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Roleplay Academy's Library of Guides and Articles (09/05/10)

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An organized archive of roleplaying guides, including step-by-step, how-to, and general essays on theory.

Roleplay Academy's Library of Guides and Articles (09/05/10)

Tips: 0.00 INK Postby Alias on Mon Jun 07, 2010 9:56 pm

The Role Play Academy Library

Sonata wrote:This is the RPA Library. It was constructed for you, the role player or beginner, and it is here for your knowledge-seeking needs. I have noticed that there have been many guides being posted up on "How to...," and I didn't see a reason why they should disappear as soon as they are shoved off the first page. Many of the authors of these guides still reside and role play here, so if you are the author of one of these guides and see that you're work is being posted up, why not go back to it and check it over? Edit and make sure you're still pleased with it. Anywho, readers enjoy and remember no talking in the library.

... taken from Sonata's original compilation of The Role Play Academy Library. New articles have been added, and there has been some reorganization.

General Guides to Forum RP
Starter's Guide to Forum Roleplay posted by Remaeus
Flexible Collaborative Writing posted by Circ
Role playing, and the world around you. posted by Vexar
The Cardinal Sins of Roleplaying posted by Chaon
RolePlay 101: What is Roleplaying? posted by Lord Saladin
The Purpose of a RolePlay Post posted by Combatant876
DragonHeart's Guide to Roleplaying posted by Symphony
Make Your RP Successful! posted by Circ
Make Your RP Successful: Part Two! posted by Circ
Creating a Successful RolePlays: A Guide posted by Combatant876
The Pros and Cons of High and Low Post Frequencies posted by Imehal
Role Playing in the Multiverse posted by Sko
Guerilla Role Play: A Guide posted by Smokescreen
Show, Dont Tell posted by Kronos
How to roleplay: Everything you'll ever need to know. posted by Sheoul

Character Creation, Development, and Interaction
Profile Sheets posted by .dot
On Creating Unique Characters posted by The Lord of Hats
A guide to how to make characters with powers posted by qbsuperstar03
Character Balancing and Losing posted by Lukisod
Breathing Life into Characters posted by Kunoichi26*
Guide to Original Characters and Running a Game posted by Vexar*
The ULTIMATE guide to Dragons and roleplaying as them posted by Riikano
Treali Storm: A Mary Sue Case Study posted by Ylanne
Character Development - Profile Template posted by Ylanne
Storytelling and Roleplay: Lead Characters posted by Circ
Advanced Level of Character Development posted by Symphony
BB's Guide to Character Making posted by BurningBridget
Character Creation in Role Play posted by Sko
Effective Interaction in a Chat Roleplay posted by Karato
The Roleplayer and Writer's Guide to Naming Conventions posted by Ylanne
Writing Multiple Characters in Roleplay posted by Parabola
A basic guide to creating characters posted by dante215
Thinking Queer: A Guide to Writing LGBT Characters posted by Rigel

Plot and Story
Jakelovesyuna's Guide to Roleplay Development posted by jakelovesyuna
Guide to Original Characters and Running a Game posted by Vexar*
Roleplay Dynamics - Hooks and Entry Points posted by Alias
Roleplay Dynamics - Metagaming and Advanced Control posted by Alias
Fleshing out a Word Through Active Roleplaying posted by Alias
Roleplay Dynamics - Revealing Details posted by Alias
Storytelling and Roleplay: Lead Characters posted by Circ
Arrival Posts: A How-To Guide posted by ShatteredSoul
Conflict in Role Play posted by Sko
Backstory in Role Play posted by Sko

Dueling and Fighting
When Fights Go Bad: A Case Study posted by qbsuperstar03
Dueling: What You Are Missing posted by Alias
Play-by-Post Combat and Forum-Based Dueling posted by Alias
Regarding Text Combat - A Tutorial posted by Combatant876
A Basic Guide to Melee posted by -Malice-
Level Up! How to Develop Characters Through Combat posted by qbsuperstar03

Setting and Mechanics
Building Mood Through Preconceptions posted by Alias
On Crafting a Compelling Setting posted by The Lord of Hats
Building NPCs posted by Remaeus
Advanced Roleplaying Concepts: Player Perception posted by Remaeus
Magic for Beginners: A Simple Magic System Anyone Can Use posted by King Yoshi42
Setting in Role Play posted by Sko
Magic Systems posted by Patch

Writing Style and Grammar
On Common Grammatical Errors posted by Amatlamittha
Storytelling vs. Writing posted by Circ
Tips for One Liners/Speed Posters posted by Vexar
Turning A Simple Sentence Into A Paragraph posted by Remaeus
Panta's 1st Lesson: Spelling and Punctuation posted by pantalaimon
Panta's 2nd Lesson: Writing With Flow posted by pantalaimon
American and British English: Similarities and Differences posted by qbsuperstar03
Ylanne's Guide to Roleplay Terminology posted by Ylanne
Organizing Information Effectively posted by Marionette

Other Role Play Tips
Helpful Tips and Suggestions for ALL Roleplayers posted by Akita
RPG Model Diagrams posted by Remaeus
A Guide to Romance and How to Improve Writing It posted by
How to Say Nothing in 500 Words (A Lesson on Writing) posted by Remaeus
Kurt Vonnegut Teaches Roleplaying posted by Remaeus
Roleplaying Tips by Johnn Four posted by Remaeus
What the heck does that mean posted by Vexar
Role Play Etiquette posted by Gabriel Faile
Good GM Practices - in Play-by-Post RolePlays posted by Alias
Helpful Ryu-hints for people new to roleplaying posted by Ryu-Kazuki
Helpful Ryu-hints for roleplay romance posted by Ryu-Kazuki
Tips & Suggestions for Preventing Role-Play Death posted by Maestro
Tips on how to write an intro for your role play posted by gaiadarkstar
Karato's Guide to Surviving in the OOC Chat posted by Karato
Save It For Your Pillows! Do YOU Have Too Much Fluff? posted by Rigel Lake

For Mentors
For Mentors: On Roleplaying Instruction posted by Pseudosyne
Being a -Proper Mentor- posted by vioxae

If you just posted a guide, or notice that a guide is missing from the list, please use the [!Summon Moderator] button at the top of this topic. Include the link to the guide as well as the section you think it should go under in the form you are taken to. The first available mentor will take care of the change!

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