WesterosDagovere Baewhite

Night gathers, and now my watch begins. It shall not end until my death. I shall take no wife, hold no lands, father no children...

a character in “A Song of Ice and Fire”, as played by 7achary

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Name: Dagovere Baewhite

Nickname: Dago

Age: 21

Hair: Dark Brown

Eyes: Gray

Skin tone: Fair, Pale

Height: 5'11

Build: Lean, wiry. With a hungry look.

Other aspects of your general appearance: Dago has an old, ugly scar which follows his jaw line.

Likes: Hunting, tracking, fishing, sailing, wine, smoke, competition.

Dislikes: An early north wind, wildlings, sore losers, cabbage.

Fears: What lies beyond the wall. A united wildling horde. Dying of old age.

Skills/Talents: Dago is a gifted and experienced tracker, able to follow quarry into any landscape. Sailing comes naturally to the young Baewhite. Which is fortunate, the icy black waters of the North will decimate all but the most hardy. Dago has trained from eleven to use the longbow, and is the best in Eastwatch by the sea. One each in Castle Black and the Shadow Tower are more experienced and thought better.

Weaknesses: Dago often puts himself and others in danger needlessly, for glory. He can be childish and difficult to command or persuade; his stubborn streak is half again as long as the Wall. Life's pleasure are few and far between along the Wall, Dago has a fondness for drink and women that often gets him in trouble.


General Personality: While his physical prowess makes him bold, he is also reckless and often a braggart. During the off-season Dago's patience wears thin and he grows bitter and spiteful. Dago lives for the hunt, whether it be beast or wave he is forever seeking.


His blade is plain, his bow of yew. Dago's clothing and armor are black as well and unadroned. His hounds, Red and King Jon, were raised by Dago and are loyal to the end. His mount, Hunter, is a brown courser, lithe and more agile than most horses in the Seven Kingdoms.


Born the nephew of Lord Liam Baewhite, Dagovere was afforded the luxuries of the nobility from birth. He quickly gained a reputation as a wild child, his antics throughout the keep and in the nearby hills often led to long hours in his room. A day or two would pass when a servant or guard would go to check on him and find the young noble missing. Most of the time they would find him with the local game hunters or at the pier learning bawdy songs from sailors. He was ever his uncle's favorite and many in the keep considered him a spoiled and undisciplined child.

As the years passed Dagovere began to roam the open seas with his uncle, and after a time was given a trireme which he and his friends sailed and maintained. He became a formidable seaman, and it was thought that he would do his family proud. He excelled in the favorite sport of the nobility; hunting. Dago accompanied his uncle's hunting parties deep into uncharted forests and waters in search of game.

When Dagovere was not yet a man, but no longer a boy, his uncle named him heir. His cousins were livid. Soon after Liam became sick with pneumonia and bedridden. Dagovere was tracking a particularly nasty pack of man-eating wolves that had been terrorizing travels and had recently become bold enough to attack villages. After Dago and his companions had slain the wolves, and skinned them, he stood with the Master Hunter of the Basewhite's, Yuri Far-eye, who had taught him the bow from the time he was a boy and had gone on his first expedition with him. Yuri died first, an arrow appearing in his throat, his eyes wide and panicked. Dago disappeared into the brush. He heard the twang of the bow and the screams of his friends as they died.

For the next two weeks Dago stalked and killed the perpetrators, at first thinking them bandits. As he searched the first to fall he found it to be a man he knew from the keep. On each man he killed he found a familiar face and a fat sack of gold. The last man, a Gert Handur, was as good as Dago and the young lord found himself hanging from a tree by his ankle. An hour passed and the last assassin appeared, his knife bare. He cut Dago's face, slowly and deeply. Dago's cousins wanted him alive and he had all but walked into the keep by following this man. As they neared the walls of the Alabaster Fortress men loyal to his uncle ambushed the his captor and freed Dago. The men were angry and mutinous; Dago's uncle had died and his cousins had taken control. At first they wanted to storm the main keep and claim what was rightfully Dago's, but his cousins had been preparing for this and most of the garrison were loyal to them. Dago asked the men if they would follow him anywhere. They gave him their oaths. Then Dago took his ship and sailed to Eastwatch. He took the black.

Now Dago and his men, who are sworn to the Black now, are celebrated and experienced Rangers. It has been years since Dagovere fled his cousins and taken the black, he now devotes his every moment to patrolling beyond the Wall and is vigilant in his duties. When asked of his family situation Dago replies, "My uncle was a good and sentimental man. It is not the fault of my cousins for trying to retain the lands and keep which are theirs by right of birth. However, should they ever visit the Wall the last name in their ears will be Yuri Far-eye.

So begins...

Dagovere Baewhite's Story