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"Alright! We've been found, my boomerang's broken, and I seem to be missing a limb! But that's no reason to panic! Let's get some, yeah?!"

a character in “A Tool's Rebellion”, as played by Hetalia

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Name: Lloyd Morales
Age: 16
Gender: Male
Lloyd is able to jump from great heights, has enormous strength, and is familiar with explosives and swords. His height seems to slow him down, as he finds it almost impossible to hide during missions and resorts to disguising himself as a lamp, instead.
Lloyd has a wide, array of knowledge.. in general, and is a sharp-thinker in tight spots.

Armed: Boomerang. An unusual weapon, though effective stealth-wise and extremely useful. It seems to suit Lloyd's personality.

Side: A Renegade Assassin.

Lloyd is a happy, go-lucky idiot who acts without thinking. No matter what situation, his bright persona and cheerful mood will never be affected. In a way, he's a bit dense towards his surroundings, though he's a cautious assassin when on missions.
Lloyd cannot read emotions and is horrible at sensing awkward moments or tense situations, often commenting and making the situation even freakier. Unlike other assassins, Lloyd acts nothing like his profession entails and tries to be friends with everyone, be it foe, friend, or civilian. Having a strong sense of right and wrong, Lloyd will do anything, even risking his life breaking Carnage's rules, to ensure justice when he can. He follows no rules, and relies on his conscience and gut to guide him.

Despite being an accident-prone hazard, Lloyd will do his best to protect those around him.

History: Growing up in Houston, Texas.. Lloyd was taught to be a true gentleman from the earliest of age. You know.. seating the ladies, helping them across a street, fighting for the girls when insulted by another man.. the usual Southern gentleman. Though a good man at heart, Lloyd was still a bit moronic.
He had befriended a shady looking man in a saloon, completely disregarding the sunglasses and black overcoat when they were clearly.. inside a dim-lighted room. A bit annoyed, the high-ranking assassin tried to throw him off numerous times.. Though Lloyd was persistent and didn't sense the stranger's discomfort. The assassin realized the potential in the young boy and easily persuaded Lloyd to follow him into Carnage's main base with a bag of licorice. Still untouched by the severity and oddness of the situation, Lloyd was lured into the field of assassination with promises food.

Training in the arts of assassination for two years, Lloyd gradually developed into a medium-ranked assassin.

So begins...

Lloyd Morales's Story