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A I N ' T   T H I S   F U N/ F E A R F U L?!

Green Yard town

a part of A I N ' T T H I S F U N/ F E A R F U L?!, by SubjectT.

[b][/b]Welcome to Survivers Town! Green Yard Town Welcomes you with protection and life!

SubjectT holds sovereignty over Green Yard town, giving them the ability to make limited changes.
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Green Yard town is a part of World Fun/Fear.

There are no Places in Green Yard town.

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Green Yard Town is a town where when 'Removers' first came to invade that stayed untouched, all 'Survivers' deemed the town protected by the Heavens but deep inside they knew the 'Removers' sinned this town before.


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Masahiro woke up, gagged and bound with enchanted items.


It wasn't obvious, but his day was about to get a LOT WORSE.

After all, as a god, there are a lot of people after you...