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Places in A Little Give and Take

This is a list of locations that can be found in A Little Give and Take.

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Amelia Neil

That night Amelia had been painfully aware that they were both sleeping in the same bed and didn't sleep well. Not because she didn't want him there, but because she couldn't stop imagining him lying there with another girl. She had barely managed to doze off when her alarm went off for her to get ready for work. The sound had never been more unwelcome and she audibly groaned as she rolled out of bed. Four in the morning wasn't a good hour and despite having woken up this early for years now, she still wasn't a morning person and she had a hard time believing that would ever change.

After she showered, she noticed her clothes weren't fitting quite as well as they use to but she forced herself into them anyway. It wasn't noticeable once they were on, but the level of comfort had definitely taken a turn. She huffed at herself in the mirror for a good few moments, slicked her hair back into a pony tail and returned to the bedroom - realizing that Jackson was still passed out in their bed. Did he work today? She wasn't sure, everything in law enforcement was so erratic it was hard to tell. She kissed his forehead, a loving gesture with a hint of hesitation, before making her way to work.

The office was dead for a good hour before the rest of her coworkers came trickling in, then the hustle and bustle began; papers being shuffled around, endless ringing phones, arguments, angry clients. Amelia, despite being distracted by intrusive thoughts of her personal life, gradually through herself into things just like everyone else was doing.

At around ten she found herself in a court room, where she spent most of her day delivering her closing arguments in a domestic abuse case. It was an open and shut case, and he didn't have a particularly good defense attorney. She had her guilty verdict fairly quickly. Still though, she knew she hadn't done the best she could have and that bothered her, worse than if she had lost a case doing her best. Her game was off and it didn't help that she had been starving the entire time.

"Good job in there today, Amy." A voice came from behind her as she was about to exit the building in search of food. She turned her head and was in shock that she recognized the tall, blonde man dressed in a navy suit standing behind her. A smile spread across her face, Carson Lexington, an ex boyfriend - Jackson's predecessor - but more importantly an old friend. They were friends in high school, who had both decided to go to law school and had a brief relationship sometime in between all of that.

"Oh my God, Carson. You scared me? What are you doing here? I haven't seen you in years." She responded, clearly no bad blood between them.

"I just finished up in another courtroom when I heard you were about to wrap yours up as well. Thought I'd stick around and say hi. How are you?" He flashed a dimpled grin at her.

For some reason, that question bothered her and she had done well to avoid it most of the day. She gave her best fake smile and shrugged. "I've been good, working a lot but I can't say I mind it. A lot better than working at Penney's in high school."

They both laughed and continued to chat for a while. He had become a defense attorney after college, taken on a few high profile cases and in general had become pretty successful - just as she had. He invited her to coffee to catch up and she accepted, wanting to catch up with a friend like she hadn't in a while.

At the shop they continued to talk to each other over coffee for about an hour. He told her about his life and she shared about hers - her parents, work, everything. When it came to talking about Jackson though, her voice immediately became guarded and Carson seemed to pick up on it.

"Trouble in paradise then?" He asked, tilting his head to the side slightly. She frowned.

"No...I mean, yes, but it's nothing we can't work out. Stupid stuff really. We both work a lot and it's kind of gotten in the way, you know?" Amelia said, shifting in her seat.

"You deserve someone who respects how hard you work, Amy. I've always admired your drive." His voice grew quieter towards the end, as if he was nervous. At that, Amelia decided it was time she probably left.

"That's sweet, but Jackson does...Like I said, we'll work it out. I better get going. I have to be home soon." She smiled and grabbed her purse, and Carson stood as well - hugging her.

"It was good talking with you and if you ever need someone to talk to, you can always call me." He expressed.

"It was good seeing you too, Carson. Maybe I'll get to kick your ass in a courtroom one day!" She teased, before exiting the coffee shop.

She glanced across the street before hopping into her car, vaguely recognizing the name of the bar across from the coffee shop as the one that Jackson liked to hang out at. Her nerves grew, despite knowing that she had no reason to be anxious about meeting up with a friend for coffee. She wondered if anyone had seen them together and misinterpreted, but she knew it was her paranoid mind after Jackson's incident. Amelia shook her head and pulled out her phone.

To: Jackson
Don't know when you'll be home, chicken Marsala for dinner sound good?"