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".0045 seconds is how long it took me to judge your worth, of which it came to zero."

a character in “A New Breed”, as played by Morte Sonata

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Name: Delilah Debois
Age: 18
Race: Human!!
Genetically modified?: Yes
Sex: female
Eye color: Hazardous green eyes
Hair color: dark red
Height: 5'7"
Weight: 110 lbs ( they are trying to get her to eat)
Build: built like a model, perhaps skinnier
Notable features: her eyes turned into an unnatural shade of green after the modifications, she has dark circles inder her eyes yet sleeps constantly
Current Profession: sitting curled up in a white room, contemplating and hating Novato until they require her to figure out something. A good example would be when she raised the security system dramatically for the company after the first government attempt to charge the base. A bad example would be when she synced the facility's toilets to explode at noon.
Likes: not much
Dislikes: You, loud noises, people touching her, eating, her damned bracelet, many other things
Powers: {Superhuman Intelligence} they are so far unable to tell exactly what her IQ is, but that is due to them being unable to come up with a test with enough difficulty to ascertain how easy it was for her. The rate at which she processes information is almost instant, she can absorb a lot of information at once, and she spends an average of four seconds on a page of a book, and is able to recall everything to an absolute clearity. She also seems to be able to read people and objects very well, like a book. Though she is far from omniscient, and needs to see someone's power before knowing what it is, no matter her intelligence she still must 'figure it out' before knowing it.
Weaknesses: Subject seems to be going slowly insane. Uncontrollable twitching at odd times, and spurts of strange behavior plague Delilah's daily life. She seems to despise loud noises, and will pitch a fit if she is figuring something out and you disturb her, or if you touch her at those odd times she does not wish to be touched. Lack of desire for basic needs such as water and food also put her at risk for malnutrition, has claimed to not actually 'like' food. Overall she seems to be unable to function without someone watching over her.
Other: She has read through many dictionaries of different languages, ans has regularly chopped up sentances using three to six different languages at a time. She seems to do this out of enjoyment in messing with the testers.

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