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"Am I here? Am I there? Do I even exist at all?"

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a character in “A Tale of Seven Children//Rebirth”, as played by zody



"Illusion-chan is here to save the day~!"

~ Physical Profile ~

- Name -
    + Unknown. Going by the name 'Illusion.'
- Physical Age -
    "Are you blind?"
    + That's.. a difficult question. After all, she can change her physical age to, well, whatever.
- True Age -
    "Asking a lady her age is rude."
    + Easily thousands of years old.
- Gender -
    + Female.
- Race -
    + Demon.
- Subspecies -
    + Vampire, type B.
- Description -
    "Are you alright, staring at me like that?"
    + Illusion, in her lolita form, stands approximately 3 feet and 6 inches tall. Her crimson eyes are wide and sparkle, and her small, petite figure is barely above most people's waists. Her pale skin is completely unmarked, and glows slightly in the sunlight. Her lips are small and defined, although she has a bad habit of letting her right fang slip out of her mouth when she's concentrating, which usually cuts her a little.

    + Illusion's angelic blonde hair frames her face, usually done up in a side ponytail that fits under whatever hat she's wearing at the time. On her person at all times is a parasol, designed by the WDL for combat. And for her, specifically. Her ears are tipped on the top, giving them a slightly demonic appearance, which suits her fine since, well, she is a demon. She also has sharp nails due to this, always painted red. She goes without makeup since she doesn't need it, and also because lolis never wear makeup. She wears 'cute lolita clothing' when she's like this, although her armband is present regardless of her outfit, as is her clothing.

    + Adult Illusion, however, dresses much more freely. Modern outfits, casual tanktop and pants, anything goes as long as it's comfortable. She also tends to have her hair out more often in adult form, and her entire body changes as a result of the transformation. Her face is a bit narrower, more defined cheekbones and fuller red lips adorn her face. Her scarlet eyes still sparkle, but there's a bit of mischief in them. Her body is much more curvaceous, her chest and rear are much bigger (especially since loli-Illusion is flat as a board in both regards) and more defined. Her fingers are long and slender, ending in manicured nails that are sharp as knives, and her fangs are actually longer in this form as well. Illusion now stands 5'8" in height, a bit on the taller side for girls, apparently.

- Any differences from your provided image/s -
    + She doesn't usually wear the hat, although sometimes people have seen her with some fancy wings on her back.


"Do I look good like this, you think?"

~ Psychological Profile ~

- Personality -
    "What's the fun in telling you that?"
    + Illusion is a goofball. In her moe form, she acts much like one would expect a little girl would- adventurous, silly, adorable- Illusion can be considered all of those and more. She makes a concerted effort to be as cute and adorable as possible, and spends her time wearing cute clothing and doing cute things. She enjoys the freedom her smaller form gives her, and can't help but act like an adorable little sister moe kawaii vampire chan desu. She's a teensy bit cheeky in her loli form, playing pranks and adorably tugging on people's clothes to get their attention. She plays her role as the adorable principal of the WDL Academy near perfectly, with only the slightest hint of her darker side being visible, and even then only on very rare occasions.

    + The Adult Illusion is a charming, charismatic and refined lady who enjoys the finer things in life, and can't help but act politely and courteously. However, when she's not working or required to be moderately uptight, she lets herself go a little- prone to splurging on clothes and always enjoying a nice chat, the loli suddenly becomes quite knowledgeable about a lot of subjects, and the fact that she's quite a few centuries old becomes quite apparent. She still enjoys the odd tease, and is much more comfortable showing off her body in her adult form- in fact, she quite enjoys flaunting what she has whenever she's given the chance. Her playful, cheeky nature still persists, however her moeness is replaced with allure and charm.

- Likes -
    "I like not telling you what I like."
    + Raspberries, Strawberries and Cranberries.
    + Blood.
    + Wine, mostly red wine, but she also enjoys white.
    + Tea- her favourite is chamomile.
    + A nice, simple chicken parmigiana.
    + The colour red- particularly scarlet.
    + Her violin, and instrumental music.
    + Cute things.
    + Being respected is something she quite enjoys.
    + When people allow her to bite them.
    + Swans.
    + Her adoptive son, Madison Lovette. She loves him very, very much and always will.
    + Chess.
- Dislikes -
    "I dislike people who ask what I dislike."
    + Extreme temperatures.
    + Excess garlic.
    + People who insult her loli form, or people who disrespect her.
    + Angel.
    + Idiots and idiocy, alongside ignorance.
    + Rap music.
    + Bad violin players- although she'll offer tutelage, of course.
    + Zealots.
    + Losing it when she hasn't had enough blood.
- Strengths -
    "Anything and everything."
    + Photographic memory, or eidetic memory, to the point she can recite conversations from that point in time.
    + Skilled violinist.
    + Capable of holding multiple conversations at once.
    + Surprisingly skilled in combat- she's had plenty of time to learn, after all.
    + She can memorize song lyrics easily.
    + Fluent in English, French, German, Italian, Mandarin, Greek, [REDACTED], [REDACTED], Sanskrit and Russian.
    + Her intuition is nothing to write off- she can smell something suspicious a mile away.
    + Apparently literally everything.
- Fears -
    "Your ugly mug, truth be told."
    + Not much, actually. In fact, she has nothing she's particularly scared of aside from herself.
- Hobbies -
    "My favourite hobby is lying to people about my favourite hobby."
    + Reading- she's a fan of many works of literature.
    + Writing.
    + Drinking small amounts of blood.
    + Playing violin.
    + Clothes shopping and spending time with her beloved son, Maddie-Paddy-Cakes.
    + Sleeping.
    + She actually takes great joy in her job as Principal of the WDL Academy.
    + Chatting.
- Secrets? -
    + Is really [REDACTED]
    + Part of the [REDACTED]
    + Her real [REDACTED] is [REDACTED]
    + Formerly known as [REDACTED] of [REDACTED]
- Outlook on Life -
    "One big cute game!"
    + Illusion doesn't take much seriously- she's been around for so long that everything is essentially a little thing to her, and so why should she let that ruin her fun? She does reign herself in every now and then, however, as her duties require her to take at least that seriously.

- Affiliation -
    + "Obviously the Warriors of Divine Light. Psh, what do you take me for? A villainess?"

- Moral Alignment -
    "Lawful Good. Lusy promises! Despite me being a Demon, the WDL is my home."
    + Neutral Good.

    ~ Combat Profile ~


    "Hm, you want to fight? Well, then, I won't hold back."

    - Major Abilities -
      + Illusory Arts: [FOUR] of a [KIND] - Illusion's mainstay ability, this is actually just a fancy name for Illusion's illusions. However, there seems to be something quite odd about her main use of them- she can be in up to four places at once, and is fully capable of interacting in those situations without flaw, as if that's the only place she's actually in. This is why she calls it 'Four of a Kind'; because her usual use of this ability is to materialise in multiple locations at the same time, like she's actually there. When using this, she's capable of interacting with objects and people, so maybe it's less illusions and actually cloning herself? Nobody can say for sure, and Illusion's lips are sealed. "A good magician never reveals their secrets." is what she'd say before giving a playful wink. Four seems to be her maximum, but nobody's ever seen more than four, so it's unknown how many she can project. It also becomes impossible to tell the real from the fake, not because of powerful illusions, but because of both that fact and the fact that these illusions are as real as Illusion is.

      + Illusion can also use this ability to create actual illusions of varying intricacies, ranging from subtle manipulations to creating an entire fake pocket-dimension for both herself and the person or people she's creating the illusion on. Being the Lord of Illusion, her visions aren't exactly cakewalks to see through, and even those with sufficient or even immense experience in the workings of illusions fall to her wiles, as she uses them in a completely different way than most people would think or be prepared for.
      "Please don't underestimate me. Your mind is my plaything. Nothing can save you."
      + Mirror Monster - Illusion is pretty creepy honestly. Active usage of this ability renders her with the properties of a reflection- mainly 'you can see but you can't touch'. Completely intangible and untouchable via any means possible, Illusion becomes a literal specter despite her lack of invisibility. Illusion, in this state, is essentially acting outside of both time and space. A bit of a double-edged sword, Illusion cannot be harmed by any means, but on the same note she's unable to interact with our dimension while in said intangible state- however, she's perfectly visible and audible.

      + Mirror Monster also gives her access to her own personal pocket dimension. She uses this to step through space and cross any distances within seconds. She jokingly calls this ability the 'Void Leap'. This ability is actually the original version of Madison Lovette's 'Void Hop' ability, which she somehow managed to teach her adoptive son. Essentially, she can use this two ways; firstly, she can open up a portal to her dimension directly and enter there before exiting through another 'crack' in reality, or she can simply open up two cracks, align them, and move through them in an instant. Illusion is also able to drag people into her pocket dimension or through the 'cracks' with physical contact, but releasing them from said contact will eject them rather roughly into the nearest crack to them- regardless of location.
      "You can't hurt me, but I can definitely hurt you."
      + Aura Manipulation - Illusion can naturally see auras, however her true strength lies in the manipulation of her own. She can solidify, shape, control and bend her aura to her will- a usually invisible thing suddenly becoming quite visible, and quite dangerous. She's essentially able to create anything she deems necessary out of her aura, although she mainly limits this to weaponry. With a smile, she'll happily summon a gigantic spear of reddish mist that can quickly turn solid- and dangerous.

      + She can use it for both offensive and defensive capabilities, using her makeshift weapons made from her solidified aura in combat. On the other hand, she can solidify her aura around herself, creating a barrier to protect herself from attacks both physical and non-physical. There was a report somewhere in the WDL archives of Illusion being charged at, and her attackers falling to pieces before even reaching her. Nobody truly knows the extend of her abilities, although some figure that this ability is quite dangerous even if used defensively.
      "You can try to hurt me, but you might lose an arm. Or both."

    - Minor Abilities -
      + Psychic Link - Illusion can link herself with other people, much like Rick's own mark ability. Upon doing so, she essentially becomes a living voodoo doll. Any harm she endures will be inflicted upon her opponent in full force. However, this only applies to damage. If Illusion is healed or heals herself, the opponent will not be given any healing. On top of this, her emotions and feelings are shared with said person- this way she can attack them both physically and mentally. Most times the target doesn't even realise they're marked, as there's no physical evidence of them actually being marked until they're in close proximity to Illusion- a faint red trail of aura will link them if they're close by, giving the vampire away. Keep in mind, Illusion is quite resistant to pain, however this resistance doesn't carry over to her marked targets.

      "If I kick a wall with a toothpick under my toe, you'll feel it just like I will- more, actually."
      + [HEART] Reading - Illusion's mind-reading skills are immense, and not many if any can match her. Protecting yourself from her mental probing is nigh impossible, and feelings of unease and violation usually accompany her usage of her Heart Reading ability. Illusion is capable of using this ability just by looking at a person and focusing, however direct eye contact gives her a way to bypass any and all shields, wards or mental defences her prey has put up and an easy ticket into your heart and mind. This ability differs greatly from simple mind-reading, as it allows Illusion to bypass one's thoughts and view their deepest, darkest desires, even if the prey doesn't know them. Using the information she gathers here is what makes her so dangerous with her taunting and blackmailing. This ability may be a minor, but don't underestimate its power one bit- it can destroy entire empires, and has.

      + Illusion cannot interfere with or manipulate memories or a person's mind with this technique- all it does is allow her to see into the deepest reaches of someone's mind and soul. This ability requires the use of Illusion's Third Eye, and if she closes said Third Eye, a completely new ability would replace this one.

      "The eyes are the window to the soul, after all."
      + [BLOOD] Manipulation - Illusion is able to, along with her illusory powers, manipulate blood. However, this ability is quite limited, and thus is a minor. Illusion can manipulate the blood she has in her body, and any blood that her blood mixes with. If she bites someone and drinks their blood, she can then essentially force them into becoming her puppet until they die from the strain or she kills them outright.

      + Illusion can harden the blood in her veins, increasing her natural defenses and poise, and can also do the opposite; speeding up the rate that the blood is pumped through her body to allow her to move even faster than normally possible. However, her usual use of this ability is to force the hardened blood out of her body to form makeshift armour or weaponry, and she particularly enjoys letting herself be grabbed before ejecting a blood spike, which then impales her opponent and mixes with their blood, rendering them under her complete control.

      "The more you bleed, the more I get stronger."

    - Special Ability -
      "Ha, ha, ha. You don't want to know."

    - Equipment -
      "What? You want to look up my skirt to find out? What type of sicko are you?"
      + Illusion always carries on her person what she's dubbed the 'Battle Umbrella'. It looks almost identical to a regular umbrella, and is actually almost as long as Illusion is tall. The tip can extend into a sharp spike, and when the umbrella itself is opened up, the structural spines end in long tips as well, the interconnecting fabric ending in a thin layer of sharp metal, turning it into a type of sharp, spiky mace. The middle structure of the umbrella can actually spin, turning the blades into somewhat of a saw Illusion can use to slice through most materials and some metals. In this mode, the smaller spines retract to prevent it getting caught. On top of this, pressing a button can cause the umbrella sans handle to shoot off with a chain attached, being able to be used as a grappling hook and, when left in its extended state, a flail.
      + Her clothes, that's really it. Illusion doesn't have weapons, nor does she need them. The Battle Umbrella is more of an accessory, despite its nature and being custom-made for her.

    - Minor Skills -
      "Being pretty cool."
      + She can't be lied to.
      + She's very, very good at not eating people. Most of the time.
      + She's a master manipulator, and her skills only make her better at it.
      + Some people call her the 'Crimson Ghost', although it's not an official title or nickname, due to her ability to sneak past anyone due to her abilities.
      + She's a master provocateur, and enjoys taunting people. Once again, her abilities make this child's play.
      + Being a vampire, she can do everything that a type B Vampire can do, including the enhanced strength, speed and stamina- alongside an incredibly potent healing factor boosted by blood, shapeshifting abilities, and advanced reflexes.
      + Illusion can keep a secret. Many secrets, even.
      + She has two dominant eyes.
      + She's also trained herself to be relatively ambidextrous- she's very old, after all.
      + Her Battle Umbrella is not a weapon to be taken lightly, nor is her ability in using it.
      + Vampire claws can cut through thin armour and clothing, but human flesh is literally torn apart.
      + She can drain an adult human-sized being in less than 30 seconds. Nobody alive knows this, however.

    ~ Faction Profile ~


    "Good day, ladies and gentlemen. I hope your time has been pleasant!"

    - Faction -
      + The Warriors of Divine Light.
    - Rank -
      "Principal. Duh. Cuz I'm the Principal?"
      + WDL Academy Principal/SS Demon.
    - Class -
      + N/A.
    - Title/s -
      + Lord of Illusions.
      + Lord of [REDACTED]
      + Principal of the WDL Academy.
      + Loli-Principal.
      + [REDACTED] of the [REDACTED]
      + [REDACTED] of [REDACTED]
      + The [REDACTED]
      + The [REDACTED] of the [REDACTED]
      + The [REDACTED]
    - Loyalty Level -
      "I am loyal to the end. I swearsies."
      + 10/10.

    ~ Miscellaneous ~


    "Such a delicious meal, mmm, I regret draining you dry."

    - Biography/History -
      + "Tsk, asking a cutie like me such a personal question is so rude!"
    - Other -
      + Illusion almost forgot her real name.
      + She actually enjoys being called Lusy, and getting her head patted.
      + Illusion speaks with Hex Code #FF0000.

- Character Themes -
+ "Your blood.. Mmm.. It's so delicious..~" - Your Blood Makes Me Smile, by What Comes to Life.
+ "Her universe is an ocean of blood." - Vampire, by Xandria.
+ "Don't ask me about my family." - Room of Angel, from Silent Hill 4.

"I'm not just another cute little girl, you know."


~ Bonus Gallery ~

- Loli Illusion -
"Even if I'm a loli, underestimating me is bad for your health."
"I.. can't keep myself in control any longer.. Ahaha... hahaHA~!"
"Your blood, let me taste it.. I just want to play, I promise!"
"Do you know the meaning of solitude?"
"If you think I'll let you go, you're dead wrong."
"Hi, um, have you seen my hat anywhere?"
"Just because I'm small doesn't mean you should underestimate my power. I could tear you in half with one hand."
"Keep quiet, I'll protect you."
"It's such a beautiful night, wouldn't you agree?"
"Melting away one more time.."
"Oh, you like bloomers, do you? Jeez, how crude for you to stare like that!"

Full-size Avatar.

- Adult Illusion -
"What a lovely night."
"Such delicious insanity."
"The burden of sins is heavy."
"Oh? I'm needed? Please, excuse my tardiness."
"Shattering like glass in a broken mirror."
"Sometimes.. I just can't help myself~! Help me..
"Nobody ever taught you to knock first?"
"Something's going on here. I feel it."

So begins...

'Illusion''s Story


Characters Present

Character Portrait: Jonathan Black Character Portrait: Ashley 'Ash/Soot' Clade Character Portrait: Vesper Himemiya Character Portrait: Rick Brackwall Character Portrait: 'Illusion'

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#, as written by zody
| Jonathan Black/JoJo |

"Give it to me."

JoJo bolted upright, panting hard as he looked around the room in a panic. His breath was heavy as he surveyed the room, wiping sweat from his brow as he slowly calmed down. He slowly swung his feet off of the bed, groaning as he put his feet on the wooden floor of his bedroom. It was awfully cold, and he winced a little as the cool wood made him wiggle his toes. "Jesus." He slowly stalked over to his door, yawning loudly as he opened it. After a little exploration, JoJo realised he was alone. Dawn must've gone out, but he had no idea where. He sauntered over to the fridge, grabbing the milk before hunting down some fruit loops and making himself breakfast.

He ate slowly, grumbling to himself as he tried to remember what had scared him so much before. He shrugged, flopping down onto his couch with bowl in hand as he chowed down. JoJo eventually finished both his cereal and whatever he was watching, deciding it would be prudent to complete his morning routine. His shower was long and relaxing- warm water always made him feel calm, letting him think freely. He stepped out of the shower, got dried, and then dressed. He chose a short-sleeved shirt and jeans, slipping them on with a pain of shoes before he moved back into the lounge room. His mind still lingered on the subtle feeling of dread that seemed to clench his heart.

Ignoring it, JoJo went about his day quite normally- he studied, played video games (it was his console, but Dawn dominated it the majority of the time), and went the the shops where he spent a good amount of time chatting on the phone to a friend of his. "Yeah, sure, sounds good. I'll head over around 7ish on Saturday, so you better have it all ready for us-" He paused, midway home from his trek to the shops when he saw her.

The floating blonde girl. He paused for a moment, going still and silent as he stared over at her. She waved far too casually, a small smirk playing over her lips as JoJo narrowed his eyes at her. He closed them, shook his head, and when they opened she was gone. "Maybe.. I should go see a Doctor.." he thought to himself, shaking his head again before resuming his conversation. "Yeah, yeah, I'll bring the pizza, shut up." He chuckled, almost immediately putting the thoughts behind him. Whenever he saw her, his head began to ache, and he felt a familiar feeling- but he'd never seen her before, that he remembered.

He eventually got home, putting the groceries away. He'd spent most of the day gaming, and he was just about to launch into his usual exercise routine, putting his earphones in as an almost inaudible voice whispered into his ear- he would've dismissed it completely if he hadn't felt the breath from their lips tickle his ear as they spoke.

"Better watch out."

JoJo spun around, fists raised to defend himself, but nothing was there. Recently, JoJo had been hallucinating every damn minute. He grit his teeth, shaking his head as he went to put the earphones he'd dropped in his ear. He went through with his usual exercise routine, then decided to take the trash down. Riding down in the elevator, JoJo casually carried his trash bags to the larger bins in the alley behind the apartment building. Walking back, he discovered a girl, obviously in distress. He approached her, slightly concerned. "Erm, miss, are you okay?"

She turned to him, green eyes just a little wide as she fidgeted. "Oh, uh, yes, I- erm, I seem to have locked myself out.." JoJo grinned, holding up his keys. "Well, I'll let you in. Everything alright?"
The girl smiled at him, nodding. "Thank you so much! I was getting a little worried that I'd be out here all night." Her green eyes locked with JoJo's, and he felt something odd in the back of his head. Something he happily ignored, instead choosing to focus on the cute girl in front of him. "It's fine, but be careful not to do it again." He slid his card against the reader, the front door popping unlocked as he opened it wide for her. She moved in quite gracefully, although JoJo barely noticed her unusual saunter. He moved in behind her, closing the door. She'd already called the elevator and was holding the door open for him.

JoJo jogged slightly, not wanting to make her wait. "Sorry. Press 8?" The girl nodded and obliged, smiling. "That's my floor, too."
JoJo raised an eyebrow. This was a a bit of an odd coincidence, he thought, but he didn't let that thought stay for long as those gorgeous green eyes connected with his again. The elevator door opened, and JoJo realised they'd been staring into each others eyes the entire trip up. That feeling turned up again, but he ignored it once more. He blushed slightly, extending his hand to let her go first, and she, smiling coyly, obliged. "So, erm, which unit are you in?" She smiled at him, "Next door to yours, actually" were the words out of her mouth as he raised an eyebrow.

They reached his room, and he smiled. "Well, be more careful next time, okay? I might not be there to help you out if you get locked out again." He unlocked his apartment door, smiling, and turned away to go inside. He paused however, when the girl behind him coughed a little loudly. "Um, I hate to be a bother, but.. could I possibly borrow some coffee? I ran out earlier and was wondering if I could borrow some. I'll pay you back tomorrow, I've just been flat out with work and I left my stuff at the office and.." JoJo held up his hand. "It's fine. Make yourself at home- I'll grab some for you."

Within a few seconds JoJo was in the kitchen, grabbing some coffee while the girl leaned against the doorway and hummed to herself. He decided to strike up some small-talk, and chuckled softly. "I haven't seen you before. Are you new here?" The girl laughed lightly, and replied. "I am. I just moved next door recently, came here for work. Is it obvious?" JoJo smirked, rummaging through the drawers to find something she could carry it in. "Well, people get locked out from time to time, so.."

JoJo heard his neighbours arrive back home, and his body froze as his mind clicked.
The neighbours in the unit she'd pointed out were both college buddies who he'd spoken to a couple of times. JoJo had just assumed that she was with them, but then he remembered that there was only the two in the apartment. Meaning she couldn't have actually been a resident there- everything fell into place; her lack of keycard, being on the same floor with him; her excuse to come into his apartment- but worst of all, that ethereal voice from before hand warned him; "Better be careful."

He slowly stood up, turning around to find the doorway empty. "Uh, hello?" He slowly put the container he'd found down, glancing around the room a bit fearfully as he bit his lip. His body was starting to get goosebumps as he slowly reached over and grabbed a knife from a drawer. "Well, better than nothing.." He slowly moved towards the doorway, leaning out of it with his knife in front of him as he looked around. He heard a small giggle from his bedroom, and despite his better judgement, moved into the open room. The girl was there, and she sighed softly as she held a photo of him. "I told you I came here for my work, Jonathan Black. And this is my work." She turned to him, smiling warmly- before she opened her mouth to reveal to some awfully sharp canines. She blinked, and her eyelids closed sideways as her green eyes fell out onto the bedroom floor, replaced with black eyes with red pupils. Her body shook violently as four gigantic legs burst from her spine, lifting her off of the floor slightly. JoJo gulped, noticing very familiar biology to a certain type of bug. "Um. What the fuck." He could barely believe what he saw as the girl brushed her hair back, six more eyes opening sideways on her face; all of which were trained directly on him.

JoJo chuckled softly, casually dropping his knife slightly. "Well, that, uh, fuck." His pupils had dilated slightly, his fear overcoming him quite a bit. "You're.. you're a.."

"Spider. Yes."

"You're a spider."


"Are.. are ya sure?"

"... Yes."

"Okay, well, um, this has been real fun, uh, see, I have an appointment.."
He took a step to leave the room, and the girl grinned. All of her teeth were now sharp as knives, the four legs coming from her back all crouched. JoJo swore. "Are you fucking kidding me?!"

He barely slammed the door as the spider girl rammed into it, and JoJo squealed a little as he felt a huge weight on the door. He staggered backwards, stumbling over to fall onto the couch as he watched the doorframe ripped off its hinges. He froze up before leaping off of the couch just in time to avoid one of those massive legs slamming into it and spearing right through it. "Jesus Christ on a bicycle what the fuck woman!" The girl simply smiled, turning to him with her creepy spider-spear-leg-things and speaking matter of factly. "I'm here to kill you. Now, if you could sit still and let me eat you, that would be much appreciated."

JoJo chuckled softly, and gave her the middle finger. She smiled, and began to approach him. He took a deep breath, and decided to think of her as less of a spider, and more of a woman. "You're not a spider," he whispered. "You're just a Doctor Octopus cosplayer." He stood up, smirking confidently at the spider woman. The sudden change in demeanour made the girl raise an eyebrow at him. "Well, I hate to tell you this, but my family has a secret technique that you've probably never heard of." The girl blinked all of her eyes at him. He pointed at her, laughing loudly. "That's right, the JoJo family's secret technique!" As he spoke, he slowly backed up. "Wanna know what it is?"

"What would that be?"

"It's called running the fuck away!"

JoJo ripped his front door open, immediately leaping sideways as he looked back to see two of the giant stabby spider legs pierce through the door. He immediately floored it to the elevator, rapidly pushing the buttons as spider lady slowly walked out of the doorway.

"I'm going to gut you slowly, JoJo-"

The elevator door slammed shut on her taunt as he sighed hard, calming down just a little. "Okay, JoJo. What the hell do you do now? You're being hunted by a giant spider lady that wants to eat your face and presumably every other part of you, and you have nowhere to run." He quickly pulled out his phone, texting Dawn;
Don't come home.
Some sort of spider woman.
Probably going to die.
Definitely going to die.
Hope your day was better.
xoxo JoJo

He chuckled slightly, sweat dripping down his face as he put his phone away. "I probably shouldn't be making jokes right about now, but.. better than getting the shit scared out of me. Hopefully she'll appreciate my humour in the face of death." He chuckled again, before the door opened. He leaped outside, looking around to make sure the spider wasn't with him anymore. He looked up at the stairway, and practically passed out right then and there. She hung from the railings on the second floor, staring down at him. "Elevators are a tiny bit slow, JoJo, don't you think?" JoJo grinned, gave her a thumbs up, and bolted towards the doorway. He slammed through the door as he felt one of her leg things graze his side, and the bristles on her skin stabbed into him a little. It stung, but he'd rather be hurt a little than be eaten. He panted, immediately sprinting for his life down the road.

He sprinted for a couple blocks before stopping to take a rest- he'd run so fast that he'd basically exhausted himself. "Fuck.. shit.. dicks... balls.. dumbass.. spider bitch.. Jesus." He looked up, leaning against the wall beside him heavily. He watched as the shadows above the streetlights flickered. Then he realised the flickering shadow was a crazy spider lady leaping after him. JoJo swore internally. "Jesus fucking.. Okay, that didn't work. I need to get somewhere where there's no people and there's also a way to either barricade myself or protect myself." He looked around, and then noticed the building that was under construction across the road. He grinned victoriously, staring over at it with a bit of renewed hope. He began his mad dash straight across the empty road and into the building. On his way in he noticed a metal pipe on the floor, skidding to a stop momentarily to quickly grab it as he bolted inside.

JoJo had found a hiding place rather quickly, when he head a loud thud, and very familiar humming filled the area as the spider lady began her search. He remained where he was, behind a supporting pillar, and just out of her sight. He tried to control his breathing, biting his lip until it bled to prevent himself from panicking. She came closer and closer and closer, and JoJo readied his pipe to swing. It was now or never- he couldn't outrun her and he certainly couldn't kill her, but he'd rather try to at least slow her down before he died. He'd smack her in the face with the pipe and then stab the creepy bitch right in the gut, or something. JoJo was so focused in his thoughts that he didn't notice that his predator had stopped searching and gone silent.

His ears pricked up at the sudden silence, and an odd wave of dread crept over JoJo as he felt a finger gently tap his left shoulder. He looked up just in time to see eight glowing eyes above his as she grabbed him by the throat with her human hands, squeezing hard enough to almost snap his neck. He couldn't breathe at all, and all he could see was her triumphant grin and eight creepily glowing eyes. He dropped the pipe to the floor beneath him, starting to fade in and out of consciousness before he remembered the knife in his hand. He flailed wildly forward as he blindly sliced at her, and all of a sudden air rushed into his lungs as he hit the floor. He breathed hard, his senses all coming back as he heard screaming. He look up, watching the spider girl clutch her face. She was screaming bloody murder, writhing against the ceiling in what looked like agony. "My eyes! My fucking eyes! You fucking asshole! You fucking cut my fucking eyes, fuck!" JoJo felt sorry for her, sure, but she kinda did deserve it.

Without hesitating for a second, JoJo grabbed the pipe, only to turn around as the Tsuchigumo lunged at him from the ceiling. His adrenaline kicked in, and he swung the pipe, something like a growl dragging itself out of his chest as he met her lunge with his makeshift bat- "Break Mode!" he screamed, a roar that burst from his lungs like thunder. JoJo's body exploded with energy, a blue aura forming around him as he slammed his pipe into the side of her face. The spider lady went flying, crashing through several support pillars and vanishing in a pile of rubble as she slammed into a wall. JoJo panted, watching for her to move again as the aura stayed. He looked down at himself, eyes wide in wonder as he realised that he felt absolutely amazing- he was barely exhausted at all.

His revelation and jubilation was short lived, however, as his opponent slowly stood up. She growled, then screeched an ungodly sound before she leaped at him again. JoJo, now much more confident, raised his pipe. He breathed hard, getting ready to hit the woman across the face again as she launched herself at him. He got ready to duck her four stabby arms, and as they reached for him he slid between them and aimed his pipe for a downwards smack onto the skull of his aggressor. JoJo roared again, starting to bring his pipe down as she came in range. Surrounded by her legs, his pipe slammed down onto her head and sent her slamming into the floor- a small crater under her from the raw force he'd used to hammer her with. He stepped backwards, away from the limp body.

Once he was at a safe distance, JoJo dropped the pipe. He looked over at her- she'd tried to kill him, but he'd much have preferred to just fight her off. He slid down onto his ass, sitting against another pillar, exhaustion creeping up his body. He closed his eyes for a second, then opened them wide as his worst nightmare came true-

The spider girl was slowly standing up. She growled from deep inside of her, flexing the fingers that had now become claws on her hands. Blood drooled from her blinded eyes and the two cracks on her face, coating the floor with what seemed to be a type of acidic substance. Her one good human eye locked with JoJo's own, the other eye crushed and hanging from its socket slightly. Her eye was full of bestial rage, more animal than human at this point. She slowly began to stagger over to the collapsed boy, breathing hard as her eye widened with manic intent. She let out a loud roar before charging at JoJo, who slowly stood up. As soon as she charged, she staggered and fell, her leg refusing to support her any longer. She glared death at JoJo from her position on the floor, her whole body bristling with rage. "How.. How dare you! Finish me, Demon! Go on, end me! Kill me! Send me to Hell! Fucking do it, you murderous sack of shit! Kill! Me! Fucking beat me to death with your stupid pipe already! Do it!" JoJo was taken aback- Demon? Sending her to Hell? At this point he didn't doubt the existence of Hell at all considering he was just attacked by something from his nightmares, but why did she think he was going to kill her? He was perfectly content to leave her be, but she seemed like she expected him to outright butcher her.

JoJo sank down again, panting hard as he watched the spider girl crawl across the floor towards him. She groaned, tears streaming down from her face. She was.. crying? JoJo thought about it, and she must've been in agony. The two smacks with the pipe had basically opened up her skull, and she only had one good eye left out of eight. JoJo looked over at her, and muttered more to himself than to her. "Shit.. I'm sorry."

The spider girl paused, looking over at him. "What the fuck did you just say?" JoJo looked up, stunned. "I-I said I was.. sorry." The girl gritted her teeth, stopping her crawling as she slowly began to stand up. Her bleeding sure wasn't stopping- in fact it was obvious that she could barely even control her body. She was shaking hard, twitching as her body tried to convulse in pain. She glared at JoJo, her breathing causing her entire body to shudder as she clenched her hand hard enough to dig her nails into her skin and slice it open. "You.. win... this time. You'll die one day or another, Jonathan. By my hand or by anothers.. you're gonna fucking die.. Don't you dare apologise to me when your mere existence spells our death, you sack of shit..!" She gritted her teeth, eyes widening as the sound of footsteps approached. She swore, giving JoJo one more look- not a glare, but something else. Her four legs fell to the ground as she clenched her hand and bit her lip to stop herself from screaming in pain, blood going everywhere and making a loud hissing sound as it hit the floor and began to melt through it. Four new legs burst from her back, and she leaped away. her limp body flew with her, her spider legs launching her high and far per leap as she eventually vanished into the distance. JoJo closed his eyes, and when he opened them, he was surrounded by people.

They ushered the exhausted boy into a hummer parked beside the building. He was somewhat roughly pushed into the back, an envoy of hummers already ready to accompany his to.. somewhere. He didn't protest, far too tired to do anything but stagger to the car. He hit the backseat and a concerned girl with a medical cross on her arm began asking him questions. He couldn't answer, his mind going blank as he fell into a deep sleep.

The last thing JoJo heard was that malicious voice- taunting him in his dreams, asking for something that he had no idea about. Asking for something, except this time it asked differently;

"Give it to me, Child of the Devil."

| ? ? ? |

A small knocking sound was audible against Rick's door, albeit if he were to answer it, he'd find nothing but an envelope on the floor. Of course, the one who left this expected him to use his ability to read it without even opening it, so they'd just left it on the floor. Inside the letter would be a note, typed out on a computer, addressed to him;


Since you've been such a good boy and have waited so patiently, I believe it's time a reward for your stalwart efforts was provided. Come to the Assembly Hall at noon sharp today, and you'll be given a gift for your lovely, polite behaviour.

Just kidding- we've rounded up one more of your siblings. If you could come and introduce yourself to them, that would be amazing. Of course, you're not required to, but I'm sure you'd enjoy the company. He's an avid reader, so you might get along- or you might kill each other. Oh well. Be courteous, or just kick him in the face. He's a little trippy, considering his run-in with a lovely spider lady the other night.

He'd get the impression that the author of the letter was really just wasting time to fill up an otherwise blank page. Although, the font was awfully small, leaving just a bit of space at the page. Just enough to irk anyone that had OCD.
Aside from that, that was all he'd been given. The one who delivered it, who was probably also the author, was off meeting someone else.

A gentle tap on Vesper's shoulder would've probably made her jump considering there was absolutely no clue to prepare her for it. Turning around, she'd have to look down a little to find the petite Principal of the Warrior's of the Divine Light's Academy, known only as Illusion. The smaller girl gave Vesper a sly smirk, eyes twinkling with amusement as she stared up at Vesper. "Good morning to you, my emotionally-deadened friend. I'm here to deliver a message of utmost import in regards to your predicament. You're well aware that there are Seven on you, but only three of you are here. However, we'll be adding to that number at noon today with the arrival of our newest satan spawn." She paused for a moment, staring deep into Vesper's eyes- it made Vesper shudder, or at least feel quite uncomfortable. Illusion smiled. "If that enough isn't enough to interest you.." she took Vesper's hands in her own, her smirk growing wider. "He goes by the name of Jonathan Black, otherwise known as JoJo." With that, she stepped away from Vesper and curtsied, looking up at the girl as she did so. "I trust you will be present for his arrival to the campus, he'll be in the Auditorium at noon."

With that, the loli vampire waltzed off to visit her final, and most enthusiastic and hospitable child.

Knock, knock, knock.

Someone hammered on Ash's door incessantly, obviously not going to stop until she awoke.
The knocking was growing continually louder and louder, not showing any sign of stopping, even for common courtesy.

The knocking stopped abruptly, and if Ash were to roll over or open her eyes depending on her position, she'd be greeted to the sight of one slightly irked lolita staring dead into her eyes. "Good morning, Ashley Clade. Classes start at approximately 10 am, so you should be out of bed and getting ready to pretty your face, unless dead and exhausted is the look you enjoy going for?" The small girl grinned, reaching over to pat Ash's head derisively. "Or are we feeling a bit under the weather? Feeling a bit lonely away from your family?" The girl laughed, putting her hands on her hips. "Fear not, ye heathen, for thou art blessed with yet another spawn of the Devil to call family- although I expect you to just snarkily insult him and then go sulk while you wonder why nobody really likes you. I suggest being at the Auditorium at noon." A wide, toothy grin came after as the Principal left the room, humming to herself and outright ignoring anything Ash said, before she left. "Don't be late to class again!"
Ash wouldn't know this, but her door remained shut the whole time.


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It was the absolute stillness that solely caught the attention of a certain girl with fluttering tresses of silver. She was a striking vision among the multi-colored scenery against her pallid hues. It definitely was not hard for her to be noticed, but it was easy to be entranced. Her visage was comparable to the subject of her fondness as she stood among flourishing plants of the greenhouse owned by a mysterious organization. Despite that perception, she appeared at eased as her hands elegantly maneuvered itself to deliver some water to the flora she seemed to have taken the liberty to take care of.

Her eyes of eerie purple reflected the glistening drops upon the petals and leaves. It made those orbs of hers shimmer indirectly. Even so, they were like a void without the ignition of emotions. This specific feature is an enigma of sorts and yet, no one is really able to grasp it. Just like so, she continued with her activity before a slight tremor to her hands was an oddity. The cause? It was being startled and that was not hard to do due to her concentration of watering the plants. She tilted the watering can in her hands upward to avoid wastefulness.

Then, she turned around to only be welcomed momentarily by no one. It was confusing as she felt a tap on her shoulder. She remained in that position of quiet dubiety before sensing a presence below her current eye level. That's why she looked down and saw a young and small girl. At this point, she wasn't alarmed since this person was familiar to her. "Good morning, Ms. Illusion." Her response was fluid and right for the given situation, but it lacked a spirit that gave it flair. This did not deter Illusion who even delivered a few direct opinions of her character. Well, it didn't matter to her really. That's why they went passed her like the wind.

Illusion spoke something of a predicament that concerned the silver-haired girl. Then, the topic of adding another Satan's Spawn among the known three present within the confinements of protection. Honestly, she wasn't really interested in it. That matter was distant and the proof was the empty gaze she returned to Illusion who looked at her with such deep intensity. That made her feel distracted or maybe it was unsettling as if the little girl wanted to pluck something from her. The problem, she wasn't sure if she had it. But, the next set of words did procure her interest as her hand was held.

At that moment, time for her stopped. Illusion was not within her sights anymore. The colorful world that surrounded her became a monochromatic scene. Then, a boy, now much younger than her in a distant past looked at her. "Jona..than.. Jo..Jo.." Her eyes only reflected that boy as she continued saying that much like a mantra that she truly did not know that her hand was now released and that Illusion had bid her goodbye. She only snapped from her self-induced trance when the watering can she held earlier fell from her hand to the ground. Her attention shifted to that as the water quickly pooled beneath her. "JoJo..."

Without another word, the splashing and patter of feet echoed through the crystalline greenhouse. She had left in haste and her face that was like a blank canvass now reflected the tiniest bit of desperation. So, what was the name of this mysterious girl? Well, that would be echoed through her head as memories of the boy's voice resounded inside her head. "Vesper!" and that voice lit something inside of her and with each step, her pace quickened.


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#, as written by Zalgo
Rick Brackwall

He got the message alright.

He looked down at the letter, a slightly skewed frown on his face. He often wondered if it was Illusion's intent to skirt the border of being insulting or if that just came naturally. No matter. He cast the letter aside, the note floating on over to his desk before delicately sliding itself into his Received pile.

With that he set himself to work getting ready to appear at the auditorium. He dressed to impress since it was going to be another child's introduction to the Warriors of Divine Light. He figured making a proper first impression was important so he picked out his most presentable uniform and donned that. With that and his usual supplies for day to day affair he checked the time to see how long he had until it started.

"Hm, I've got ten minutes to spare."

He mentioned, speaking his thoughts aloud as there was no concern for company at the moment. He liked to show up exactly on time, never too early or too late. With the time it takes to walk to the auditorium factored in he had a good estimate of how much time he had until he needed to leave his apartment.

With his spare time he mostly went about, going down a checklist of his morning routine to make sure he remembered to do everything. As far as he knew he hadn't missed a step but going over it all again just to make sure was an easy way to kill time.

After ten minutes of this he left, absolutely sure of the fact that he hadn't missed any steps in his morning routine. He stepped out the door and his demeanor changed noticeably. He was smiling, chipper and walking with a spring to his step. Not at all the stern borderline obsessive compulsive looking sort he appeared to be when he believed no one was looking.

Down and to the right he proceeded up the road until he entered the auditorium. He was exactly on time, just as predicted. Scanning the rather open building his eyes searched for the one he was supposed to greet. Little would make for a better foot forward on behalf of the WDL than a warm smile and a firm handshake.


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#, as written by zody
| Jonathan Black/JoJo |

"Give it to me, child of the Devil."

JoJo slowly opened his eyes, groaning loudly as he lifted up his head. He looked around, slowly shuffling until he was in a sitting position. He shook his head softly, reaching up to rub his face as he blinked himself awake. "Fucking.. Whoa." The events of the night before returned to him, and he lay back down with a loud sigh. He closed his eyes, again, the imagine of the Spider Girl remaining even when he tried to will it away. "What kind of freakshow did I stumble into..?" He opened his eyes once more, and almost jumped out of his skin when he noticed a small girl beside his bed. She stared at him, eyes narrowed, with a very worrying expression upon her face. She was biting her lip slightly, before she noticed him looking at her, and she suddenly beamed. "Good morning, my adorable sleeping beauty!" JoJo groaned, blinking hard as he looked over at the girl. "Where.. am I? How did I-" he paused mid-sentence, remembering being stuffed into the backseat of a car.

"You're safe, which I imagine is your primary concern right now." The girl curtsied, smiling. "Allow me to introduce myself- I am known as Illusion, and I'm the de facto Principal of this wonderful Academy." She stood again, smirking as she leaned on the side of his bed. "Hard to believe that a little lolita like myself is a Principal, but if you don't believe me, I'll send you to detention every afternoon I can." Her grin slid to a sly smirk, and she chuckled. "I'm only here to check on your progress. It's currently 8 am, so you have plenty of time to get up and get dressed, and get prepared for a meeting with your new.." she paused, "family." JoJo raised an eyebrow, chuckling under his breath. "Um, right. Family? Sorry, but the only real family I have is waiting for me back home- Um, can I, like, catch a cab or something? Where are we?"

Illusion gave him a wide grin. "Cabs don't go across water."

JoJo paused. "What?"

"We're in the Vatican City, Rome. Across the other side of the Earth, honestly."
JoJo stared at her blankly. "We what."
"Rome? The place?"
JoJo stared at her in silence, then promptly lay back down in his bed, a small smile on his face. "Sure. Okay. I'm going back to sleep now. I'll see you never, because you don't exist."

Within a second, JoJo found himself pressed up against the wall across the room. Small fingers dug into his neck, and the red eyes he looked into blazed with a malevolent ferocity. "I do not appreciate being told that I do not exist. Keep in mind that your Principal has her pet peeves, too, Jonathan Black." She let go of JoJo, and he fell to the floor- he hadn't noticed it before, but she'd been holding him up against the wall while she floated. Illusion sighed, brushing herself off, her usual 'innocent' and happy expression returning. "Sorry. I just don't have a name, so acknowledgement is a huge thing to me. It really irks me when I get ignored." Her voice went higher, almost to an upset whine, before she suddenly giggled. "In any case, you're due to arrive at the Auditorium by noon, so I'd suggest you aren't late." The young girl smiled, then jubilantly left the room with a spring in her step.

JoJo walked back over to his bed and leaned his hands on it. "What.. the fuck. I just got assaulted and threatened by a loli vampire."

JoJo eventually got himself ready- the infirmary came equipped with showers and the like, so it didn't take him too long to do so. In a box beside his bed he'd found a towel alongside his clothes, so that's what he'd used to dry and dress himself. He raised an eyebrow at the fact that his clothing had all been ironed- even his boxers- and he sighed and slipped them on. 9 am by the time he'd gotten dressed, JoJo left his room and stared outside. He groaned, the light annoying his eyes slightly. He suddenly remembered his side being sliced up a little by the Spider Girl's leg, and he lifted his shirt- to find nothing. Not even a scar. He blinked, shocked at the revelation that his wound had vanished. He shrugged, dropping his shirt down and looking around at his surroundings.

There were a few people out an about, but not many of them seemed to be talking. A lot of them had determined looks on their faces as they marched around the military base he appeared to be on. JoJo groaned, before realising something he was missing- "Fuck, those assholes took my phone!" He gritted his teeth. He was in the middle of Rome, apparently, and he had no way of leaving. Great.

JoJo sighed, pulling out the map he'd been given. He studied it, looking over the paper. "WDL? Wankers of Douchey.. Whatever, I needa find a way outta here, or at least a phone." JoJo began to wander the facility, until he bumped into some guards who quite sternly told him to get lost.

And by 'get lost', I mean they told him 'get the hell away from here or we'll cut your face off' and JoJo quite happily complied with their demands. With that warning greatly instilled inside of him, JoJo kept a good eye out for anywhere else he wasn't able to roam.

JoJo, groaning, eventually sat down against the side of a building, in the shade. He'd spent at least two hours wandering around. He'd managed to leave the military base behind him, and instead made his way onto the grounds of what seemed to be a school. He'd found a small bridge over what appeared to be an endless drop- he didn't really want to cross it, but he somehow doubted that he'd be able to stay in the military base or that they'd provide him with, well, anything. He'd crossed the bridge alongside several other people, all of whom had looked at him oddly. They wore some sort of uniform, meaning they'd immediately mark JoJo as an outsider due to his lack thereof.

He looked up from his thoughts, an almost-but-not-quite transparent blue barrier seemed to circle the entire region. JoJo let his head fall, sighing somewhat in defeat as he realised what that probably meant. "Guard Posts, and that means I can't just walk outta here.." He lifted his head up again, slowly standing. He'd left at 9, so it'd probably be around 11 by now. JoJo's stomach growled loudly, and he remembered that he hadn't eaten since before lunchtime the day before. He closed his eyes, leaning back against the wall-
"You.. win... this time. You'll die one day or another, Jonathan. By my hand or by anothers.. you're gonna fucking die.. Don't you dare apologise to me when your mere existence spells our death, you sack of shit!"
JoJo visibly winced. Her scream was still so vivid in his mind. He shook his head, trying to clear his mind of the thoughts. He wasn't a Demon. He wasn't a monster, and he definitely wasn't going to kill her or anyone else. He couldn't do that. It wasn't a JoJo thing to do- a regular person thing to do, either.

JoJo pushed off from the wall with a hard sigh. He audibly groaned, looking down at his grumbling stomach and frowning. He had nowhere to go, and no place to find food. He had an hour until he'd be 'required at the Auditorium', he decided to wander a bit more. He began to walk down the now-empty streets, before noticing a sign at the corner. 'Residence Slice'. He shook his head and read it again, 'Residence Sector' was now what he saw. JoJo deduced that he, in fact, really was hungry. He walked further down the road, and then turned the corner, almost ramming straight into a certain small girl.

"You should watch where you're going, JoJo." Jonathan looked down at the smug-looking girl before him, backing off a little as he remembered her. "Oh, uh, hey there. You- Uh, wait, were you following me?" The girl grinned, nodding as she pulled her hand out from behind her back, offering the starving man a paper bag. "It's a sub sandwich. Not sure what you wanted, but I wanted you to have it since you're probably starving and have no clue where to go- or any money, either. Besides, consider this my apology for getting grabby earlier." JoJo slowly took the sub, pausing for a moment before literally ripping into it. He smiled, his tastebuds coming back to life as they tasted the delicious, amazing, great food. Aside from a bit of a metallic aftertaste from the sauce, JoJo loved the food. He looked over at the girl, who had an eyebrow raised as if to say 'is that how you usually eat?' and he gave her a sheepish grin.

"I'm just hungry. I haven't eaten since-" JoJo paused, looking over at her. "You're, uh," he waved his sandwich at her aggressively, "not a spider in a human body, are you?" Illusion burst out laughing and JoJo relaxed. "Yes. I am." JoJo, mid-bite, choked on the food in his mouth and froze. He looked over at Illusion, a look of absolute terror coming over his features as she casually waved her hand at him. "Relax, relax. I'm joking."

"Oh.. good."

"I'm really a Vampire."

"Oh, a Vampire. That makes total sense."


"Yeah, because Vampires-"

JoJo spat out his food, barely missing the petite vampire who stepped to the side to avoid it. He held his arms up in a cross shape, glaring. "If you try to bite me, I swear I'll kung-fu you to death. Got it?" The small girl laughed, shrugging. "You can try. Besides, I can't kill you. You're an important person, you big doofus, you!" JoJo raised his eyebrow, looking her over- she had a relaxed face, and he felt like she wasn't making a joke. "Important.. how?" He bit into his sub again, eyeing her suspiciously. "You're a child of Satan, of course." JoJo rolled that phrase over in his head for a while, nodding in agreement-

"Wait fucking what."

"You heard me."

"I know, that's why I'm- A child of the Devil?"


"So my Dad really was the Devil? It wasn't an exaggerated joke on my behalf?"


JoJo sighed, looking over at her. He suddenly looked up. "Say, where's this Auditorium you were talking about, anyway?" Illusion shrugged, then crossed her arms. "Well, if you follow me, I'll show you. Just make sure to finish your food or people will get upset that the cute loli brought you food and not them." JoJo, raising his eyebrow, shut up to keep eating regardless. With that, the two began their stroll down the road and towards the Auditorium- JoJo munching loudly on his food the whole way, and Illusion with a small smirk on her face.

JoJo eventually stepped into the auditorium, a few minutes early. His sub had been taken by the loli when she'd vanished. One minute she'd pointed out a bin that she was going to put his trash in while he headed inside, but when he turned around to thank her, she'd stealthily vanished into thin air. He found it awfully odd, but he entered the auditorium from the ground floor. He wandered into the room, looking around- whatever was going down here didn't seem to have been here yet. He sat on one of the ground-floor seats, looking around. He waited for a couple minutes, before standing up. No sooner had he down so than he'd spied another person entering the auditorium as well. Awfully well-dressed, JoJo felt a little bit awkward as he was apparently underdressed for whatever the special occasion was. He didn't let that deter him, however, and he made his way over to the taller man. He carried himself quite happily, and JoJo wondered just what was going down here that made gave him such a spring in his step. Both people he'd met formally so far had been awfully cheerful, so JoJo was a tad bit perturbed.
The next thing that JoJo noticed were the eyes on the man before him- one eye was a sky blue, and the other was a more reddish-brown colouration. JoJo thought it was pretty cool, but didn't let his gaze linger so he didn't worry the man. First impressions were important, after all.
When he was in range of the other man, JoJo smiled and thrust out his hand to greet him with a handshake. "Hey there, Jonathan Black- call me JoJo. And you?"

JoJo had a strange feeling that things were about to get weirder from there.

| 'Illusion' |

The vampire girl smiled happily, then sighed. "Jeez, what a rough start. Of course, we now have four, with the fifth on the way. The sixth, well.." Illusion turned as she watched Rick enter the building, and shortly after observed the for once not emotionless Vesper almost sprinting towards the building. With a grin, Illusion shattered into pieces, vanishing into nothingness.


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0.00 INK

"For the first time
what I believe and don’t
starts to collide and
breaks down the barriers
I have like its paper
I only hoped, I’ll still be me"

Everything was in a haze. Caius felt the disgust of not being able to make his own move. It sickened him and that in turned changed in a sense of annoyance for himself. But, his body won't obey him even opening his eyes were a tremendous trial to do. His hearing was not at its best too. He was completely in the dark, but he could feel that he was being moved. That meant people were handling him and for the most part, he was certain he doesn't know them. It really bugs the hell out of him. That's why even for a short while between long intervals, he tried to wake his consciousness and would occasionally receive glimpses from his blurry vision.

Then, he would slipped back to the darkness. The next time he woke from his sleep, he was being moved towards a facility. He was on a stretcher and the voices of people hounded around him. There was also a scent of sterile alcohol in the air. He was probably being delivered to a medical facility. Well, that made sense since he was injured, right? They were not going to kill him... But, that meant they need something from him.... What would that be? He really didn't know as he drifted to sleep again.

After a while, he woke up again. There he noticed that someone else was being treated beside him. He wasn't sure who, but he tried his best to look from the corner of his eyes to satisfy his curiosity. Then, somehow, he was stroke with a sense of familiarity. The face he saw was similar to the face of that certain young punk in his memory. The one who had the guts to lecture him. The one that he wanted to punch in the face. That JoJo guy, is that really him?

Again, he lost his consciousness. This time, he relived a memory of a past that he knew was not his best moments in life.


A disadvantaged fight where Caius was always the underdog was not surprising at the slightest for him. He had many encounters like that and he had always fought his way out with his own two hands and two feet. That was how his life had been ever since he could remember. There was no changing that and he was used to it. That's why this situation where a punk he doesn't have a clue who or give a rat's ass about was intervening in a fight that was not anyone's business but his alone.

JoJo gritted his teeth, forcing one of the men back, away from Caius. He stood between them, sheathed sword at the ready as he glared. "I don't know who you are, but if you try to touch this man again, I'll floor you. Understand me?" JoJo shifted his stance, holding his blade out in front of him as he turned back to Caius slightly. "Yo, you alright? Not sure if you can stand, but you might wanna. I doubt these guys will-" He swore and staggered backwards as one of the men tried to hit him with some brass knuckles. JoJo stepped to the side, slamming his blade down on the man’s hand before hitting his elbow too- he slammed his heel into his opponent’s chest, forcing him back into the other men, who all staggered back as well. "I told you that I'd floor you." JoJo's usually demeanor had vanished- his eyes were sparkling ever so slightly, and his face was set in a determined expression as he stood between Caius and the men.

"Who the fuck are you!?" His voice reflected his annoyance and surprise as he got back on his feet while wiping the trickling blood from the corner of his mouth. One of his foes managed to land a major punch which made him lose his balance briefly. Still, he was not someone who could be taken down with just a lucky punch. "Get out of here!" After saying that, he delivered a straight punch to the guy aiming for JoJo from behind. "I don't need your help!" He then delivered a quick kick to the gut to another incoming enemy and followed it with an elbow strike to the back of the neck. "Oh shut up. Even if you don't need it, I'm gonna be helping you anyways." JoJo dodged an attack, countering with a swift smack to the man’s face, knocking him back and onto his ass, where he stayed. "The fuck, you punk!" Caius delivered a roundhouse kick that connected to the jaw of his foe who slammed against with another incoming enemy. "Are you stupid?! This ain't your fight!"

JoJo followed up by jabbing his sword past Caius' head to ram it into the face of a man who came from Caius' side while he was distracted. "Sorry 'bout that." This was eventually timely avoided as Caius delivered a right hook to another foe. "It's your funeral, punk." He gave up as he does understand a man who wants to fight. After all, he had been fighting ever since he could remember. In that sense, he understood that kind of impulse for now. JoJo spun away, lining his back up with Caius' own as he looked around. "So.. There's about twenty. Watchya reckon our odds are? Don't worry. I've got your back." JoJo was determined to stay in the fight, now, even if he just kept Caius' back safe while the older man beat the crap out of these guys. "What all-talk? I won't hold your hand." Caius cracked his knuckles and grinned. "No way, I'm gonna be beaten by these cowards." He then rushed forward with wild fervor, "Let's end this."

JoJo grinned. "Gladly." He lunged forward, blocking a blow from a baton and ramming his foot into the man’s jaw. Ducking immediately after, JoJo backhanded another guy across the face before kicking at him, too, lifting himself off of the ground as he booted the man in the jaw. He landed, crouching as he burst forward and slammed his blade into the kneecap of another man, following that up by rocketing upwards and using that momentum to crack his jaw open and send him onto his back. A punch whacked JoJo across the face, but he simply grabbed the arm as it pulled back and yanked, dragging the man into a brutal knee to the chest before JoJo slammed is forehead into his nose. As the man recoiled, JoJo smacked him in the throat with his sheathed blade and booted him into another man. He momentarily looked over at Caius to check on him, keeping not too close but not too far from his back wherever the older man decided to go next.

There were no assurances from Caius at all. Well, it was a given. He wasn't going to care for a brat who entered the fight willfully. The boy got himself in this then, it won't be hard for that boy to get out of it on his own. For now, Caius focused on the enemies converging on him. He delivered a straight punch squarely on the face of the one coming towards him head-on. That was a fatal mistake and once that connected, he quickly blocked a blow from a lead pipe with his arm. Then, he dodged another punch aiming for his face by ducking and returning the favor for that sucker punch with a punch of his own to the gut. The guy toppled backwards and fell to his knees. After that, he followed up with the one holding the lead pipe with a knee to the chin as he grabbed the said pipe and proceeded to smash it on the guy's face. All through that, he was grinning like a madman as he continue to decimate the bastards who dared ganged up on him. He'll make them regret it.

JoJo, while looking over at Caius, reminded himself to never get on his bad side. JoJo smirked, lunging to the side as a guy tried to sneak past him. He pushed the stun rod out of the way and followed with a roundhouse to the side of the man’s head. He immediately shot back to Caius' rear, stomping on the back of the knee of a man who tried to rush him from behind before tossing him over his hip and onto the floor, stomping on his back to tell him to keep down. JoJo didn't exactly like to be overly brutal, but being around Caius was making his blood boil- not to mention, the guys he was taking on probably wouldn't give him any mercy, so why should he give them any? JoJo suddenly leaped forward, slamming his sword against the floor and using it to toss himself upwards, flinging out two legs to kick two faces in as he pulled his sword up and clocked another guy in the face. He landed, crouched down, only to realize that everyone else behind Caius had backed off and fled- He probably did seem kind of like some sort of short, silly ninja. He turned around to Caius, raising his weapon once more as he prepared to join in on the destruction he was causing.

And what JoJo witnessed was annihilation.

The ones who thought they would be able to take on Caius with numbers were now regretting it. Obviously, he did also receive his own share of injuries, but it was not as bad as the guys who suffered under his own form of retribution. They just had to really ignite his core and this is what was bound to happen. His grin never disappeared as he was now holding a guy by the collar, lifting him a few inches above the ground. The others were either unconscious, suffering from fractured and broken bones or fled for their lives. Anyways, for the poor sap in his grasp, he delivered a rondo of punches, each gaining strength and speed. He was not letting up. It was no exaggeration to say that the guy was not going to have a face by the end of it.

JoJo, watching the others run away, idly tapped Caius on the arm he wasn't used to break a face with his weapon. "Yo, dude. Don't kill him. Seriously, killing him will just make you look worse than these guys." JoJo stepped over to him, catching Caius' hand mid-punch. Golden eyes flashed in annoyance at being stopped from delivering his twisted sense of justice. "Stop. Trust me." He stared Caius right in the eyes, eyebrows narrowed slightly. He was serious- it seemed like he didn't want Caius to step into murderer territory. "Don't tell me what to do brat!" He pulled back his fist that was stopped and released the guy from his grasp. "What do you know about me?" Caius narrowed his eyes at JoJo. "I never asked for your help. So, stop nagging me. Get out of my sight."

"You don't have to ask for help to be helped, dude. You might not have needed it, but having someone else take care of your back probably lifted a pretty big weight off of your shoulders, right? On top of that, we floored those assholes in like no time at all." JoJo shrugged. "I don't know anything about you, but I don't need to know you to want to help you." JoJo stood his ground, lowering his sword to his side. "Besides, you shouldn't kill people even if they try to kill you- at least then you know you're still not a bad person."

"Spare me from your morality lecture!" Caius wiped some of the blood from his lips. He does not like being told by some wet ears who is obviously a hypocrite. "The world is not clear cut as you think it is boy. It's be killed or not. There's nothing else in between." He pointed at the guys who were unconscious on the ground. "Did you think they were not here to kill?" He shook his head and released a sarcastic laugh. "But you stopped them without killing them, right? So you're the better party already. I know the world isn't clear cut, dude, but that doesn't give you an excuse to become some sort of monster." The world was hardly a pleasant place to begin with, that's what Caius believed truly. "This is how we live here, so stop butting in a business that's not yours. Do you have a death wish?" He looked at younger boy in an intimidating manner.

JoJo stared right back at Caius, not being intimidated in the slightest by his glare. "Do you have a death wish? Because if you keep acting like this you might end up getting hurt or worse- as a fellow human being, that worries me. Stop getting the shit beaten out of you. You might think that that's how the world works, but that's not how life works at all. Maybe for someone in the criminal underground or something, but once you're out of there you don't have to fight or risk your life at all." Caius could feel his veins popping out. He was getting really annoyed quickly. This kid was lecturing him as if he knew what was happening with him. "Shut up!" JoJo sighed hard, crossing his arms while still holding his blade. "Listen. I dunno why they were after you, but it can't be good. Leave. Skip town, whatever. Fix your shit and get a better life- one you don't have to risk throwing away every night. One where you can realize there's more to life than fighting, and where you can be a real, good member of society."

Caius lunged at the younger boy by grabbing him by the collar. "Don't talk as if you got everything figured out!" That's right, why is this boy telling him all of this. They were strangers at best. They were nothing to each other. "It might be weird of someone you've never met to ask that, but promise me you'll at least try. There's no need for you to die in some alley one day." Caius gritted his teeth as his annoyance turned into anger, but he also knew that the boy was not really the source of it. "That's right you don't know about me so, don't meddle with me. It's not your damn problem! Don't stick your nose where it doesn't belong!" His hands were trembling, but it was due to the rage that was bubbling inside of him which he was currently putting a lid on. "Don't ever show your face to me again! I'll kill you." He looked at the younger boy with a degree of seriousness. "If you're gonna kill me, then do it, but then you better clean up your damn act." As Caius grabbed his collar, JoJo barely even flinched. There was a fire in his eyes, and it didn't falter one bit as Caius attempted to intimidate him.

At that point, Caius released the younger boy from his grip. "I won't die. I can't die." It was said as a whisper as he walked away. After being dropped, JoJo glared right back, taking a step towards Caius. "Listen here you tall, arrogant fucker. You're not invincible, you're not immortal. You might die- you could die, and I refuse to stand by and watch someone throw their life away because they're too thick-headed to understand that they don't need to!" JoJo's tone was angry, too, and he was almost bristling with anger. Caius didn't stop and didn't want to hear anything else. His head was hurting and that was due to thinking which he doesn't like to do much. "Get out of here punk!" This did not dissuade the younger boy though. "Listen here. I don't know you, and you don't know me. Let's just agree to disagree, and you can go get yourself a better, non-violent life where you won't end up getting stabbed or shot or beaten. I don't have everything figured out- but I'm slowly getting there. Dying in an alleyway isn't how you figure things out. Tell me your name."

Every fiber in his being was telling Caius not to turn around and just leave. He did not owe anything to that meddling brat who thinks justice and all that shit exists. The world was too good for such matters. That's why he should not answer and let what was said passed through him like it was the air. But, he didn't walk away. "Caius." That's all he said and to end that stupid interaction he finally walked away. He didn't ask for his name, because he wanted that connection to end there. JoJo grinned a bit too widely. "Caius, call me JoJo! Take care of yourself! I expect to see you in ten years not in an alley being beaten, got it?!" JoJo turned, and walked away- if Caius turned around to look, he'd notice JoJo waving over his shoulder at him.

Caius knew that the hazy moment in his past did certainly make a few changes in his life. That stupid bratty punk run his tongue, but he owe it to that even if, he wouldn't ever admit it. Yeah... that punkster...


The next thing Caius knew he was staring at a very unfamiliar ceiling. Well, it was a ceiling that much is true. But, it was not at his apartment or was it at the orphanage... "The Children!" He immediately rise up from the bed and his golden eyes held panic, but his face twisted instead as a response to the creeping pain coming from his abdomen. "..Shit.." He looked at the cause and tried to remember what happened when he was out cold. A small cough which caught his attention quickly and his senses heightened. Caius looked at the source and found, standing beside his bed was a small girl, a warm smile on her face. "Hello there, Caius Grady. I'm glad to see that you've awakened." This was weird in every way to him, but he couldn't like get all grumpy about it. But, the one thing he found odd in the situation was the girl who had a maturity despite such appearance. Moreover, she knew him and that warm smile offered no security to him. He became wary and decided to listen to what was being said. Her unnatural red eyes met Caius', and she folded her arms behind her back, rocking on her feet slowly. "You took quite a beating- a werewolf almost killed you, after all." Though, his eyes narrowed at the word 'werewolf'.

Her smile widened. "And you, although failing to save several people, managed to protect those that remained." She stopped rocking, moving over to lean her elbows on the side of his bed. "And now, because of your valiant efforts, those poor children are under our protection- and I assure you there's no safer place for them." Then, she spoke about the children being safe. That calmed his nerves, but still could he really trust what was being said. "...Right." He was really in doubt. "Who, where, and why do you know me?" She curtsied with a smirk, looking up at him. Standing up after, she spoke again. "You may call me Illusion, for that is my name. We dragged you across the world to Rome, where you will stay from now on. This is the headquarters of the Warriors of Divine Light." This was getting weirder by the second for him. He was sure that this girl who now identified herself as Ilusion was really... really... odd. Then, he was told he was in Rome. That word alone made him raised an eyebrow and rubbed the bridge of his nose. "Rome?" Even more, he was told that he would be staying here from now on. "I might owe you for healing but, no way I'm staying here."

He looked around briefly to assess where he is and nothing was familiar to him. Well... he did saw that face from before... Then, there was this Band Group name like Divine of something. She turned away, walking over to the table beside him, and procuring a small glass of water. She returned to Caius, holding it out to him. "I know you because of your.. peculiar circumstances. You're surely in a lot of shock about this entire ordeal, so drink this and follow me- your answers await in the Auditorium, to which I'll take you." What she was saying to him all registered as big question marks. "Okay, here missy. Am I in some TV show? Werewolf? Rome?" He shook his head while looking at the glass of water. "Just tell me what is it you're after, okay? Until then, I'm not leaving. How sure am I to know what that auditorium really means?"

"Sophie is dead." Her tone was flat- she gave Caius a hard look. "If you were stronger- faster, tougher, not a wimp, you could've saved her." He immediately made fists with his hands and gritted his teeth. The face of Sophie calling out for him and he wasn't able to do a damn thing about it. "Don't you thi---" Illusion slowly hovered off of the floor, crossing her arms and staring him in the eyes. He wasn't able to really show his angry outburst because of seeing Illusion float. That was really a great trick, he might add. It effectively derailed him, but her words brought him back to the situation at hand. "I'm offering you a chance to redeem yourself from your failures and prevent any more innocent children being killed." She landed on the side of his bed, eyes sparkling as she stared into his own.His golden eyes locked with those of eerie red.

"You want to stop that from ever happening again, don't you? The rest of the children might be attacked- do you want to be unable to defend them?" She leaned down awfully close, staring deeply into his eyes. "I can make you stronger. I can help you save them all. I can help you protect them from even the most dangerous threats on this planet. All I ask is that you drink that healing water and follow me." Somehow, he felt that in this current situation or more like their positioning, anyone who would have called out on him as something being a pervert or weirdo. Illusion shrugged. "But if you refuse to believe werewolves exist, then you must've killed Sophie with your own hands, right? Who else would've done it, who else was there?" Actually, he was still waiting for someone to throw away the curtains and say this is a gag show. And when that does happen, he would really pulverize them. "What I'm after is for you to drink that water, stop whining, and come with me."

"Okay, you kid. I'll humor ya." He pushed her away from him, and took the glass as he drank it in one gulp. It tasted slightly metallic which made him worry, but he'll deal with it when it becomes relevant. "Whatever elaborate trick you're planning.. I'll tear it up and if anything happens to the children." He grabbed Illusion by the arm and pulled her close to him as his eyes narrowed. "I won't fail this time around" As soon as Caius pulled her close, with a rush of wind, he found himself slammed into the floor. Standing above him was Illusion, her eyes full of tempered malice. Her foot dug into his back, crushing him with a lot more weight than one would expect. "Hands off the loli. Didn't anyone teach you your manners?" She grinned, Caius being able to notice her unnaturally sharp fangs. "I'm glad you won't fail, but if you touch me again, I'll break your arms."

Illusion stepped off of him, humming to herself softly. "I'll give you ten minutes to shower and dress- I'll be waiting outside for your grand entrance. By the way.. if you still think this is a show.. Well, you'll find out. No normal human can rip a werewolf in half, anyways." She shrugged. "Stop waiting for the curtain to drop." She turned to him, a sly smirk on her face. "Because there is no curtain." With that, she waltzed from the room, shutting the door behind her.

That was completely unexpected. Caius grunted as he sat up from his earlier position. "The fuck was that!" He reached for his spine and clearly had the expression of irritation and surprise. More of, annoyance really. "Is there a new effect where they can squeeze a sumo wrestler inside that kid?" He continued rubbing his back, before shaking his head. "I might be in a virtual reality thing and who the hell calls herself a loli?" At this point, he finally stood up and released a sigh. His eyes narrowed seriously as he pondered on that statement of ripping a werewolf in half. He wasn't really recognizing that creature as a werewolf at all. It must be a bear or something. "That... happened didn't it?" He looked at his hands and remembered the lifeless bodies and the fearful eyes. "Damn it!" He then pounded his clench fist to the nearest wall on his side. Evidently, cracks were present from it and he blinked in surprise. He instinctively moved away in surprise and looked at his hand again. "They must have drugged me. I need a shower." That's what he exactly did next.

After that, things just keeps on getting weirder by the second. Illusion or possibly a man in a costume lead him to this auditorium. Well, it looked the part. There before him were three people. They probably were all within the same age group if, he was guessing. Caius saw one boy standing still and dressed all proper, probably some rule-kisser. Then, he was seeing a butt... a pretty butt of a girl who was literally on top of someone. He raised an eyebrow and pointed at the two on the floor. "So, public romping and voyeurism is accepted here? Nice." He said that in a very serious tone as he managed to finally caught the face of the one being dominated by the silver-haired girl. His golden eyes narrowed a bit and that faint familiar face he saw earlier... "Wait... Is that... you punk? JoJo?!" He looked very surprised, because this was far from coincidence. Well, this portion of his life was now getting wonkers apparently.

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| Jonathan Black/JoJo |

"I am Rick Brackwall. Pleased to meet you JoJo."

JoJo smiled at the man he now knew was named Rick, although slightly after his expression shifted ever so slightly, being just a tiny bit concerned by the expanded reply he was given.

"So I can only imagine the explanations thus far have been quite scarce as you've only just arrived. You must have many questions, especially regarding the events leading you here."

If Rick knew he'd not been told absolutely anything, then that seemed to be a common practice. "C'mon, guys, you can't just kidnap a guy and then not explain anything to him." He noted the saber on Rick's waist as the older man spoke- was he left handed by any chance. It was odd to see a saber on the right- or perhaps he'd intentionally put it there to show that he was less threatening? Either way, JoJo was a tad perturbed that people were allowed to carry weapons around freely. He'd seen them on his way here, too, longswords and maces and pistols- every person seemed to have some sort of weapon on their hip, and JoJo was a little worried.

"I suspect the auditorium's purpose is to acquaint our newer members to this little corner of the world we call home. Until such a time however I'd be glad to answer any questions to the best of my knowledge. Any question, anything at all, I'll happily address."

JoJo's eyes snapped back up to Rick as he finished speaking- he was obviously prepared to answer any of the many questions JoJo had to throw his way, but as he opened his mouth, JoJo's train of thought changed as he was distracted.

The doors to the Auditorium practically exploded open as an ashen-haired girl burst into the room. JoJo turned to look up at her, eyebrow raised before his eyes widened. Her face was pale, almost like porcelain, framed by even paler hair. He watched, something in the back of his mind beginning to register as he noticed those familiar violet eyes. His mouth opened in shock before the girl began to cry, and with a cheerful cry of "Onii-chan!", she barreled into him, knocking him onto the floor as she hugged him like her life depended on it. "Onii-chan...", Vesper's soft voice brought him back to his childhood. Before he'd been taken by his uncle, before he'd been out on the street. The days when he'd met Dawn, and even further back than that. He was still in shock as he reached up and wrapped an arm around the girl idly, smiling happily. "JoJo... It's really you."

He briefly wondered how she'd known he was coming- in fact, how Rick also knew to be here was a mystery to him as well. Although, he figured a certain lolita had planned this. JoJo smiled, closing his eyes. "My lords, I never thought I'd see you again, lil' Sis." JoJo grinned, getting a little teary-eyed himself. He looked up at the moderately surprised Rick, offering him a sheepish grin as he went to speak, but Rick beat him to it. "I have a feeling you'll fit in just fine." JoJo let out a bit of a chuckle, idly stroking his hand through Vesper's hair subconsciously- just like he used to do when he'd read her stories in the library.

JoJo had been quite intent on finding a way out of this crazy place, but suddenly, reunited with his little sister after so long, the idea became much less appealing to him. He'd find his phone and tell Dawn, but maybe staying here would be better. Although, there was still some guilt that gnawed at him. Dawn would've returned home to a trashed apartment and possibly police, and he had no way to contact her. Even though he missed Vesper so dearly and was ecstatic to see her again, he'd at least need to get in contact with Dawn. Which begged the question- why did they take his phone, in any case? JoJo felt a little bit of dread creep up his spine as he felt unseen eyes on him, nervously looking around to see if-

"So, public romping and voyeurism is accepted here? Nice."

JoJo looked over at the next person to arrive- who wasn't tackling him, luckily. However..
His eyes met the golden globes of a person he'd honestly never expected to see in his life. Truthfully, JoJo had worried that Caius was already long dead in some dark alleyway after getting sucker punched and then shot in the face. His eyes widened once again as the situation hit him; he'd reunited with two people from his past within the last five minutes. What the hell was going on? He barely noticed Rick interacting with the tall Caius, and the man himself seemed just as shocked as he was.

"Wait... Is that... you punk? JoJo?!"
JoJo's face returned to that sheepish grin again as he lifted his arm off of Vesper, giving Caius a wave. "Yo, uh, well, this is weird, right? Good to see you're still kickin', though." He turned as he heard Rick speak, looking up at him from his position on the floor as Rick adjusted his stance to meet JoJo's gaze. "Well, you certainly have made a lot of friends over the years, haven't you?" JoJo's sheepish grin grew wider as he gave Rick a thumbs up. "Apparently so. Although I didn't expect to see these two within five minutes of each other- especially in a place where everyone seems a bit unhinged. Carrying around weapons is a little bit worrying in my eyes, ha ha.." JoJo briefly eyed the blade Rick had on his waist, before looking up again.

The door to the Auditorium had opened, and a somewhat ruffled looking girl dressed like an emo biker stood in the doorway. He watched as she eyed everyone there, then focused on Vesper on top of him. She huffed and quite rudely waltzed up and grabbed the collar of Vesper's dress, yanking her off of JoJo and stepping between them. He would've thanked the girl if he hadn't tuned into the words coming out of her mouth and immediately groaned in his head. “I hate to break up whatever touching reunion this is, but I didn’t come here to watch some shitty drama.”

He knew that they'd get along swimmingly. As she looked back down at him, he slowly stood up once more. He brushed himself off, before looking up as the angry girl looked over in Rick's direction and gave the amazing idea that they needed answers. He agreed with her point- although his desire for answers was a bit more personal than hers. He went to open his mouth before a girl was suddenly tossed onto the floor before him, with another older woman moving over to a nearby wall and sitting against it. "Alright, kid, feel free to run your mouth." JoJo had no idea what she meant, until he took another look at the girl on the floor.


A smug giggle from behind him made JoJo turn around, coming almost face-to-face with Illusion. He staggered backwards as the vampire gave him a quaint wave before speaking again. "What a way to introduce the poor girl to the academy, Rianne. Couldn't you have been a tad more.. elegant?" She smirked at the 'Sister', then turned back to the others. "I do believe that that time for answers has arrived." JoJo turned, and spotted that loli girl from earlier sitting on the edge of the stage in the auditorium. Anyone facing that direction would've noticed the air shattering silently before bursting apart- like a mirror being broken- and Illusion appearing from said cracks. To say the least it would've been awfully unnerving.

The small girl coughed, surveying the room with a smug smirk. "Feel free to sit down. This is a doozy. Also, a warning. Caius and JoJo are already aware, but any violence will be retaliated with further violence and intense verbal abuse." Illusion's grin was sly, however it turned surprisingly warm and kind as she coughed once more. "Ahem. Welcome to the audtiorium where three of you had a heart attack and a flashback to the past, and the other two of you are just bewildered. One is more bewildered than the other- but only because the second is choosing to be a female doggo instead." She winked noticeably at Ash. "In any case, I'm going to give you a very quick rundown before we begin your formal introduction to this academy. Rick here is a senior to you all, so I'd suggest treating him with respect and courtesy unless such things are toxic to you in which case you're free to instead tone down your rudeness."

Illusion perked up for a moment, looking over to the wings of the stage and giving an audibly dissatisfied groan alongside a grimace. "Rude."
She resumed her speech, her usual demeanour was gone, replaced by a monotone and boring voice and eyes that were essentially dead. "This is your place of residence from this day forth, where you shall be required to attend classes on magic, combat and the usage of useful devices such as vehicles, coffee machines and magic seals. You will be staying here for the rest of your lives and your every need will be attended to due to your unusual circumstances. We hope you enjoy your stay at the Warriors of Divine Light's Exorcist Academy and live long and prosper."

Illusion promptly tore the paper in her hand in half, tossing it aside. Her eyes glowed ever so subtly as she stood up and dropped down onto their levels. "Now that the formality is out of the way, I'd like to welcome you to the first time you've all been together in one place, Satanspawn." She surveyed the group, crossing her arms. "Long story short is that you're all half-demon children of the Devil destined to cause the destruction of the world. You were brought here to prevent that." Illusion shrugged. "Unless any of you still don't believe that supernatural beings exist? I'd happily show you otherwise."

After a few moments, Illusion froze up a little. She turned her head towards the back of the stage, where a tall man was slowly walking. His footsteps echoed loudly throughout the auditorium. His eye was trained on her, and as he reached the edge of the stage, he stopped and crossed his arms. His eyes drilled into her, and Illusion made sure to look out towards the doorway, smiling despite the drop of sweat that decided to crawl down her face. "Ahh, I forgot you were there. Haha, hi Arthur."

Arthur remained silent, and the others in the room would sense an intensely powerful aura emanating from the older man. His clothes were bursting with muscles, but it was his eyes that did it. They were stony and cold- no wonder Illusion was getting a tad nervous. Arthur sighed hard, making Illusion jump a little. "Leave before I change my mind." Illusion spun, saluted, and fell into a mirror crack and vanished. Arthur eyed the children one by one, his very gaze making them one hundred percent certain that he was someone they shouldn't antagonise even slightly. "My name is Arthur Evangelion. Those of you that don't know me, I am the leader of the Warriors of Divine Light. You are now my personal students. Illusion is also your superior. I expect you to do well here despite the blood in your veins. In a day you will be heading the an area nearby to participate in a special training camp. Rick, having done this trial before, will be designated leader. Respect him. I expect results." His gaze shifted to Rick, softening only slightly. "I trust you will provide said results. I have no more words for you. A letter will be distributed later if you want more information."

Arthur paused, then spoke again. He touched the sword at his hip, the lights in the room suddenly began to flicker. Arthur closed his eyes, then slowly drew the blade from its sheath. The lights in the room blazed brightly, almost burning those gathered as the blade was held out before them, glistening brightly- godly so- in the light. Electricity crackled from the lights above, and Arthur was suddenly the most intimidating thing on the planet. He loomed over them, eye glowing white with power as he seemed to double in size. The light grew brighter as he grew taller, his eye moving to each child in turn.

"Unchecked, you are a threat to the entire human race. If you flee, if you run. If you vanish, we will hunt you. We will find you. And we will kill you. And trust me, we can kill you."" As the last words left his mouth, the lights in the room all exploded, his blade returning to its position at his hip, and everything returned to normal. Arthur's intimidating aura was still there, but he wasn't terrifying like he was a few seconds ago.

"Good day." With that, he strode back into the wings of the auditorium.

A few moments later, a relieved sigh came from behind the children. Illusion sat next to Rick, arms crossed. "That man is absolutely terrifying, I swear. If looks could kill, we'd have died before he even set foot in here." She stood up, uncrossing her arms and smiling at the group. "Well, for now, let's return to our dorms, shall we? By the way, if you have any questions, feel free to ask- Arthur prefers not to waste words when he has me to blab for hours for him!" Illusion grinned, tilting her head slightly as she awaited any questions directed at her. She was a tiny bit more pale than usual. Obviously, even she was worried about Arthur's power.

Smiling, the girl exited the shop. She covered her eyes and looked up at the sun, grumbling as it burned her skin softly. She reached into her pockets and pulled out her sunglasses, unfolding them and placing them on her head in one smooth motion as she looked around. With a soft sigh from her silky lips, the blonde began her trek to the nearest alleyway. With a smile, the girl arrived. However, her smile vanished as she noticed that the alley wasn't unoccupied.

Her red eyes peered out from behind her sunglasses as she let out a sigh. Her lips curled into a pout as she slowly reached up and took off her sunglasses, placing them in her pocket once more. The men looked over at her, hands on their weapons as they approached her. She glanced over her shoulder and noticed two more men- one standing at the edge of the alley to keep guard while the others did their work. She let out a discontented sigh, before closing her eyes. A small smirk crossed her features, and the men realised that she'd willingly walked straight into their ambush.

Seconds later, the girl strode from the alleyway, completely untouched. She walked down the road a little, then hailed a taxi before hopping inside and leaving the area. A few moments later, a man groaned in annoyance as his dog stopped in front of the alley and began to urinate on the wall. The man sighed and went to lecture the pet before something caught his eye.

There, in the alley, lay approximately 6 men.
All were dead.
And all had a hole straight through their hearts.


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The warmth, the scent, the voice and everything else in between had brought nostalgia into a sweet reality for Vesper. The one she had known as her brother figure was truly before her. That alone was enough to bring a small, yet unassuming smile to her face. Unfortunately, it cannot be seen due to her current gesture much like an infant seeking security by nuzzling her face at Jonathan's neck. That expression alone was a secret just for her.

It was in that kind of state she was that her surroundings and the presence of others had fallen to a level of zero awareness or more commonly known as, ignored; invisible. She was not even aware of her compromising position in line with her dress. Her attention fully taken by Jonathan and their surprising reunion. That was why other dialogues passed through her like a film of nothingness. She was only returned to the true world when she felt the warmth she had missed and clung to was gone from her grasp. This was absolutely not a voluntary action on her part.

This was done by the individual that she had collided with earlier whom, of course if asked, she would simply reply of not knowing or remembering. However, it seemed that certain rudeness was not forgotten by Ashley Clade. Her deep violet eyes were now clear from her imposed haze and registered the appearance of the black-haired girl. However, there was no resentment, just a very brief sense of disappointment. Then, it returned to its empty ones. It seemed reasoning also returned to her. After all, she had been raised as a proper girl if ever. Etiquette was something that had been drilled into her.

But to say, she was intimidated by the other girl's gaze. That was not going to happen. Actually, she felt anything. She simply walked passed her and went to Jonathan's side. This time however, she didn't clung to him. She was satisfied just being in that close range to him as she stood still, similar to a porcelain doll on display. The only difference she was now observing other things and other people within the auditorium. That's how she had noticed Rick and of new faces. There was a tall and brown male who is actually Caius and then a younger girl with a scarf who is actually Vistra. Was it cold? A thought that briefly entered her head. There was also a older female not far, sitting on one of the seats.

Despite the fact she had been staying here for a few months, she hardly knew anyone except that of Rick and Illusion. She was not easily the kind to be associated with after all. Anyways, it seemed the purpose of them being in here had finally began. Illusion welcomed them and sparingly gave details like them being children of the Devil and them staying here and watched over by the Warriors of Divine Light. Then, another person came with an entourage of intimidation, authority, and power. She felt that and more so when she was gazed upon by this person who called himself Arthur Evangelion. It reminded her... of someone.

Fear. The right response when Arthur, the Leader, displayed his power that was meant to fill them with dread. She did feel that, but having it too much fear in her life had caused her to react blandly to it. She simply stood there like a doll, beautifully emotionless. Additionally, she believed that she had no reason to go against him. That's why when it's over and Illusion took over again. She didn't do anything or ask. She was just satisfied with being by JoJo's side.


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"Do you honestly think
that something I resisted
for so long will be accepted
without resistance, come on
be realistic. This world is
not of sweets and honey."

At this moment, Caius had every reason to just hightailed it. There was that man-woman, he's referring to Illusion at this point, and then, this punk. He was even dragged to some place that said to be Rome, so basically he had thrown on the other side of world. That was just perfect for him to think he was in some crazy institution. The only thing that prevented him to just leave was the condition of the kids. That male trap mentioned the orphanage. It was enough for him to be very cautious and he didn't want to do anything too reckless, but then again, thinking too much was never his forte. His head was already hurting from this confusion.

Because of the bizarre events surrounding him right now, he really didn't notice the one he had dubbed as rule-kisser asking him who he was. He was instead waiting solidly on the confirmation from that punk if he was that stupid brat some years ago. Unlucky for him, that punk in his memories and this guy in front of him was the same. He was really close to facepalming himself right now. That's when he gazed at the other guy present who commented about JoJo having a lot of friends that included him. All right, he would need to correct that. "Hey." He called out to the two-eyed color kid, now that he took enough time to look. "That." He pointed at JoJo and then to himself. "And me are no friends."

After that, there was another newcomer. A girl who was contrasting in color to the one he had identified with a pretty butt. She's more direct in her show of annoyance by manhandling the other girl away from JoJo. As for him, he was cleaning his ear with his little finger. This place is crazy.

Anyway, the rocker emo chick from the looks of it demanded answers. He would like that as well, but before anything else. Someone else came, a pair of females. Really, what is it with girls popping around. It's not like he wasn't enjoying it, but being a minority in terms of gender, doesn't sit well with him. The older woman said something about running mouth, so he looked at the girl who was deposited like some luggage. This one was much younger just looked at them and had unimpressive introduction. He could only sigh at that. This was getting too old too quickly for him. He was about just a few seconds away from bolting out. He'll just deal with kids in his own way, but before he could take another step, the baby disaster in disguise appeared.

"Tsk." He clicked his tongue as a reaction and Illusion as she introduced herself before spoke. She even bragged about her taking him down a peg. That was a fuckin' lucky shot. Next time would be very different as he simply crossed his arms over his chest and huffed. "Hmph." Anyways, she then introduced that rule-kisser as Rick. He looked at the two-eyed kid from the sides. No wonder, the guy had that kind of impression. That one had been here longer than most of them apparently. He also noticed the sword hanging by the waist. He's not scared of a toothpick, but it also meant this nerdy-looking guy can at least fight.

Setting that aside for now, he continued listening to Illusion. She was still insisting he was some hell spawn along with the rest. At the same time, his eyes narrowed. The end product of what that Thumbelina said was, he and the others were their personal hamsters for a more common use term, prisoners. That really doesn't sit well with him at all. She then said about not believing in the supernatural of whatever. "I don't believe you. You're clearly crazy from where I stand with all these stupid mumbo jumbo." He was not going to fall to this freak show. It was probably some elaborate shit-show and he won't take part in it.

"I'm going." He turned his back and was about to take a step to leave, but that was then he felt an overwhelmingly strong presence. It made the hair at the back of his neck stand and with the timely words of Illusion giving a name to it, Arthur. He looked over his shoulder and saw a man who seemed to be carved from a mountain. This made him taking a step towards the exit rather hard as the man called Arthur spoke. He turned around to face the newcomer. As it would appear, that stone-faced geezer was the leader of the band group Illusion told him about earlier. The guy even said that they were his students. As if he needed some strange man to tell him what he should do or not, he really had enough of those type of guys.

The Arthur guy finished up, but not before demonstrating that intense presence. Caius looked at the lights as it blinked. The special effects team was really doing their job well. It was really top notch and once he felt eyes on him. He met it without hesitation. They were the eyes of that Arthur. Right now, he could feel every sense in his body to tell him to run. That never happened before and that made him confused as he could feel the sense of cold water being thrown at him. His eyes narrowed as he made fists with his hands. He knew that his body wanted to tremble, but hell he would allow that to happen. That's why his nails dug deep into his skin. Letting pain overcome that implicated fear on him, he won't cave in. He also didn't avert his eyes as Arthur delivered his threat.

When the guy was gone, it was like the heavy atmosphere dispersed. Caius finally released his hands from its clenched form as blood slowly dripped down to the floor. He then glanced at Illusion who smiled like everything was on cue. He clicked his tongue again in irritation. "Questions, then tell me. Where is the fuckin' exit?" He shook his head and those golden eyes that were radiant like the blazing sun gazed intensely at Illusion. "I don't want to be a part of this shitty production. Find yourself another child of the devil or whatever." He stretched his neck as if in preparation of things getting rough. "Capisce ?" Yeah, he was not going to believe in those make-believe stories. He's no idiot.


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Image It was around that time that set up against one wall, an intercom speaker flared into life, a short electronic tone accompanied by a voice that didn't sound like it came from a person.It was off. Metallic-sounding. It sounded like a recording through autotune or pitch correction, something that might have possible...had it not started out addressing Caius' demand to leave.

"A notice that if you attempt to leave without the permission of an officer, I'm authorised to initiate a lockdown sequence on the building, and you can all camp out there until your friend cools his jets."

A brief pause.
"More generally, let me introduce myself to all of you.
I am O.R.I.N, the WDL's network maintenance system.
I can see virtually everything that goes on in the facility and I have complete control of the security technology in all the complex's buildings.
I have no need to consider what you want.
I also have no need to be scared of reprisals for not considering what you want.
I thought I would remind you of that while you think over how you're going to react. Do choose carefully as you only get one chance to give a first impression, and triggering the blast doors is a very bad way to make a name for yourself.
ORIN out."

Somewhere within the core of the base, a figure leaned her forehead against her palms and sighed deeply.

The training was not exactly off to a good start.

Still even without advanced trend-plotting functions and algorithms she could have seen it coming. That was what happened when you pulled in untrained brats and expected them to take some kind of responsibility for their own nature.

People were, for the most part, a very irritating and complicated variable that made getting things done far more difficult than it needed to be. That was even without factoring in abilities and what these... individuals were going to attract by being present.

If it were up to her they would not be doing this at all.
Of course, no decisions of great importance were up to her.

The task of ORIN was to make sure things that other people decided to do would work out.

And that task would, if necessary, see her using the WDL security system on their newest recruits.

The figure, an angular-looking woman dressed in dark grey, sat back in the high-backed chair an action that disturbed several cables that rose up from her shoulders to disappear somewhere into sockets up in the ceiling. She'd needed to correct some problems with the wireless network, something that needed a form of direct connection, and fluctuations in the general power supply had required she establish the link via cable in order to charge the facility's internal batteries in case of any more flickers.

Just as well. If she was going to remotely go toe to toe with some angry new arrival then it would be embarrassing to have the power cut out.

It meant ORIN was stuck in the network core for a while, but that was not a problem. The WDL's network had plenty of things to keep her busy.

By her estimate, she had about five seconds to wait for a response. Not a lot of time for an ordinary person.
But time was relative.

A human only perceived seconds as the shortest amount of useful time because a human body was slow and unwieldy and needed more time to accomplish anything of note. A computer could make thousands of calculations in the space of a second. Her time spent waiting to see how people might respond to her introduction gave ORIN ample time to check the battery levels, run a ping check on the wireless network, examine each of the facility's external cameras for any kind of unwanted activity, and try to settle on some demeaning nicknames for some of the new recruit... though she decided that she might wait on the last one in order to settle on what she thought would be the most cutting.

It was with those things set that the woman snapped back to the previous camera and re-opened the sound feed.
If nothing else was going to come of this questionable venture, she could at least get a bit of sport out of it.


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#, as written by Tanman
Ashley “Ash” “Soot” Clade

Despite Ash attempting to take some semblance of command, it seemed her request was to be interrupted as another pair of girls made an entrance. With little hesitation and zero ceremony, the first of the two -an older looking lady with an eerily similar expression of annoyance to Ashley - dumped the second girl to the floor before striding to the corner to sit, making some offhand and grouchy comments about them. For some reason, Ash couldn’t help but smirk at the attitude of the woman, and didn’t even have a quip to comment on her.


Ash turned her gaze down to the other one on the floor, distracted momentarily with the pathetic looking kid. Seeing as she’d stopped just in front of her, Ash squatted down, extending her hand out to help get her off the floor. “Hey loser, try not to look so pathetic on the first day.” Hauling the younger teen to her feet, Ash appraised her appearance a bit, noting the numerous scars running along her arms. Those weren’t the kind of things healthy people had, and so Ash scratched the back of her head and turned away. Perhaps she should’ve cut that one a bit more slack.

Her thoughts on the matter were interrupted as an annoyingly familiar sing-song voice filtered in, Ash spinning to locate the source, distracted enough that Vesper was able to simply slip past her to stand with JoJo. Watching the mystical light show, Ash quickly realised that explained how the tiny girl got into bed with her. Folding her arms, she listened to the speech without interrupting. They were getting the answers she wanted, so she wasn’t about to start something now. Taking note that her ‘kindred-spirit’ in the corner was known as Rianne, as well as the look Illusion gave her regarding how violence and antisocial behaviour was tolerated, Ash simply snorted a bit, keeping her arms folded. Being called a doggo was mildly amusing though.

So, the nerd boy in a suit was Rick? Geez, poor guy. She didn’t even have to try to think of an insult to name him with a name like Richard. Still, that dweeb was going to be their instructor? He didn’t look like much. Well, she was going to enjoy making a loser like him regret taking the position. If he wanted her respect, he was going to have to earn it. Until then, she’d make sure to make his life a bit of a living hell. Smiling again, Ash looked forward to making that whiny baby tear his hair out in frustration.

"This is your place of residence from this day forth, where you shall be required to attend classes on magic, combat and the usage of useful devices such as vehicles, coffee machines and magic seals. You will be staying here for the rest of your lives and your every need will be attended to due to your unusual circumstances. We hope you enjoy your stay at the Warriors of Divine Light's Exorcist Academy and live long and prosper." Illusion elaborated, Ash pausing to take it all in. Combat classes? Magic? Well, they were in for a rude awakening when Ash prominently displayed that she couldn’t do a thing other than order around a motorbike. Looking over the rest of the sorry crew, none of them looked particularly special. She thought that they were all half-demon children? Somehow, Ash felt they were all going to be pretty unspectacular. Then again… Reminded of that bloody man that had attacked her, Ash unintentionally shivered a bit. Maybe looks could be deceiving. Demons didn’t have to look like monsters to be one.

"I don't believe you. You're clearly crazy from where I stand with all these stupid mumbo jumbo." The tall boy spoke up, and Ash eye rolled a bit, looking to him in disdain. Really? After all this he still couldn’t accept that maybe there were some things they didn’t understand? Granted, Ash had probably had a much more horrific induction to the WDL, but that Illusion chick was more than enough proof that there were supernatural forces afoot. Still, someone else would likely show him just how stupid he really was.

Just as Ash was thinking that, that someone decided to make their presence known. Ash was a pretty tough girl. Say what you want about her attitude, but she had a glare that could make people wither in moments. The fact that this man managed to shatter that demeanour with just his presence was impressive to say the least, as Ash took a cautious step back. There was certainly something intimidating about the head of the WDL, and that was before he’d even opened his mouth or blown up the lights with nothing but the act of barely drawing his sword. Still, Ash had a reputation as a bad-ass to keep. She wasn’t about to let him intimidate her. Much.

“He doesn’t look that tough…” Ash whispered leaning down towards Vistra. She looked impressionable enough for Ash to manipulate somewhat. With that said, she sat back up, before the big lughead started making another big deal and throwing another tantrum. Honestly, what was he, a two year old? Ash didn’t like this place any more than he did, but she at least had the common sense to realise they were stuck here. She was actually about to say something about his ignorance before jumping slightly as another new almost electronic voice came out behind them. Ash looked around a little confused until her eyes settled on the speaker and camera in the corner of the room, affixing it with a bit of a glare. So they were being monitored by some defence system. Wonderful.

“You hear that dumbass? You’re stuck here - like me - like it or not. If you can look past your own stupid, selfish needs for one second, maybe you could see that this isn’t some dumb joke. ” Striding up towards Caius, Ash was happy to get into his face with a sneer, condescendingly speaking to him like he was some child. “Believe me, if I had a choice I’d go back to my normal life without all you losers in a heartbeat, but I’m stuck with all of you, and you’re stuck with me. We don’t have to get along, but it looks like we’re gonna have a job to do, so we may as well shut up and play along for now.” Stepping back away from Caius, Ash turned to the rest of the group, tossing her hair a couple of times as it got tangled.

“I’m Ash, by the way. May as well get these introductions out of the way.”


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#, as written by Zalgo
Rick Brackwall

Rick had turned and stood at attention as was formally expected as soon as he had arrived. He stood before the demonstration of power from the esteemed leader of the WDL, ever still despite all things considered. The lights had become so bright however that he had to shield his eyes, bringing a hand up to provide shelter to them without necessarily obscuring his view of Arthur. Only when the lights burst did his hand waver slightly, his will to not falter before Arthur strong enough to hold his composure during the event.

As Arthur bid them good day and left the auditorium Rick was still mildly robbed of words, not just from the display of power but from the revelation that he was to serve as this groups leader, at least for the challenge ahead. He wanted to volunteer to help guide the newer members through so as to ease their transition and smoothly bring them up to speed. Never did he suspect that instead he would be nominated for the task by the head of the WDL himself. Having his seniority recognized by the highest authority in the organization was quite the honor.

Of course that also meant that the responsibility was greater in turn. Arthur expected results and Rick had every intention to deliver them. However...

"I don't want to be a part of this shitty production. Find yourself another child of the devil or whatever."

This was going to be easier said than done given the belligerence a few of them were already displaying. He was about to speak but the situation seemed to roll away from him over a very short but active period of time.

"A notice that if you attempt to leave without the permission of an officer, I'm authorised to initiate a lockdown sequence on the building, and you can all camp out there until your friend cools his jets."

It seemed his new comrade's antics had drawn the attention of ORIN. If she decided to they were not going to be going anywhere which would make his job of introducing all the newcomers to the WDL significantly harder. She proceeded to introduce themselves as well as make some points, albeit in a rather threatening manner.

Next up of course was Ash, confronting Caius on his actions.

“You hear that dumbass? You’re stuck here - like me - like it or not. If you can look past your own stupid, selfish needs for one second, maybe you could see that this isn’t some dumb joke. ”

She proceeded to march up to Caius's face, trying no doubt to stare him down.

“Believe me, if I had a choice I’d go back to my normal life without all you losers in a heartbeat, but I’m stuck with all of you, and you’re stuck with me. We don’t have to get along, but it looks like we’re gonna have a job to do, so we may as well shut up and play along for now.”

He appreciated her task oriented sentiment however arguing with her comrade was only going to create division when what he needed was to better bring them together. He needed teamwork, not corporal punishment and belittlement.

"Okay, I think I've heard enough."

Rick had the composure not to put a palm to his face but was certainly struck with the urge to.

"Hey, loser." She directly addressed Ash "You sure as hell don't have to get along with me, but you're gonna want to get along with everyone else, so you can start by dropping that attitude before I beat the snot out of you. Don't waste my time, don't waste Rick's time, and don't waste the WDL's time. We need you all to cooperate. You know what doesn't entail? Acting like some playground bully because your insecurities keep you awake at night. 'Shut up and play along for now,' don't give me that crap. No one's ever worked properly as a team with a mindset like that, so why don't you get your head out of your fucking ass."

At last there was a moment to interject. Rick took the opportunity to get some words in lest the arguing spread and infect the fellow children's morales.

"Thank you Rianne."

He started, smiling largely to hide his cringe at the sharpness of her words. It was good that she was assisting him with the situation however her strong wording was in definite need for refinement. Choosing to let what was said thus far to sink in for Caius and Ash Rick opted instead to turn towards the other remaining children, all no less valuable than the other at this point.

"Hello. I'm Vistra. It's nice to meet you all, even with all this going on. And I suppose this would make us half-siblings? I've always wanted an older brother and sister."

Vistra greeted them all. She certainly was a strange one, reactions being atypical to his expectations but her demeanor was quite welcome.

"It is good to meet you Vistra. It is indeed true that we are siblings by blood. I welcome the opportunity to better relate now that we're all brought together."

He looked over, addressing the other non-argumentative members generally.

"At this point however we are united not only by blood but also by circumstance. I understand the situations that you all arrived under were less than ideal but with your cooperation that will change."

He maintained a fair tone of seriousness, giving their arrival the respect it deserves.

"As they say, A rocky start is simply the beginning of a thrilling hike."

He smiled more, interjecting some levity while lightening up so as to create a less intense atmosphere.

"Come now everyone. Whilst Illusion and our esteemed leader Arthur have given you all some explanation regarding our role in the WDL I suspect you are all full of questions still yet to be answered. It is my express pleasure to satisfy any curiosity and I'll be seeing to it that you are optimally comfortable and informed. Follow me to the projector room and afterwords I'll help guide you all to your respective dormitory rooms. If anyone's interested after that I'll still be available to give a tour of this establishment."

Smoothly he turned, gesturing for them to follow him out the door. As he stepped through he threw open both of the double doors in a grand gesture, unveiling the city of Rome in it's full glory to all stepping through.

Sometimes a bit of theatrics could be more powerful than technology and even magic at times. Rick certainly hoped it could keep their interest on him as opposed to just fighting each other like a wild pack of dogs.


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#, as written by zody
| Jonathan Black/JoJo |

JoJo watched somewhat blankly as Illusion gave her speech, having ignored Caius' remark beforehand. He had something a bit more important to focus on than Caius being rude. Demon kids again, huh? Well, JoJo somehow doubted that. After all, his father was a bit busy with his new family now, and- JoJo winced, reaching up to rub the side of his head before shaking it, looking back up at Illusion. He raised an eyebrow; before his headache hit, Illusion was on stage alone, but now she standing right before himself and the others, looking them all over, although still speaking. He looked over to Vesper who'd moved to his side, before looking back to the vampire principal as she continued on. Illusion shrugged. "Unless any of you still don't believe that supernatural beings exist? I'd happily show you otherwise."

"What the everloving fuckles is going on here.." was the only thing JoJo had come out of his mouth. He knew that obviously something was going on- first there was that crazy spider woman, and then a lolita vampire had slammed him into a wall. He looked over at Illusion, eyes narrowing ever so slightly. She couldn't have been that bad, though, she gave him food when he was starving, after all. Remembering her previous reminder of her 'retaliation', JoJo had enough sense to keep his trap shut. Sure, he'd never expected to see anything aside from humans on this planet, but he had a fairly open mind- and no normal little girl could float or toss him around a room.

However, there was someone who didn't quite share his ability to not speak. His good old friend Caius, in fact. With a simple "I'm going." the man turned and began to leave the room. However, he stopped in his tracks right after. Jonathan turned towards the stage, only to spot possibly the most intimidating person he'd ever seen briskly walking across it. Even the vampire in front of him seemed nervous, and she turned around slowly to the man as he stood at the edge of the stage, glaring daggers at her. "Ahh, I forgot you were there. Haha, hi Arthur." With that, Illusion vanished into a.. thing. JoJo totally had to learn that move one day. His attention returned to the man, who gave them a painfully obvious ultimatum- and also marked Rick as their superior. Jonathan didn't really mind, since Rick seemed like an alright guy, but the hairs on the back of his neck stood up.

As Arthur began to showcase his power, and Jonathan wondered how much it would hurt to be smacked by that sword Arthur wielded. JoJo tensed up just like he did when the spider woman attacked him, and he grit his teeth. Sure, Arthur was absolutely terrifying, but JoJo wouldn't be stupid enough to fight him- Jonathan would rather use his head than his fists, even during a fight. And Arthur didn't exactly look like a guy he could get away with using anything else on.

".. Kill us? The hell have we done..? Is being born that bad?" He muttered to himself once Arthur had left, and he briefly looked over at Vistra, worried slightly at her sudden outburst of giggles and making sure she was okay. He turned back and let out a heavy sigh, visibly relaxing only slightly. He needed to find a phone and, well, do something- but then again, if he called Dawn, she might try to come get him or something. He couldn't exactly have the shorty come here and get whooped by Arthur or Illusion or whoever else was here- or imprisoned or whatever they did to people that tried to trespass here. Jonathan imagined it wasn't nice, whatever it was. He was zoned out to the point that he didn't even notice Illusion reappearing. His previous idea was the find a phone, but that idea was gone. Firstly because he'd seen Vesper again and leaving her wasn't exactly a huge priority for him- but mostly now he was just worried that he'd drag his poor housemate into something over her head. Both of their heads, honestly.

"Fucking.. fuck. The hell am I supposed to do?" Jonathan turned around, before groaning audibly as he heard Caius once again speak. He looked over at Vesper, checking on her, before he looked over at Caius. Illusion had apparently given them a chance for questions, and Caius was the first to respond. "Questions, then tell me. Where is the fuckin' exit?" JoJo groaned. "Really, dude?" Continuing his rant, he began to get ready for a fight from what JoJo saw. At this moment, he also noticed Caius' hands being bloody. Was he that intimidated by Arthur that he had to squeeze his fists that hard? Someone like Caius was scared of Arthur? "Well, fuck me, right? I thought that guy was fearless." In fact, thinking back on it, JoJo realised that the people who seemed the toughest of the group had reacted the most- Rick and Vesper barely even flinched, or didn't flinch at all.

He let out a sigh, about to call out to Caius before he jumped a little as the intercom on the wall crackled to life. Apparently there was a sentient being in control of the facility's surveillance system, and she didn't sound very, if at all, happy. Her name was ORIN, which probably stood for.. uh.. something. Probably. However, with her threat on the table, JoJo was quite honestly expecting things to start looking up.

He was so wrong.

You hear that dumbass? You’re stuck here - like me - like it or not. If you can look past your own stupid, selfish needs for one second, maybe you could see that this isn’t some dumb joke. The black-haired girl had practically waltzed up to Caius, immediately getting in his face and mouthing off at him.Believe me, if I had a choice I’d go back to my normal life without all you losers in a heartbeat, but I’m stuck with all of you, and you’re stuck with me. We don’t have to get along, but it looks like we’re gonna have a job to do, so we may as well shut up and play along for now.

Jonathan almost went and slammed his face into the nearest wall. He was nice, but he had his limits. They were literally just threatened with imprisonment if they caused anything, and here we had this girl immediately going and causing something. JoJo watched somewhat intently, though, as she'd walked right into Caius' range- and from what he remembered, that was not a good place to be. However, he was immediately a bit more relieved when she stepped away from him, turning to the rest of the group with a hair flip. How angsty. I’m Ash, by the way. May as well get these introductions out of the way.

JoJo began to wonder if being cut off was going to be a thing around here when, as when he went to introduce himself, the girl at the side of the room cut in. He was cut off. Again. It was definitely a thing. All pretense of niceties was lost within five seconds of her opening her mouth. She pointed directly at Ash after catching everyone's attention with two claps, kind of like a teacher getting their students attention. He'd expected something from her, but was just a little irked when it seemed that she, too, was intent on starting something. He glanced over at Rick, their designated leader, and wondered how he'd manage a group like this. JoJo actually felt sorry for him.

"Hey, loser." What an opening line- she was obviously trying to be the most friendly person in the room. Wall-girl stared directly at the black-haired girl, whom Jonathan now knew was named Ash. "You sure as hell don't have to get along with me, but you're gonna want to get along with everyone else, so you can start by dropping that attitude before I beat the snot out of you. Don't waste my time, don't waste Rick's time, and don't waste the WDL's time." JoJo raised an eyebrow. So she was also a member of the WDL? But aside from appearing out of basically nowhere, she seemed completely different to the two other staff members he'd met. Maybe she was some sort of instructor? Or, considering there was plenty people carrying around weapons that probably also had tongues as sharp as said weapons, she was just a regular mook that was dragged into attending with the girl from before? Whoever she was, she'd taken the mood in the room from slightly not bad back to oh god territory- he figured that Ash would have some very choice words for her right after.

Rianne put out her lit cigarette, and JoJo wondered if it was usual for someone to smoke for five seconds before stopping. Maybe there was a no smoking rule? "Name's Rianne, by the way. There's my introduction." He nodded slightly. Well, that's.. 7 new names he'd learned today. All up, he knew Vesper, Caius, Rick, Ash, Rianne, Arthur and.. Illusion? Couldn't be her actual name, right? Nah, JoJo decided, surely not.

JoJo was snapped out of his thoughts as the girl that giggled a bit too hard introduced herself. 'Hello. I'm Vistra. It's nice to meet you all, even with all this going on.' When she smiled at him, her smiled back- no need to be rude, especially in such absolutely ridiculous circumstances- I mean, a guy had just blown the lights by waving around a sword. That was absolutely insane. 'And I suppose this would make us half-siblings? I've always wanted an older brother and sister.' JoJo chuckled softly, "I s'pose it would." He spoke up, loud enough for everyone to head. "Name's Jonathan, JoJo for short. Pleasure to meet you all." 8 names he knew, now. He was going to offer his hand for her to shake before Rick, sensing the hostility between a certain trio in the room, took action.

He looked over as Rick spoke, listening to him. Apparently, Rick had been here for a while, so it was probably best for him to be listening to his senior. "At this point however we are united not only by blood but also by circumstance. I understand the situations that you all arrived under were less than ideal but with your cooperation that will change." JoJo nodded in agreement- even though he wanted to, he couldn't just walk out of here. He'd resigned himself to being stuck here for the time being. Honestly, he really just wanted to tell Dawn he wasn't dead- Rick would definitely know where there was a phone. He probably had one, even, and Jonathan knew Dawn's number by heart.

Tuning back into Rick's speech from his thoughts, he grimaced slightly. "As they say, A rocky start is simply the beginning of a thrilling hike." A thrilling hike doesn't usually start with getting your feet messed up, that's for sure. There's only a certain amount of rockiness that you can go through. Also, JoJo thought to himself, who even says that?

"Come now everyone. Whilst Illusion and our esteemed leader Arthur have given you all some explanation regarding our role in the WDL I suspect you are all full of questions still yet to be answered. It is my express pleasure to satisfy any curiosity and I'll be seeing to it that you are optimally comfortable and informed." JoJo looked up as soon as Rick mentioned a tour- he could finally find a damn phone! But something else caught him, and that was Rick's offer to answer their questions on Illusion's behalf. Rick at this point seemed a tad cardboard, like he was forcing his pleasant demeanour. 'Express pleasure'? 'Optimally comfortable'? Something seemed ever so off about it, although JoJo pinned that down to his nerves and his circumstances. He perked up a little, however, as Rick continued. "Follow me to the projector room and afterwords I'll help guide you all to your respective dormitory rooms. If anyone's interested after that I'll still be available to give a tour of this establishment."

He crossed his arms, surveying everyone else in the room, before he stepped forward. He looked over at Rick, then gave him a nod as he began to follow him. He watched, and couldn't help but smirk as Rick threw open the doors so fancily- "Man, this seems like a slow-motion intro moments at the beginning of an anime, I swear.." He muttered under his breath. He looked back as he walked, wanting to make sure Vesper was following.

| Illusion |

Illusion sat in her chair, a sly smirk sliding across her features as Caius questioned her. Not particularly invested in the events before her, she tuned out once the female doggo got in Caius' face, and then tuned back in when Rianne jumped in as well. She sighed, looking up at the nearest security camera and giving it a 'what the hell are we doing here' type of shrug. Her eyes flickered over to Rick, and she narrowed them slightly. "Shouldn't ya be doin' somethin', leader?" she thought, and was pleasantly surprised when Rick did, in fact, do his duty. As Rick did do something- albeit while apparently ignoring the three hostile satanspawns right in front of him, and Illusion sighed. Arthur had put them all on edge, and the two lovely firecrackers they'd gotten didn't seem to make anything easier. However, she had a much darker goal in her mind. She'd offered to prove anyone who didn't believe that those of supernatural origin existed wrong, and her eyes smoothly settled on Caius.

Waiting until everyone else had left the room or was leaving, Illusion cleared her throat. "Oi, Caius, my friendo. There's somethin' I wanna speak with ya about. Privately." She glanced over at Rick, a look that made it obvious that she meant for the others to move along and leave her alone with Caius. Waiting patiently, the young vampire smiled, before idly starting to read what seemed to be a newspaper. When they were alone, she looked up at Caius; "So, ya read the news lately?"

A pair of binoculars scoured the WDL grounds. The barrier barely did its job of preventing sight into the compound, and a sigh left the lips of the observer. "Lax defences.." They then groaned, cracking their neck before resuming their searching. For a moment, their binoculars caught sight of Rick shoving the Auditorium doors open all cool-like. A slightly chuckle left their lips. "Wait a.. Oh, so that's them, then." A pause, before the binoculars moved around the facility. The observer's sight landed on an open window in one of the buildings on the grounds of the WDL's Exorcist Academy. Zooming in a little, the observer caught a glimpse of a rather pretty woman adjusting their blouse near an open window. They zoomed in a bit more, a sly snicker leaving their lips. "Ho ho hoh, this is a great view.." The girl in the window finished doing up their blouse, and moved away. A sad sigh left the observer's lips as they moved their binoculars around again, this time finding their last target. A young man was suddenly accosted by another- attacked with a full rubbish bin, in fact. The observer snickered, watching the young Exorcist seemingly apologise to the man he'd just covered with trash.

Putting away their binoculars, they slowly stood up. Their gear weighed a bit heavy on their back, but they were here for business, after all.

The girl stretched as she exited the cab, smiling as it pulled away and she gave it a cheerful wave. Smiling and humming to herself happily, she began the short trek towards the guardpost that prevented her from entering the WDL's facilities. Well, it would have if she wasn't registered as a student. Her lips curled into a sly smile, and she half-walked half-skipped up to the guardpost, pass in hand if they had any questions.

Of course, like all men, the only question they had for her was 'Will you love me?', and her answer was always the same.


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#, as written by Tanman
Ashley “Ash” “Soot” Clade

"Okay, I think I've heard enough." Ash turned towards the source speaking, eying up the woman that had dragged the teen girl in amongst chains. For some reason, her expression and the dual set of claps irked her, though it did surprise her slightly to see a pointed finger aimed squarely at her.

"Hey, loser."

Immediately, Ash’s expression soured. She was not a loser, that was her line about every other person in the room. Even if Ash could respect a no-bullshit approach to things, she was still the alpha bitch in this room (Illusion didn’t count, she wasn’t human), so no matter how tough this woman was, she wasn’t going to accept any pretence that Rianne was better than her. She didn’t expect her and Ash to get along? Good. Heck, she wanted a fight, she’d get one soon enough. Ashley had been trying to be somewhat cordial, but then this tramp had to go and insult her and what she thought was a perfectly reasonable set of requests of the group. Ash thought to interject, but she was bigger than that. For now. Watching the woman take a cigarette, another annoyance to the biker, she thought perhaps the woman was done.

But no. She couldn’t leave good enough alone.

“…Acting like some playground bully because your insecurities keep you awake at night. 'Shut up and play along for now,' don't give me that crap. No one's ever worked properly as a team with a mindset like that, so why don't you get your head out of your fucking ass." Rianne continued, punctuating her comments by crushing her cigarette and sharing her name. Not that Ash hadn’t pegged this bitch’s name from the beginning. Still, she could feel it. Her blood boiling, but not just in irritation. In some respects, she enjoyed a good fight. It would do her good to let loose some of this pent up frustration.

“Rianne, huh?” Ash started simply, unfolding her arms and placing them on her hips. “ Shame such a nice name belongs to a bitch. That’s some mouth you got there for a holy woman. You’d think an old dog like you would’ve learned some manners by this point, but I guess you’re just scared that there might be a new girl in town who’s not afraid of your crap. If I’m the schoolyard bully, then you’re the dipshit that stayed back several years and runs the playground just ‘cuz they think they’re bigger and better.” Ash remained where she was, not making an effort to approach Rianne. Vaguely, she could hear some niceties being exchanged by the other children, but she didn’t care. Even Caius had been forgotten in this moment. This girl had challenged her, and Ash wasn’t about to take it without some sort of counterattack.

“You want me to get along with these dumbasses? They’re gonna have to earn it. Just like you. Sure, I get it, you’re a disgruntled badass cause you’re stuck here fighting demons since you’re too ugly to find yourself a man, and too stupid to move up the ranks to something worthwhile, but hey, maybe if you dedicate yourself you can be Arthur’s lapdog.” Ash shrugged with a smug expression, raising her hands into the air as she looked away. Seemed the rest of the group was leaving. Pivoting slightly, she began wandering away, calling over her shoulder.

“I get why you’re scared though - You’re gonna be old news Rianne. With us new devil-spawns being trained up, you’re gonna be obsolete before long. Get used to seeing my ass, cause you’re gonna be eating my dust for years to come. Your days are numbered.” Ash waved over her shoulder as she strode away with Rick and the others, praying that her final cool move would work. To her immense and smug glee, right on cue, her motorbike pulled up beside her, allowing Ash to climb on easily as it began to ride away, idly coasting behind the group and leaving Caius, Rianne and Illusion behind. But not before one last quip. “Later Pot. Try not to get too worked up, can’t be good for your heart with that shit in you.”

Kane O’ReillyImage

Sitting calmly in class, oblivious to the events occurring outside the room, was a single bright young exorcist doing his best to take notes on the material in class. He was still pretty low on the totem pole, barely more than a recruit at his lower 3rd class rank, but he knew that if he applied himself and worked hard, that would change. It didn’t matter that he’d been here a few months and hadn’t progressed. Or that he hadn’t gone on field duty at all. It didn’t even matter that he kept getting cleaning duty. The important thing was that he was here - The WDL - The place where he could truly put his skills as an exorcist to the test, and help fight off the demon threat.

Of course… It wasn’t exactly how he expected it to be. Granted, his ideas about glory and fighting off demons and what have you may have been exaggerated to begin with, but… Well, even as far as a school went, he’d had higher expectations. He wasn’t expecting to be popular by any means but… Well, he thought he’d have made SOME friends at the school. But no. He was a laughing stock. A joke. I mean, he enjoyed making people happy, but it still hurt. Just because he tripped when introducing himself to the class, some people thought he was incapable. It didn’t help he was constantly just cleaning, never on a mission… I mean, he’d prove himself eventually, but when were the brass going to take him seriously? Maybe he’d have to go speak with M-…Ms. Hallows and see about it.

When class ended, Kane inevitably got lumped with staying back and cleaning the room. It didn’t take him long – the students weren't particularly messy, and he was well practiced in it by now. Lumping the last of the garbage into the bin, Kane cautiously carried it in front of him, but he couldn’t really see. Sliding the class door open with his foot, he stepped out, though his second step caught on the lip of the door. The results were as expected.

“WahaHOAHH!” Kane went sprawling forward with a soft thud, tossing the bin flying forwards. In a mess of banana peels, paper, dust and other items, the poor teenager that had been standing outside the door was quickly pelted with the rubbish, culminating in the bin landing over his head with a soft ‘thunk’. Kane swallowed nervously as he got up, quickly moving to help the guy. “I’m so sorry! That was a total accident, I’m such a klutz! Here, let me help you clean off, uh…”


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#, as written by claw
At the designated site of the boot camp progress had suddenly ground to halt, though the explanation wasn't exactly clear at first. A number of small prefabs had already done up, as had the trailers for the staff who were busy at work building up the place from nothing. Everyone was busy working hard except for one person who was curiously absent from their work place. Locked away in his own trailer, given more to spare the others from the large wings of tendrils of light that sprouted from between his shoulder blades, was the Demon Zadkiel, though he would call himself the Angel Zadkiel. In the confines of his metal trailer he was busy at work on one of the few hobbies that took up his time, carving wooden figures out of small logs. Placed firmly upon his head were a pair of headphones, connected to the phone in his pocket that was simply full of his choice of tinny, fast paced music.

"Discord, I'm howling at the moon,
And sleeping in the middle
Of a summer afternoon!
Discord, whatever did we do
To make you take our world away?
Discord, are we your prey alone,
Or are we just a stepping stone
For taking back the throne?
Discord, we wo-"

A slender hand suddenly plucked the wooden horse from Zadkiel's grip, lifting it up so two crimson eyes could inspect the handiwork. Illusion sat just across from him, having seemed to appear from literally thin air. A small smile was upon her lips as she turned to Zadkiel and motioned for him to remove his headphones. The blond, angelic creature blinked in surprise as his now empty hand closed and opened on thin air, not exactly understanding where his half finished carving had managed to slip away to. He look up, more than a little confused and half jumped out of his seat as he saw none other than the small figure of Illusion sat just next to him. His glowing wings that had been laying in a mass all around him suddenly jerked in surprise which caused an entire shelfs worth of carvings to come crashing loudly to the ground, a few breaking slightly on impact. He returned the smile warmly after he had taken a second to compose himself and was about to speak when he noticed Illusion was motioning for him to actually take his headphones off. He had gotten so used to the blaring music that he hadn't even remembered that he was wearing them. Fumbling for the phone in his pocket as he pulled the headphones from his head he struggled to get the music to actually stop, he knew it was far loud enough that everyone within earshot could hear the music without his head there to deaden the noise.

"Illusion! I didn't expect you visit me. Sorry about the mess... Nobody really comes in here so I just sort of let the place fall into my own little den. How can I help you today?" Illusion smiled.
"I do apologise for those broken figurines. Before anything else, you should begin selling these. I know they're a hobby of yours, but they'd fetch quite a price." Illusion chuckled softly, handing over the figurine to its rightful owner.
"I don't think I could ever bring myself to sell them, just look how many men tried to peddle off things that had supposedly been created by The Lord Jesus Christ. I don't think I want to add to that problem." He took the wooden horse gently, turning it over in his hands and feeling the course wood against his skin.
"And don't mind me. I've seen much worse places in my lifetime, trust me." Her warm smile met Zadkiel's own, and she nodded. "Your superior officer hasn't seen you for quite a while. He was worried you were dead or doing something.. unsanitary. He looked up at the chuckling girl before him, a half awkward, half amused smile pulled his lips back weirdly.
"Certainly raises the question of if Angels can die I suppose."" She looks at the figurine, then back at Zadkiel. Zadkiel looked down at the half finished wooden horse, it wasn't even barely done but it was fairly detailed. The forelegs were raised as the figure would be rearing up onto it's hind legs. It's small nostrils were flared and the eyes wide as he stood proudly and defiantly. Or it would be when he actually finished.

A teasing chuckle left the lolita as she looked up into Zadkiel's eyes.
"I heard through the grapevine that you'd been neglecting your duties here, and knowing how you are, I knew it couldn't have been on purpose." She looks at the figurine, then back at Zadkiel. "I admit I'm a fan of your works, but could you maybe help the others finish the boot camp preparations? Your ability to fly is absolutely invaluable to them, and I'd like to personally ask if you could perhaps finish the work here before returning to your figures,? If that's not overstepping my boundaries, of course." His smile drooped slightly, a feeling of guilt welling up in his chest. His glowing red eyes looked over the small trailer, matching the motions of the lolita across from him.
"Surely I can't have been in here more than an hour." His eyes dropped down to where the last three figures he had carved lay, an ox, a tiger and a shield respectively. "Or... Maybe a few hours at least." He looked up sharply though as Illusion first praised his work then suddenly reminded him of why exactly he was brought out here in the first place. He had only slightly forgotten about it, he was entirely intending to do his job after all, he had just gotten slightly distracted.

"I apologise, I should have made the important work my priority. I'll try not to disappoint you again." He placed the half finished carving down on the floor, though before he made to stand up he looked over to where one of the finished carvings had fallen on the floor. The tendrils that were his wings snaked out and elegantly picked one of those same carvings out, it was a small sword that had been painstakingly crafted in the image of Excalibur, though Zadkiel had only seen it a few times he had managed to get it near picture perfect. His wings dropped the sword, which was little more than six inches long, into his open palm before he offered it towards Illusion, bowing his head slightly. "Here, take this as a token of my apology and should I try to escape my duties again do not hesitate to hit me with it."

Illusion grinned, taking the sword quite eagerly.
"I won't be hitting you with this, Zadkiel." She slowly stood, crossing her arms. "And don't for a moment think you've disappointed me. In fact, I came here out of worry more than disappointment. I'm glad you didn't pass away in your sleep or something like that. However," she paused, bowing to him, "I shan't keep you, Zadkiel. Thank you for the gift and for the talk. Shall you be staying here for their arrival?" She stood from her bow, looking at him curiously.The blond, deluded Demon smiled, pleased that he hadn't done done something to upset or disappoint Illusion. He stood a moment after the lolita did, trying his best to move his wings out of the way without knocking more stuff over.

It took him a brief moment to remember who 'them' was, until he remembered the briefing they had all been given and really their entire reason for being sent out here in the first place.
"Oh... I hadn't actually thought on that... Uhh, I think I shall stay here for now, not much sense in running back and forth all day. Besides, I'm sure the Children have enough to deal with alongside meeting an emissary of The Lord." He bowed to the smaller figure, his wings brushing against every wall and surface of the trailer. Illusion smiled widely.
"How could I not visit someone as kind and respectful as yourself? Not everyone affords me the common courtesy of respect like you do, Zadkiel. Now, hurry along. I'm sure the others are eager to have their work finished, and when said work is finished, you may carve as much wood as you wish until tomorrow." With a small bow, and a smirk, Illusion simply leaned back and the world cracked around her, swallowing her up in what seemed to be a shattering mirror before she vanished completely, and the world was untouched.

The 'angel' smiled softly as Illusion vanished once more, he found he actually like the small creature, she seemed to genuinely show concern for him. The other members of the WDL had a mixture of reactions towards him, some were reverent to him, some polite but cold and others still were plain standoffish. He supposed he couldn't blame them, he was a non-human after all, even if he was an Angel on their side. He didn't waste any more time in standing around, there was work to be done before the Children arrived tomorrow. He wasn't sure what he thought of them yet, on one hand they were Demonkin, the enemy of all who followed Heavens law, yet on the other hand they were still Human and they didn't decide who their parentage was. He supposed he would have to decide on them person by person.

(Many thanks to Zody for helping with this post.)


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With the sudden verbal abuse that Rianne had dumped on the girl, she absolutely expected some kind of retaliation from someone with a mouth like that. She sat quietly, almost eagerly as she waited in anticipation to hear what she would say - her body was leaning slightly forward, hands on her knees and the slightest smile creeping at the corner of her mouth. Unsurprisingly, she jumped straight to name calling but in a few moments, the direction she took her insults changed drastically. 'Disgruntled badass? Too ugly to find a man? Arthur's lapdog? Obsolete?'

Rianne almost bust out laughing as Ash fumed at her, who then ended with a smug grin that showed that she was confident she had 'won' their little argument. Sure kid, you won, Rianne thought, eliciting a snicker as the girl sped away on her bike with the others. There were so many things that was funny about that entire sequence that she didn't even know where to begin. She couldn't even be mad - the wild assumptions, the smug look, the fact that she felt she had to get the last word in - Rianne changed her mind, Ash wasn't a playground bully. She was just an idiot.

"And that's fine with me," Rianne muttered to herself with a shrug, flipping her phone open. It had been buzzing for a few minutes now, but she'd chosen to ignore it. I'm just as much of a dumbass, though I'd never hear the end of it if I put myself in the same boat as her. Her eyes skimmed over the message she'd received and suddenly things weren't so funny anymore:

[Melody: 12:00 PM sharp at Della Pace. Come alone.]

Rianne quickly closed her phone, squinting suspiciously around the ceiling for a few moments. ORIN didn't see that, did she? God knows where's she got eyes and ears here. She put the phone away and rubbed the side of her temple with her right hand, gently closing her eyes. It'll be okay. Even if she did see, she probably wouldn't care.

Unlike her, Melody was not the type to pull pranks like this. Somebody's got a hold of her.

Rianne opened her eyes again and took a few deep breaths, opening her phone for a few seconds before putting it away once more. She had been too stunned to fully register the time and place that she was expected to meet this stranger. It didn't seem likely that it was anybody she knew, so she guessed that it had to be a demon of some sort. She'd dealt with their kind on many an occasion, after all.

In any case, there were still hours to spare before the clock struck twelve and she wasn't going to spend that time moping around, at least if she could help it. She half-considered asking somebody for help, but she wasn't willing to risk Melody's life. This was something she might have to face on her own. Standing up and dusting herself off, she waved and made her way towards the exit. "You two have fun, I'm gonna go grab some ice cream."

Or at least, that was the plan. By the looks of it, they were all sold out of strawberry. Peering off to the side, she spotted a pair of WDL students surrounded by a heap of trash. Oh boy.

She walked over and pulled the can upright, kneeling to the ground to pick up pieces of trash and drop them back in. "It's nice that you're introducing each other in the middle of all this garbage, but I hope at least one of you is planning on cleaning all of this up. Actually. . ." Rianne snapped a few times as if to jog her memory. "Kane, right? Get me a broom from the classroom, I'll clean it up."

Anything to take my mind off of tonight.


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"I really hate to admit
that I need to concede on
some things, but it doesn't
mean that I would just take
it as it is, but I know I have
to, so I won't be weak."

If there was gauge to determine how much Caius was bursting in confusion which relates to his temper, it would be bursting and just a step away before it exploded. He is truly the definition of stubbornness and even if everything he had been seeing is truly contradictory to what he believes. He would not be swayed and because he relays on emotions more, the resentment building inside of him due to the people and environment, simply blocks his willingness to view things openly. Actually, it's just pure immature hardheadedness that makes him resistant to everything that's being said even if, deep inside he could see logical points. Still, his temper triumphs over it.

Well, this was briefly rerouted when a voice reminiscent of those virtual assistants in the latest gadgets echoed through the building. Apparently, it replied to his demand. His eyes narrowed further inciting his displeasure. This ORIN character or whatever it calls itself was also have the keys to grate on his nerves. It was pinning the fault of a lock-down on him if he ever so prance out of here at his violation. Adding to that, it sounded like wacko job of big brother who sees everything and so on. "Tch! The fuck should I care about some piece of shit." His words had the lace of venom and his irritation as more confusing things keep piling up on him.

Then, this piss poor imitation of a biker chick from Addams family approached her as if she's worth even equal to dirt. He gritted his teeth and literally snarled at the girl. "Listen her you stick of a t-" He was unable to continue his retort when the sound clapping intervened along the lines. He growled for the interruption, but didn't say anything as he decided to ignore the two.

He just wanted to leave now and find the kids, if what that psycho Illusion said that they are alive and safe. But, he did glare at that sissy-looking girl who introduced herself as Vistra and had the gall to say that they are siblings. "Don't screw with me. We ain't family or even siblings. So, shut it!" His agitation was clear and because of it, he was venting it out in different ways. He then also glared at Rick who seemed to agree on that statement and to the punk JoJo. There was no way he would even think about becoming anything with these freaks. That was not even registering to him at all. He just needs to get out of here quick. That's what's being prioritized in his head.

In terms of what Rick was saying, he really didn't care that's why he didn't listen at all. Instead, he looked away from the group and the warning from ORIN didn't even cause any worry over him as he looked around to see where he could slip away and escape this circus of crazy. The opportunity soon appeared as the others began to leave the building. He could use that get away and when he was about to, but that voice which grated on his ears prevented him. He looked over his shoulder and saw that Illusion. "We're not friends." He retorted as he glared at the little fry of violence. Despite his temper, he did notice that he was left alone with Illusion soon enough. Then, his gaze fell on that newspaper. It was odd in every aspect to him. "What do you want?"

Illusion, with a small smirk on her face, lazily looked up in Caius’ direction. I asked you if you’ve read the news lately, rude boy. Have you? Lifting up her slender hand, she beckoned Caius over as her grin slowly vanished.Caius was really having doubts whether to approach, but his curiosity won over. "...What is it?" His tone returned to a normal range, but it was still filled with a controlled level of annoyance. He walked towards Illusion, but made sure there was a notable distance in case this man-child do something again. That grin was enough sign for him that something was up and he really wasn’t keen about throwing caution out the window right now. "So, what’s interesting about it, huh?"

Illusion turned to the page before her, chuckling. Just a little bit here. ‘An orphanage was attacked a few nights ago; several children, the matron murdered, and the rest of the children were missing along with one of the staff that worked there by the name of..’ Well.. ‘Caius Grady’, in fact. Hearing those words, Caius stiffened notably. The events of that night rolled inside his head as his hands were once again clenched into fists. He didn’t even mind the fact that he might make his hands bleed which had already stopped earlier.

Illusion looked over at Caius once more. According to this newspaper there was no animal found on the scene, yet there were several bodies. What do you think of this oh so wonderful development, Mister Grady? Illusion gazed right into his eyes, her expression dead serious. "... No animal…?" That was the question that echoed in his head as the image of that violent beast appeared in his head. "That’s impossible!" He loudly retorted in confusion while shaking his head in disbelief. "There was that…. Bear… Dog…. Beast!" He then met Illusion’s gaze as a rather useless, but plausible idea entered his thoughts. "You.. What did you do!?" It was not impossible from his opinion. He was attacked then, he was taken there and then that news…. Everything was confusing… The only person who could do something about it was this person, this Illusion.

That what? It’s called a werewolf- lycanthrope. Whatever. Illusion spoke in a monotone voice. We did nothing. If we had’ve done something, why would we have taken your lovely orphans into our protection? Caius somehow eased up due to Illusion’s anti-climactic tone. He bit his lower lip in obvious frustration as he wasn’t able to speak anything more. Illusion continued reading from the paper, It seems to have been an attack by an animal, however, nothing at the scene could be linked to any type of animal native to the region. A search was launched, but no results were found aside from a large tooth buried in the throat of a young girl, a human canine. Illusion paused. See, the thing about werewolves is that when a piece of them is torn out, it returns to its human form. She shrugged. But since werewolves obviously don’t exist, why was there a human tooth in poor Sophie’s neck, Caius? Can you tell me?

The memory of Sophie reaching out to him made him lowered his head as the scene made him shake his head in resistance. "....That’s impossible… Impossible..." Yes, he was resisting what was being said to him as he took a step back. "It was a huge animal…. Human? That’s impossible..." He tried to connect the dots, but he was never the type to handle such complicated processes. That’s why all he could was just a simple and rather low-level comprehension. "It must be a human in a costume… That’s it!" He pointed at Illusion as his eyes of gold lit with approval of that solution, but still, doubt swimmed behind it. All of that due to the fact he had grabbed hold of that beast… he felt that claw… It wasn’t human… "It’s a deranged human!"

So you killed a man? Ripped a man in two in front of all of those innocent people? You murdered a man? Or are you just clutching onto your beliefs that it wasn’t a monster when you know that it was. What kind of man is that big? That strong? What kind of man growls at you and looks like a wolf? What kind of man eats little children? Those words accosted him like daggers and each stabbed him true. Killing someone, it was not something he would lose sleep over. In his life, the idea of killing had never been an issue, more like he was prepared for that instance especially with the darkness of his life in the underground world. What actually pierced him was that his beliefs were being torn at the very seams. It’s like his impenetrable rock was being drilled into pieces, slowly, but surely.

Illusion shrugged.But if you still want to ignore the obvious lycan in front of you, I have another proposal for you. Caius Grady, if there was no werewolf to kill those children, and no man was found at the crime scene; that means that you ate and killed those children with your own hands, doesn’t it? So tell me, Caius. Do werewolves exist, or.. She paused, tossing the paper aside and staring at him as she stood up, looking right into his eyes, Are you a heartless, child-butchering cannibal, Caius Grady? His hand that pointed accusingly at Illusion quivered for a moment, as he lowered it. Then, "Hell no! I won’t ever hurt those kids! No!" He stated angrily and with a clear sincerity that would have been usually hidden with his rough words. His eyes also glowed with that harsh determination. "It’s… not a hu---..." He didn’t continue his words as he held his head and shook it in frustration. "SHIT! What the fuck is happening…?"

Illusion sighed. What’s happening is exactly what happened to everyone else here. Your regular life was suddenly torn apart because you were introduced to something that wasn’t human. You’re just being awfully stubborn about it. Illusion shrugged. If you didn’t hurt those children, and there was no animal, where does that leave you, Caius? There was a werewolf and you know it, don’t you?

At this point, the resistance that Caius had was blown away. His shoulders lowered and his eyes on the ground as well. "I..." He clammed up as he took a deep breath and calmed himself. The memories of the night and what happened to him here played again, but this time, things were being put into perspective. "Hey..." His voice had lost it edge of irritation, somehow it was calm, something unfamiliar to those who have observed him earlier. "That monster… that.. Werewolf is dead, right?" He was still not looking at her as he asked that question as if for confirmation.

Illusion, her face softening, nodded. Yes. You quite literally tore it in half, saving the rest of the children in the room. You also took quite the beating , she motioned to his stomach, but in the end, you were quite the hero, Caius. The word hero made him flinched. He should feel a sense of pride normally, but the faces of the Matron, the dead children, and Sophie haunted his eyes. Plus, he was definitely not the hero type. Still, he looked up and saw that expression which was usually only given to him by the Matron. She smiled warmly at him- not her usual fake warm smile, but an actually genuine one.

She put her hands behind her back, looking over at the podium she’d stood on before. I’m sure those kids are all grateful to you. They now have a place to live, a place to grow up, and most importantly they have their lives. She turned back to Caius, slowly floating up to pat his head. This time, he didn’t say anything and just allowed that gesture. I’ll take you to see them later on, okay? For now you should head to the projector room with the others. I know this is all difficult and new for you, but the more you learn the better you can protect the children, right? Illusion dropped to the floor, grinning. Now go, I’ll make sure that the orphans- well, not orphans anymore- are taken care of while you’re away. She looked at him again. Is there anything else before you go?

He was quiet for a while before releasing a big sigh and then looked at the ceiling. It was at that position he spoke once more. "I’ll hold you to what you say." Caius was not completely trusting Illusion, but that was normal, isn’t it? He was still wary and cautious, but right now… What can he really do? Apparently, everything around him is against to his desire to leave. Plus, he is worried about the kids remembering their horror when they saw what he did. His strength… that was abnormal. He needed to understand and these people can either give that or manipulate him, but he was willing to gamble. He was always risking it anyway out the streets. What was the difference here, right? "Keep those brats safe. Anyway, I’ll learn what am I here, right?" This time, he finally looked back at her.

Illusion nodded. Yes, you will. You’ll learn lots of things. You’ll learn more about the world than any other place could teach you. I’ll keep those children safe- I give you my word, but I expect you to grow strong enough that one day I don’t need to protect them. I’m sure they’d much rather be watched over by their big brother Caius than a tiny lolita like me. She chuckled softly. Caius didn’t mind the chuckle. He was still hesitant with the whole supernatural thing going on, but he wasn’t that closed off anymore. "That’s obvious." He noted on his part. Get moving, Caius. Today is introductions, tomorrow is boot camp. Oh, she motioned towards the doorway, Please try to get along with them. In a battle, they might have your back when you need it. I know you prefer to fight alone, but you have a family now. Don’t let that opportunity go to waste, are we clear? He looked away from Illusion. "I can’t promise about getting along with them." The idea of JoJo, that halloween-themed girl along with the others of having sort of a bond with him was really far off in his assessment. Even the word family, it’s foreign to him at the moment. "....But, I’ll tolerate them." He shrugged his shoulders. "So, which way is this projection room?"

Illusion, her smile suddenly turning sly, giggled. Oh, don’t worry about that. I can get you there in just a moment, however, you might hate me for this. She shoved Caius, her small frame making it somewhat comedic as this tiny girl, with one finger, sent him falling onto his rear. This was without doubt made him shock, but instead of meeting with the floor, he fell through one of Illusion’s crazy broken glass-looking portals, landing on the floor in a room with a projector being the most prominent feature. "Eh?" It might have been weak response, but his eyes were as big as a fish caught out water. His surroundings suddenly shifted as he looked around in a hurry. This... is... impossible... "How... It's... Huh?" He felt eyes on him as he looked up and saw a hole that he has the common sense to know shouldn't exist. But, it was there with Illusion smiling as she leaned through it. Just wait here for a while, the others will show up in a moment. Don’t break anything~ With that, the girl slid back through the hole, gave him a curt wave, and it closed up in front of him. By the time it was done, it was as if the hole had never existed at all.

Actually, Caius blinked a couple of times after that. Then, rubbed his eyes as he looked at the ceiling which was normal looking. "I'm not crazy... Nope... not crazy." He muttered that to himself while shaking his head. "The fuck... I guess I need get used to this... I need a drink... Badly." Just like that, he stood from the floor and sighed, the biggest he had ever done in his life.


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Throughout the many things that happened in the span of minutes, Vesper was the pinnacle of indifference. She really had no opinion about the conversations going around her or the barbs being thrown between them. They simply did not concern her, so she stopped caring about it. Although, she did offer minimal and harmless responses when appropriate. One would be when ORIN warned them about the possible consequence of leaving as instigated by the brown-tall man (Caius). She was familiar with the system due to her staying and as a form of greeting, she performed a flawless keirei bow as named in her motherland. In this position, her hands were placed by her side as she bend forward in a 30 degree angle. The loose silver wisps swayed along as she did so, creating a graceful conduct.

After that, her next reaction was towards the scarf girl's (Vistra) introduction. She mentioned for them to be siblings and apparently, she fell into the category of older sister. She did not openly responded, but her purple gem of eyes lowered to avert the other girl's gaze. She does not feel comfortable being assessed as that. A haze covered her vision as if she was seeing into a realm that no one could reach and it was the truth. Memories surrounded her without mercy and an overpowering voice echoed inside her. "I'll tell you a story... Ane-sama." She closed her eyes and then raised her face once again as the haze vanished. There was not much of a difference about her or even in her presence, a complete emotionless doll she had become.

Though, she did tilt her head to the side as her sight had spotted a red splotch on the floor. It seemed to have come from that brown-tall man. Blood. There was only a flicker behind those eyes of hers as another voice assaulted her head. "You're an abomination!" It ended at that as she noticed that Rick had began to speak about assisting them in Warriors of Divine Light. He was the same with her, so she did not see anything odd about it. But, she did give him a full nod to acknowledge him. Then another barb occurred between the black-haired girl (Ashley) who separated her earlier from her brother figure, and the older female (Rianne). She simply stood by the sidelines as she glanced at Jonathan. He seemed troubled, but she was certain it was not something the he could not handle. That's why she looked forward again.

It was then Rick finally led them away. The dramatic flair was just that for her, dramatic flair. Yet, that was expected from her, though she did make effort to provide a commentary for Jonathan as she kept her pace beside her as they moved. "Would you be the hero then?" That was but a whimsical note by her as her eyes laid on Jonathan, before she looked ahead once more. Her face was neutral in every way, yet had that mystical elegance as she took each step with effortless poise. Though, she did notice that Illusion was left alone with that brown-tall man. She, however, did not see any importance in that.

"JoJo..." Her voice was low and had melody reserved only for the man beside her. "If you go, take me okay?" At that point, her hand gently gripped at the bottom hem of his shirt. She was not looking at him, however and her face revealed nothing of her emotions that seemed to have disappeared, long ago. After a while, she released her hold on his shirt as if she did not say anything. The world that was monochrome, now had a bit of color and the bandages covering her was slowly coming undone. Just like a sunflower, raising its head to face the sun. That's why, "Is she really a..monster?" She was fine, because she now knew the answer to that.


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#, as written by Zalgo
Rick Brackwall

With all things said and done what was important was that they were on their way with him. He looked back to ensure that they were still following and didn't start wondering off for whatever reason. All five of them were following behind well enough. That was all what mattered, little else was of concern in regards to that. He did wonder what Illusion had in mind for Caius. Hopefully she'll help him along to the projector room or brief him separately. It would be time consuming doing a whole briefing for a single missing brethren.

He unclipped his clipboard from his belt as he walked, carrying under his arm as he lead them from the auditorium. Past guards and through the scenic architecture that was WDL's Rome. Soon they approached the building that was their destination: The Academy in all it's grandeur. Well, perhaps it wasn't the most flowing and beautiful structure within the compound but it was suitably nice.

"I welcome you one and all to WDL's very own academy!" He gestured to the building with a fancy flourish of the hand. "It may not look inherently special but there's not a place better suited to preparing one for any situation one may encounter." He'd of extrapolated on the nature of these 'Encounters' however they would need to understand the existence of demons as a whole first and such a change in their reality was bound not to be received smoothly.

Through the front doors and up the stairs to the right Rick led them to the second floor and down the hall. It was the room just past classroom 101 that was two classrooms in length. Opening the door he revealed the room in full. It was a fairly nice room, long fluorescent lights just waiting to cast their bright white light at the touch of a button. The was a long grey oval desk in the middle of the room surrounded with office chairs. At the side of the room closest to the entrance was a projector mounted on a trolley. At the other end of the room was a white board, a large roll up screen attached at the top.

With a flick Rick turned on the lights, illuminating the placid room. The walls were bare and white, the carpet a neutral grey color. It looked very much like the type of room that would be at home in an office building. What didn't belong in an office building however was Caius who was standing over on the far side of the room looking mostly confused.

While this would be an odd sight, someone who was left behind somehow making it to a room they weren't even aware of before them, to Rick this was just to be expected of Illusion. Her magic certainly benefited her efficiency plenty though her mannerisms were a tad chaotic. After these many years the strange was simply commonplace.

"All of you may feel free to take a seat. I'll get the projector set up." He offered the others as he went over to the projector, hardly even batting an eye at the befuddled Caius. Setting down his clip board the observant would spot that the paper slides it kept a hold of were all completely blank.

After a few moments of moving panels and inserting slides Rick finally had the projector set up.

"Alright! If you are all settled let the briefing begin!"

With that announcement he hit the lights and took his place by the projector. It spat forth an image not of a blank slide as was previously noted by the more aware but instead a cover marked with the WDL insignia. With that up Rick cleared his throat, prepared to speak at length.

"The WDL, the Warriors of Divine Light, are a martial institution established to protect the human population from non-standard threats on a global scale. All of you on some level have had experiences with threats known to the WDL prior to your arrival here."

The slides simply seemed to switch over on their own accord to the next one in the order. It was an image of the exact type of demon that attacked Jonathan, a Tsuchigumo as the title of the slide states.

"At first it might seem surreal."

The slides changed over again. This time it was an image of what seemed to be a man kneeling within a demonic diagram, candles set at strategic points in the circular drawing. In the man's hand was a knife which which he appeared to be cutting open his own arm, the blood flowing not down but up from the wound. The title of this slide was Hemomancy.

"It may make you question things you never doubted before."

The screens flipped to the next slide. It was an illustration of each phase in a werewolf's transformation, starting from man to feral half-canine beast in order of left to right. The title to this document was The Transformation From Man to Werewolf.

"It may make you even question your own sanity."

Flipping again to the next slide was a compilation image of all three illustrations, arranged in a triangle.

"There is truth in what you witnessed. It is what we all share. It is why we are here now."

Striding up next to the screen the images were projected onto Rick stepped into view. His posture was open and he still wore a pleasant if calm smile, speaking in a pleasant tone albeit with the slightest Italian accent simply due to spending a fair amount of time learning in Rome.

"Now, you've been given a brief rundown by our principle, the esteemed Miss Illusion, but I feel as though it didn't satisfy the amount of knowledge you require in order to wholly accept a responsibility that's been thrust upon you without warning or consent. Know that like you all I too arrived here no differently."

While it was definitely dark and difficult to see anything beyond the image put forth by the projector the keen of eye might spot a piece of paper reaching up with a corner and hitting the power switch on the projector. Just as the projector shut down, plunging the room into darkness, Rick hit the light switch on his side of the room, igniting the fluorescent lights and immersing the room in their plain white light.

"I am here simply to help you make the most of your time and efforts. For everyone's sake."

He looked over the group, meeting eyes with each member he could before addressing them as a whole.

"Of course you've humored me in listening to my rambling. I imagine you have questions of your own you need addressed. Starting with..."

He briefly held his hand out, considering who he should take questions from first. He briefly considered letting them speak their questions but wasn't quite yet certain that they wouldn't start trying to talk over each other in a muddled mess of confusion. His hand fell to the person he was to address, directing everyone's attentions to Jonathan.

"JoJo, our good friend of many. Any questions or concerns in need of addressing?"


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#, as written by zody
| Illusion |

Illusion stood beside the doorway, smirking slightly. "You suck." She didn't look at the girl behind her, but straightened up when the door opened and Rick stepped through. Waiting for him to finish and for the others to gather near the doorway, Illusion grinned and waved. "Late addition, I know, but I thought you guys would enjoy the extra company. You see, this girl here walked into our grounds because she's a super big idiot who doesn't know her rights from lefts, so now we have to keep her here for eternity because she's a super-duper idiot girl." Illusion smiled happily, looking over at the group, particularly JoJo as he arrived beside Rick and froze up. She raised her hand to motion to the girl beside her. "This is Dawn Memoli. Take good care of her because she's an absolute idiot and will believe anything you say." Her gaze once again shifted to JoJo, the sly smirk on her face only growing slightly larger. "Well, with those introductions out of the way, she lives on a diet of pet food and needs to be taken for a walk every day, so do have fun, ha ha~" With another wave, then a glance at Dawn as her eyes flashed ever so slightly, Illusion fell backwards into one of her portals and vanished. "Just kidding, she's fine, so treat her well~!"

JoJo blinked hard, narrowing his eyebrows.


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The woman standing behind Illusion lacked much of a presence- especially in the face of the principal’s...eccentricity. It wasn’t that she was small in stature- although that was most likely a contributing factor- but the conservativeness in which she dressed herself. Dark colors, hardly a hint of skin showing, the rim of her hat tipped at such an angle that it hid her face. The only thing particularly eye-catching was the locket around her neck, which winked in the overhead lights above, and the apparent lack of surprise on her face as Ilusion began her introductions.

It seemed that, in what time that Dawn had been inside the base, she had already gotten to witness one of Illusion’s demonstrations. That, or she was attempting to manage a level of politeness in the face of an authority figure. Either way, the only real sign of expression was the purse of her lips as she listened, the tension rooted in her shoulders, and, as Jojo stepped forth, a widening of the eyes. Dawn didn’t speak immediately, however- it was only until Illusion had left that the formal stiffness melted away. A slight, relieved smile touched her face.

“Hey, Jojo.”

She lifted a hand, grasping the necklace around her throat.

“Sorry for not picking up. Was talking to the principal- it’s a long story- but, uh. You aren’t hurt or anything, right? I got your message, and then I got home and the apartment was a wreck…” Dawn shifted, wrapping the links tightly about her fingers.

“But you seem okay. That’s good.”

Her gaze moved away, suddenly, as if properly noticing the others filing behind him for the first time. Dawn smiled again, albeit a tad more sheepish than before. She extended a free hand towards the closest of the strangers- Rick- and stepped closer.

“Oh. Um. Hello. Sorry, I didn’t, um. I was Jojo's roomate, back home. I'm Dawn Memoli, but Principal Illusion already told you all that.”


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The entire interactions passed through Vesper like the wind. It is heard, but there were no notable reactions from her. She saw no purpose in it. Though, there was that moment that JoJo jokingly said that he can hold her hand. Of course, she had seen how inviting his hand was at that moment even with his carefree noting. Still, she did not do anything about it. That was because she has her manners and moreover, "Don't touch me!" Those words repeated inside her head and she need not to be told again. That was both a curse and a gift.

Nevertheless, she allowed those slithering thoughts be converged into a ball and left in the corner of her mind. It was not the time for them to fill her to the brim. Instead, she took her seat and watched Rick's presentation even if she had already known the things that were being discussed. This included the early appearance of the brown-tall man. She is rather used to Illusion's machinations. In any case, the questions that had been thrown by JoJo or the disinterested ones by Ashley and the brown-tall man have been heard by her. She did not see anything odd about it or the request of the one with the scarf called, Vistra and even JoJo about using the phone. It is only fair as all of them have someone that must be worrying after them. Indeed, someone.

"You'll be in their care now. Be grateful to them, Hime."

Her eyes of purple momentarily lost all of its glow, but it was just for a second as she focused her attention on the schedule sheet Rick had handed each of them present in the room. "Thank you, Rick." Her polite mannerisms were indeed a reflection of her upbringing with a graceful bow of the head to mirror her cultural heritage. It was done flawlessly, and yet it had a mechanical timbre to it. Afterwards of her expression of gratitude, she read the content which was familiar to her and there seemed to be no changes to it. That should be natural as she had been staying here longer than the rest who had just recently arrived. Anyway, she took hold of the paper and stood from her seat as everyone prepared to leave the room.

But before them, Illusion was standing in the doorway. She was as fleeting as her name is, truly symbolic. At any rate, she shared a few words about someone named Dawn Memoli and pet food. It made her wonder if it was an animal that they would care for like those pet projects that her teacher had invoked during her middle school days. The whole class would take care of the classroom pet, a pair of rabbits. As such a question entered her mind. Was it a rabbit? There was flicker of interest behind her eyes as she waited for this Dawn to be presented fully. However, she was not sure it was a rabbit anymore as JoJo seemed familiar with this Dawn who finally showed herself after Illusion left.

This was.... what was the word for this feeling blooming a bit inside. She could not pinpoint it yet. At that time, Dawn had introduced herself to Rick who was nearest and then Vistra introduced herself. She simply watched the interactions, until it finally clicked inside of her. Ah.. yes, "Disappointing." Her word came out even though, she believed that this all happened internally. Still, her expression remained pristine as a treasured painting in a museum. Her disappointment however, did not stemmed from the knowledge that Dawn and JoJo knew each other and apparently, he was the one that JoJo had contacted earlier. She was disappointed because, "You're not a rabbit." That wasn't meant to be heard.


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#, as written by Tanman
Ashley “Ash” “Soot” Clade

Rick’s reply was as cordial as she expected, agreeing and not even batting an eye to the nickname she had given him. Either way, her request seemed to be deemed enough to move the focus away from her and on to little Vistra, who, like JoJo and herself, was concerned about her family. No hesitation or second thoughts. Just immediate genuine concern. In some ways, it made Ash feel worse that she hadn’t just spoken up and asked her own questions immediately, though it was mildly comforting to get some of her answers indirectly thanks to the kid. Well, it was too late to regret it now. She’d sort it out later, without all these dweebs eavesdropping. Sighing a little, she listened listlessly to the conversation, only briefly sitting up as Rick somehow tossed a piece of paper over to her, a cute trick he must have practiced a lot.

Catching it, she looked the sheet over; finding it to be some sort of schedule, detailing classes and the like, and it even had a few useful bits and pieces on it, including a map of the local area and some phone numbers. Where was this earlier when she’d first been trying to find this place? Waving it above her head, she briefly asked why she was only getting it now, Rick politely reminding her that she had been handed one when she first arrived. Not entirely surprising that she’d already lost it, and she was happy the attention didn’t remain on that point for long at all, as Rick swiftly continued on to allow that other boy a chance to ask some questions. Caius was his name, Ash giving him a bit of a sideways look. Seemed he’d pulled his head in a little at this point.

After a delay, it seemed he finally settled on a question, raising his hand into the air with a pointed finger. "I need a drink. Where's the bar?" He asked, though unlike Ash’s half-joke with the catering, this one was dead serious. Honestly? She could do with a stiff drink herself, so she couldn’t exactly blame him. It was a lot to take in at this point. Rick was surprisingly prepared to answer the request, having already added the address to the bottom of his sheet, causing Ash to raise an eyebrow. The boy probably had a past history of alcohol addiction, so assumedly, this was another showcase of the amount of research Detective Dick had done into each of them.

Rick, satisfied that he’d helped with the basic requests of the group, moved over to open the back doors, Ash eagerly climbing from her seat and ready to start moving again. She’d had enough of sitting still at this point. It seemed that Rick was offering another tour of the facilities, something Ash pertinently decided she’d do well to attend and pay a bit more attention this time. Not to mention the fact Rick offered to pay for their lunch, she was starving by this point. “That’s the most important thing you’ve said all day. I’m in.” Ash stated, confirming her attendance to the tour. It might give her a chance to speak with Rick too, depending on the others.

Filing out as a group, it seemed that Illusion was back once more, with what was probably another one of the half-demons. Folding her arms, Ash watched her be introduced as Dawn, simply scrutinising her appearance before JoJo pushed forward, a clear tone of recognition in her voice as he spoke her name. Honestly, who hadn’t this boy met at this point? Well, whatever. Didn’t really matter to her at all. Nodding only briefly as Dawn politely introduced herself, Ash cocked her head slightly as the conversation was slightly derailed overhearing Vistra’s phonecall. Turning back to Dawn, the chick from earlier that’d so rudely knocked her over seemed to go full ditz mode as she commented something about her not being a rabbit. Ash eye rolled, before coughing politely.

“With that ‘genius’ insight from Vesper, I’d like to keep moving, and eat sooner rather than later - before we end up meeting the clown JoJo had for his third birthday party.” Striding forward, Ash pivoted a bit, her hair whipping around. It wasn’t the best sarcastic joke, but at least it wasn’t directly insulting anyone that much. Leading the way, since Ash knew where her dorm was at this point, she glanced back towards the group, but was actually looking past them. She frowned a bit, but turned back to face the front, trying not to make it obvious that something was bothering her. Where exactly had her bike gone?


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#, as written by Zalgo
Rick Brackwall

It was almost as if Illusion knew his test of leadership was going too well and decided to throw another obstacle in his path to a smooth execution. After basically insulting the girl she had brought forth she disappeared, leaving him to pick up the pieces.

“Oh. Um. Hello. Sorry, I didn’t, um. I was Jojo's roomate, back home. I'm Dawn Memoli, but Principal Illusion already told you all that.”

At this point he was not surprised by the going trend that everyone JoJo ever met would show up here. The man certainly dragged a lot to this place when he arrived. Nonetheless Rick seemed no less pleased to meet her as he did the others.

"A pleasure to meet you Ms. Memoli. My name is Rick Brackwall. I see you've met our esteemed principle Ms. Illusion. I must say, what she lacks in tact she makes up for in spacial transit."

He shook her hand, his grip steady yet gentle. He was nothing if not polite to the new arrivals of the WDL, a standard policy for him. There was never a reason to be rude to someone. If he had grievances to settle he'd settle them properly.

"Thank you so much. It's been a year since I talked to my Papa and it's a big relief to know he'll be safe."

"I'm glad to hear that. Anytime you wish I'll lend my phone so you may contact him."

At least until they were given the clearance to own phones of their own and talk to their family freely. They'd need to start grasping their responsibilities first though. That much he was fairly certain.

"You're not a rabbit."

Rick questioned the response but had nothing to say once Ash chimed in.

“With that ‘genius’ insight from Vesper, I’d like to keep moving, and eat sooner rather than later - before we end up meeting the clown JoJo had for his third birthday party.”

Not much love for diplomacy this day it seemed.

"All joking aside though Ash does have a point. We should continue onward."

He turned and motioned for Dawn to follow as he started walking on his way to lead the rest to their rooms.

"Come, Dawn. I'll offer explanations on the way. I'm just showing everyone to the dormitories at this present moment."


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Leviathan put on a pretty good performance of looking shocked as he was seized upon, striking eye contact briefly with the form of his adoptive daughter just as the doors of the van swung closed and she was driven off elsewhere.

The look of worry evaporated from the man's features once the young woman was out of sight.

When the men relinquished their hold upon him the demon took a moment to adjust his jacket and gave a magnanimous smile in response to their apologies.

" No need to apologise. I quite understand. Pleasure working with you gentlemen."

Once they had departed he paused in order to scoop up Helena's phone and bag from the ground by the bench. The head of the rabbit toy protruded from the bag.

Hm. He'd best make sure that Helena received this back. And he had just the person to make sure she got it.


Helena was feeling about as good as someone could after being drugged and flung into the back of a van by a bunch of strangers. Her head was pounding, her mouth was dry, and she had lost all feeling in the arm she'd been lying on top of since... when exactly had she ended up in there? Helena could more or less remember sitting in a park messing round with her phone and waiting for something and then...

They were in a garage, several armed men beside her. The man, noticing she was waking up, spoke. "Move your legs. We need you to cooperate with us, okay?" There was concern in his voice, however he hurried Helena forwards.

She felt herself being hauled onto her feet and caught a glimpse of men and guns, a thing that regardless of what she remembered was a cause for alarm.
A guy was telling her to co-operate. Helena wasn't sure she had a choice. The young woman was pushing her limits even trying to keep up as she was half-dragged along and not throw up, so fighting anyone off seemed pretty much out of the question.

It was at least in part due to this that it took her a few moments to look up when another spoke up.

A voice broke out into the room and into Helena's thoughts. " I'll take her from here, gentlemen.."

The girl lifted her head, peeing groggily between wavy frond of ginger hair in an effort to try and work out what on earth was happening.

Illusion smiled down at the girl, gently taking her hand. Despite only holding Hel's hand, the girl felt herself being kept upright by the lolita she was now being escorted by. " I must apologise.. Our time is short, and we needed to get you here as soon as possible. Rest assured, your father will be informed of your safety- I'll make sure of that personally.." She smiled warmly at Helena, a comforting smile, much like that of a mother.

With the introduction of the newest individual, who, at the very least was not pointing weapons at her, Helena followed along, not sure what else to do, as she began to recall more of the situation.
"Wait.." she mumbled, pushing some of her hair from her face.
"Did...did I just get kidnapped?."

Illusion smiled at the petite girl beside her, smirking. " Yes. Technically. But don't worry, you're actually safer here than you were with your.. Father.." She lead Helena to a stairway, and took her up it.. " I'll be frank with you, little Helena, you're not human. In fact, you're far from it."
The small girl shrugged, looking back over to Helena to make sure she wasn't staggering too much.
"It'll wear off eventually, don't worry.."

"I don't FEEL a lot safer.." the girl responded as she tried to work out where to put her feet on the steps.
That was pretty true. Life with her father had been, if a little weird at times, never quite as bad as this.

" Well, now that you're here, we're going to teach you how to defend yourself well enough that you'll be safe anywhere. There's six other people in very similar positions to you, so try to get along with them." Illusion smiled.
""I'm Illusion, by the way. Sorry for the kidnapping, but there were some other people after you, so we had to get there first."

"Other people?" Helena asked.
"Um..I can't help but wonder if you um... got the wrong person or something? I mean... I'm not..very.. important. "

" Helena Kingsley, raised by one Mister Green. 18 years old." Illusion grinned. "We have exactly the right person.
Eventually, the pair reached the top of the stairwell, stepping out into the sunlight. Illusion smirked.
" However, I don't have enough time to spend with you, so if you'll forgive my rudeness, I'll be doing this." Illusion clicked her fingers, a portal opening wide like reality was cracking like a broken mirror, She gently pushed Hel through the portal, stepping through after the girl herself. A small smirk on her face as the two arrived just as JoJo began to walk out of his room.

Helena had just been pushed through a portal. Even without considering the fact that she had literally just crossed through space into another location, if she'd not been feeling sick enough before defying the laws of physics, she definitely was now.

The girl stumbled forwards and clasped a hand over her mouth, strong feeling of nausea at least temporarily overriding some of the very important questions she was contending with. Like what she was doing there, why these people even knew she existed, let alone wanted to kidnap her and teach her something, and what on earth was meant by 'not human'.

As it stood her primary concern was not throwing up onto the shoes of the young man who had just strolled out of his room in front of where she'd materialized.

Achievable goals.

Illusion held a bucket under Hel's head as she gagged, looking up at the obviously startled JoJo.
"Don't mind us, she's your sister. Walking through space isn't something she's very used to."

JoJo, taking a step back to avoid any excess vomit, chuckled softly.
"Just.. how many of us are there?" He looked at Illusion, obviously confused. "Seven. Rick, JoJo, Caius, Ash, Vistra, Vesper and Helena."

JoJo nodded.
"So.. we're all here now?"

The vampire girl, still holding the bucket, nodded.
" About time.. I'll be late for my meeting."

JoJo bit his lip, his thoughts taking him elsewhere as Illusion bent down a little and asked Helena.
"Are you feeling better?"

"Not really..." Helena mumbled, clutching hold of the bucket in both hands, stomach acid burning the back of her throat. She had been kidnapped, drugged, catapulted through the fabric of reality... admittedly social humiliation seemed like a pretty minor addition to her problems at the time, but publicly throwing up was still far from a wonderful way to introduce herself.


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Within the isolated kingdom of her own making, Vesper mechanically followed the others with the lead of Rick. It was the same path she had taken in the past months. That is why it wasn't necessary for her to continue with the tour, but she had found that warm connection that had been lost to her for a long time. She didn't want to separate from that so quickly, even if there was a dull prick carving deep inside her consciousness from the casual conversation between JoJo and that of Dawn who was not of course a rabbit.

As natural, she erased that stain inside her blank canvass of emotions as unneeded. Their conversation, their talk, their apparent closeness, those were all things to be expected from friends and roommates. Dawn was a person in JoJo's life that she does not know about. Someone important whom he considered leaving for if it wasn't for her appearance in this place. He would have gone. She gathered all of that from the shared dialogues between the two. She was selfish isn't she? Her words that she had told him before, "If you go take me with you..."

She was holding him back and even knowing that, her hand could not help but want to reach for him. Her mouth does not want to speak words to take back her previous declaration of wanting to come with him. Instinctively, she was trailing behind JoJo and Dawn who were talking to each other. Her hand slowly raised itself as it seek to grasp him, but at the very last minute, she pulled away as JoJo and Dawn entered his room. Her hand instead settled itself onto Rick's sleeve. Her fingers clung to the fabric of his uniform. The tension slowly ebbing away from her. "Rick." Her deep violet eyes gazed at him. Its emptiness having a mysterious charm. "May I hold on to you like this for a while?"

Her voice despite its calm and distant tone related a sense of urgency only notable to those who have been observing her for a long time. She was not touching Rick's skin, but was simply gripping onto his sleeve like a lifeline. It is a fact that Vesper was perfectly stoic and the embrace she had towards JoJo was indeed surprising. But, Rick in a way also registered in her closed-off world, a familiar figure she could hold onto for now. That's because she has no confidence that she would be able to restrain such selfishness towards JoJo if she allowed herself and he did not deserve that as well as his friend, Dawn.

The answer was not heard as a new person had literally came out of nowhere courtesy of Illusion. This red-haired girl was vomiting towards the bucket that Illusion had given. The girl was probably not used to the sudden change and the feeling of swirling which Vesper assumed. She had likened it to motion sickness. At the same time, it would also appear that JoJo and Dawn exited the room. She looked at them and at JoJo, before averting her gaze and releasing Rick's sleeve in the process. Then, she approached the still vomiting girl. "Excuse me." She announced herself first and lowered herself to be at the same level with the red-haired girl. "This would ease what ails you." There on her hand was a small vial containing a golden brown liquid. "It is powdered cinnamon with honey." She then stood once the vial was taken. As to why she had it with her, she had suffered nausea when Illusion had used such a mode of transportation to her before. Though, she didn't vomit. After that, she returned not to JoJo's side but to Rick's and gripped onto his sleeve once more. As to what she felt or not, it cannot be seen outwardly as she reflected only a pristine doll.

ImageImageImageDeep inside, there was a whirl of unknown attacking her. However, she had chosen to erase it, considered it inconsequential. That is how it was and always had been her way to cope as a statement once more floated inside of her strongly.

"Is she really a..monster?"

The question was answered on the other side of the world at the same time, "Of course, she is." Even with a calm tone, it carried such a heavy weight as eyes of deep blue that at times considered purple held intense emotions of anger. "Don't use that tone on me, Lucius." This was said with a strong tone which held such authority. Lucius as he was called shook his head in the hilarity of the situation and with dismay. "Just admit it. Father." He spat that title as if it was disgusting to even have conceded to it. "You think you can protect her? That harlot? Did you even think of her as a daughter?" A sardonic smile flashed across his lips and the occasional slip of a chuckle. "I did you a favor. You wanted to get rid of her don't you? If anyone finds out about her, the reputation you protected so much for the ambition of becoming Prime Minister will crumble like the tower of babylon."

This statement earned him a punch filled with rage as it hit his right jaw. The force made him fall on his back and the formation of blood inside his mouth could be tasted and felt. "You stepped out of line. Don't think because you are my son, that you won't be put into your place. She's your sister!" Cold brown eyes holding seething rage looked down at Lucius. He should feel fear, right? But, there was none of that. Instead, he felt disgust and humor. Well, this entire situation was fuckin' funny. He spat out the blood inside of his mouth upon the lavish carpet without hesitation and began to massage his jaw. before speaking. "I guess we're father and son, after all. Because, I learned how to step out of line from you." He met the eyes of his father without any sign of being intimidated. That remark of his should earn him another punch, but what followed was the sudden opening of the doors to his father's office and,

"Lucius!" Arms embraced him and the scent of chamomile surrounded him. This was the scent of his mother. "What do you think you're doing Hiro!?" The panic and the clear despair echoed in her mother's voice as his father stepped back. "Cecile?" Hiro was clearly surprised at the sight of his wife who was supposed to be out of town. "I was right coming back here! How could you hurt our son!? Is this about that monster!?" Hiro calmed himself as he clenched his fists that were clearly shaking. "She's not a monster. She's Vesper. She's---" He wasn't able to continue as Cecile slapped him strongly. "Don't speak that name to me! Don't even try! That thing which is the symbol of your infidelity to me!" Cecile's beautiful face was twisted in agony and hatred as tears overflowed from those emerald eyes. She then helped Lucius up on his feet. "Let's go."

Hiro could not do anything to retort. That's because his wife had completely forgotten that Vesper was her own child not his from another woman. As for Lucius, he followed his mother out but not before, delivering a few words for his father's ears only as he passed by him. "You can't keep her safe and who's fault is that, Father?" Hiro turned to face his son, but only the closing of the doors met him and all he could say is, "Chikushō!"