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A Princess and Her Prince

A Princess and Her Prince

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Character Portrait: Princess Marie Alexandra Kingston Character Portrait: Prince Julian Henry Carington

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Princess Marie Kingston waved farewell shyly to her loyal citizens, crowding the gates, as the Princess left with her royal highness, the Queen, her mother, and the King, her father, to a new Kingdom. It was faraway from their small Kingdom of Quinton, with only a few hundred citizens. The new Kingdom held her supposed fiance, if her Father, and the King of this new land worked out a proper deal. Then, she would leave all she knew, in her small kingdom, to rule her own, by her husband's side, whom she'd never knew existed until this day in time.


Marie wore a lovely nude colored gown, that had long, hanging sleeves, that fell to past her wrist, and down her sides, falling about to her hip. She wore a royal cape over it, that trailed behind her a little, but she'd had it cut shorter than what her father wished. The gown and robe matched each other nicely.

Marie felt nerves tingling up her spine, as her and her parents exited the carriage, and started walking up a flight of stairs to the new castle she might possibly live in one day... soon.

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Character Portrait: Princess Marie Alexandra Kingston Character Portrait: Prince Julian Henry Carington

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Julian looked up from his book. His manservant, a pasty boy by the name of Sampson, was pacing anxiously around the study, muttering about how Julian's parents would have his head for this. Julian slowly turned the page of his book. He knew fine well why his parents were going to be mad. His future bride was arriving today. A future bride he had no interest in having.

"Sire, your parents-"

"Will find a way to deal with me, I am sure," He looked up at Sampson, "But they bought the entire thing upon themselves." To say that Julian hadn't been thrilled when his parents told him about his engagement would have been an understatement. Many heated words had been exchanged which had ultimately resulted in Julian being consigned to his rooms until further notice. Julian, however, was very good at sneaking about the palace. The book he was holding in his hand was technically contraband. Sampson sighed loudly.

"You leave me no choice sire." He turned to leave.

Julian snapped the book closed and stood up, "Where are you going Sampson?" He demanded.

"To fetch your father sire," Sampson replied, opening the door, "I'm sure he can instill some sense and rationale into you."

Julian slammed the book onto the desk, "Allow me time to dress Sampson, then I will be there to greet our guests."

When Sampson had assured him he wasn't about to sneak of to summon the king, Julian began to make himself look presentable. He pulled on his red leather jacket and headed to the Throne Room, where the guests would be received. His mother fussed over him, as mothers were want to do, straightening the buckles on his jacket and smoothing out his hair. Julian endured the fussing before his mother was satisfied with his appearance. And then he waited.

Not long after Julian had finished memorising each imperfection on the windows, the doors opened and his new bride had finally arrived. Julian looked at her, disinterested. At least she was pretty to look at. His mother nudged him forwards and Julian made the short walk to Marie. He bowed to her, "Princess Marie, it is our honor to receive you. We hope you enjoy your time here, however long it may be," He tried to summon some sincerity in his voice, but mostly his voice was flat. He didn't want a wife. He had plenty of time before he had to worry about heirs.

(NB, think Tom Hiddleston in Hollow Crown with his outfit)

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Character Portrait: Princess Marie Alexandra Kingston Character Portrait: Prince Julian Henry Carington

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Marie had walked through the throne room doors, and was suddenly approached by a dashing prince. He wasn't an instant love type, but she sighed, forcing a smile to him as she felt her mother's glare behind her. She could feel the flatness in his voice, and knew he was about as interested as she was. She was only doing this for her kingdom, not for her.

Soon their parents left them to get acquainted in the throne room, as they went elsewhere and discussed the deal. Marie went to say something when a boy approached them. Marie looked confused, as they didn't have children wandering around the castle. She shook her head.

"It's nice to meet both of you, but honestly, I sense your discomfort. Why don't you go off and swoon your lovely maidens hidden in the garden elsewhere?" Marie said honestly, and placed a curl behind her ear. She had her hands crossed in front of her, and chuckled lightly.

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Character Portrait: Princess Marie Alexandra Kingston Character Portrait: Prince Julian Henry Carington

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"Maidens?" Julian laughed, scooping the boy into his arms, "The only maiden I am aware of in these parts is you, Milady, lovely or otherwise." Was that really what she thought of him? She had been here mere moments and was already making vapid assumptions about him. Well, wasn't that just charming? "I am not in the habit of making women 'swoon'. I take little pleasure in it. The library is my playground, Your Highness, not the taverns and brothels of the town."

The boy, Tobias, wriggled on his hip, accidentally kicking Julian. Julian turned his attention to Tobias, "Be careful, Toby. Tobias, this is the Princess everyone has been talking about. Princess Marie, this is my brother, Tobias."

Tobias looked at Marie for a moment, looking slightly perplexed. Deciding that she was ok by him, Tobias leaned back in Julian's arms, pointing over his shoulder, "Loooook Ju-ju."

Julian followed Tobias's finger, "Yes, it's a wall."

Tobias straightened up, "Nooooo," He pouted, "Look," He demanded.

"I am, Toby, all I can see is a- ah," He placed Tobias down, "Don't let me keep you," Tobias toddled away, "It is my brother you have to worry about making the little maiden's swoon, not I," He watched Tobias as he embraced the small daughter of one of his father's advisors. It seemed that Lady Alice was his current favourite, "But perhaps I will take you on your offer of departure. There is a book that currently holds claim to my attentions."

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Character Portrait: Princess Marie Alexandra Kingston Character Portrait: Prince Julian Henry Carington

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"It is certainly nice that you think so. I was afraid Father had set up his plan to fail again. It's very nice to meet you Tobias." She smiled warmly at the little boy. "I don't have any siblings, so excuse my rudeness. Mother tells me it was because of my lonely childhood I am so. " she shrugged unproperly, and gave the Pronce a slight wave as he announced his date with a book. "I bid you ado then, Prince Julius. " she sighed as he left.

"Maybe one day I'll find the one.." She muttered, and watched birds fly by out a window, the suns rays coming out of the clouds and hitting the jewels she wears so they shined. Her brown locks curle all the way down to about mid torso, and shined.

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Character Portrait: Princess Marie Alexandra Kingston Character Portrait: Prince Julian Henry Carington

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Julian headed back to his room intent on finishing his book without interruption. Unfortunately, his plan was ruined before he had gotten anywhere near his rooms. His mother was on patrol, "Julian?" He heard her voice behind him.

He stopped and turned on heel, "Mother?" He asked innocently.

"Where is Princess Marie?"

Julian shrugged, "I know not where she is," He said airily, "But she is definitely still within the grounds of the castle, so you don't need to worry about people with poor morals attacking her."

"Julian!" His mother said, the warning evident in her voice.

"I never had any interest in taking a bride, mother. I don't understand why you are forcing me into this now."

"Julian!" He could tell she wanted to yell at him, but was trying not to make a scene lest someone overhear their disagreement. Court would be unbearable for everyone if it was discovered the young prince had no interest in his future bride, "You know fine well why you have to marry!"

"Yes, I know why I have to marry. To have an heir, to keep the family bloodline strong! I don't want any of that. Not yet. You make me marry that girl now, you will make me miserable mother."

Queen Isabelle sighed, "Then you will be miserable. But you will marry her Julian. And please, Julian, at least be civil to her at the ball tonight."

Julian's shoulders dropped as he conceded defeat, "Yes mother."

Julian dropped his book. The ending had been terrible. Julian blew his hair from his face, looking around him. Figuring there was nothing else left to do, Julian began dressing for the ball. He chose a blue tunic that was edged with gold and his red cape that his father had insisted he was to wear at court events, namely to highlight the fact that he was the Crown Prince of the realm. He was always late for these events, an indication to his parents that he loathed being there. Not that they ever picked up on the hint.

When Julian arrived, the ball had already began. The alcohol obviously hadn't been flowing too much just yet, everything was still on the polite side of rowdiness. Julian lurked around the back of the crowd, counting down the moments until someone discovered he was here and he would have to act like he was enjoying himself.

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As Marie looked at the bird couples fly by, chirping away, her mother soon appeared. "Marie? Darling, where is your fiance? Shouldn't he be.. With you?" Marie sighed. "He went off to read, mother and I don't blame him. I'm not of the talkative sort." Her mother seemed to grow annoyed. When her father came into view for rounding them up to a ball, herbmother told him of what she found out. Her father said softly. "Marie, please try your best to interest him. We need this. If he does not take then we will have to look elsewhere." Marie nodded solemnly.

Upon arrival to the ball, Marie arrived alone. Her parents were probably doing something his, which she had no interest in. She walked in and was immediately downcast. No one knew who she was, and as she hadn't arrived with the Prince, they thought she was a wannabe, and would not allow her in. Tears pricked her eyes as she started down the steps.

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(Baby come back)

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