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A Fool For You

A Fool For You

1 x 1 RP between SofiUnnie and SleepingInGarden

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A love story between a tall, handsome rich kid and small, cute poor boy. Both of their worlds are about to go crazy. From hate, grows love.

Image PLAYED BY: SofiUnnie
FACE CLAIM: Mean Phiravich Attachitsataporn
AGE: 21

Big, who has always had everything he has wished for, is thrown into a completely new world, when his father finally had enough of the boy never listening to him and causing much trouble.

Without realizing, he is set to live in the poor neighborhood in Bangkok with the very same boy, whom he has always treated like an enemy, bullying Ren endlessly whenever there is a chance, really, but now they have to live together and that is very... troubling. And it is not all!

As much as Big hates to live with Ren, everything only gets more complicated, when they have to share the same college and same streets, same food and same heart...
... hopefully.

ImagePLAYED BY: SleepingInGarden
FACE CLAIM: Plan Rathavit Kijworaluk
AGE: 20

Ren, who has been struggling all of his life - working part-time jobs to get by every single day, suddenly receives a scholarship to elite university.

Hard worker, he is as if followed around by Big as they keep meeting up and this always ending in a painful argument, clash or fight. This entitled brat is making Ren's life impossible, and it only gets worse when he finds a place to live in for university and happens to get a new roommate - the very same brat, whom has been giving him hard time!

Ren soon finds himself in a rather interesting predicament, as he keeps teaching Big of how to actually live his life - starting from eating delicious ramen/noodles to how to ride a bicycle. Little by little, hate turns into love...

ImagePLAYED BY: SofiUnnie
FACE CLAIM: Perth Tanapon Sukhumpantanasan
AGE: 20

Robin, little brother of Big, is a rather serious kid, who has always something to say about Big' life choices and the way his older brother often acts. Somehow their father prefers Robin over Big and that often is the root of their conflict.

Robin moved out of their family mansion as soon as he graduated high school, to live on his own and gain experiences more freely, befriending people from all kinds of backgrounds.

ImagePLAYED BY: SleepingInGarden
FACE CLAIM: Saint Suppapong Udomkaewkanjana
AGE: 21

Q is a friend of Ren, who is very sweet and quirky. Not so much shy, but still a bit of an introvert. Rush, but not spoiled.

Being a smart kid, he was the one who helped Ren to study for the entrance exams. Goes to the same university as all other three boys.


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Character Portrait: Big
Big played by SofiUnnie
"There is never going to be you and me..."
Character Portrait: Robin
Robin played by SofiUnnie
"In you, there is me..."
Character Portrait: Ren "Never apologize for being yourself"
Character Portrait: Q "Take nothing for granted"

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