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A young, single father to a five year old girl had been managing to get by. Ever since his wife left him and their daughter five years ago, it's only been the two of them. He works as a full time photographer, doing everything he can to give his little girl the life she deserves. After many months of desperation, heartbreak and struggle, he's finally living comfortably once again. His and his daughter's relationship would be envied by many parents, and their future looks bright. However, all that changes with one single word.


A life sucking illness had taken over his little girl's body, with little hopes of recovery. The doctors estimate she's got about a month left before it's too late. The only chance of survival is a very costly, very complicated operation with no guarantees that it will turn out well. Many doctors have tried and failed. Only one doctor, among them all, has ever succeeded with the surgery, making him the little girl's last and only lifeline. The only problem is, said doctor hasn't been seen for years. Rumor is, he quit the medicine field, though nobody knows why. But the younger father is determined to find him, and do whatever he can to save his little girl's life.


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the doctor - #bbc89c - outfit
xxxi feel so damn worthless
xxxanother day is gone
xxxall my faces are alibis
xxxand me, i'm half the man i wanted to be
There was something almost hypnotising about watching Jake cook. Ben was a functional cook, he cooked whatever was easy and semi-healthy and tasty. But there was almost an art to the way Jake did it, like he didn't even have to think twice about it. Maybe it had been that easy to Ben once, back before he had to worry about slicing his finger open with a tremor. Nothing was second nature to him any more.

The question caught Ben off guard. He exhaled at the thought. He tried to think of a way to formulate it, to make it sound less depressing. But he couldn't. So he just shrugged and said, "More than I can say," with a shrug.

"It was all so... simple, back then," he found himself saying, not even really looking at Jake. "College wasn't always super easy. Residency was tough. But it was... we were so... hopeful. We had no idea what the world had in store, and that was... exciting. Not terrifying. That was what got us through those rough nights, the nights where we were so exhausted we didn't know how we'd ever wake up. We'd think about the future, about when we were amazing doctors, the top of our game, the peak of our lives."

How far he'd fallen. As a student, he'd often longed for something that would let him see into the future. To see where he'd be in a few years. And now as he stared at his hands, counting out the scars, he was just really glad that he'd never had that. Because hope was all that kept him going. And now that was... gone.

"What about you? Did you go to college?" He asked, eager to move on and change the subject. He wanted to let Jake in, but if he was just going to disappear in a few days, then he wasn't going to put himself through that. He wasn't going to split open his soul for someone who would only go away.

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