a dangerous night

a dangerous night

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The world of business is precarious at the best of times. Lives can be made and destroyed in the space of days, weeks, months. Millions and billions change hands with barely a flinch, a blink. Relationships are often barely even a priority, high-flying business men and women practically abandoning their families for their work. Competitors resort to any tactic possible to take down each other's business. But two companies, two of the biggest, most influential companies, are considering changing this. Instead of being competitors, they want to become allies. In fact, they want to ultimately merge the companies. But they are fully aware that the political and economical situation, and so they decide to play the long game and go old-fashioned. They decide to combine the companies through marriage. A carefully calculated situation is constructed. They decide to set up their two daughters in what is sure to be one of the biggest marriages of the decade. A gay marriage will make them look progressive, give the media so much more to talk about and concentrate on, and not worry about the economical implications.

But there's just one issue. Their two daughters hate each other. It's far from just a petty argument over a boy, the hatred is red-hot and serious. They've been forced to pretend to be in love. Can they keep up the pretense, or will they rebel against their families?


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bella chapman
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xxand brother, if you have the chance to pick me up,
xxcan I sleep on your couch to the pound of the ache and pain?
xxoh, in my head 'cause I'm awake all night long
xxto the drums of the city rain.

Bella was barely keeping a scowl off her face. As if this whole false marriage, whole... business deal business hadn't been bad enough, she was missing a night out with some of her favourite people to instead swan around a room of her least favourite people. The only saving grace was that she'd been assured that everyone at the party knew that this was a farce, a lie. The media was gossiping about it, but it was a closed event, and Bella wouldn't have to pretend to be happy to be marrying Rosanna Gray. Her mother had warned her they'd have to be civil at least, and pose for some photos, but that was it. She hadn't even managed to wrangle an invite for Jacob.

"Bella, honey, please smile. We can't have the media gossiping about why you look so miserable." Her mother chastised. Bella just rolled her eyes. But as soon as the valet opened the car door, the winning Chapman smile was fixed on Bella's face as she swanned into the hotel. They'd all but booked it out for the function to help improve the media hype, and it seemed to have worked. Bella stopped for some photos, but declined to answer any questions at the direction of her mother.

A waiter stood just inside the door holding a tray of drinks. Bella reached for a cocktail, but instead had a glass of champagne pressed into her hand by her mother with a glare. She rolled her eyes and sipped at the drink, watching the door for Rosanna. The arrival of her "fiancée" would be enough to spark the questions by her father's friends, colleagues, and family members. All sworn to secrecy, but all still eager for gossip and drama.


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{ rosanna gray }


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Rosanna was beyond angry and it was written all over her face. But it wasn't just this night that she was angry about. It the situation surrounding the night. It was the wedding. A wedding that she was forced into because her parents wanted the business to be bigger and better. They were using their first and only child as a pawn. What made it worse was just how public they were with this wedding. The 'happy' couple was plastered all over the tabloids and blabbed about on different media outlets. It was sickening. If only everyone knew the truth. If only everyone only knew that Rosanna would rather die than marry the woman she has to take pictures with tonight. "Are you going to grimace the entire party?" "That's the idea." She responded to her mother. "Just smile when a camera points in your direction." It's the same command she is given at every event.

The car stopped in front of the hotel. It was almost as extravagant as the lie they were all telling. Rose was first to exit the car once the door was opened. As expected, media surrounded the front door that was being blocked by two security guards. Rosanna flashed them all her 'America's Sweetheart' smile. She did her best to dodge any questions and luckily her parents just took over for her. Rosanna just wanted to head inside. Inside is where she didn't have to pretend as much. The people inside were all in on it and just wanted to keep up with the drama between the couple. The waiter offered drinks right as they walked in and immediately she reached for a cocktail. "Your limit is three." Her father whispered as he took his champagne glass. Rose kept from rolling her eyes and sipped her fruity drink. It wasn't hard to spot her fiancé. She always made it a point to locate her in the room first, so that she could avoid her. And that is exactly what she did. Rosanna headed off in the other direction to mingle with the other guests.

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