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A I N ' T   T H I S   F U N/ F E A R F U L?!

A I N ' T T H I S F U N/ F E A R F U L?!

Imagine, the world split into 2 types - Removers - and - Survivers. Removers are beings that kill and remove the world of 'Survivers' , then there are Survivers. They hide from the 'Removers' and help their own kind.

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Hello! Welcome to the world of chaos, I am your host - Jax - or God of Death! I am a Remover so, careful but today I shall just introduce you to the world!

Huh? You don't trust me? Oh! Well, I'll give you my word!
*Jax raised his pinky finger to his 'heart' and drew a faint cross over it which glowed red *
Sweetie, when a God gives you his word they're bound to it for eternity!

OK! So in this world there are 2 specific categories: 'Survivers' or Mortals and 'Removers' or Gods/Goddesses. The types of 'Survivers' are: Scared, Paid, Traitors, Insiders and Humans while the types of 'Removers' are different -obviously-. There are: Grief, Heartless, Human, Insane and Normal. Lemme explain the type of Survivers.

Scared Survivers are the ones who are huge wusses when facing the world.
Paid Survivers are the ones who kill both Removers and other Survivers for money to Survive.
Traitor Survivers are the ones who will sell out or betray their own category
Inside Survivers are the ones who work for Removers to help get intell upon the other obvious category

Then comes the type of Removers

Grief Remover are the God/Goddess who takes much unnecessary grief upon 'removing' their 'obstacle' / 'Surviver(s)'
Heartless Removers or well known as Suicidal Removers are the ones who will break their word and 'remove' their 'obstacle' not even caring that they would also be 'removed'.
Human Removers are the ones who can't take it upon themselves to harm their 'obstacle' and let that 'obstacle' create more of its category.
Insane Removers are the ones who basically don't give a Damn who they kill whether be a 'Remover' or an 'Obstacle' but they do keep their word if given -but that is a rare possibility- .
Lastly, we have Normal Removers who are Proxies. They are given an 'obstacle' to 'remove' and they do it.

Which am I? The Insane Remover of course!


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Character Portrait: Jax Death
Jax Death played by SubjectT
Jax is -as you heard- a Remover, his is a God of Death and is not human. Jax is the Insane Remover type not having a care in the world but when it comes to his 'job' he takes it seriously. His personality is very weird as he has a few problems.
Character Portrait: Masahiro-san A Remover of lesser power. Spends most of his time sipping tea and observing the Survivors.

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Green Yard town

Green Yard town by SubjectT

[b][/b]Welcome to Survivers Town! Green Yard Town Welcomes you with protection and life!

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0.00 INK

Masahiro woke up, gagged and bound with enchanted items.


It wasn't obvious, but his day was about to get a LOT WORSE.

After all, as a god, there are a lot of people after you...

A I N ' T T H I S F U N/ F E A R F U L?!: Out Of Character (OOC)

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