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Vivianne was sitting down in a school chair, earphones in her ears listening to music. Her black hair was fringed in the way of one eye, the other visable and adorned with light purple eyeshadow, trying to keep her feminine look reasonably simple. She wasn't trying to impress anyone, so she wasn't going to put on pounds of makeup. In Vivianne's mentally and physically outspoken opinion, No boy was ever worth the time or heartache. This is my last year, all I have to do is keep up the good work at everything I've done until now, guys aren't worth it. Also, Dr.Phil is so stupid, love is the lie of the century, it's just one big scam, and people who be so much more wealthy if they didn't waste money on valentines day gifts, birthday gifts, and all that jazz for their 'lover'. I don't need the acceptance of these freaks who wear their hearts on their sleeves, begging people to shatter them into a million sorrowful pieces. I saw how bad it hurt mom when dad left her for that skanky little bitch, how hard it still is for her to cope day to day.I don't want or need something like that.. ever. She smirked at her video game, sliently laughing. She'd beat it for the seventh time. She turned off her 3DS after she'd saved her progress and switched the games from the console. She smirked, this was a new game she'd bought, and she was dying to play it. She ran her finger over the power button, turning it back on.

She really had too much free time. She didn't bother looking up at her fellow classmates, she hated them. She may have tried to socialize with the girls, but it was all too much about boys and dating or even worse topics. The girls in her classes giggled and gossiped about more provocative ones she didn't care about. They'd ask her what boy she liked in highschool and she flipped the cheerleaders off. She didn't have the best reputation. She was a nerd and she held herself like a badass, but Vivianne had never been in a full-on fist fight. She'd fought one girl in her first year of highschool, but she'd only got a bloodied lip, and the other girl got her nose broken cause Vivianne tripped her and her nose hit hard. Ever since then, not as many girls picked on her, but not many tried speaking to her anymore either. Somewhere inside she felt depressed, it was kind of lonely having no one for eight hours, but she eventually started texting her mom and younger brother while in school. She pressed start on her zelda game after the theme played in her headphones, her fingers began hitting the 'x' button repeatedly, not caring much about the dialogue. Once the game truly started, her fingers began working the d-pad and buttons expertedly, she'd played Ocarina of time before, but not on her 3DS.. the graphics were pretty fucking awesome, she had to admit.

Vivianne got picked on a lot, so she had even less motivation to speak to those currently around her.. Who would want to talk to a crowd that hates them automatically? She didn't have anything to say to her fellow classmates or teachers other than a big, fat, Fuck you. None of them would understand anything she had to tell them anyway, and even if they did, they couldn't do anything to help fix her, they just couldn't. It was a simple fact, if they could, maybe she would've already let them. None of them could fix what she went through, none of them could make her forget, nor did any of them care to try. The boys just wanted a 'fun time', and pretended to care for a little while, but they were all the same really. Meanwhile the girls just wanted a boy's arm twined with their own, no matter what the cost. It made her physically sick having to witness this five days a week. Having a boyfriend and falling in love was the least of her worries, and definately not in any of her priorities. School, getting a job, taking care of herself, her mom and her brother, that's what she cared about.. Realistically, how was her brother supposed to grow up like a proper man without a father figure to answer dire questions? Sure it was very possible for him to be raised perfectly fine without a father, it happens, but it put him at a disadvantage, Her grandfather skipped out on her dad. She was paranoid her younger brother would grow up to be just like their father. Who was he supposed to go to when he began getting intimately interested? No boy really wants to ask their mom.. She felt herself gripping the DS way too hard, and she took a deep breath trying to avoid such thoughts, loosening her grip. She couldn't help her grudge on men, the way her father did her family, she couldn't pull herself to even look one in the eyes anymore.. she hated them, she hated them for something they didn't do, something none of them had any control over. Though who ever admits they're being childish and wrong about holding a sterotypical grudge? Especially how many teens? She couldn't admit to herself that she was being silly, that pretending to be antisocial was wrong, pretending she couldn't talk was lying. She just, didn't want to put herself out there, because with all her current defensive measures, no one could truly hurt her emotionally anymore. She could honestly brush it off because no one knew her, for who she really was.

No one at school knew anything about Vivianne other than her name, age, that she liked video games, and possibly her class schedual, nothing more. No one would know her favorite color was blue. No one knew she had a kitten named Loki. No one knew she read to kids with cancer.. No one knew she couldn't swim, or that she had Asthma. Not a single one of her classmates, or the school staff knew Vivi, they just knew Vivianne. They knew the girl who had no friends, the girl who never spoke a word, the girl who hated guys. The girl who had a 4.0, and the girl who skipped Gym class, and any other physical school function. They knew her robotic security system, not the real girl hidden inside. Vivianne wasn't even sure that she knew herself anymore, she only had two friends outside of school, and since they went to separate schools she only got to hang out with them at her house. As long as the boys stayed away from her this year, she'd live a smooth, drama free, nerd life and would be able to move on, try to fix herself slowly but surely. However, seeing as she knew a bit about the guys here, they must've had a plan to ruin the senior year. Some kind of prank. She was confident she was ready for anything, anyone could throw at her however.

Bring it on.. I'm not breaking you son of a bitches.