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Riptide Paradox -[Mixed Futuristic/Modern/Fantasy Storyline]

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Riptide Paradox -[Mixed Futuristic/Modern/Fantasy Storyline]

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby jburden on Thu Oct 20, 2005 9:31 am

(PM to join/PM for details of this RP)

In life, things tend to happen that are not meant to be, but are still persisting to happen. With a life which miracles, danger, and struggle tend to get in way of a constant eclipse that rotates around a circular object, we see that time repeats itself over and over.

It's how our history is.

People come to power, and some tend to get greedy. In turn, resistance arises to claim life of evil, and heroes are born so that a brief time of peace comes about. Then, the cycle comes back, and repeats.

Because of this repeat, we humans tend to understand what we have seen already, and what we have seen anew. This is why, with people like Einstein and artist like Da Vinci, get so much credit.


Because of original ideas. Ideas that take whim to bring the mass to its knees before the glory light which it stands, abreast and above the redundant and repetitions of life.

People like new things, and like to use these things to do more new things. But though this too is repeats, the results come out never the same, unlike the normal vibe of History which results the same.

Conditions may change, but nevertheless we find it with agony that we must see the same thing over and over.

And so our story begins with a new idea.


By meaning, a Riptide is a layer of water at the beach that comes in and out, in and out repeating over and over. In Paradox, it’s something that we can't believe to be true, but happens to be true.

Focusing on this, this would lead to miracle happenings, and so we start this journey to find, hopefully, a brand new idea.

The modern age has been caught in a repeating whirlpool of History, and something must allow break so that new ideas can come to hand.

Very rarely do we see them, so work must be done to create them. This meaning, a Riptide Paradox.

Let our journey begin.


Location: Incheon-Dong, South Korea, Along the Han River
Time: 5:00 PM

Street lamps, stop lights, trash cans, cross walks, bus stops, store rows, traffic jams, and other symbols of value all mass together to give a final form of definition.

The City.

Incheon-Dong, if in any other term, is a province in the city of Seoul. Seoul is, though one may not believe it, practically five times bigger then New York. With its own style of landscape and structural design, Seoul is placed in the top ten in a good many categories for world rating.

Whether good or not.

With bridges that expand across the polluted Han River, land masses are connected as city after city is linked to form a huge network. With many business opportunities that wait at every corner, one would think there was much to do.

It was the perfect example of the internet. Cars the packeges, humans the bytes, bicycles the bits, trucks the files, and other metaphors could be applied.

Many other forms could be used to descripe this city, for in all respects, it in itself was a great beauty.

The Han Park has a long row of field-based activities and mini shops along the Han River, as one would figure. There is also a sidewalk that stretches from the Korean Olympic Stadium all the way down to some other end of Korea, following the Han River.

With cloudy skies and a cold breeze, tonight was yet to come. The sun was setting as the light slowly would fade away, but as such would happen, masses of people would watch to enjoy the night life in the very park itself. One particular figure is focused upon, different from the rest. The horizon seemed to want to cry though, so speeding towards his finish, he started to pass other figures like himself, or at least physically the same.

Running, Cody Ryans heaves his breathing in and out, clearly running for a sprint. Proud chest and Nike shoes moving in rythem, one could tell he had been doing this for quite awhile.

Time:5:05 PM
Sweat poured from his flesh, his pants and shirt both black in color and insuring the sweat stayed long enough to allow a flowing breeze to cool him before evaporating.

They were sweats after all.

Looking ahead, Cody could not help but smile as he neared his destination, where two yellow poles stood. Sprinting, the rush of wind greeted his face as he lifted his arms, swinging forwards. The sensation of flying overtook him as he lifted his toes, running upon them as his adrenaline pumped, his eyes fixed upon the point of impact. His shins burned and his stomach tensed, his feet heating up from the friction of foot within shoe. The cold break of sweat finally began to pour longing to go downwards as he halted slowly to a stop, walking around to catch his breath. Looking to the polluted river with displeasing grunts and heaves of breath, he went to see the apartments, smiling at their height instead.

“Day in paradise ya know?...damn river...Not even clean for swimming...”

Holding his hands to his hips, he could only begin to wonder what he was to do next. With the imaginary light bulb clicking in his head, he went off to walk towards a tunnel where cars came rushing down. Walking to the side, he went uphill and some way longer before reaching a intersection where a cross walk was. Waiting for the walk to turn green, he then went to proceed towards the military base, where he worked as a Government Service person.

-Rank 15 baby! Gotta love Military Service for 20...then retiring-

Time: 5:30 PM

Reaching the gate, he flashed his ID card to get in. Then, waiting for the bus at the bus stop within the base, he eventually would find himself before a work-out facility called “The Point”. Signing in, he went inside.

“Hey! How you boys doing?”

Everyone within gave him a greeting of hello, knowing well who he was. Because he went there everyday, he got to know many of the people here. Taking his locker keys, he opened his own as he took off his cloths, putting his towel around his waist.


Snapping his locker with cloths inside, he could not help but frown to find he had left his keys, forcing him to turn to take them out of the locker. Then, going on with his smile again, he went to enjoy the experience of relief.

-Act like nothing happened...YEP!...god someone hit me for that idioticy-

Time: 6:00 PM

Having dried off, left The Point, and started to once more go off base, he reconsidered his day, as he always did after a workout.

For one, Cody never felt this happy in his life.

-That is...odd-

It was as if a invisible switch went to cause a shift in his mental and emotional appearance, and considering his violent nature, he could not help but feel this cloud nine to be rather unusual. If he was supposed to be violent, and had a history of insanity, why the sudden twist just by working out?

-Turning over a new leaf…ha…funny..what so now I am supposed to go soft?-

Steps echoing upon the sidewalk, he stopped as a shadow passed. Turning slowly, he looked behind him as he found a white dog following him, seemly out of nowhere. He could think of nothing but to stop himself from freaking out. It was odd why he felt scared by the shadow, it was not like he could not deal with a mugger or anything. Frowning at his stupidity again, he kneeled, looking at the mut.

-OK…OK…er…whats with this mut?...Chills? Damn…I must be going more insane...damn meds-

Indeed, for Cody felt shivers pass down his spine as he looked into the eyes of the dog as it stared to his own eyes, azure blue hues giving a cute puppy look.

-AH!!!...why me?...Should I take it home rather then kick it?..Sheez...damn life-

Picking up the the dog, he held it in his arms as he proceeded to carry it in his arms. The dog, oddly, still looked to his face, giving a occation yep as his togue stuck out. Trying to not allow the butterflies in him to work up, he did his best not to pay attention to the dog.

-Odd day...dear god...why not oathed me born normal?-

Time: 8:00 PM

He had set up a pile of newspapers and a cushion shaped like a star upon it, putting the dog there. Going then to get some water in a large bowl, he put it next to the cushion, looking at his work. Looking then to the dog, who was already proceeding to the crap job, Cody could not help but smile.

"Sorry for it...but I never had a with it"

Walking to his own bed, he change cloths.

Shadows below shifted as cars flew by, his bed next to the window. Living in a office room, he could do nothing but look at the window for fun. Slowly, but surely, he fell asleep, the last sounds the snoring of the puppy.
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Power of Moral

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby jburden on Sun Oct 23, 2005 7:23 am

(Post in Progress/To Be done)

Cody Ryans was snoozing in his bed, the blanket untidy. The sun streamed in through the window, creeping up towards his face. Though the sun lit brightly against his face, he still kept to his sleep.

The puppy, on the other hand, groaned as the sun sweep into its own eye lids. Not being able to handle it, it stretched its tiny paws outwards, yearning widely. Walking around in circles in its own bed, blood slowly pulsed faster so that it was good enough to supply it for a normal day. Walking off to where Cody Ryans was, it groaned its puppy voice.

Cody slept on.

Annoyed, it groaned louder.

Cody slept on.

Bored, it jumped up and down as it yelped, twisting in the air as it did so, then landed. After doing this a couple of times, it looked at its new owner to see if the jumping worked.

It didn't.

Not willing to give up, it jumped as it bite its tiny teeth against Cody’s blanket, which was lowered some ways over the edge of the bed. Because of its light weight, the puppy found himself hanging in midair, growling. Tugging as it used its feet to move up and down, the blanket slowly gave way. Then, tired, it let go of its grip, falling to the ground again. Stomping its paws against the ground in an aggressive manner, it snorted. Walking back, it turned around again before sprinting, using its legs to jump up toward the edge of the bed.

Instead of succeeding, it bounced off the edge of the bed, landing on the ground again. Doing it again, it as previously bounced off.

Cody slept on.

Getting pissed, the puppy went back for a final attempt. Sprinting, it jumped, this time biting some of the blanket as it did so. Just as the bed tried to bounce the puppy off, the grip on the blanket brought the puppy back. Using its legs, it attempted to climb on the bed.

As it neared completion of getting on, the blanket gave way, and instead of going upwards, the puppy fell on its bum as the blanket wrapped atop of the puppy. Really mad, the puppy got confused as it tried to get out of the blanket, scared.

Cody stirred as the racket of the puppy’s yelps echoed in his room, squinting his eyes to see his blanket on the ground, the puppy within it moving all over trying to get itself out.


Lifting the blanket off the puppy, it stopped moving as it snorted out, clearly not in the mood to be messed with. Cody chuckled as his feet went to the ground, up righting himself as he stretched. The puppy looked up with stern eyes, clearly saying “Jerk”, before walking off towards his own bed. Going to the bathroom, Cody went to prepare himself.

Minutes later, Cody was in front of his mirror, adjusting a ring on his fore finger that had an “X” in the middle of the word “Runners”. The “X” was red, and the “Runners” was black, presenting the team’s colors. The ring itself was made of silver. His attire consisted of a black turtle neck shirt, and matching black pants. Smiling to find that the badge fit with his clothing, he went into his closet to get a necklace, holding a gold shield. Putting it beneath his shirt, he went into the kitchen. Getting a pan, he poured some olive oil into it as he turned the gas on, leaving it as he got two eggs. Breaking them, he put them into the pan, the oil crackling. Getting a “flipper”, he flipped the eggs and broke the yolk.

The puppy came in as it smelled the eggs, now getting over its anguish. Jumping to show its excitement, it yelped for one. Putting one on a plate, he gave that to the puppy as he used the flipper to cut the other egg, eating it. After both were done, he washed the plate, pan, and flipper before putting them up.

Kneeling to the puppy, he smiled.

“I got to go run with my team…I’ll be back in an hour…”

It was odd, for Cody felt the puppy understood him. And in turn, he seemed to understand the puppy, and oddly enough, it seemed like he had the puppy for several years, and had already trained it.

Yelping with displeasure, it went to its bed. Sighing, he went to his room, searching. Then, finding what he wanted. He took out a soft ball, giving it to the puppy.

“There you go…I am going to go buy some stuff for you alright?”

Barking with joy, the puppy went right away to play with it. Getting some water into a bowl, he placed that next to the puppy’s bed before he left the house.


It was 7:39 in the mourning, rather late considering when the team usually went out to work out. Today was a exception, considering they had done well in the last marathon, and decided to get a break from stressing each other, but to still practice occasionally so they would be able to go even faster on the next Marathon, scheduled some three months. Heading towards the Seoul Train Station that was located right in Incheon-Dong, he bought himself a ticket going towards the Olympic Stadium. Going to the machine, he pushed it into its slot as it zoomed to the other side, allowing him to go through as he then picked the ticket up, going to the lower floors of the subway to reach the right lane that would lead straight to the Stadium five stops away.

Eventually, he found himself walking towards the stadium along a cement path, leading up to the beggining of the trail where it ended due to shut gates. Beyond these gates was the inside of the stadium, where the 1988 Olympics where held.

-Some dream I'm going for...-

As he neared, two figures stood. Waving, Cody looked around, frowning.

"I am guessing...the rest of them are too busy?"

"Ya...they all are in some other country, so I am guessing they are trying to get colder weather to train in just so they could try to out run us...but we pace ourselves right, so that will not matter"

The trio laughed, stretching. Doing this for thirty minutes, they turned to the trail ahead, determination flaring in their eyes.

"Say you really think the X-runners can make it to the Olympics...I mean...look at our clothing for heave sake"

Smirking, Cody looked back to them, waving a fist.

"We are a new generation of buck off bud, we are going to capture the dream...we been working are ass off too much to give it up...Ready...set...GO!"

Running off as the other two followed, they felt the breeze against them, the mourning air, though poluted, still managing to be quite fresh.

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