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A.N.G.E.L. The Eniknight War » Places

Places in A.N.G.E.L. The Eniknight War

This is a list of locations that can be found in A.N.G.E.L. The Eniknight War.

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Sci-fi fantasy

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         An explosion rang out as a random building toppled in on itself on the other side of the city as a low flying black armor blasted through it screaming "Heeeeeere little piggy! Don't worry!! I won't hurt you!!!! Hahahahahaha!!!!". It jettisoned recklessly towards the battle zone smashing anything in it's path as Argyle laughed riotously from within it.

Jane looked up at the building the sniper had run to "Oh no you don't!". She moved a pace towards it before turning towards her comrade "Will you be okay here??".


Stratian Ring

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Stratian Ring Owner: RolePlayGateway

General Location of the Stratian Republics, space colony known as the Stratian Ring. Stratian residential, commercial, industrial, agricultural, political and military places of interest are all found here.


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         (Well, I was going to wait for the others to post, but since they won't, I guess I will.)

Aerionelle was already standing up when the captain yelled his reproof - probably at the other two, but she could never be sure with the higher ups - and as such, was a little annoyed to be included in the group that was getting yelled at. Stepping forward, she sighed, stood at attention, and saluted.

"Senior Soldier, Aerionelle Franz Remil, of the 11th AAST Corps, commander of the 7th squadron, reporting for duty, ma'am. What is it that I shall do?"

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Second Planet in the Vera Star System. Home to the Artomidian Race.

Planet Geia

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         It had been a brief wait under the rubble pile until the Stratian fighters had finished making their passes over the area. Finally, they had pulled out, and Aerionelle had taken her chance to escape before a search squad came in to find and capture her. She'd had some trouble getting out of the ruined city, considering the number of Stratians moving through the streets, but aside from a few small scrapes with the enemy, she'd managed to get out relatively unnoticed - just the way she liked it.

Fortunately, her squad hadn't quite made it to the evac point by that time, and it had been a simple measure to catch up with them and join them on the way to the Dracos. Then, it had just been smooth sailing away from the city, since the enemy's aerial patrols were still regrouping after the hit her squad had done on them.

And, after a few days recuperation, she, the commander of the newly nicknamed "Richmont's Hawks" - whose actions in the battle of Arcacello, while minor, had been one of the few decisive victories on the field - had been called to the office of one of the higher-ups. Honestly, it seemed to her that there was only one option for what this meeting might pertain to. After the Artomidian media had started focusing on her and her squad's efforts, latching onto it as a sign of hope amidst a crisis, she had been promoted almost immediately, and awarded with a medal known as the "Hawk's Feather," given for extreme acts of bravery and skill among the AAST corps. Sure, it was a PR measure to garner support for the military, and Aeri realized that. But the fact that she'd been given a fairly prestigious medal and a promotion still gave her at least some right to pride in herself, didn't it? Anyway, since that was all said and done, it seemed to her that this would be her next movement orders, and her objectives. They were going to move out again. While she wasn't battle hungry by any stretch of the imagination, she still had to admit that she couldn't wait.

She entered the General's office early, and, after saluting and reporting in, seated herself in silence. As the proceedings unfolded around her, she had to admit, she was curious. She had been called there amongst an odd bunch, to be sure. Raven Rookien, someone she recognized by reputation, if not by acquaintance, was a rather infamous assassin who had been caught during a botched takedown of an A.N.G. Intel agent. The murderess now worked for the Artomidian government, she understood, but she couldn't help but wonder why she, a regular soldier, would be working alongside a mercenary killer. Then, there was some weird guy named Unemori, or something, who she had never even heard of. Judging by his outfit, he wasn't a ranked member of the military, although he might have been some sort of rookie, or something. But what topped it all off was who came into the room next: Vage Leer, another person with a reputation.

His trial had been all over the news. Evidently, he was some sort of Stratian soldier who got cold feet when ordered to kill a civilian, and had gone rogue. While this normally wouldn't have been enough to exonerate a POW, apparently, the girl he rescued from his comrades had been pretty important, and he'd sustained heavy injuries while doing it, giving him both a powerful argument and a powerful ally. Aeri didn't really care how it turned out, but what she did care about was why in the hell she was apparently going to be assigned something involving a POW.

Only one way to find out, she supposed.

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         "Roger that," The sniper replied, hurling her own smoke canister at the lancer's feet, enveloping the entire area in a canopy of smoke. Seriph's form was outlined in green by her HUD's friendly location tracker, so it was no difficulty to quickly roll from behind cover, jump to her feet and make her getaway alongside him, keeping her rifle trained on the cloud of smoke in case their enemy decided he was suicidal enough to try pursuit. She'd rather not be left behind on enemy turf, which meant they had to get out, fast.

With one last look toward the truck disappearing into the distance, Aster let go of what she had just done and focused her thoughts on what was to come. She had taken a shot at her only friend, but it had been to save his life. That was a good enough reason, right? It was an acceptable loss. Such sacrifices were made each and every day in wartime! This was just another thing she would have to bear. Vage was alive, and had a civilian to vouch for him, meaning he had some fairly good chances he would survive, although Aster didn't doubt he would be universally ostracized for his "heresy." But that didn't matter. Vage would live, and that was all that was important.

This too shall pass. Even this.

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Ruined City of the arts (Prefecture C7)