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"O-Oh, so sorry! I hope... I wasn't interrupting anything..."

a character in “A Celeberties Life”, as played by Pichu-Chan

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Name: Kim Wendr

Gender: Male

Age: 20

Role: A model who often switches from agency to agency. He also does some singing, but only at the request of fans, and even then he's hesitant to do so.

Appearance: Image
*He covers up his eye due to it being permanently damaged, though he does try to incorporate the covering up as part of his outfits*

Personality: Kim mostly keeps to himself, not being one to approach others, not because he is a snob or anything like that, but he's actually very shy and perhaps somewhat socially awkward. When he speaks, he may only speak a word, maybe a sentence at most, or pause in the middle of sentences. He often gets very worried about what others think of him and if he's being rude when talking to someone, so he may apologize in the middle of conversations. He's very polite in general. He's somewhat secretive, not liking to share much about himself or his personal life. He's most comfortable when others aren't watching him, but he will bare the stares of others if he must. However, when he is working on his projects, he suddenly becomes more bold and confident, though this can also be about when working on things for others. He's a determinator when it comes to working on things, being determined to see that it is finished, though he certainly won't rush through it. If anything, he's a perfectionist when it comes to his work, only being 'finished' when he's sure that it's 'perfect'. He can be a rather harsh critic on himself. He's very creative and open to trying new things, along with being very accepting of other's differences in general, seeing as how he's very 'different' himself. He isn't very fond of those who are ignorant or are very assuming of things, like assuming that he's a 'queer' for his feminine appearance.

Likes: People who are very accepting of things, people who are quiet and reserved like he is (he finds a comfort in knowing he isn't the only one who's socially awkward), modeling (of course), being able to express his creativity, dressing up.

Dislikes: People who assume or say that he's 'gay' or 'queer', feeling that he's somehow being rude to someone, having his creativity stifled, not being satisfied with his work, being away from his work for too long, having to share his personal information, being watched by others, singing in front of others.

Fears: Being unintentionally rude to someone, not being accepted by anyone.

Hobbies: In his spare time he enjoys drawing and designing his own clothes, along with doing various things with the extra fabrics he manages to get from the workplace.

Deepest Desires: To have friends who, at the very least, accept him, to have his own clothing line.

Why did they become a model/singer/idol: He wants to show that not all men/boys have to be 'manly' like the stereotype portrays, as well as hopefully being able to promote his own clothing line through his successful modeling.

What genre do you model in most?: He mainly models in fairly girlish things, sometimes gothic or lolita. He also cross dresses.

Singing Voices: He can do all three voices.

Love Interest: He isn't really ready for one, seeing as how even he isn't sure of his orientation.

History: Kim had always been a bit 'different' from the other kids, being shy and generally being by himself. He wanted to be able to approach others and make friends, but he ended up being bullied due to his shy nature, making him an 'easy target' and making him develop some social anxiety. His social anxiety followed him into middle school along with the bullying, thankfully only really staying at the level of verbal abuse, though this isn't to say that this didn't affect him. He was able to finally gain the confidence to say to his parents that the verbal abuse was really bothering him and while his parents did take action, nothing was really done because it was 'just' verbal abuse and no punches were being thrown.

Then in high school he started to have some 'questionable' fashion tastes, at first only starting with ribbons, but then exploding into more 'girly' things. He was even accused of cross dressing more than once. Not only did this make the verbal abuse worsen, with people now calling him 'queer' and 'gay' among other things, it also sparked controversy, many teachers and parents claiming that his outfits were 'sexual' in nature. With the help of his parents he defended himself, saying that what he was doing was part of an artistic expression. He ended up changing schools when someone attacked him, making him end up with permanent damage to his eye, which resulted in him losing sight in that eye as well as having to cover it up.

In his new school he was accepted more, though there were those who opposed his style of dress, that was to be expected. But the way he dressed was embraced, many of the teachers encouraging it and some of the students thinking it to be very interesting. It helped that the school was very artistically driven, encouraging creativity and unique ideas. Though he still stayed to himself due to social issues, he wasn't used to getting so much attention. But he didn't reject the newfound support of his teachers and classmates, as it encouraged him to go into modeling. He had wanted to become a fashion designer, but figured that he might as well try out modeling to see if the fashion industry was really for him. He didn't expect to have so much popularity and while he is glad that he was successful, it was still very overwhelming for him, not being used to so much attention.

So it may come as a surprise that he actually agreed to live in the house with other celebrities himself, no manager had to trick him or sign him up and him finding out at the last possible moment. He signed up because he wanted to get over his social anxieties and thought that perhaps being with people that he could (hopefully) relate to would help with that, though perhaps he could end up with unexpected drama in his lap instead...

Theme Song: Megurine Luka - Toeto

Other: I can't speak honestly.
It's too challenging for me.

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Kim Wendr's Story