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Research of the Past (Basic Time Travvelers guide.)

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Research of the Past (Basic Time Travvelers guide.)

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Nightmare on Wed Dec 20, 2006 5:17 pm

Age of Dinosaurs
threat level:3/10
Danger precentage:56%
Danger Threats:anything over 3 FT

Early man
threat level:2/10
Danger Precentage:56%
Danger Threats:Early man,sabertooth Tigers,Sharks,Mammoths

Threat Level:1/10
Danger Precentage:43%
Danger Threats:Cavemen,Sabertooths

Threat Level:10/10
Danger Precentage:89%
Danger Threats: Demons.Villagers,Knights,Rouges,Confusion,Archers,Magic,skeletons,undead,Gargoyles,poison,Traps,Wars

Techonolgic advaces
Threat kevek:7/10
Danger Precentage:69%
Danger Threats:Publicity,Government,guns,War

21st centuary
Threat level:5/10
Danger Precentage:50%
Danger Threats:Government,Guns,Gangs,paranoia,Publicity,;questions

Threat level 3/10
Danger Precentage:25%
Danger Threats: Lazers,Expiraments,Gangs,Planitary war.

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