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| I N T R O D U C T I O N |

I'm Eulogy and i've been roleplaying for a hot minute, give or take. So, about 21 years... ( Just turned 33 u_u; ). I'm here to jump start my muse and to try my hand at a partner search again. At the moment, i'm seeking someone who is also interested in getting creative and writing outside the box. With that, i'm a huge fan of open worlds where we aren't just tied down to one place or setting. Writing is a hobby ( a fun one at that ) and I enjoy stories with depth and a flair for the dramatic.

♦♦♦ = I'm really feelin' this.
√√√ = Taken.

| C U R R E N T L Y | S E E K I N G|

→ Advanced or Elite writer status.
→ Over the age of 21.
→ Prefers playing Male characters. → Can have secondary female.
→ Very Talkative aka lots of OOC.
→ Can write 3-5 paragraphs at any given time.
→ Thoroughly enjoys Romance - Suspense - Slice of Life - Horror - Supernatural - Dark and Dramatic Themes.
→ Replies within a timely manner. → Depending on the situation.

| E X P E C T A T I O N S|

→ Plot driven Stories with depth.
→ Originality. → No Fandoms.
→ Characters with tons of personality and grit.
→ Established Profile for said character.
→ Female x Male pairings/ 1x1.

|H A R D | N O |

→ No Fandoms
→ No Anime.

| S O M E | E N D E A V O R S |

→ Los Angeles 1984 → Supernatural Modern Horror → Trace Elements of VtM, WtA, and The Howling. → Set in the 80's.
→ Worlds Collide →Scifi → Earth and other distant planets → Earth in Turmoil → Humans, Aliens, Cyborgs, Etc.
→ Shanghai Stories → Modern Mafia → Triads, Police, Etc.
♦♦♦ → A Box Full of Darkness → Modern Supernatural [ Tragic ] Romance → Werewolves, Witches, Vampires, Etc
√√√ → Feliz E Triste → Modern Crime → FBI, Police, Etc.
♦♦♦→ The Ascended → Medieval Fantasy → Continent/World in peril → Knights, Blood Thirsty Creatures, Etc.
♦♦♦→ The Red Horde →Medieval Fantasy Semi Historical Mongolia → War Torn Lands → Battle Hungry Tribes, Large Beasts, Etc.
→ Kingdom Under Heaven → Wuxia Style → Chinese Style Court Intrigue???? → ?????

At the moment, these are just a few plot lines that are captivating my mind. I've left them vague on purpose. Questions ? I've got characters and plots somewhat lined up for the occasion ( May still require some brainstorming. ) Wanting to take a look? Hit me up. Got your own ideas you want to share? Again, feel free to hit me up. Hope to write soon !


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Bump and...

Shanghai stories is currently taken.
A Box Full of Darkness is currently taken.

Actively searching for partners for :

Los Angeles 1984
The Ascended
The Red Horde

However, I am still open to other ideas.

Tip jar: the author of this post has received 0.25 INK in return for their work.

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