first dibs. He's almost as good looking as I am! He seems very... Well, he makes me feel like scum with his composure and good-will to all. Not to say that I am scum, but this guy has a straighter head on his shoulders. His judgement is sound, I think.
  • Aristata O'Rouke: ◑ She seems to also have a good head on her shoulders, like she's got it all figured out and wants to stay on task. Maybe she's got a drive to be here, too? Not just to survive, but maybe there's some motivation back home that's keeping her steadfast.
  • Zyker Lintsy: ☺/◑ This guy seems like he's had a fun life, but the Games really appear to be getting to him. I almost feel like it's my duty while I'm here and have the time, to remind him that this is the last chance he's going to get to smile, laugh, or even eat healthy. Or, wait, maybe we should be preparing for diets in the arena. Damn. Whatever happens, I want to give this guy the will to fight for his life. I'm not going to kill someone unless they're just as equally wanting to kill me. ... Does that even make sense?
  • Saffron Lockhearst: ♥/☺/◑ What. A. Babe. In another place, in another time... Would I even have met her? I hope my alternate universe self makes sure to at least treat her to some good times before we're carried off to sadistic games and die.

    Niles Interview Attire: Casual and warm, like his whole persona.

    Nile's Chariot Attire: A lot of imagination was put in to this outfit. A pair of pants were made out of material that appears like fish scales, both in color and texture. The pants are tight as they get to his hips. You can't see the definite line where it ends, because the artist smoothed scales and attached them to his skin up to his naval. They left his chest bare - an attention grabber, they assured. They granted him a trident to hold in his hand, as a warning or statement, that matched the color scheme of aquas, teals, and seafoams. Then they decorated his body with patches here and there of scales, an attachment to his back that represented fins like his middle name, designed drawn on with colors of water, and for the finishing touch, they applied temporary hair color to his blonde locks, the color of the sea found rolling in waves of his loose hair.

  • Why that colour for you name? My color is blue like the water. Water is very flexible as it moves it course, y'know. Always changing, always adapting, it even changes form to survive... I will do just that.
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Re: Relationship Thread

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby throne on Thu Jun 28, 2012 1:42 am

Scipio Hardin
|18|District Two|Mace|

♥ = wants for hidden agenda | ☺ = wants for public agenda | ◑ = undecided on | ☠ = not interested in
(Scipio’s symbols mean different things! Check out my edited legend!)

  • Gavril Scynthe: ☺ His perceptiveness makes me wary, but we were ostensibly allies before the Games even began by dint of our districts. I’m curious to see what he’s always writing down. When it comes down to it, I think he’ll be willing to join me. I was planning on watching my back anyway.
  • Malila Fox: ☺ She might be even better at facades than me. That makes her dangerous, at least for the next nine months. I’d rather have her working with me than against me, so an early alliance is key.
  • Scipio Hardin: N/A
  • Stiletto Switchblade: ☺ We didn’t exactly move in the same circles, but her reputation precedes her. She’ll be with me, until she isn’t, but at least I won’t feel so much remorse about removing her when the time comes.
  • Cloud Deverell: ☺/♥ More than anyone, I need this boy, at least before the games start. If anyone can help me find a way to disrupt the constant surveillance we're going to endure, it's him. If only I had any idea how to tell him that.
  • Emberly Byrne: ◑ It’s hard to get a read on her, which makes her either dangerous or a non-issue. Bookish girls like her are usually susceptible to flirtation, though, so it shouldn’t be very difficult to figure out exactly what she’s made of.
  • Niles Bayou: ☺ A vapid pretty boy will be quite popular, I believe. While I doubt I’ll be hurting for sponsorship, having his admirers ballooning in food wouldn’t be the worst thing. All that remains is to determine if he’ll present any difficulty in the arena.
  • Diomache Rayn: ☺☺☺ I can't say how many times I've watched the Games her mother won. If the daughter is half the contender, I want her on my side. I’ll need a plan in place to deal with her, and I doubt brute strength is going to cut it when it comes to eliminating her.
  • Marvelos Strong: ☺ I couldn't imagine a better rival for myself if this were in fact scripted. Handsome, wealthy, confident- all that remains will be managing to set him against me.
  • Solara Brinx: ☺ She’s beautiful, and… friendly, to put it respectfully. Her antics will be extremely popular in The Capitol, which means I should keep her close. A very plausible love interest, as well.
  • Keeth Diggett: ◑ If his cowardice is some sort of act, he might have us all beat. Not even I’m that good an actor, though. Luckily, I probably won’t have to be the one to kill him. He might be useful in order to appear sympathetic, or to instigate some drama with the more protective tributes. I need to be careful with that, though. Everyone loves an underdog.
  • Magna Aerosta: ◑ No one succumbs to ennui like that at so young an age without being... interesting. I need to figure out exactly how interesting she is before I can figure out her worth, or lack thereof. Her strength is likely her weakness as well.
  • Tanager Rollo: ☺/ ◑ He’s going to be a problem. Tributes from seven have quite a few advantages in the arena, and he doesn’t seem to lack any of them. He has rival potential, but I’m not sure how else I might be able to use him.
  • Mildred Tarzia: ◑ I need to get a better sense of her to decide where she fits in. In the very least, she’s a possible angle for drumming up sponsor sympathy.
  • Yossarian Caulfield: ☺/☠ He’s going to be popular. Change his hair color and add some cat ears and he’d fit right in at The Capitol. He already has the mindset. There’s something very off about him, though. I’ll need to keep the threat he poses contained and eliminate him quickly in the arena.
  • Ashe Besra: ☺ I think I can manage to find a use for her. Another plausible love interest, though… I’m not sure I could go through with it. Somehow, that sort of deception is even more unpalatable than the thought of killing her.
  • Lor Pellet: ♥ From what I’ve seen of him, he’s intelligent. Coming from where he does, that means he’s probably a free-thinker as well. If I can find some way to actually talk to him… I may have a true ally, and his intelligence would come in handy if I’m going to pull this off.
  • Pip Pypin: ☺ She’s young and spunky, which will make her popular. I intend to stay on her good side… which won’t be hard at all, given the way she looks at me. Most of the male tributes, in fact.
  • Tyke Delfino: ☺ Another one whose apparent youth will play out well on camera, and no threat to me when the games actually begin in earnest.
  • Emosa Polijîn: ☠ Unfortunately, she is not particularly camera friendly, and doesn’t seem all that suitable for an alliance in the arena either.
  • Reutruse Haervic: ☺/◑ I want him on my team, but I have a feeling it isn't to be. Anyone willing to stand up the way he did will likely despise the person I have to be. I won’t enjoy killing him. Not at all.
  • Aristata O'Rouke: ☺ She’d make an excellent love interest if it comes down to it. The Career from District 2 falling for a lower district girl? The sponsors wouldn’t be able to get enough of it.
  • Zyker Lintsy: ☺ If I can work things just right, Zyker could be very important to my plans. In the very least, I don’t see him as much of a threat in the arenas, so cozying up to him is fairly risk-free. I only hope I can do what I need to.
  • Saffron Lockhearst: ☺ If the situation were different, if I could be someone else, I’d earnestly like Saffron. I suppose that means I do like her, which is going to make what I have planned for her very complicated.

  • Why that colour for you name? White represents the marble quarried in my home district, and of course, the purity of my convictions and passion when it comes to participating in the Quarter Quell [insert irony here].

Chariot Outfit (two links, picture them together) His styling team rendered him hairless, save for his underarms, and oiled up his body prior to sending him out. He did a lot of waving, a lot of flexing, striking poses and really seeming to enjoy himself.

Interview Outfit Simple, elegant, and sophisticated.
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Re: Relationship Thread

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby throne on Thu Jun 28, 2012 2:11 am

Keeth Diggett
|17|District Six|Sharpened Boomerang|

♥ = romantic interest | ☺ = wants to be friends | ◑ = neutral | ☠ = afraid of

  • Gavril Scynthe: ☠ He’s terrifying. It’s just… this feeling I get, like the air goes cold around him. I can’t meet his eyes. I don’t want him to notice me. If he does it will be bad. Bad bad bad.
  • Malila Fox: ◑ She seems to... I don't know. She's different from Solara and Yossarian, even though she's the same? She seems to be after something else. Hopefully she’ll realize pretty quickly that I’m… not interested.
  • Scipio Hardin: ◑/☠ It’s so easy to forget that he’s probably already planned a dozen different ways to kill me. He’s so… he’s everything that I’m not. The fact that he actually seems to enjoy this is just unthinkable. What do they do in District Two, to produce people like him?
  • Stiletto Switchblade: ◑/☠ Even her name is scary. I just want to stay as far away from her as I can get. I’m not any threat to her, but that won’t stop any of them from killing me.
  • Cloud Deverell: ☺/◑ He's the most like me out of everyone here. I’m just afraid that if I try to be friends with him, it will make things worse, maybe for both of us. It’s terrible to think, but, at least with Cloud around, I’m not the least masculine guy in the house.
  • Emberly Byrne: ◑ She’s quiet and withdrawn like me. Maybe we have some common ground? I hope so. I just don’t know how to approach her. This is all so… confusing.
  • Niles Bayou: ◑/(♥) I keep catching myself... staring at him. I'm afraid of what might happen if anyone else catches me doing it, especially him. He seems nice though. He probably barely even knows I exist.
  • Diomache Rayn: ☠ The way she looks at me... it's worse than any bully could ever be. It makes me feel naked and weak and... just, agh. I'm going to have nightmares about her killing me, I know it. I’ll never be able to sleep if they put me in the same room as her.
  • Marvelos Strong: ☺/◑/(♥) His name says it all. Strong. Marvel. I can't help but feel weak in comparison, but he just seems... genuine. Usually I’d be afraid of someone like him, but… well, it doesn’t matter.
  • Solara Brinx: ◑/☠ She makes me really uncomfortable. I just wish she’d leave me alone. There are plenty of guys who will probably appreciate her, um, advances more than I do, so maybe she’ll lose interest.
  • Keeth Diggett: N/A
  • Magna Aerosta: ☺/◑ When Karry died, she pulled away. I tried to reach out to her, but... she was just so hurt. When I heard her name, I realized that she's cursed now too. She was going to be part of my family, so she wasn't safe from it. I wish she didn't hate me. She used to be the only one who didn't. Being able to spend time with her again might be the only good thing that comes of this whole mess.
  • Tanager Rollo: ◑/(♥) He's imposing. He did volunteer to save his brother, I can respect that, but... I don't know what to think, really. He wants to win, which means that he doesn’t have any use for me.
  • Mildred Tarzia: ◑ She seems really nice, but… how do you make friends in a situation like this? I wish I’d known someone like her back home.
  • Yossarian Caulfield: ☠/(♥) Like Solara, except he’s a guy, which is… it’s just so much worse. I –really- want to be around him as little as possible, but… he has this weird effect on me. I’ve never met anyone so… alive before. I think it might be jealousy?
  • Ashe Besra: ◑ She’s sort of… intimidating. So strong. I don’t dislike her at all, but I have no idea what to say to her.
  • Lor Pellet: ◑/(♥) He seems really nice, and he doesn’t make me nervous. Well, he makes me nervous in a different way than most of the other male tributes. I think he'd be someone I can talk to though. I hope so, anyway.
  • Pip Pypin: ◑ She’s just… really different from me. I don’t know what we’d ever have to talk about.
  • Tyke Delfino: ◑/☺ He seems nice enough, and, well, this is going to sound really bad but… we little guys have to stick together? He can do better than me for friends or allies, though, so my expectations aren’t exactly soaring.
  • Emosa Polijîn: ◑/☺ I feel sort of drawn to her. Like maybe we have something in common. Like maybe she knows what it’s like to be cursed.
  • Reutruse Haervic: ☺/(♥) I saw the footage of him at his reaping. I saw the boy he volunteered to protect. No one stood up for me, but he stood up for somebody. That means something to me, even if it's hard to explain. And… I just don’t know what to think about him. Why would someone like him ever… I can’t even talk about it. It just makes no sense.
  • Aristata O'Rouke: ◑/☺ Another of the nice ones. I’m glad there are some, but it makes me sort of sad, too. None of us deserve to be here, but some less than others.
  • Zyker Lintsy: ◑/(♥) I don’t think he’ll have any trouble getting sponsors, looking like that. I’m not really sure what to think of him yet, but I… want to be around him, I think. He seems like a good person.
  • Saffron Lockhearst: ☺/◑ Something about the way she smiles makes me think everything will be alright, even though I know it won’t. I’d love to have her for a friend, but she’s probably going to be too busy to say two words to me.

  • Why that colour for you name? Electricity is very important to what my district does, and people tend to associate it with yellow for reasons I can’t guess at. I think I heard somewhere once that yellow is the color of cowardice, as well, so that makes it even more fitting.

Chariot Outfit: A futuristic looking silver jumpsuit with miniature rail-lines mapped across it. The rail-lines feature several toy-looking bullet trains, which move continuously over the suit in seemingly random routes. By Keeth's expression for the ride in, it was as uncomfortable as it was ridiculous looking.

Interview Outfit: This, though with District 6's crest. His hair was slicked back, the overall intent to make him look more youthful.
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Re: Relationship Thread

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Attie on Thu Jun 28, 2012 11:34 pm

Marvelos "Marvel" Strong
|18|District 5 - Power |Weapon/Talent - Hammer|

♥ = romantic interest | ☺ = friends | ◑ = neutral | ☠ = enemies

  • Gavril Scynthe: ◑ I don't know about this guy. It's no secret that he's been handed a fortunate card all his life -- well, until the Games -- I can't tell if he's apathetic, or if he has an agenda, but I don't he likes me. He looks like he can hold his own, but it's odd, because he doesn't seem happy to be here. I thought all D1's were Careers. Then again, I'm not good at judging books by their covers. I could have him completely wrong.
  • Malila Fox: ◑ She's very pretty, and she's got charm. That's evident. But it's almost as if that's her weapon. She's definitely not a career, though.
  • Scipio Hardin: ◑ I really want to say that I can find a good thing about this guy, but something irritates me about him. He's so... proud to be here, for his district, or the capitol. It's almost like it's a front, but it's so damn convincing, I can't tell.
  • Stiletto Switchblade: ◑ I really don't want to hate this person. I can't help but think there has to be a reason for the way she acts and projects herself. Maybe, before we all mercilessly die, I can figure that out.
  • Cloud Deverell: ☺ This kid is very excited and friendly. It's kind of refreshing in a crowd of high tension and pressure.
  • Emberly Byrne: ♥/☺/◑ She's introverted and that's a VERY refreshing observation, considering the rest of the girls here are either very arrogant, loud, or they know they're pretty. This girl.. I don't know if she realizes she's that beautiful or not, but I want to be one of the people to tell her. Before we die.
  • Niles Bayou: ☺/◑ I hope this guy finds a way to bring good times to the household in the midst of all the training and ... other conflicts that are bound to happen. We're going to need all we can get.
  • Diomache Rayn: ◑ I almost thought I couldn't find a weakness in this girl, it scared me shitless. However, there it is on the recording of the District Four Reaping day. Yeah, she was confident in her volunteering, despite it being nothing about protecting someone, but.. It was almost as if there was a crack in the seam once that Niles' guy hit the stage. It was only a flicker, but I'm pretty sure I saw it. You couldn't tell, though. She hasn't let out another slip since. Dangerous.
  • Marvel Strong: ◑ Even if I don't live, I want to make an impression. People will remember me.
  • Solara Brinx: ◑ I can't help but feel like there is a reason this girl tries for attention and flirtations. I hope it has nothing to do with being hurt in the past. That's so commonly unfortunate these days.
  • Keeth Diggett: ☺/◑ He seems a little scared to be here. Hell, who wouldn't be? To me, he's just physically expressing what's probably going through all of our heads: Oh shit, I'm going to die.
  • Magna Aerosta: ☺/◑ I've heard people talking, which apparently is a common pastime of my stylists, and they said this girl had it all. Like me. Except that she embraced what she had, loved it like she would never lose it, ... and then it was taken. I can relate with the taken, even if I never expressed myself enough to Kaylianna. -- Regardless, I want to be this girl's friend. By the look on her face, I don't think she remembers what it's like to have one.
  • Tanager Rollo: ☺/◑ You can see it on his face when he volunteered for his little brother that, while he wasn't trained to be here, he's ready to do what he must to get back home. This guy is the hero, whether he makes it back or not. I have the utmost respect for him. It would be great if we could be allies. At least he would know that out of the two of us, he would make it home, since I'm not willing to kill anyone. Not on purpose.
  • Mildred Tarzia: ☺ A smile is worth a thousand memories, I think. She looks like she's had a happy life, and seems to smile through it all. I really hope she keeps that up, and that we can be allies. I'll need that boost. -- Fantastic! We're roommates! This will be great, I think.
  • Yossarian Caulfield: ☺/◑ There's always a method to madness, right? Or is that wishful thinking? Either way, he seems hilarious.
  • Ashe Besra: ☺/◑ She's not happy to be here, and I can't blame her. I don't want to be here, either. I hope that we can at least share a conversation or two before the end. She may be the one that kills me, after all.
  • Lor Pellet: ☺/◑ He seems very internal, especially with all the writing he appears to do. I don't know much about him yet, but I hope to at least learn a little about him before we're dead and gone. If nothing else than to prove to the Capitol that I will create memories. People will remember people like us. Each one of us, in fact.
  • Pip Pypin: ☺/◑ This girl knows how to laugh! It's like, nothing can break her optimism. I want to stay around her, in case I start to slip myself.
  • Tyke Delfino: ♥/☺/◑ I really want this guy to win. I don't know why. It's not that he's an underdog or anything, but... He's just got one of those personalities, like, if he makes it out of here, he wouldn't gloat about what he had to do like some I can tell would. He would just be thankful it's over, and do his best to move on. I think I like that most about him.
  • Emosa Polijîn: ◑ I sense a lot of anger or apathy here. I wonder if I can find something here that makes her a more likable person for the sponsors than just an angst-y female.
  • Reutruse Haervic: ♥/☺ I like this guy. I won't outright say it because I'm not sure how he feels about men in relationships, but I admire him and the way he carries himself about. If I have to die in 9 months, I'd feel better if I could at least say I fell in like with someone before it happened. I don't want to miss out on any opportunities if I can help it. Take that Capitol!
  • Aristata O'Rouke: ☺/◑ She's a sweetheart. I can imagine she truly cares for her family and will do what she must to survive, which I can truly admire about her. I hope she lasts a while to give them something to be proud of.
  • Zyker Lintsy: ☺/◑ I think he's good people. He seems to get along well with anyone -- even though we're all strangers. Very social-able. I hope he can help the rest with his 'good times' vibe. We're going to need all the entertainment we can get while in this prison, facing death's row.
  • Saffron Lockhearst: ♥/☺ I know there has to be more to this girl than her looks, but I'll be honest, I couldn't get past that fact that she's drop-dead-gorgeous. I didn't hear a word she said, didn't really watch her interview, or listen to it anyway, and I have no notes other than: She's. So. beautiful. Lame, I know. -- Oh shi-- I think she saw me!

    Marvelos' Interview Get Up

    Chariot Ride: (Subject to change until solidified with alx, who has only her broken phone! D:) Like the same material shown here makes a female's top, it is the same material used to create a pair of athletic pants of this style that glow just like her attire. His feat are covered in a pair of glowing shoes. The top half of his body, however, is left shirtless as if to accent the strength that is there, making his statement to the crowd. He does his best to keep his face confident, rather than slightly nervous about baring his chest to the world under their eyes of scrutiny.

    His stylist claims his attire shows that the power truly comes from their district, so much that they can wear it with pride. Marvel just nodded his head to get it over with.

  • Why that colour for you name? White is the absence of color, and I feel like it is also innocence. Colors are emotions, events, and not all of them are bad, but they change the clean slated surface, you know? So many colors can make something very beautiful in art, but too many and... Well, it just turns black. I strive for white, not to be prude or ignorant, but to make sure that at the end of the day, I know who I am and what all that includes.
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Re: Relationship Thread

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Nori on Fri Jun 29, 2012 8:50 am

Reutruse Haevrik
|17|District 11-Agriculture|Hand-to-Hand Combat|

♥ = romantic interest | ☺ = friends | ◑ = neutral | ☠ = enemies

  • Gavril Scynthe: ◑/☠ Purely by the vibes he gives me, I want nothing to do with this guy, at all. I'm surprised he isn't a career, he fits the standard perfectly.
  • Malia Fox: ◑/☺/ ☠ There's nothing I can really hold against her, from all that I've seen she seems a fairly typical flirt. Still, charm and beauty can go a far ways in a game like this, she could always manage to manipulate her way to victory, she seems the type. It's highly unlikely, but possible.
  • Scipio Hardin: ☠/◑ Basically a Capitol Propaganda Machine and the only one I'm completely certain is a Career Tribute, he's going to be the fiercest competition here, that's a given. With his charisma, he'll easily weave the strongest alliances, there's just something about him that demands attention and reverence. I practically loathe the guy and even I have a begrudging respect for him.
  • Stiletto Switchblade: ◑/☠ Though her arrogance pisses me off, I don't doubt she has the skill to back what she says up. Easily one of the biggest threats, I'd rather avoid her if possible.
  • Cloud Deverell: ☺/◑ He's definitely animated, a bit of spazz from the look of things, but not the type to intend harm or offense. I'm a little wary of how defensive he is of his masculinity and sexuality, though I guess I've never much had to worry about that myself...
  • Emberly Byrne: ☺ She seems like a sweet girl, if quiet and a bit people-weary; not that there's anything wrong with that, honestly in a house as chaotic as ours is bound to be it seems a boon. Besides, I could definitely do with the refreshingly sane company, the Games are certainly lacking in that regard. If I can, I'll try to watch out for her, she's one of the few here I could stand to have win.
  • Niles Bayou: ◑/☺ Normally I can't stand the narcissistic womanizer type; oddly enough, I can tolerate this guy. Hell, I even kind of like him. It has to be the humor, I'm defenseless against the funny type...and ridiculously hot men in water, but probably best to keep that part to myself.
  • Diomache Rayn: ☠ The games were bred into her, that much is obvious...such contempt for the weak isn't born any other way. I'm almost a bit ashamed to admit I look forward to her death, key word being almost--and even that small pang of guilt is little more than some misconstrued notion of pity on Nile's behalf.
  • Marvelos Strong: ☺/(♥) This guy sets a standard, and he sets it high. He's amazing, marvelous I probably ought to say. Some part of me envies him, at least a little; I could only ever hope to be as noble and self-assured as he is naturally, it's a bit unfair really. At the same time, I can't help but want to get closer to him, I feel like a ridiculous lovestruck fanboy half the time--it's horrible!
  • Solara Brinx: ◑/☺ I mean, I enjoy her company well enough, but, I can't really approve of how open she is about, well, personal matters. Maybe I'm just a prude, I don't know. She's not really bad or anything.
  • Keeth Diggett: ☺/♥ When I watched his reaping, it was like watching Herrot being called all over again; except this time, no one spoke out, no one saved him. Part of me doubts he'll survive much further than the first day once the actual games begin, yet I still intend to do my best to keep him alive. No one saved him then, but I can at least try to protect him now.
  • Magna Aerostata: ◑/☠ ...Neutrality isn't normally supposed to come across so, well, hostile, I'm relatively sure of that. Honestly, she probably doesn't care that strongly about any of us one way or the other, her sharp-tongued comments just leave a more painful after sting than I'm accustomed to. My ego is still recovering from its wounds.
  • Tanager Rollo: ◑/☺ As someone who actually volunteered and isn't in it for the shits, giggles, and blood, he's an oddity, that one. It's commendable what he did for his brother, if not much else I can at least say I honestly respect the guy.
  • Mildred Tarzia: ☺ / ◑ There's this weird duality to her, one moment she's seems a joy to have around, adorable and bubbly, the next I'm questioning exactly how easy it would be for her to kill. I'm really conflicted to what my stance on her should be, I'll have to interact with her more to really decide, I suppose.
  • Yossarian Caulfield: ☺/◑/☠ I don't even know how to approach dealing with him, he seems unstable, that's for sure, but not unpleasant. His enthusiasm's infectious and I could do with more excitement these next few months, yet at the same time, I'm fairly sure I've seen malicious intent in the way he looks at the other tributes. Definitely one to keep an eye on.
  • Ashe Besra: ☺/(♥) She seems clever, no doubt the resourceful type; I'm sure she'd make a valuable ally, or at the very least an interesting friend...and well, she's beautiful, I'll admit it. I'm not normally the shallow type, I swear! It's just, I don't know, there's something incredibly attractive about a woman who can handle herself. Which doesn't really help the "not shallow" point any... Regardless, I look forward to getting to know her better.
  • Lor Pellet: ◑/☺ Pleasant and all, but there's something about that calculating gaze of his that unsettles me. I suppose it might just be that I take him as a threat, the clever type are always the one who truly have control in these kinds of things. That being said, I think I'd rather have him on my side than against.
  • Pip Pypin:☺ It's hard not to love spunk like hers, though there are times where I can't help but want her to just shut up, sit down, and breaaaaaaathe. Strictly out of concern for her health, of course.
  • Tyke Delfino: ☺ It's difficult to keep such a positive outlook on things in a situation like his, though part of me can't help but feel its forced. There just seems this...sort of great lingering sadness to him, behind the smile and jokes, it's heart wrenching to be honest.
  • Emosa Polijîn: ◑/ ☺ A bit on the frigid side of things, it seems like she's not the type to let, or want, anyone near. It's a shame, she seems like a nice enough girl beneath it all, from what I've seen of her.
  • Reutruse:☺/☠ Er, myself? Well, I think I'm an idiot for volunteering, not that I would take it back if I could, but other than that pretty unremarkable.
  • Aristata O'Rouke: ☺/♥ It pisses me off that even though she's already lost so much, she still manages to be pulled into this entire fucked up mess anyways. I'll definitely do my best to make sure she manages to make it home, she doesn't deserve any of this, none of us really do...but her family still needs her far too much for her to leave them.
  • Zyker Lintsy: ☺/◑ I'm surprised he's such a friendly, bubbly guy despite circumstance. It's an admirable quality, that's for certain, I don't think most people could act the same in his position.
  • Saffron Lockhearst:☺/◑ It always seems like life forced her to grow up before she was ready, already so mature and serious all the time, I don't think she's had much of a chance to be a kid at all. I doubt the nine months before our fight to the death will help relax her any, but I hope she can at least find some comfort while we're all stuck here, be herself for once.

  • Why that colour for you name?I picked Olive, the color of sapplings and seedlings alike!...What color do you expect from District 11, home of fields of rolling green, starvation, and more manure for fertilizer than you could ever hope to use? It was either olive green or a very unpleasant shade of brown. The choice seemed obvious.

    Chariot Attire: As the primary Agricultural District, it goes without saying that Reutruse's stylist could only see flowers, leaves, and veggies in her inspiration for designs. Many flowers, leaves, and veggies. And so Reutruse's both horribly gaudy and oddly lovely rose woven breast plate, frilled neck piece, and a pair of uncompareably uncomfortable corn husk slacks accented with a kernel sash, were born. Suffice to say, Reutruse is not too fond of his stylist.

    Interview Attire In a desire to make the already imposing Reutruse seem even bigger than he rightfully was, his stylist decided on a simple ensemble of a form fitting black high-collared jacket made of who knows what fabric(she insisted it was organic, whatever that meant), a simple black undershirt, and slack combo, all a size too small. The effect was flattering, he'll admit that much, but the prevailing fear of bursting through his clothes was not an experience he'd like to repeat.
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Re: Relationship Thread

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Arabella13 on Mon Jul 02, 2012 11:09 am

Aristata O'Rourke
|17|District 11|Sword/Edible Plants|

♥ = romantic interest | ☺ = friends | ◑ = neutral | ☠ = enemies

  • Gavril Scynthe: ☠ He seems very cocky and kinda arrogant. I'm just going to steer clear of him and hope he doesn't try and kill me first.
  • Malia Fox: ◑ She seems a bit untrustworthy, and falls under the radar of a go getter of what they want. But she seems to be ok in general and not as much of a threat as others.
  • Scipio Hardin: ☺ She gets a bit intimidated by him but she can tell when someone is lying and knows that he is acting like a Capitol person just for the games. She admires how smart, clever, and cunning he is and likes to get advise from him about things she should do in the Games. To her she is like a dad that gives her the best advise there is to offer.
  • Stiletto Switchblade: ☠ She seems so determined and cocky. Her determination is going to get dangerous around me and that's something I'd rather not want to get tangled up in.
  • Cloud Deverell: ◑ He's a bit odd and strange but isn't everyone in their own special way.
  • Emberly Byrne: ☺ She seems very nice and quiet, thats her kind of friends group.
  • Niles Bayou: ☺ Aris loves how funny Niles can be and always laughs at the things he does. Even when some things he might say aren't or not as funny as he may think she always laughs anyways. She finds it funny when he tries to flirt with girls and knows that some of his tactics won't work with her from her past experiences in her district with his type of flirting and charming.
  • Diomache Rayn: ◑/☠ She is kinda scary and cold. I'd rather not be near her in the arena since she seems to not care who lives and who doesn't.
  • Marvel Strong: ◑/☺ He seems like a very nice young man. He seems to be a very, er, strong, as well. I admire how he judges people not based on their looks but based on the person on the inside.
  • Solara Brinx: ◑ She seems so determined and willing to crush people to get to the top if need be. She is also a bit too flirty at times as well. And sometimes that can be the most dangerous.
  • Keeth Diggett: ☺ Keeth is like a little brother to me! Since he is a lot more quiet and shy then the other guys I feel very comfortable around him and also feel very protective of him in a motherly and caring, loving kind of way.
  • DISTRICT SIX FEMALE:-----------------------------------------
  • Tanager Rollo: ☺ Love how much me and him have in common. We are like the same people, except he is a lot more stronger than I could ever be. I really hope to get to know him a lot more. He'd be one of the easiest for me to talk to around here, maybe.
  • Mildred Tarzia: ◑ She seems kinda like she has two totally different personalities. One is the kind of girl she'd like to be friends with and the other is scary and dark at times. I sure don't wanna get her angry.
  • Yossarian Caulfield: ◑/☺ Finds him a bit intimidating and at times scary. But she can live with him and thinks that he might wanna care a bit more since everyone here is going to die soon.
  • Ashe Besra: ◑/☺ She seems to be all about the fashion stuff, but that can be an exception since she is from 8. But still its like how she herself had to pretend to be ok when there was something off in her own life. I'll have to keep an eye on her for sure.
  • Lor Pellet: ☺ He is a very smart and mathematical person. I hope to talk with him about how to make some decisions and help me in training and other things too. He seems like a very nice guy.
  • Pip Pypin: ☺ I love how much a cheery personality she has. She reminds me of cupcakes and how happy they seem to be. I hope we get too know each other soon.
  • Tyke Delfino: ☺/♥ She thinks that he is definitely a special guy who only deserves the best. Since she likes to make people feel good about themselves and give out compliments, Tyke probably likes being told he is good enough for Aristata if not better for her. But she guesses he might not like how touchey she is, she knows he hates stuff like that.
  • Emosa Polijîn: ◑ She reminds her so much of her younger siblings and that just makes her hate the Hunger Games even more and feel more alone and homesick. But I hope she doesn't die to quickly
  • Reutruse Haervic: ♥ She likes him because he is kind and considerate of others. She admires how protective he is of people. Has seen him around their district and thought he was nice and sweet then. She definitely will be giving him lots of hugs and kisses. She wishes she could be just like him.
  • Aristata O'Rouke: Your symbol first, and then a little about your character's relationship with them. One or two sentences.
  • Zyker Lintsy: ☺ Ari loves how nice he is. She finds him to be exactly like her older brother the "people person" as they called him, because he was so easy to talk too. Zyker offers her a sense of hope, and reminds her why she is fighting, he reminds her of her family.
  • Saffron Lockhearst: ☺ Saffron is number one on Aris' friend's/allies list because Aris loves how nice and out-going Saff can be. Ari believes that they both have the most similar personalities. She treats Saff like a best friend and will protect or help her in anyway she can.
  • Why that colour for you name? Because orange for all the crops and fruits especially the citrus fruits that grow every year in the orchards in District 11.

Chariot Dress: Since Agriculture is the Industry in District 11, Aristata's artist wanted her to make a statement in a long all purple pink and green flower dress. The point for flowers and leaves is because Aristata's name (Aristata) is the name of a very pretty flower.

Interview Dress: Her stylist wanted people people to remember Aristata. She also wanted her to be a little more out there and sell herself by showing off her body in a half see through, long, emerald green dress, that gets fluffy and ruffles out towards the bottom. Her stylist didn't want to make her wear a short dress because she thought there weren't enough dresses that were long and flowie.

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