Present Day, New YorkQuinton Zelgary

"How do I do it? A whole lot less of worrying and whole lot more of resting."

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Quinton Zelgary
A bow with Iron arrowheads, a longsword embedded with emeralds, and if he needs firepower he has .45 Colt which was modified with extended magazines and is fully automatic.
Personality & Bio
Unlike his partner Rivera, Quinton is very mellow, in fact he is perhaps the very definition of cool and calm. He is a very understanding and open individual who values trust, commitment, and faith. On the outside he may seem like a wise old man but he really doesn't fit that gruff old elder who always sees in hindsight, no he really doesn't always act his age. His mind often wonders and always likes to investigate things even though it may invade one's privacy. He means well but his attention span varies, now he does enjoy peaceful activties like reading and sleeping. He also likes to meditate (even though he often falls asleep during his meditation). He aboslutley loves food, he eats alot, especially after he wakes up from sleeping( which is alot too). In the face of his eating habits he remains fit, how he does it, many do not know, he really doesn't like to exercise, Quinton often says, "Eh! I get enough exercise smitting the wicked all day!" Therefor the healthiness of Quinton Zelgary is one of the Order's greatest mysteries. Now Quinton has a soft spot for women, what I mean by that is if a woman comes up to him crying it immedeatly tugs his heartstrings and feels compelled to help them. Evil women have often gotten him in danger because of this and Rivera has more than once saved his life.
What two evil creatures are you most apt killing at
Demons and Witches
Rivera Walker


Theme Song(s):
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