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"I can't talk right now, I have to go study...."

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Karen Buzoku

Cenril 3


Guardian Angel
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Karen is a very cheerful person, always trying to make new friends. She is a straight A student, and even has afternoon classes. All the school work Karan to do leaves to time for friends or other social activities. And that is why she will jump at the chance to make any new friends when she has the chance. Karen is rather lonely, as you can probably tell. Despite outward appearances, Karen is not a genius. She's an average thinker, so all those A's a born from sheer determination and willpower. Her appearances are a rather touch subject for her, as to be expected considering her past. As a result, Karen refuses to judge others when it comes to looks, size, shape; whatever. It is her firm belief that actions speak louder than words... and the way you look. Although giving out both affections and dislike, it takes a lot to form a lasting relationship with her, whether it be negative or positive. Karen has no time for bullies or unreliable people, often giving out free samples of wrath at school. This girl is secretly a hopeless romantic, with a very high opinion of love. Thanks to that, it's difficult to use Karen in that way. And while we're going down the hopeless list, Karin is a hopeless dreamer. She daydreams as often as she can, and makes a story to fit situations in her life. Usually sarcastic, the stories always begin with 'once upon a time.'

Brief Description
Karen has a normal build, while she's not tiny like other girls, she's not very tall or large either. Just.. normal. Mostly. According to others, Karen is rather 'lacking' in upper body strength. But Karen is rather fast to make up for it.

As I said before, Karin is a rather speedy runner. She's been trained in most 'womanly' skills. Such as cooking, cleaning, sewing. But Karin is also knowledgable in other things, such as dancing, singing, and instruments. Not to mean she's any good at them; Karin meerly knows these skills to a satisfactionary level. Karin is an exemplary writer, however. She also knows a great deal of self-defense. Specificaly Akito; one of the many after-school classes Karin recieves, the others teaching the said 'womanly' skills.

Kain enjoys making friends as well as proving herself to others. To make friends. She loves to write and read romance novels. She likes to daydream often, but sometimes can't help it. Like most people, Karin enjoys fresh air and feel of sunshine on her face. This girl adores her bed, reveling in the squishiness of it.

School work. Karin is so friggin sick of it, only keeping it up now because of habit and her parents. She hates vain people; not able to understand their self-centeredness. Having a sensitive nose, Karin dislikes smelly things. Also bullies and people Karin cannot rely on should go without being said.

Karin, like most girls, is scared of people like rapests, stalkers, and other peverts. However, she is also afraid of drowning. But her number one fear is letting down the people she cares about. And sense those people are few and far between, lettting them down hits her hard.

Karin's parents are both models; winning contests, awards, and prizes. They are famous for having a spotless record, always faithful to one another and never partaking in drugs or parties that might turn out to be too wild. So when her mother announced her pregnancy, it was all over the pages. Unfortunately, Mrs.Buzoku's rival was having a pregnancy at the same time. They were called onto a talk show to discuss their plans for the children, but somehow the two soon-to-be mothers got into a heated aurgument, both claiming their child was to be the smartest, the prettiest; the best. Time passed, and the two baby girls were born. Both of the babies had good 'breeding', and each mother was very proud of their child. But very soon Karin was revieled to look normal. Completely normal. Mrs.Buzoku fell into despair. If her child was not the best, then she would become a laughing stock! Her rival's child, on the other hand, was a great beauty. She had perfect, red hair and a petite build. So Karin's mother decided to make her child the smartest, forcing lesson after lesson onto her child, demanding straight As.

Which demon is trying to take their soul?
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Love Interest
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Hex Code

Karin dreams to be a writer when she grows up, and is willing to do almost anything to be one. It's this dream that has kept her going all this time.

[color=FF0040]Black and Gold[/color]
[size=90]If the fish swam out of the ocean
and grew legs and they started walking
and the apes climbed down from the trees
and grew tall and they started talking

and the stars fell out of the sky
and my tears rolled into the ocean
now i'm looking for a reason why
you even set my world into motion

'cause if you're not really here
then the stars don't even matter
now i'm filled to the top with fear
that it's all just a bunch of matter

'cause if you're not really here
then i don't want to be either
i wanna be next to you
black and gold
black and gold
black and gold

i looked up into the night sky
and see a thousand eyes staring back
and all around these golden beacons
i see nothing but black

i feel a way of something beyond them
i don't see what i can feel
if vision is the only validation
then most of my life isn't real

'cause if you're not really here
then the stars don't even matter
now i'm filled to the top with fear
that it's all just a bunch of matter

'cause if you're not really here
then i don't want to be either
i wanna be next to you
black and gold
black and gold
black and gold

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