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A Mistake Most Vile

A Mistake Most Vile

The Elder Scrolls V

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Tamriel has been in a state of unrest since the death of Uriel Septim during the Oblivion Crisis. Summerset Isle has boycotted Imperial goods, Orsinium has threatened to defy The Warp in the West and conquer Hammerfell, and House Hlaalu of Morrowind has threatened to secede the country from the Empire. To make matters worse, Chancellor Ocato is trying to dissolve the Empire. Citizens who have enjoyed the proetction of the Cyrodiilic Empire are outraged, and the line has been drawn between pro-republic and anti-republic sentiment. Politics and hostility threaten to spark civil war, which could tear the Empire apart before it could be peacefully dissolved. With the Septim bloodline extinguished, there seems to be no hero who will rise up to save the Empire from itself.

All of this upheaval really means nothing to Elliot Naser, an Argonian immigrant who came to Cyrodiil in the midst of the Oblivion Crisis in the search for a better life. His skills and veteran status in the Fighters and Mages Guilds have earned him the title "The War-Mage of Cyrodiil". However, an incident from his past has come back to haunt him. For in his quest fro greater power, he entered the emply of Clavicus Vile.

The Daedra Lord had a score to settle with Umbra, a somber "hero" with a soul-sucking sword bearing his name. Elliot tracked down and killed this warrior near the settlement of Pell's Gate, and returned the sword-and Umbra's soul-to Vile. Despite the warnings of Bardas, he released Umbra. The warrior then overpowered Vile, took up his sword, and stole the soul of the Daedra Prince! Bardas barely escaped, and with his supremacy attained, Umbra takes over Vile's Plain of Oblivion. With an army of both Daedra and supernatural warriors supplied by the word Umbra, the "hero" turns his attention to Tamriel.

Bardas has located Naser, and The War-Mage has aligned himself with the Daedra servant to combat Umbra. However, Umbra and his forces are too powerful for one warrior to fight alone. He will need steadfast and valiant allies. Do you have what it takes to defend Tamriel?


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Character Portrait: Elliot Naser The War-Mage of Cyrodiil

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Imperial City

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Chorrol by RolePlayGateway

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Bravil by RolePlayGateway

Ramshackle town


Skingrad by RolePlayGateway

Town ruled by the vampiric Count Janus Hassildor.


Kvatch by RolePlayGateway

A town being rebuilt.


Anvil by RolePlayGateway

A town where the battle between the Divine Crusader and Umaril the Unfeathered began.


Bruma by RolePlayGateway

A city just south of Skyrim.


Leyawiin by RolePlayGateway

Swampy city near Black Marsh.

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Elliot Naser opened his eyes and stared upon the dimly lit room. He had been mediatating in the Fighter's Guild Basement in Chorrol to focus his magical energies after practicing with his trusty blade and blunt weapons. Trouble was brewing for the Fighters Guild, and Vilena Donton, the Master, was insisting that everyone remain calm and stick to their duties. Elliot was inclined to follow orders, but neither her nor the Champion, Modryn Oreyn, would discuss the matter. However, he was Argonian, and his circle of intelligence did not end at Chorrol.

The problem was the Blackwood Company, a band of mercenaries that had started up an organization in Leyawiin. They were very much like the Fighters Guild, in that they had a base of operations, training halls, and a rigid heirarchy. The Fighters Guild, however, could only accept contracts that did not violate the laws of the Imperium and its surrounding counties. The Blackwood Company operated with no restrictions whatsoever. They even bragged that they would take on any job, even the ones the Fighters Guild refused. Many Fighters Guild members were being undercut on contracts as a result of this, and some had even defected to the Company.

Elliot was a Guardian in the Fighters Guild, a fairly high rank befitting his status and abilities. As such, he felt it was his responsibility to help comfort and train the lower ranking members. Even so, the stress he was under was causing him considerable fatigue, and he had to relax somehow. He was just standing up when a mouse crawled to his feet. It looked up at him, and opened its mouth.

Elliot bent down on one knee.
"A talking mouse? What enchantment is this? Did the Arch-Mage send you?"
The mouse hopped up and down.
"Oh, thank the Daedra I found you! We have real trouble!"

Elliot cocked his head to one side.
"In the Mages Guild?"
The creature stopped bouncing and looked at him.
"No, Elliot! I've come on behalf of Lord Clavicus. He needs your help!"

Elliot was taken aback, and examined it closely.
"Bardas?" he asked after an examination.
"Yes! Thank Azura you're quicker on the uptake this time."
The mouse shook and morphed into a tiny statue of a dog. Elliot leaned forward a bit.

"Has Clavicus Vile summoned me?"
With the problems he was facing, he was not sure that he could do any tasks for the Daedra, and his apprehension must have shown through.
"Well...No. But he still needs your help!"
"Calm down, Bardas. Tell me what needs to be done."

The dog shook a bit.
"OK. You know that sword you got for Lord Clavicus awhile back...the Umbra sword?"
Elliot nodded.
"Of course. I'll never forget the battle I got trying to take that thing from Lenwin."

Bardas' statue shook a bit.
"Well, I warned you not to give it to him, that it would upset his realm. And now it has! Lord Clavicus is a prisoner of Umbra!"
Elliot felt his jaw drop.

"Lord Clavicus has been sealed inside the Umbra sword, and now Umbra rules that Plain of Oblivion. With the power he now wields, I fear he will march on Tamriel next. I have no love for this place, but if the mortals are destroyed, there will be no one for whom the Daedra Princes can work through. You have to stop him, Elliot!"
Elliot nodded.
"So, does this mean I have to go to Oblivion?"

"No, of course not. Every other Prince has sealed it off from mortals. You can only challenge Umbra in the midst of his invasion."
Elliot could feel his heart sink like a stone.
"An entire army, Bardas? I may be the The War-Mage, but even I cannot fight an entire supernatural army!"

The dog statue of Bardas smiled.
"I never said you had to fight it alone."
Elliot flicked his tongue instictually.
"What do you mean?"
"I mean that you need allies. Maybe from your Fighters Guild friends, or the Mages Guild."

Elliot shook his head.
"I'm afriad that I could not trouble the Guilds with this. They are all too busy with other things."
"Ah, to be a mortal," Bardas said in a singsong voice, "To be so busy with trivial matterd as the world falls down around them."
Elliot's mouth turned to a grim line.
"None of the Princes will challenge Umbra?"

Bardas shook his head.
"Mehrunes Dagon would normally have chopped Umbra to confetti by now, but since his defeat at the hands of the Avatar of Akatosh, he is in recuperation. With the most bloodthirsty of them neutralized, most of them see it as folly to try. One Daedra Lord has all ready been imprisoned, why add more? No, it has to be a mortal who stops him."
"Gee, I feel so honored."

Bardas rolled his eyes.
"Well, despite your sarcasm, Lord Clavicus does need help. I will help you in any way I can. Can I count on you?"
Elliot placed Bardas into his pack.
"I would give my life to save Tamriel."

Setting Changes... 4771 => 4769


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(Seriously, I would of posted sooner if I could have... Do we all meet up later or something?)
The Argonian pulled himself out of the hole dug barely big enough for him to squeeze through. As he emerged, the Argonian stuffed the information from the dead drop into his robing and walked on casually. He was in a particularly fowl mood of this day; it wasn't that he didn't like Chorrol... he just didn't like chorrol... Apparently Chorrolians-Chorrola mights?-don't like to return library books, which he was to recover after causing an "accident". (dude, if you wait around long enough on that mission, someone else breaks in and steals a few books)
It would be easy to get there and do the job, but it didn't sound fun.
None of his jobs were fun.

Setting Changes... 4769 => 4771


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(Ask your questions in the OOC)

Elliot figured that the first thing he should do before embarking on a quest of this magnitude was to inform Master Donton that he was leaving. He went up the stairs and caught Viranus Donton coming down the stairs.
"Good day, Guildmate," he said cheerfully, and Elliot nodded as he passed him.
Vilena was at her desk, shuffling some papers. Elliot cleared his throat, and her head snapped up.
"Oh, Elliot, good afternoon."

Elliot sat down in front of her desk.
"You seem tense, Master Donton."
Vilena shook her head.
"It's nothing. Now, was there something you wanted to talk to me about?"
Elliot nodded.

"I'm going to take a leave of absence. Something has come up, and I need to take care of it."
Vilena's eyebrows knitted together.
"If you're leaving the Guild, please have the decency to tell it to me straight."
Elliot cocked his head to the side.
"I'm not leaving the Guild, Master."

Vilena blew out a breath in relief.
"I see. It's just that so many have left the Guild for the Blackwood Company. I didn't want to lose one of our most experienced members, but I couldn't stop you if you wanted to go."
Elliot stood up.
"I'll return to duty when my mission is complete."

Elliot then turned and walked down the steps. He had recently repaired his Daedric armor, and slipped it on. He attached his mace and sword of the same type to his side, and ran his left arm through the loops in his Daedric shield. Elliot then left the guild and prepared to make his way to Bruma. From there, he would proceed to Cloud Ruler Temple, the stronghold of The Blades, the knights who once protected the Emperors. There, he would surely find help for his cause.


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What good is an Elf that can't cast spells?
"Morning, Dunmer." The argonian greeted the dark elf as he passed down the street.
"Don't bother me, peasant." So the Argonian's beggar disguise worked. I ought to pay that man twice! Damned thieves guild...
"But... I could eat for a week on a single coin!"
"I don't have any coins with me." The dark elf cocked his head in the opposite direction of the street, but the argonian persisted.
"But... if my kids had shoes then-"
"Why would I carry around kid shoes?"
"What if I gave you a magic wand?"
"Why would I carry around mag-" The dark elf stopped and turned. "Did you say magic wand?"
"Yes, a magic wand."
"A magic wand?"
"Yes, a magic wand." The Argonian reached deep into his robes to pull out a "magic wand". "I can assure you that it isn't an enchanted stick."
"Well then... prove that it is magic then."
"Sure." The end of the wooden stick glowed bluish white, then red, and finally green. The light spread to envelope (fail) the caster, then a few inches off of him. The Argonian made a move with his hand, which directed the light and then shot it off into the sky, where it exploded in a shower of color. "Fireworks wand."
"Oh... I don't know..." The Argonian did his best to look doubtful. "It has made me lots of money."
"Well, I can... I can give you five hundred gold for it!"
"Fi- fi- five hundred?!" The argonian now tried his best to look taken aback. "Sure... sir..."
The wand and coin purse exchanged hands, and then the argonian was on his way.
Exploding fireworks wand... What an 'accident'...

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Re: [OOC] A Mistake Most Vile

Well, I'm actually only including things from the videogames without expansions installed. I will allow weapons and items from any Elder Scrolls game, provided that it did not come from an expansion. I do not include expansions because I do not know all of them, and don't want to include what I know nothing about. I know of Umbra only from his role in Oblivion, so The Infernal City will not be taken into account. As far as Umbra is concerned, you need only know what you learn in Oblivion, which is the entire Clavicus Vile quest. If you want, you could include information from Suran in Morrowind, but you don't have to. Lastly, your presence is most welcome, Elder Scrolls fanboy. You are in good company.

Edit: The Infernal City will have nothing to do with my roleplay. Umbra is the bad guy, not the victim.

Re: [OOC] A Mistake Most Vile

Ahoy, there, Elder Scrolls fanboy reporting in!

Before I make a character, I have a question. Does this roleplay take The Infernal City into account, or are you considering that non-cannon due to it's not being a video game? I'm only asking since Umbra is involved.

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