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"Take me seriously, stupid! Even a brat like me has dignity!"

a character in “A Tool's Rebellion”, as played by Hetalia

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Name: Roy Strange
Age: 9
Gender: Male

From his previous profession, Roy gained the abilities of pickpocketing, looting, picking locks, hiding, lying, and acting.
He uses his childish charm and cute features to dissuade the enemy; their foolishness and vanity is used to its greatest advantages.
Though he doesn't have much strength, Roy mainly focuses on agility for fleeing and is as slippery as butter! He can burrow through the smallest of places and hide himself in any location, at any time. He can dodge attacks and has great flexibility.

Armed: Twin Daggers.. Made from the cheapest of metals. He a mere apprentice-assassin and is determined to further his trainings, no matter whom he has to take down and for what purpose.
He's unfortunately clumsy in handling weapons.

Side: Fighting for..

Personality: Like any other 9-year old boy, Roy is loud, obnoxious, and painfully blunt with words and actions. He acts without thinking of the consequences and is not afraid to boast about his skills (He doesn't have many skills. Lol. ), often exaggerating far more than the actual truth. Even though he's an assassin-in-training, he likes to think himself as a superhero.. or, a defender of justice. Roy is obviously fighting for the wrong cause, only thinking of the pursuit of ultimate power.

Despite being a rude child, Roy does have integrity, pride, and dignity. He conceals the sensitive, weak side of himself by exhibiting a tough, loud-mouthed persona. He hates having to be protected and tends to shun the ones who try to get closer to him.

Roy uses his cute, childish charms to fool others..

History: Roy originates from a small fishing village located in Nanchang, South Korea.. Hence the unusual dark robes, shawl, shoes, and headgear.
His parents were poor folk, relying on fish and harvested crops for provision and money. Despite living an impoverished life, Roy maintained a happy, fulfilling life-style with his family.
The day his father grew ill and could not provide for the family any longer, Roy chose a path of crime, thieving wallets from city-folk who often toured the country-side. Of course, Roy wasn't proud of his actions, though successfully providing food and medicine for his tiny family.

It wasn't until a year later, that Roy quit his life of shallow deeds and began living an even shadier life, as an apprentice-assassin. A sharp-looking woman in black had sought him in his village, following him day to day. She had proposed a deal to the young boy, tempting his childish dreams of treasure, fighting, adventure, and heroism. She persuaded the child with money, promising to send dirty currency to his family each month in exchange for his person.

Roy, of course, being the naive little boy he was, agreed without hesitation and went with the woman, blind-folded and unaware of his current locations.

So begins...

Roy Strange's Story