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I Respekt The Police

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I Respekt The Police

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Corewarp on Thu Oct 12, 2006 10:18 am

OOC: Sorry i Copyed this from another forum i am at so please bare with the leet speak and stupid comments, And sorry for the swear words!
But When they arrest me for driving too fast on my scooter i kinda don't like em' that much!
Heres how it went:

I was driving home from a friends house and then at my city where i lived (Name: Udbyhöj) a police car was driving around but i couldnt see anything and it was freezing so i was focused on getting home quickly so i driveby österled and i see some car lights (I didnt see anything else than that) and then when im halfway home this car is at my tail i was only driving 60 km/h (Allowed is 50 km/h, i know :-/) and then it follows me home xD and when i park my Scooter i think its kinda wierd that a car was holding in our driveway so i take my helmet off and park it in the garrage without closing the gate which i couldnt (DAMMIT!!) cause my scooter wasnt parked correctly (STILL DAMMIT!!) at the moment so i heard the car doors close with a light slam and this guy (a man at my hight, LOL!! MY HIGHT!!) a another guy steps out first thing i hear is:"This is the police" (In Danish: Det er politiet) then they approch me, and the tallest guy (My hight, still lol) says:"What the hell did you do to that thing to make it drive so fast?"(In Danish:Hvad fanden har du gjort ved den siden den köre så hurtigt?) and i tell them what i did(my dad did..) and they ask me my age i say im 14 as i am, and he says:"Then you arent allowed to drive before 2 years!" then he asks who tuned my scooter i answer:" My Dad" and he asked me if they are home i say yes and follow them inside and they talk with my parents, (Yes im allowed to drive for my parents 'n stuff..) and they deside to not give me a fine for "Not Being old enough to drive, and speeding" Lucky me, now i can't drive it untill a week has passed.. T_T

Funny thing: there was the other police man.
1st: I was taller than him, lol
2end: he stared at the ground the whole time
3th: he didnt talk
Another thing: they didnt even ask me what my name was.. :-/
I understand if you hate me

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