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"Now you see me, now I don't"

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Name: James Michael Hart
Age: 19
Personality: A bitterly sarcastic blind boy with a taste for pain. At the age of four he had a disease that made him loose his sight. the tantalizing memories of colours and sights drives him up the wall with an agonized longing. His arms are doted with the scars of his pain, pain that he took out on himself. Hatred, anger, sadness, longing, he had no way to express his emotions, he was detached from his peers partly because he was different, partly because he was cruel and sharp tongued. He longed for many things. To be normal, to see, to be loved, to read a book without running his fingers across the page. He isn't depressed, just lonely. Physical pain is the only feeling he can express, with screams, well. Of course, little Jimmy isn't always like that. Sometimes he is simply delightful to be around. mostly when he is unconscious, or on the verge of sleep.
Brief Bio: At the age of four James contracted a disease that lasted for weeks, costing the little boy his sight. At the age of eight he suffered through his first crush, a little girl with a soft voice and a softer touch. But she didn't acknowledge his existence. Upon voicing his feelings he was brutally shot down. 'Blind kids can't love. How can you love what you can't see?' He started by pricking his fingers with pins, saying that he was just letting all the bad out by means of his fingers, but it got worse. He managed to keep it a secret from his parents, who had two other children, one younger and the other older, to pay attention to, by isolating himself.

He is a lightly tanned young man with messy dirty blonde hair and arms ridged with scars. His eyes are a murky blue colour, and they stare off at nothingness in an almost creepy fashion. He is 5'6 and weighs about 145 pounds. His attire is usually the first thing he grabs out of his closet, jeans and a t-shirt, Because when you are blind you don't really care what you look like.

So begins...

James Hart's Story