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"It seems that you need something to tip the scales in your favor humans... Well aren't you lucky..."

a character in “300 A.E. (After the End)”, as played by Elrith Eldwind

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Name: Saber
Race: Hirule
This is Him without his armor:

With armor:


He is cold, calculating, and serious. His voice is otherworldly, like a whole choir speaking at one moment, and his eyes shift color all across the spectrum. This is because he is a race, not truly a person.


His armor is something that seemingly grows from the gauntlet/glove on his left hand. His sword he sommons through a white and black vortex he can create at will. Other powers are magic and seals, basically think a warmage.


His realm was once a prosperous and mighty place, driven by ancient arts and powers that ran deeper in the world then mere humans can even imagine. And yet it all came crashing down when 6 millennia ago a dark orb approached the planet that acted as a homeland for his race. Days before similar events had occurred at the three colonies out at the edge of their solar system. After a flash of red light the orb and its fellows near the colonies fell to the planet’s surface and crashed at the point where the magnetic fields were originating. Soon after the orbs landed, the mages of the planets each tried to discern why the powerful auras that flowed from the stones gave them each such a dark feeling of despair.

Soon after they began using their spells on the stones they accidently activated one on the outer planet. The demons poured forth, and in a massive flight through the solar system they set off the other two in the outer rim. Each planet fell before the overwhelming numbers of demons.

The home world was not so weak, and soon the mages had sealed the last stone shut and prepared to repel the incoming legion of demons. They battled for nearly a thousand years and each side dwindled. Soon the demons power finally outweighed the might of the Hirule people and as their numbers dwindled to only 547, a newborn mage was chosen to preserve the race that was soon to be destroyed.

Every race seeks some way to preserve itself past such disaster, the human race used the Life Systems, and the Hirule used their magic to take the life force of the 547 remaining of their species and channel it all into this one babe. The boy instantly grew as his entire race was compressed into him alone, and thus a being strong enough to destroy the remaining demons was born. He did so, and eliminated the remaining horde of creatures singlehandedly. This took up a great deal of power, and turned the strange new being into an ephemeral soul. The ghost of the Hirule people took on a new identity and merged with the black orb that remained in an attempt to stop this from happening to any other species.

Unfortunately, the seal the mages made lasted only 3,000 years, and soon after that the orb left and traveled into a new realm, 2 millennia later landing on Earth. This is where the new life of Saber began, he remained trapped in a sliver of the stone that broke off when the meteor fell to Earth (The planet’s atmosphere is twice as abrasive as that of his home world) and due to his personal power did not burn up. It is in this shard that he remained for over 2 centuries, until a foolish demon near London found the shard, and upon eating it activated it. This brings us to present day, with a new creature being brought into the world, and a small unassuming demon who is about to have one hell of a case of indigestion…

So begins...

Saber's Story