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I am the guy. It's me.

a character in “A Field”, as played by DarkBlueAce

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Whatever you think a guy in his late teens that doesn't have any social issues or follows any silly trends looks like.


DarkBlueAce, or DBA as some most people call him, is a mellow down to Earth guy that mostly keeps to himself. He generally never makes the first move in anything he does, rather opting to react to other people's actions. He is a tad choosey about who he decides to befriend, but whoever he does end up befriending will most likely approach him first unless they don't because that's just who he is. He does what he can for his friends however limited that may be and won't easily give up on them. Underneath it all he harbors genuine loneliness and prefers to surround himself with close friends. Although something is still missing.


Nothing but the clothes on his back.


DBA is a wanderer of sorts. He doesn't talk about his past and it's likely he doesn't even have one to speak of.

So begins...

DarkBlueAce's Story